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Today on our 2012 Honda Fit we#39;ll be test fitting the Thule Sonic XXL Rooftop Cargo Box, measuring 22 cubic feet in metallic silver, part number TH636S. With a Thule Rapid Traverse roof rack system on our vehicle, we#39;ll begin our test fit by placing our Sonic directly onto our load bars. We#39;ll set the box as far forward as possible.

That way we have the most access to our rear hatch. We#39;ll open the passenger#39;s side of the box and tighten the two hand knobs on this side to secure our feet around our bars. One of the neat features of the Thule Sonic is its ability to let you know when the feet are secure around the bars. When tightening, you#39;ll hear a clicking noise to let you know it#39;s secure.

Another great feature is its ability to open from either side of the vehicle.

Today on our 2012 Honda Fit, we#39;ll be test fitting the Thule Pulse Large Rooftop Cargo Box measuring 14 cubic feet in matte black, part numberTH614. With a ThuleRapid Traverse Roof Rack City Systemon our vehicle, we#39;ll begin our test fit by placing our cargobox directly onto our load bars. Keep in mind this box opens from one side only so we#39;ll be setting it towards the passenger side for easier accessibility.

We#39;ll open our box and place our feet through the appropriate slots making sure that they go around our load bars. Then wecan use the attached hand knobsto secure them around each bar. With all four feet tight, ourbox is secured and we#39;re ready to go. Here at the rear you can see that we have full access to our rear hatch door without it making contact with the back of ourbox.

Our box alsodoes not interfere with our rear antennae. That completes today#39;s test fit of the Thule Pulse Large Rooftop Cargo Box part number TH614 on our 2012 Honda Fit.

Today we are going to install part number 24826 from Draw-Tite, and we are going to install this on a 2009 Honda Fit. The hitch gets installed using this hole in the frame and this hole in the frame right here. And also what is going to happen is we are going to have to trim this plastic piece off so the hitch will fit flush against the frame of the vehicle.

OK, it is going to be the same thing on this side however, the hitch is going to wrap around the exhaust and use the same existing holes that are in the frame as was on the drivers side. Optionally, you can disconnect the exhaust and move it out of the way so it will be a little easier to get ahold of the hardware going into the vehicle. And that is what we are going to do here.

So we will disconnect the two rubber hangers here, and hopefully that will give us enough wiggle room to push it off to the side. We actually put a safety strap on – we actually use a strap to hold it out of the way because there is plenty of room actually to move around now.

Today we are going to do an install on a 2006 Honda Fit using part number 11058 Class 1 receiver hitch. The hitch will mount up to the car pretty easily, It uses this tie down loop right here. This skid plate also come off. The hitch actually covers those very same areas right back up.

Then this stays off and you install the hitch on the cross member right here. First step is to take off the skid plate right here. Next we will install our hitch on this toe loop right here with this U bolt. Then tighten all of the bolts snug before giving them the final torquing.

This concludes our install of part number 11058 Class 1 receiver hitch from Curt Manufacturing on a 2006 Honda Fit.

Honda Fit Questions and Answers

The shank for Pro Series cargo carrier # 6500 is not available as a separate part. While there are other replacements they are either for specialty carriers or only fit 2 inch receivers and would not work. What I recommend is to use the MaxxTow receiver adapter, # HT5R, which will give you a 5 inch rise.

You will also need to use a reducer sleeve, # HT02, to use the 1-1/4 inch shank on the cargo carrier in the 2 inch receiver in the adapter. I have included a link to a video review of the reduce

The first thing to check before loading anything on the back of your 2010 Honda Fit is the tongue weight capacity of your vehicle. Tongue weight dictates how much cargo you can carry on a trailer hitch. You can locate this information either in your owners manual or by contacting your local dealership. All of the available trailer hitches for your vehicle are a Class I and have a 1-1/4 inch receiver opening.

For a trailer hitch, I recommend the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # 24826. This hitch is

The 2013 Honda Fit Online Reference Manual on page 159 states that both manual and automatic transmission equipped Fit models can indeed be towed behind a motor home if the specific preparation procedures shown are followed.

Those procedures are critical to avoid damage to the vehicle. I urge you to review and follow the guidelines shown in your owners manual and if you have any uncertainty contact your local Honda dealership for clarification about your particular vehicle. The vehicle manufactu

Trailer hitches are vehicle specific and Curt hitch # 13534 is designed to fit a 2008 to 2013 Toyota Highlander. It will not fit a 2013 Honda Fit. Trailer hitches for the Honda Fit are much smaller because the vehicle is not as capable as a larger SUV or truck. That is why they only make Class I trailer hitches for it.

I have included a link to the trailer hitches that will fit your vehicle. If you are looking for a hitch to carry something like a bike rack then I recommend Draw-Tite trai

The Thule Helium Aero bike rack # TH9042 is compatible with the Class I Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 24826 for your 2013 Honda Fit. When we installed this hitch on a 2012 model, see video link, we found that there was 3 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole back to the rear bumper. The bike rack will come out further than that so there should be no clearance issues.

I have included a link to a video review of the bike rack as well. If you will be carrying any bikes that do not have a top

After researching our bike racks that fit your Honda Fit, I would recommend the SportRack 2 Bike Carrier, part # SR2901. The weight capacity for this carrier is 90 lbs, so this should be fine for the bikes you mentioned. This carrier has sliding wheel hoops that adjust for different bike lengths, and also has cushioned hooks on the mast that move independently to adjust for 2 different bike sizes. The upright mast tilts down so that you have access to the rear cargo area of the vehicle and bike

You will need to use a fuse bypass. This will bypass the fuse that would normally be pulled out to flat tow the 2010 Honda Fit. Consult the vehicle owners manual to verify that there is a fuse that has to be pulled. The fuse bypass you would use is # RM76511. I have linked the instructions for you.

Another item you can add is a battery disconnect, # RM-765. What this does is supply voltage to the Fit battery from the towing vehicle to prevent it from draining while it is being towed. Then onc

I do have a Thule roof rack that will fit your 2010 Honda Fit, however, Thule does not offer a fit kit for the Aero roof rack for your vehicle. The Aero roof rack is an older roof rack that Thule only offers a few vehicle fits for at this time. The newer version of the Aero roof rack is the Traverse roof rack. There are two options for your vehicle.

You can go with the Traverse roof rack for square load bars or the AeroBlade Traverse roof rack which uses the AeroBlade load bars from Thule.

The Hollywood Racks Baja 2-bike carrier # HRB2 does fit many vehicles with rear spoilers on the trunk lid, but is not a good match for the Honda Fit Sport since its spoiler is at the roof line. A better option from Hollywood Racks is their Over-the-Top 2-Bike carrier, part # HRF2. I have linked an article on trunk-mount bike carriers that might be of interest.

The design of the HRF2 accommodates roof-level spoilers. Please refer to the linked video which shows installation of this carrier on

As explained in the installation instructions for the TrailerMate # TM783104, section 10a. through 10c. when routing the 4-flat harness one option is to drill a 1-5/8 inch hole in the spare tire compartment use the grommet in the recently drilled hole a then route the 4-flat to the front of the vehicle. It also notes that silicone should be used in addition to this grommet to properly seal this hole. After drilling and sealing the hole route the 4-flat towards the front of the vehicle following

The deciding factor when designating between a Class I and a Class II bike rack, being that they both fit in a 1-1/4 inch receiver is the length of the shaft on the bike rack. A Class I bike rack has a shorter shank, meaning, the distance between the center of the hitch pin hole to the end of the shank is shorter than a Class II shank. The further away from the back of the car the bikes sit, the more pressure that is put on the hitch and the frame of the car which has a direct correlation

On the RocketBox Pro 12, # Y07191, it measures 40 inches from the front mounting clamp in the rear most position to the back lip of the box. Measure from the edge of the top of the windshield back 10 inches and then from that point back another 40 inches. This is approximately where the back of the box will be once installed.

If the antenna occupies this space then it would interfere. For a shorter box we have the Rola Airfoil LG, # 59004. It is about 4 inches shorter and if you measure and f

The crossbars of the Rola Roof Rack, # 59755, are approximately 34 inches long. This roof rack was designed to fit all models of the 2007 Honda Fit and my contact at Rola confirmed this will fit your 2007 Honda Fit Sport. Other dimensions that you will want to consider when choosing accessories for your roof rack is the width and height of the crossbars.

These crossbars are 3-1/8 inches wide and 1 inch tall. When choosing accessories, be sure they will fit elliptical style crossbars. If y

The choices of compatible Thule rooftop cargo boxes for the square load bars on your 2007 Honda Fit Sport will depend on several factors: the vehicle roof weight limit, the crossbar spacing and access to the rear hatch. A roof-mounted antenna may also interfere with some larger cargo boxes. The largest boxes from Thule will interfere with your rear hatch and/or your roof antenna.

We offer several Thule cargo carriers that will definitely clear the rear hatch on your Fit. The 13- cubic-foot S

Yes, the Yakima Kayak Stacker Roof Mounted 2 Kayak Carrier System # Y04036 will fit your 2008 Honda Fit. One item that I would add to this system is the Thule Quick Loops for Bow/Stern # TH530. By using these tiedowns you can attach the hooks to these instead of your vehicle which will prevent possible scratching at the vehicle attachment point. If you have a naked roof you will also need: Y00124 Yakima Q Towers Roof Rack Feet for Naked Roof Y00408 Round 48 inch CrossBars for Yakima Roo

According to Thule, their large sized cargo boxes like the Sonic (# TH634S in silver or # TH6343B in black), the Force # TH624, the Pulse # TH614 or the Sidekick # TH682 will all fit your 2007 Honda Fit without interfering with your ability to open the rear hatch. The Pulse has the largest capacity at 14 cubic feet, followed by the Force and the Sonic at 13 cubic feet and the Sidekick at 11 cubic feet. All the boxes I mentioned are compatible with the 27.5 inch spread of your crossbars.

We have many trunk mount bike racks that will fit your 2012 Honda Fit, but I do not recommend using the Thule Raceway Platform Bike Rack, # TH9003. Due to the weight of this bike rack, the lower support arm must sit on top of your bumper. Your bumper could dent or deform under the weight of this bike rack and bikes.

This bike rack was primarily designed for vehicles with strong, metal rear bumpers. Instead, I recommend looking at the Raceway Hanging Style Bike Rack, # TH9001. This bike rack

I do not recommend the Thule Raceway platform rack # TH9003 for your 2013 Honda Fit. This rack is best suited for vehicles with metal bumpers that can support the weight of the rack and bikes without dented or deforming the bumper. It sounds like what you have is a step-through frame.

If the bottom of the seat is much lower than the handlebar gooseneck then an adapter bar would only provide minimal help leveling the bike. You would run into this same problem with any trunk mount bike rack

First, be sure to consult the Fit owners manual to determine if and how your Fit should be towed. Yes there are base plates for the 2007 Honda Fit from Blue Ox but only if it is a manual transmission. You would use # BX2252. For a compatible tow bar I recommend the Aventa # BX7445. It also comes with safety cables.

For a lighting solution I recommend the TowDaddy wiring harness # TD10000S. Most states now require a supplemental baring system on the vehicle being flat towed. I recommend th

In order to determine if your 2007 Honda Fit can be flat towed behind a motor home you will want to consult the vehicle owners manual. Since you have an automatic transmission you will need to use base plates # 521558-1. Blue Ox does not have a base plate kit for the automatic transmission models.

You can still use your Aventa tow bar by using adapter # BX88178. If you need safety cables, use # RM-643. For a lighting solution I recommend the TowDaddy harness # TD10000S. Most states now re

The Hopkins Tail Light Isolation Diode Kit, Part # 38955, prevents braking signals generated in your towed Honda Fit from feeding back into your RV lighting system when you are using a supplementary braking system such as the Ready Brake. Please refer to the linked installation video showing how the diode kit installs in a 2010 Honda Fit. You indicate that your RV has a combined lighting system – brake and turn lights carried on the same wire. You may be able to use just this diode kit in you

The Yakima KingJoe Pro 3 Bike Rack # Y02625 and the Thule Raceway 3 Bike Rack # TH9002 are very similar and both are good fits for your 2011 Honda Fit as long as you do not have the Fit Sport. If you have the Sport, you will need a hitch-mounted or roof-mounted bike rack and if that is the case, please let me know and I will provide recommendations for those models. While the Yakima does have a more economical price point, the Thule features retractable cables that will not fatigue over time

The problem with the Honda Fit Sport models is the rear spoiler, that is what prevents your Thule Raceway Trunk Mounted Bike Carrier # TH9002 from being compatible. If you can find a Honda Fit without a rear spoiler then your # TH9002 would work well on it.

The best place to check to see if a vehicle can be flat towed behind a motor home is the owners manual. I found one online for the 2013 Fit from Honda and it states that you can tow the vehicle behind a motor home. There are special instructions for the automatic transmission you will want to look at so be sure to check your owners manual.

You will need 5 items to flat tow your fit. First you will need base plates, # BX2253. These provide a safe mounting location for a tow bar. For a compatib

The Blue Ox flat towing system for the 2013 Honda Fit Sport with fog lights is the same as the 2012 model. The Blue Ox Base Plates, part # BX2253, will fit both the 2012 and 2013 Honda Fit Sport with fog lights. These base plates would be compatible with the Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar, part # BX7365.

In addition to the base plates and tow bar, you will also need safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking. For lighting and safety cables I would recommend the Blue Ox Universal Towing Acces

We do not carry the K and N brand of filters, but aFe does list some things to look for when comparing different brands of filters. Here are several of the things to look for: 1. Media construction: constant mesh or progressive mesh. aFe is the only company that uses a progressively finer mesh media. 2. Pleat design: Tight or open.

Pinched or rounded. aFe uses an open, rounded pleat design that allows better airflow through the tops and bottoms of each pleat. 3. Pleat height: Deep or

We do have a solution that will allow you to carry your terra trike and your Felt mountain bike on your 2009 Honda Fit, however, the Kuat Beta Bike Rack, # B202-114, that you referenced will not support a trike and a mountain bike because there is not enough room. To carry both of these bikes on your vehicle, you will actually need two different bike racks. This route will require a larger investment, but it is the best and safest way to carry both bikes with your Fit. At this time we do not

Air cylinder placement is limited by the length of the actuator cable; it is important to proper operation that this cable not be required to bend any more than absolutely necessary. Usually a good spot for the air cylinder is under a driver side door threshold; the size and shape of the cylinder often make this location the best option since it keeps the cylinder close enough to both the brake pedal and actuator box. The actuator cable cannot be extended. Typical installations for the Roadma

To install Roadmaster base plates # 521558-1, trimming of spoiler, air dam, grille or plastic fascia may be required on some models of the 2007 Honda Fit. On the frame, at most there will be some drilling required. The 521557-1 kit that mentioned is designed to fit the Civic, not the Fit. In addition to the base plates you will also need a tow bar.

The most popular tow bar option for the EZ style base plates is the Falcon 2, # RM-520. You will also need safety cables like # RM-643. You will

I spoke with my contact at TrailerMate and he informed me the isolating diodes you are referring to are beneath the black conduit protectors. I have attached a video showing the conduit he is referring to.

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