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Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline


All right. Today on this 2007 Honda Ridgeline, we#39;re going to do a test fit on the Rain-X Latitude Windshield Wipers Part Number RX5079280. Couple things to know about this wiper blade that it is designed to meet or exceed OEM#39;s standards.

This wiper blade is constructed from a rust-resistant galvanized steel frame and the blade is constructed from all natural rubber with integrated UV inhibitors to protect it from the sunlight. All right. We#39;ll start off our test fit by removing the original wind shield wiper blades, there#39;s a little tab located right here that we push up that will release the blade from the arm.

Today, on a 2007 Honda Ridgeline, were going to do a test fit on part number RX30224 from Rain-X. This is our Weatherbeater Wiper Blade. A couple of things to know about this wiper blade is that it is designed to meet or exceed OEM standards. This wiper blade is constructed from a rust resistant galvanized steel frame, and the blade is constructed from all natural rubber with integrated UV inhibitors to protect it from the sunlight.

Well start off our test fit by removing the original wiper blades. Theres a small tab located underneath the arm, that you push up and then you go ahead and pull the blade away.

Today on our 2013 Honda Ridgeline, well be test fitting the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount, part #AMSC2. Before we begin our test fit, well need to get a hitch height for our vehicle. This is the measurement from the ground to the inside top of the receiver tube. Our measurement is 19 inches.

To begin our test fit in the drop position, well go ahead and slide the shank of the ball mount into the opening of the hitch, line up our pinhole, slide our pin through up there and secure it with a clip. Well now go ahead and measure from the ground to the top of the ball platform while in the drop position.

Today we are installing a hitch on a 2008 Honda Ridgeline hitch number 75280. We are going to start off showing you the holes where the hitch will mount up to. It is these three here and it is the same on the other side, plus being two more on the fascia. The first step to lowering the exhaust, sometimes it helps to spray some type of lubricant on the hanger itself so you can take off the rubber grommet easier. So after you do the first one, then you do the same to the back.

In some cases, after you lower the exhaust, the heat shield that is around it may come down, as well, so you have more clearance and more access in getting to the bolts on the hitch install. In this case, the heat shield is flexible enough to just move it out of the way to get the hitch installed.

Honda Ridgeline Questions and Answers

A first step in finding a roof rack and appropriate watercraft carriers for your 2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport is a check of your owners manual (or inquiry to your local dealership) to confirm how much weight the roof can safely handle. I did check an online version of the manual for the 2012 Ridgeline but I was not able to find a roof weight capacity rating. The vehicle roof needs to be able to handle the total combined weight of a roof rack, the water sport carriers you choose, plus the weight

We do have options for tailgate locks for the 2010 Honda Ridgeline with back up camera. I have included a link to the options for you. Lock # PAL6100 that you have referenced is one of the locks that will fit.

All of the locks are the same with the only difference being the colors. There is black, # PAL6100, silver, # PAL6102, and white, # PAL6101.

Yes, there are adapters to go from the 7-Way on your 2013 Honda Ridgeline to a 4- or 5-Way trailer connector on your trailer. A popular adapter for this situation is # 37385. It plugs into the 7-Way on the vehicle and has separate 4 and 5-Way ends on the other side for the trailer.

You usually see 5-Way trailer connectors on boat trailers or any trailer that has an electric reverse lockout on a surge break actuating coupler.

According to my contact at Rightline Gear, they do not offer a bed tent compatible with the unique bed configuration of the Ridgeline. The closest fit they have would be the tent for the Cadillac EXT or Chevy Avalanche, but the tent would be WAY too large for your truck. Rightline does offer a small, 2 adult pop-up tent, part # RL110995 that you might be interested in.

When installing the 7-way trailer connector and brake controller, you will need to make two connections at the battery. The accessory circuit from the 7-way will run from the 7-way at the rear of the vehicle to the engine compartment, making sure to avoid anything hot or moving like exhaust and suspension or steering components. The wire would connect to an inline 40 amp circuit breaker, and then connect to the positive battery terminal. The power wire for the brake controller would pass through

The BedRug tailgate mat, # BMH05TG, is designed to be a custom fit to a 2013 Honda Ridgeline. No alterations are needed. BedRug does not provide the dimensions of their products for proprietary reasons.

The mats are die-cut to the correct specifications.

The Rightline CampRight Truck Bed Tent, part # RL110865, is not a correct fit for your 2007 Honda Ridgeline. This particular tent fits mid-size trucks with 63-inch beds, such as certain years of the Dodge Dakota, Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma. Rightline does offer other tents suited to short-bed trucks such as the Avalanche and Escalade, but these are too large to fit in your 2007 Ridgeline. My contact at Rightline advises that they do not currently offer any tent that will fit the short

Once the BeddyJo # Y01116 is installed the forks on the bike will be 9 inches from the tailgate. They will also be 8 inches up from the bed. I have included a link to a video review of the rack and a link to the installation instructions for you.

In order to install a Tekonsha P3 brake controller on your Ridgeline, you will need to hardwire the controller using our Brake Controller Install Kit, part # ETBC7. Other than the brake controller, the kit contains everything you will need to install the controller. Because your Ridgeline was not equipped with the factory installed 7-way trailer connector, unfortunately the plug under the dash needed to install the 3070-P brake controller harness will not be present. The installation, alt

Since it is recommended to use 2 roller bunk brackets for each individual roller bunk, I recommend adding additional roller bunk brackets and removing the wood bunks. You could use the Boat Trailer Roller Bunk Bracket, # DL21742. This bracket is compatible with the 4 foot and 5 foot Dutton Lainson Roller Bunks, # DL21741 and # DL21740.

You will need a total of 8 brackets to mount a 5 foot and a 4 foot roller bunk on each side of the trailer.

The Draw-Tite Hitch # 75280 is the correct hitch receiver specified for the 2007 Honda Ridgeline though it does present a fairly tight fit within the available mounting space between the frame rails. The two installation video links provided will show you the process on the 2007 and 2008 Ridgeline. It is helpful to have a second set of hands available when working the hitch into the mounting position. Try to get the driver-side bracket into position before doing the same with the passenger s

I think you are referring to the fit kit. The correct fit kit for a 2009 Honda Ridgeline is # THKIT1510. These are what secure the Rapid Traverse feet, # TH480R, to the roof of the vehicle. Also, the bars you got, # THARB53, are not long enough.

The correct bars are 60 inches long, # THARB60. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you.

For a 4-way wiring harness for your 2013 Honda Ridgeline you would want to get a Tow Ready Custom Harness # 118400. I attached an installation video for this kit as well as installation instructions for you to check out. Current pricing is available on the product page.

Yes, each Pop and Lock tailgate lock, like # PAL6100, will come with full installation instructions so you can install the lock at home. The instructions often included details drawings and or photos to make installation even easier. Powered tailgate locks will take longer to install because of the wiring involved.

If your 2006 Honda Ridgeline came with a factory 7-Way trailer connector and it was working before but now it is not, check the vehicle owners manual for the fuse/relay locations related to the tow package wiring to see if any need to be replaced. That is the most likely cause. If the trailer wiring was added aftermarket then there could be a ground problem or a dirty/corroded connector. Check the grounding location and make sure that it is attached to a clean and corrosion free bare metal su

Not all manufacturers of after-market LED lighting products publish lumen ratings for their products. It is certainly fair to say that after-market LED bulbs are sometimes brighter than their OEM counterparts and are almost always much brighter than incandescent types. Putco brake and back-up bulbs of the same type are rated the same.

The Putco 360-type Plasma 921 LED Bulbs (2), part # P240921W-360 are rated for 85 lumens according to my contact at Putco. However, they also offer the 100

Weight distributions systems are typically recommended when your gross trailer weight (GTW) is more than 50 percent of your tow vehicles gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), if the rear of your tow vehicle sags, or if you experience trailer sway or difficulty steering when towing. If you are experiencing any of these factors, I recommend using weight distribution. To determine which weight distribution system will be the best system for you, you will need to know the total tongue weight of yo

Honda Ridgeline

You can test your Prodigy brake controller without plugging the brake controller into your 2007 Honda Ridgeline RT. You will need a 12 volt power source, a vehicle battery will work, and I recommend using the replacement Brake Control Plug-In Harness, # 20127, so you do not have to cut into your wiring harness. You will connect the white wire from the harness to the negative battery terminal and the black wire to the positive terminal. This should provide power to the brake controller and th

The part you reference, Pop Lock Custom Tailgate Lock, part # PAL6001, does work with the Ridgeline but not the version that has the factory backup camera. However, I spoke to my contact at Pop and Lock and you are in luck. They have just introduced a new tailgate lock that is compatible with the factory backup camera. This new item should be up on our site within 48 hours.

The part number will be # PAL6100.

Since you are pleased with the Thule Hullavator Rooftop Kayak Carrier System, part # TH897XT, you may also wish to consider a roof rack system from Thule. For a Ridgeline with a naked roof I can suggest the 2009 Honda Ridgeline Roof Rack by Thule, consisting of three parts, parts # THLB58, # TH480, and # THKIT1510. These three parts are: a set of two 58-inch square steel load bars, a set of four Traverse Roof Rack Feet, and a set of four Traverse foot packs. These three parts will give yo

The K Source Universal Clip-On Extra Large Towing Mirror, # KS3891, is designed as a universal application. As long as your side mirror hasa lip or gap between the glass and the housing that the K Source mirror can hook onto then it is likely to fit. I have linked a video review of this mirror and a link to the other universal fit towing mirror options we carry.

The silver part on Pop and Lock tailgate lock # PAL6002 is also automotive grade ABS plastic just like the black one, # PAL6000.

Yes, the CURT T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 Pole Trailer Connector # C55585 is the correct wiring harness for your 2008 Honda Ridgeline. To install this kit you will basically just need to access the tail light harness on both sides of the rear of your vehicle and install the harness from the # C55585 inline with it. Check out the installation instructions I attached that detail this also. If you need a 4 to 7-way adapter for a trailer that does not have electric brakes you could

If your 2008 Honda Ridgeline has a factory trailer wiring harness, check the owners manual for any fuses and relays related to the tow package wiring that may need to be replaced. If everything checks out or if you have an aftermarket wiring harness like # 118400 then use a circuit tester like # 3808 if needed to test the pins on the connector. If the pins on the connector do not show the proper signals then you know there is a wiring issue with the Ridgeline wiring that needs to be addresse

We offer three trailer hitches for your 2008 Honda Ridgeline by Curt # 13385, Draw-Tite # 75280 and Hidden Hitch # 70754. The Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch trailer hitches have a slightly higher tongue weight capacity at 750 lbs than the Curt hitch, but the Curt hitch is more economically priced. The tongue weight capacity of the Curt hitch is 500 lbs.

All three trailer hitches have a maximum gross trailer weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. As long as the weight of your trailer and motorcycle do not

Honda specifically states in the Owners Manual that they do not recommend using a weight distribution system on a Ridgeline. Honda states that an improperly adjusted W/D system can reduce steering, handling and braking performance (paraphrase from owners manual.) Does this mean that a properly adjusted system is okay? Good question.

I would recommend checking with your Honda Dealer for clarification. We cannot recommend anything that would contradict the vehicle manufacturer recommendations.

The plastic part of the Pop and Lock tail gate lock, # PAL6000, is made of ABS plastic which you will see on many automotive accessories. The plastic is fairly sturdy and is supported front to back as you can see it the picture I have included. Considering what the plastic piece has to endure, which is not much, it should last a long time.

With that being said it is still plastic and if it were abused or struck hard enough you could see some damage. The lock is also available is silver, # PAL

It sounds like the connector on the boat is an adapted 4-Way to use with a 7-Way round pin trailer connector on a vehicle. That would be why there are just 4 pins, 3 for the lighting functions and 1 for ground. If that is the case then the 7-Way blade to 7-Way round adapter, # 47595 should work just fine.

Most boat trailers have the basic lighting functions but do not have the components that require the other circuits such as 12 volt accessory power and electric brakes.

You will need to measure from the center of the hitch pin hole on each vehicle out to the distance required to clear the rear of the vehicle. For the rack to fit when in the down position, the measurements on the vehicle have to be less that 10-1/2 inches. And to fit when folded up, the measurements have to be less than 7-3/4 inches.

Based on installations we have done on a 2012 Honda Ridgeline and a 2006 Honda Pilot, the Kuat Sherpa, # S101, should fit just fine. I have included a link t

You have done all of the correct testing and it does indicate that the converter in harness # 118400 has gone bad and needs to be replaced. There could be any number of reasons for a converter to go bad. It could be a short on the trailer that blew the box, protecting the vehicle wiring like it was designed.

Check the trailer to make sure the grounds are all attached to clean bare metal surfaces. Also make sure that the trailer and vehicle side connectors are free of dirt and corrosion. Check

Honda Ridgeline
Honda Ridgeline
Honda Ridgeline
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