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on our 2006 Honda Pilot, be test fitting the Swagman Down Roof-Mounted Bike part number S64710. a Thule Rapid Traverse Rack System on our vehicle, begin our test fit by placing our rack directly onto our bars. Here at the front we#39;ll bring our U bolt the underside of our load bar, the back up through the platform of our rack. We#39;ll secure it by down a wing nut on each end of the U

We#39;ll move to the other and repeat this process. at the rear, we#39;ll take our U and drop it through the top of our bike making sure the bolts go each side of our rear bar.

Today on our 2006 Pilot, we#39;ll be test the RockyMounts TieRod Stretch bike rack, part RKY1011. With the Thule Traverse Roof-Rack system on our we#39;ll begin our test fit by our bike rack directly our load bars. Here at the we#39;ll bring our straps our front bar and remove our black cover.

We#39;ll take our key and tighten our Allen bolt, will secure our straps our front bar. With the tight, we can replace our black cover. Here at the rear, loosen up one of the Allen bolts so we can our rear clamp around our bar.

We#39;ll use an Allen key to down our Allen bolts to our rear clamp around our We#39;ll go ahead and undo the wheel strap and make our skewer at the front is loose.

we are going to show you part 118336 from Tow Ready and we are to install it on a 2007 Honda To begin our install we have to access to the inside of the vehicle and off the rear threshold. That we need to get to is underneath the threshold. A bit towards the center but closer to the side.

Next this panel needs to come off They actually come off easy. On this tray we push back a little bit and we can see the right here. Once we gone ahead and plugged it in we stick our little converter box on here.

There is just room. We can stick it against the and keep it out of harms way. We can these wires back in

You can either run the wires back out this hole or sometimes is a crack in this little you can run it through also.

Today we are going to install number 87454 and we will this on a 2007 Honda . This also applies to number 75599 from Tite. To begin our install we to take care of a couple First off this tow hook has to be off and it stays off. The other is we want to clean out any of the bolt that are exposed to the elements.

The attaches on this side and also attaches on the far side of the on the passenger side. On these bolt holes here the that we will need to use we have to clean out and we will care of that next. We begin by spraying down the with some WD40 or any of cleaner.

This ensures all of the dirt gets out of there you try and install the hitch.

Honda Questions and Answers

The max tongue that can be used on the Curt # 13328 that you referenced is 350 The Rage PowerSport Carrier # that you referenced weighs 40 so if you add that to the 260 lbs of your motorcycle you are at 300 lbs is below the max capacity of the hitch and the The only other thing you check is the owners manual of 2003 Honda Pilot and sure it has a capacity of more 300 lbs and you should be good. I attached videos for

My technical contact at advised that they no reported issues with particular harness in the application in a Honda Pilot. Based on the you report (a driver-side tail that stays on no matter trailer is connected and no matter light function is activated) he that it could be that one or of the relays included in this kit is You can try swapping the two black relays to see if the changes sides on the vehicle. If rev

The thing you are going to want to do is the owners manual for your Honda Pilot to make that it can be flat towed and for specific information on flat it if permissible. Since you already a Roadmaster tow bar you can use Roadmaster base # 1562-1. The base plates you referenced # 1424-1 fit various of the Jeep Wrangler and will not fit the

In addition to the base plates and tow bar you also need safety I recom

You are going to want to your owners manual it has been our understanding that Honda vehicles cannot use distribution because, in part, of the construction which is not designed to the additional stress associated using weight distribution. You can add control though by using a bar such as # 83660 and a ball bracket, # RP26003. I have a link to a video showing a installation for you. Given the of the t

Adding a roof mount box does require that the have crossbars that run to side. It sounds like 2012 Honda Pilot has rails that run front to so first lets get some I recommend the Thule Crossroads pack # TH450 and 58 inch bars # THLB58.

This rack system will to the side rails and the square will be compatible with cargo boxes such as # that you have referenced. If you do not side rails let me know and I can

The and 2014 Honda Pilots are of the generation, therefore they be wired identically. I have with Tow-Ready that if you do not wiring on your PIlot the Tow-Ready # 118265 that you will fit your vehicle. If you have a 7-way connector on 2014 Pilot then the way to convert to a 5-pole flat is to add an adapter like the Hopkins Connector # HM48470. This will replace your 7-way and also accept

You have no problem carrying sons CRF150 on the Rage Aluminum Carrier # AMC6002. The beams of the tray are close together that the wheels not fall through. If you wanted to check you can check out the picture I that shows the dimensions of the trays.

You would want to these dimensions to the wheels of CRF50.

We have everything you need to install 7 way trailer on your 2006 and 2008 Pilots. At this time are no factory plug-in style wiring harness for Honda made before 2011, but you can use our Installation Kit with 7-Way and Adapter, # ETBC7, on each The # ETBC7 kit comes with you need to install the 7-way and adapter including the additional and hardware. This kit also with everything you need to

The Rola Roof Mounted Carrier # 59504 that you would work great for 2008 Honda Pilot, if the the on your Pilot are no more 1-1/4 inches tall inches wide. This is our popular selling roof basket. Your crossbars need to be adjusted to accommodate the mounting location for the cargo on the your crossbars. The crossbar that are required for this basket are: 26-1/4 30 inches, 33-3/4 inches, or i

You are correct, snow chains always go on the drive axle of a If your 2008 Honda is mainly front-wheel drive, but will transfer power to the wheels when needed you would want to have the on the front axles. I attached an FAQ on snow chains for you to check out

Before you do anything else, the vehicle owners manual Honda to determine if weight can even be used on your Honda Pilot. On many vehicles, weight distribution be used because of the uni-body of the vehicle. If it can be used then to where the brackets will be on the you will measure from the of the cavity in the coupler where the goes, back along the rail 28 inches. This is the center of the

In order to determine if the SkyBox Pro 18 cargo box, # will clear the rear when opened on your Honda Pilot, there is one measurement you will need to Measure from the center of the crossbar straight back to the between the top of the hatch and the roof. If measurement is 57 inches or more there will be no interference.

I linked a video review of a box for you.

The difference is that the Rail Bar Roof Rack # is designed for Honda Pilots 2003-2008 whereas the Whispbar Bar Roof Rack # WB-S47 is for Pilots from 2009-2013. So you need the S47. The reason for is that there was a design in 2009 for the Pilots.

I attached a video for this product for you to out also.

Are you sure the outer is not L44649? If it is then you can use # BB1980A-SS or # With an inner bearing of the matching outer bearing is likely L44649.

If your Honda Pilot has a factory rack that includes that run side to side the largest box that will fit Pilot and not cause rear interference AND that will hold the 71 inch long is the Thule Boxter, # TH611. The RocketBox 14 # Y07192 may also It is 74 inches long on the outside but smaller on the inside.

The skis are likely to fit but they may to go in with one end up higher than the to fit. The RocketBox Pro 11,

Curt hitch # 13328 does include all of the hardware needed for on your 2003 Honda . I have included a picture the hardware for you. This hitch is rated for 350 pounds weight and 3,500 pounds trailer weight.

The tongue is the figure you will look at for rack. The Apex 4, # TH9025, weighs about 35 pounds or so and it has a of 150 pounds to total a maximum of 185 well within the capabilities of t

The key to the best weight distribution is to go by the total tongue weight of the set up. is calculated by taking the tongue of the vehicle when loaded and to tow and adding to that the weight of loaded behind the rear of the tow vehicle. Please consult the manual of your Pilot.

We found that on many vehicles, Honda does not the use of weight distribution. The Curt # C17330, is rated for up 600 pounds weig

Honda Pilot

In many cases, the inch folded clearance is but you will need to measure on vehicle to make sure. from the hitch pin hole in receiver rearward until you furthest rearward edge of the bumper. If this distance is than 4-3/4 inches, the # will have plenty of for your vehicle.

The OEM hitch on the is pretty close to the edge of the You will first need to the tongue weight capacity of hitch. This informa

The is not a fit due to the distance between the factory siderails on your vehicle. I recommend the Whispbar Rail Bar Rack for Raised, Factory Rails, part # WB-S47, you which is the correct fit for your Honda Pilot. The weight for this rack is 165 lbs.

The are 40-1/2 inches long are a good fit for your vehicle. You want to check your or with your dealership to certain you do not exceed the weight

Installation of the 2-Piece Polypropylene Vent, # HMAV2-AVT2, requires a 3 diameter hole when in a trailer with standard wall thickness, 1-1/2 thick or less. This is the for most enclosed trailers, but your trailer wall is than 1-1/2 inches you need to use an appropriate length of 3 inch inside diameter PVC pipe to accommodate the thicker The outside diameter (OD) of the 3 ID pipe will then the size h

The 7-Way trailer in wiring harness # 118265 not fit the OEM hole at the bumper. In order to the 7-Way you will need bracket # 18138 and either the bracket, # 18140, or long # 18136, either of which attach to the hitch.

Whether 2012 Honda Pilot has the tow package or not you can add the 7-Way harness # to either one. So since you a 7-Way for your camper you go ahead and use # 118265. I have a link to the installation instructions for

Ideally you would want a crossbar spread to support the more evenly when a cargo basket. As long as the of the weight is more centered, the should not be a problem. Make though that the weight in the is within the rack and roof which ever is lower.

The roof rack and roof may be in the owners manual or could be by contacting Honda.

Generally a properly-rated weight distribution should provide the necessary for rear-end sag in a tow vehicle. We do not recommend both a rear suspension spring or air spring kit, as the Timbren # THROD2, along a weight distribution system as the two can fight each other and in erratic handling. On their Honda specifies a 3500-lb weight limit for travel pulled by their 4WD Pilot EX 4500-lbs only f

So, what you are is that once the cargo is loaded up with whatever you are the rear suspension compresses a bit, is that correct? If is the case, it sounds like you be a good candidate for a rear enhancement kit. For a passive that would only into play when weight is applied to the rear of the like when the carrier is used, the Timbren # THROD2 would be great. Install the and you would not nee

You can use Thule crossbars on a 2010 Pilot that has the factory rails. You will need the feet, # TH450, and the 58 inch bars, # THLB58. Before anything on the roof rack be to consult the vehicle owners and/or Honda to determine the capacity of the roof.

Using a step like # TH232 make it easier to load/unload, and the cargo on the roof.

There is a tab on the 7-Way that is supposed to on the wiring harness to lock it place. If that piece is or broken off then the harness not stay on the back of the connector. you push the harness onto the of the connector there should be a indicating that it is locked place. There is also a tab on the wiring harness that you need to pull out and then it onto the back of the connector.

you will push the gray tab back in.

The first thing you are to want to do is disconnect the trailer and use a tester like # 3808 to the pins on the connector. Have sit in the vehicle and run through each function to make sure are all working. The brake lights and signals are the pins in the 9:00 and positions respectively.

If the tester not light up on one or both pins the brakes are applied then indicates an issue on the vehicle of things. Check for any loo

So it sounds your 2012 Honda did not come with the factory tow You are going to need more just the converter box. You are going to need some and at least one fuse.

Since the is not available by itself you would to get the complete kit, # 118265, or # I wish we did just have the by itself but at this time it is not for as a separate part.

For your Honda Pilot I would the Curt Front Mount # C31064. This hitch has confirmed to fit your vehicle and work very well. I installation instructions for this for you to check out also.

We never modifying a hitch to fit a different than it was intended for and vice this would void the of both the hitch and the vehicle.

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