Hyundai Terracan Frequently Asked Questions

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Hyundai Terracan

Hyundai Terracan

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Benefit of other Hyundai Terracan Owners on this site and world wide, I have made a list of modifications and and answers for frequently asked questions.

Can I fit Diff Locks to my Terracan?







These tyres are for Road, All Terrain and Mud Terrain. All the above will fit regardless of modifications.

What is the Largest size tyre I can fit to a Lifted Hyundai Terracan?

The answer is the same as a standard Hyundai Terracan. The reason is the wheel arches. In order to fit Larger tyres than stated you will need to trim certain sections of the wheel arch including mud guards to accommodate a larger tyre.

If you have a suspension lift and a body lift then less of the wheel arch will need trimming.

The amount to trim vary’s on tyre size. But for a 33 tyre you need roughly 25mm and to accommodate a 35 tyre you will need to trim 50mm off the total wheel arch, and remove the mud flaps internally and externally completely.

Can I lift My Diesel Terracan?

Yes, You can. There are two ways of doing this. One is a 40mm Suspension lift comprising of 2x Front Torsion bars, 2x front Shocks, 2x rear 40mm longer springs and 2x rear shocks.

A high quality lift kit can be found here: The UK official distributor for TJM lit kits used to be – At this moment There is NO UK OFFICIAL TJM STOCKIST (Updated 19/2/12)

Another 40mm Suspension Lift Kit is made by Ironman. The UK stockist of Ironman suspension used to be West Coast 4×4. – At This moment there is NO UK OFFICIAL IRONMAN STOCKIST (Updated 19/02/12).

There is a 3rd High Quality Suspension Kit available in the UK. ARB’s Old Man EMU Suspension. A Main Old Man EMU distributor in the UK is and – Both of these can supply and fit the kits. (Updated 19/02/12).

The other method is a body lift. This is more complicated but the parts are alot cheaper to come by. The process involves loosening the 8 bolts that hold the body on to the chassis and inserting the spacers.

Once these spacers have been put in place the bolts are then tightened. I recommend that 2 is the largest you use. Any larger and you need to start relocating brake lines or extending them etc.

The body lift kit can be found here: (Updated 19/02/12).

Can I fit a Raised Air Intake to my Terracan Diesel?

You can. The Raised air intake is made by TJM. It follows the body line of the front right pillar, so it is completely hidden when you are sat in the drivers seat. It bolts directly on to the right wing of the vehicle and the inside of the drivers pillar, it comes supplies with a section of tubing to couple on to the air filter box.

The Raised air intake is made with high quality plastics as good as if not better than the popular safari snorkel. Sun light ad UV has no effect on the snorkels plastic construction. Silicone is recommended to get a complete, watertight seal. The TJM snorkel can be bought from and for a small fee they can install the Snorkel. (Snorkel Currently Out of stock in the United Kingdom as there is NO TJM Distributors in the UK.

It is possible to use Pajero Mk2 Safari Snorkels, tho you may need to make small adjustments).

Can I get raised breathers for a Terracan?

You can relocate the front axle, rear axle, automatic transmition breather and fuel tank breather up in to the bonnet or even higher running up along side of the snorkel. The breather tubing is easy to get a hold of, and in varying lengths.

Connectors are also available to clip on to the existing breathers to extend them, or also to put them in to a junction box so that you have one breather pipe not 4 running up the side of the raised air intake.

Breathers and connectors can be bought from any reputable 4×4 company but like most of the products available on the Terracan is the best place to get them from.

Can I fit a winch and/or bumper to my Hyundai Terracan?

Yes you can. There are 3 types of winch bumpers that I am aware of.

You have the Aluminium front bumper. The Steel Winch bumper and the hidden winch mount.

The Steel Winch Bunper is from the Shogun/Pajero/Montero Mk2.

The Hidden Winch mount is available from:

In my opinion it would be cheaper, stronger and lighter to get a tubular winch bull bar custom made. can build high quality, strong, custom winch mounts for your vehicle.

Can I get Protection for the underside of my vehicle?

There is a selection of skid plates available for the Hyundai Terracan Diesel. These are made by ASFIR and can be bought and imported in to the UK via either or .

They are not cheap but they are very well made and are very strong. Constructed out of 6mm aluminium, they replace the vehicles original plastic and steel skid plates using the same nut and screw holes.

I want more Articulation out of the Terracan, how can I do this?

You can give the vehicle a suspension Lift, with this you get longer springs and shocks. With the TJM XGS kit that I use I have gained around 2 or 50mm more drop travel. If you want another Inch on the back and on the front then you can shave the bump stops.

Depending on what tyre size you have on the vehicle when articulating the front might grind away at the wheel arch.

Some people have removed the front and rear Anti-roll bars to gain maybe another Inch or 25mm. IMO I would leave this well alone, The Anti-roll bars are on there for a reason.

How does my Terracan 4wd system work?

There are two types of transfer case options available on the Hyundai Terracan Models.

The first is the Full time 4wd system. You have 2 settings. Auto and Low. The switch should be in auto 99% of the time, dry or wet roads, snow covered roads etc.

If you are going off road or towing in a field and need low speed traction they you want to move the dial to Low.

The difference between the two settings is that in Auto the vehicle operates sending power to both front and rear axles with the transfer case unlocked.

When you turn the dial to Low This engages the low ratio on the transfer case and automatically locks the centre differential to send the power 50/50 front to rear.

The second type of transfer case available on Terracans is Part Time 4wd. This time the dial has 3 settings. 2wd, 4wd hi and 4wd low.

You want your vehicle to be in 2wd 99% of the times unless you are off road.

On the part time transfer case there is NO centre diff. The front and rear shafts are locked together permanently. When you select 4wd hi via the dial the vehicle will engage the front wheel hubs. Thus giving you 4wd 50/50 front to rear. This should only be used when traction could be lost in 2wd.

Like in fields, or on snow covered roads.

The last selection is 4wd Low. This is for when maximum control and traction are needed when off road or towing on adverse terrain.

Why wont my Terracan go in to low ratio?

Hyundai Terracan

On the part time 4wd system the vehicle will only go in to low ratio and disengage from low ratio when the vehicle has been stopped and the gear is in Neutral.

You will have to select 4wd Hi and allowing the actuator to engage the front hubs before switching to Low ratio.

Why Is there a loud knocking sound from the front of the vehicle?

One of the most major faults on the Terracan is the knocking sound from the front of the vehicle. This is caused by 3 things, either singly or all together.

Front prop shaft . – This can vibrate when travelling at speeds over 70mph or when going over rough terrain. The solution apply lots of grease to the prop and the grease nipples on it.

Steering wheel column. – This can also make a strange knocking sound when going over rough Terrain. The solution is to lubricate the steering column and the steering shaft in the engine bay.

Suspension Idler: – The most common reason to the front knocking sound. There are many ways to get over this, but the easiest way is just to replace the item. Genuine Hyundai parts. Suspension/steering idler retails around £49.99p

Does my Terracan have a rear LSD?

Some do and some do not. If its a 2.9 Crdi then It will have one. If its a 3.5 petrol its 50/50. If you have the 2.5 crdi engine then no you do not.

If you are unsure find level ground, jack the rear axle up on both sides. Turn one wheel, if the other wheel turns in the same direction then you have the Limited slip diff, if the opposite wheel turns in the opposite direction then you have no LSD. Sorry.

My rear Axle keeps making a funny noise when driving, what is it?

This is a early sign that your rear diff needs servicing. The oil for the LSD needs replacing with the correct type issued in your Vehicle owners guide. If the oil is old, low or of the wrong type then the LSD will not like it and will make a horrible noise. 99% of the time the oil is changed and the problem goes away.

If the problem persists, then you have probably waited too long and the rear differential is knackered.

Why Is My Terracan Central Door Locking Not working?

When the Terracan nears 10 years old there can be complications with the central door locking.

Symptoms: Recently during winter the central door locking was acting up. After unlocking the doors I had between 1-5 seconds to open the drivers door and insert the key or else the vehicle would lock.

Repairs: To fix this problem you need to check each doors locking mechanism, wiring and their solenoids. The reason for my faulty central door locking was the drivers door locking solenoid was shorting out on the door frame, I checked the wiring which seemed fine and ordered a replacement Terracan door solenoid from Hyundai, swapped the parts over and all is well with the controls working fine from the key fob, locking and unlocking with the key and locking and unlocking via the interior controls.

I also too the time to coat the solenoids in an electronic weather protector called GT85, similar to WD40.

You should look to pay around £4.50 – £11 for a Hyundai Genuine Central Door Locking Solenoid.

Can I get more power out of the Terracan’s Mercedes Benz 2.9 crdi Engine?

You can. The 4 easiest and most reliable ways to do this are:

High Flow Air Filter. – KN, Greens filters, both these will allow the engine to breath more easy and add a small amount of bhp to the motor. This can be found here:

Raised Air Intake: – TJM supply a raised air intake and this allows more are to enter the engine and intercooler over the standard side vent located on the drives side wheel arch. This coupled with the air filter and ECU remap allows a larger amount or torque and BHP and BETTER fuel economy.

SS Exhaust: – Magnaflow. a 2.5 inch or 3 inch ss pipe coupled to a sports catalyst converter and sports silencer will let the fumes escape form the engine quicker. This does have a benefit on the engine bhp and torque but can also hamper the fuel economy.

ECU Remap: – Evolution Tuning, Tunit. Both of these are top of the line ECU upgrades, designed to give your engine more horsepower and alot more torque. The Evolution tuning is not a power chip or a box like the Tunit, it is in fact a ECU remap which I recommend over the power chip. This can be found here:

I had my Evolution ECU Remap tweaked, to offer minimal BHP increase but maximum torque increase. My Terry is 445nm of torque @ 2000 rmp. over the standard 335nm.

Hyundai Terracan
Hyundai Terracan
Hyundai Terracan
Hyundai Terracan
Hyundai Terracan
Hyundai Terracan
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