Honda Legend / Acura RL

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Honda Legend

/ Acura RL

2 ago, Honda Legend was the Japanese executive saloon the world#8217;s recognition as well as success in the United States. But the birth of Lexus and Infiniti, the of Legend declined gradually. most of that was due to its own problem.

The generation Legend was renamed to RL in the United States, but instead of advantage of Acura’s sportier it actually went bigger, more luxurious and more Eventually it was forgotten by the market, one of the rare failures of Honda.

To the Legend, Honda developed an Legend in late 2004. car is so different from the old car. It has an styling, a new 300hp engine, one of the most advanced 4-wheel-drive and a sporting philosophy behind it. could be more different.

It won appreciations from all over the At home, it is titled Japanese Car of the 2005. Across the Pacific it entered the 10 Best of Car And Driver

The question is, how does it compare European executive cars by BMW 5-Series? we shall find the in this report.

From design point of the new Legend is far from successful. Its design is more aggressive the old Legend, but it lacks fineness, the characterless tail and C-pillar. The car looks like a pumped-up of the previous generation Acura TL. any elegant details, it hardly like a premium car.

is a big problem for a car costing more BMW 530i and closer to Audi A6 V8. the Legend is powered by only a V6.

packaging point of view, the is far from modern. The way it uses and materials is too inefficient. Externally, it is 9cm than the 5-Series, otherwise are the same size.

Inside, it slightly more room for the passengers, but the rear head and room are tighter. This is disappointing for a car whose engine is transversely over the front in contrast to BMW’s optimized The same story goes at the – the BMW can swallow 520 litres of while the Honda can carry 452 litres.

By class standard it is rather

But the biggest disappointment reveals on the the Legend weighs a hefty a full 300kg more 530i. even compare to it is still 165kg heavier. 4WD is one of the reasons, but Honda compensates with aluminum bonnet, fenders, trunk lid, (which is made by hydroform for even lighter), suspension brake calipers, bumper aluminum intake manifolds, cam covers and seat frames, and a propeller shaft that power to the rear axle. the the list grows, the more you how they can made the car so overweight.

makes the V6 struggling. Viewing it in it is a remarkable engine. The all-alloy V6 an optimized 60-degree incline in contrast to the previous Legend’s 90 (which required a balancer

That means it is a new engine, of the same capacity at 3.5 ltires. The heads run sohc with 4 per cylinder – a Honda’s – and VTEC variable timing and lift (note: not the i-VTEC). Intake comes a variable volume intake The combustion chambers run a high compression ratio.

Exhaust gas out to a 2-stage variable muffler. All point to a remarkable power 300 horsepower at 6200rpm, even than NSX by 10 horsepower.

The new V6 has Honda’s typical smoothness and but its 260 lbft of torque, arrives at a 5000rpm, struggles to pull the kg Legend. This is not helped by the only automatic gearbox. Car found it accelerates from in 6.5-6.7 seconds. That is rather than sporting. The new E350 and BMW 530i with engine should achieve the performance yet return lower consumption.

Climb up to the V8 level, European machines will you there in the high 5-second. And don’t cost a lot more the Legend.

That confuse me. On the one Legend does not have the and low-end grunt to compete 545i, A6 4.2 and E500. On the other It does not have the necessary advantage over 530i, A6 3.2 and which look far more than the Honda and have a brand logo on their

Acura? who care?

However, by measurement the Legend is on a par with its rivals in many aspects. luxury is one of them. Open the you will see a stylish yet superbly cabin. It is trimmed with of wood and soft leather and with many luxurious such as a first class DVD voice recognition command and the interesting anti-noise control Honda Inspire.

This is perhaps the best of the car.

Handling is also praising. Thanks to the new SH-AWD for Super Handling – All Drive) system, the Legend can be called a driver’s car.

Honda Legend

is a very versatile and clever 4WD It can vary the torque split the front axle and rear – up to 70% torque can be sent to axle depending on need. it can shift up to 100% torque the 2 rear wheels to aid cornering, in the same way as Mitsubishi Lancer AYC system.

This is especially to eliminate understeer, a thing with Audi’s Quattro and other 4WD systems. Without the Legend would have heavily during fast In contrast, SH-AWD can overdrive the rear wheel to eliminate ensuring the car to corner swiftly.

On the Legend really handles good. Unlike other Hondas, it produces plenty of yet without any trace of understeer. The is fool-proof and confidence inspiring, more so than the rear-drive and E-class.

Nevertheless, there are a few things it from matching those firstly, its steering is lighter, and less communicative; secondly, the suspension produces more roll; thirdly, the damping is not failing to filter initial harshness very well. but not least, its hefty weight and weight distribution prevent it displaying the same agility, when compare with BMW

The new Legend is not a class leader. of a powerful V6 and a sophisticated 4WD, it not set new standard in performance and handling. BMW beat it for driver appeal, Mercedes topples it for ride and

Don#8217;t ever think of Audi#8217;s design and quality

However, the Legend#8217;s biggest are overweight and overpriced. Take 200 out of it, it could have produced performance. Cut US$5,000 from it, it have attracted many from their default choices.

But the question is how to cut 200kg ditching the SH-4WD? how to cut US$5,000 losing money?

Honda has come to a critical situation. a dedicated rear-drive platform, it had to from the company#8217;s front-drive set. Heavily adapted to power, handling and comfort added weight and cost Take the SH-4WD for example. If you a rear-drive platform you can simply the weight and cost of SH-4WD.

If you are Audi, produces 200,000 or so systems a year, you can get much economy of scale than The same goes for the engine when the 5-Series share the 3.0 inline-6 with 3-Series, 7-Series, X3, X5 and Z4, you can build it cheaper Honda#8217;s 300hp V6. To build a car, a premium car maker has a lot of over a mainstream car maker build only one premium

To succeed, Honda Legend can no fight alone. It should quit the premium market or the footprints of Lexus and Infiniti to multiple premium models on a dedicated premium platform to cost. But will Honda do

I doubt.

The above report was updated on 27 Jan 2005 . All Rights

Honda Legend
Honda Legend
Honda Legend
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