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Mazda Efini RX-7

Gran Turismo 5 Cheats

Turismo has always been the for racing simulation games. since the first game on the the game has always been more cars, more more realistic driving and more options for both the and the casual player. This of features also means they have increased the of work for players getting the series.

In their latest Gran Turismo 5, there are one thousand cars, and over tracks, which means the is going to have quite the battle trying to get everything want.

The increased level of has also made it more for casual players looking to all the areas of the game. You have to license tests, you have to track circuits, and you have to purchase, and race almost type of car in order to see what the game has to offer. That can be for someone that is not an expert but just wants the opportunity to see the hot and the incredibly detailed tracks

A casual player could miss whole chunks of gameplay unless they get kind of outside help to sure they find the eggs, the experience opportunities, and the to get decent enough money so can afford the most expensive Gran Turismo 5 is an excellent and if you want a track experience are few, if any games that are a opportunity, but every once in a the frustration from some of the is more than a player has the to tackle.

Unlockable License

Unlock the following license by performing the corresponding tasks:


B License tests #8211; Buy first car.

A License #8211; Reach level 3 and the B license tests.

International C tests #8211; Reach 6 and complete the A license tests.

B License tests #8211; level 9 and complete the International C tests.

International A License #8211; Reach level 12 and the International B license tests.

S Tests #8211; Reach 15 and complete the International A license

Unlockable Racing events:

the following events by reaching the levels:

EVENT #8211;

AMG Driving Academy #8211; 6

Endurance Series #8211; 25

Gran Turismo Karting #8211; Level 1

Gran Rally #8211; Level 10

the following cars by earning the License rewards:


B License #8211; Tommy Kaira #8217;00 (Standard).

B License #8211; Daihatsu OFC-1 #8217;07 (Premium).

B License #8211; Mazda Demio #8217;03 (Standard).

A License #8211; Isuzu 4200R Concept (Premium).

A License #8211; Mazda Atenza #8217;01 (Standard).

A License #8211; Nissan mm-R Cup Car (Standard).

IC License Gold Nissan GT-R Concept (Standard).

IC License Silver Autobacs Garaiya #8217;02

IC License Bronze #8211; DN-X Concept #8217;02

IB License Gold #8211; S800 RSC Race Car #8217;68

S License Gold #8211; GT-R Spec-V (GT Academy #8217;09 (Premium).

S License #8211; Mazda MX-Crossport #8217;05 (Premium).

S License Bronze #8211; Honda S2000 #8217;04

Special Event rewards:

the following Special Events to the corresponding rewards:


Karting Turismo Easy #8211; #138.

Karting Gran Intermediate #8211; Paint

Karting Gran Turismo #8211; Paint color.

Gordon NASCAR School #8211; Oval at Indianapolis and in Arcade and Training modes.

Gordon NASCAR School #8211; NASCAR (Premium).

Gordon NASCAR School #8211; Modern Muscle Car

Jeff Gordon NASCAR Bronze #8211; Classic Car (Premium/Standard).

Top Gear Test Easy #8211; Top Gear Track in Arcade and Drive

Top Gear Test Track #8211; Lotus Elise 72 #8217;01 (Standard).

Top Gear Track Advanced #8211; XFR #8217;10 (Standard).

Flight Mercedes-Benz AMG Easy Gold Winter Ahrweiler in Photomode.

Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Easy #8211; Fortified walls of in Photomode.

Flight Academy AMG Easy Bronze #8211; Street in Photomode.

Flight Mercedes-Benz AMG Intermediate Gold Nürburgring 24 Hours in Config, and Endurance Training modes.

Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Intermediate #8211; Nürburgring available in 4H Endurance Training, and Arcade

Flight Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Bronze #8211; Nurburgring in Arcade and Training modes.

Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Advanced #8211; Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG #8217;10

Flight Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Silver #8211; Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG (Premium).

Flight Academy AMG Advanced Bronze #8211; A 160 Avangarde #8217;98 (Standard).

Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Expert #8211; Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (Standard).

Flight Academy AMG Expert Silver #8211; SL65 AMG #8217;04 (Standard).

Flight Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Bronze #8211; Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 #8217;02 (Standard).

Rally Turismo Easy #8211; Rally Car (Premium/Standard).

Rally Turismo Intermediate #8211; WRC Rally Car (Premium/Standard).

Rally Turismo Advanced #8211; Rally Car (Premium/Standard).

Grand Complete 2 events #8211; Location #8211; Siena, del Campo in Photomode.

Grand Complete 3 events #8211; Location #8211; Main of San Gimignano in Photomode.

Grand Complete 4 events #8211; Location #8211; Abbey of San in Photomode.

Sebastien Loeb Challenge Gold #8211; C4 WRC #8217;08 (Premium).

Sebastien Rally Challenge Silver Citroën C4 Coupe 2.0 VTS #8217;05

Sebastien Loeb Rally Bronze #8211; Citroën C3 1.6 (Standard).

EVENT #8211;

Sunday Cup #8211; Toyota U Euro Sport Edition (J) (Standard).

EVENT #8211;

Clubman Cup #8211; TRD Celica TRD M (ZZT231) #8217;00 (Standard).

Hot Hatch Championship #8211; Lupo Cup Car #8217;00 (Standard).


EVENT #8211;

Mini Challenge #8211; Mini Marcos#8217;70 (Standard).

la Cavillino #8211; Ferrari F40 (Premium).

British Lightweight Lotus Elan S1 #8217;62

Lamborghini Exclusive #8211; Countach 25th Anniversary (Standard).

GT World Championship Pagani Zonda R #8217;09

Mazda Efini RX-7

All Gold Professional #8211; Car Ticket Level 12 (Premium/Standard).


EVENT #8211;

Tuning Car Grand Prix AEM S2000 (Premium).

Schwarzwald League A #8211; Speedster #8217;00 (Standard).

Racing Car Cup #8211; Alfa GIULIA TZ2 carrozzata da ZAGATO #8217;65 (Premium).

Polyphony Cup #8211; Gran Turismo GT-R #8217;01 (Standard).

All Expert #8211; Gift Car Level 17 (Premium/Standard).


Sunday Cup #8211; Vitz U euro Sport (Standard).

EVENT #8211;

Clubman Cup #8211; Honda Motul Civic Si Race (Standard).

European Hot Hatch #8211; Volkswagen Lupo GTI Cup Car (J) (Standard).

A-Spec Professional

#8211; REWARD

Mini #8211; Mini Cooper #8217;98 (Standard).

Muscle Car #8211; Dodge Challenger #8217;08 (Premium).


Tuning Car Grand #8211; HPA Motorsport Stage II R32

Extra horsepower:

Change the oil winning or buying a car to increase horsepower.

Easy money:

To gain money on any racing in A-Spec mode, find a with a championship circuit and get a car. If you are low level and have the car or any car above the hp shown in the requirements or a less hp as long as you can drive, you can perform this trick. #8220;Championship#8221; and race the first two then exit. Repeat as

The higher level racing, the money you will receive.

To gain money, reach 11 in B-Spec, and then buy a Lupo Cup Car a lot of horsepower. Then, have any driver enter the Lupo GTI Because of the horsepower, your will easily win the race in minutes.

Note: You can set your to 20 minutes, take a break, return and do it again.

Formula GT car:

This car in the Used Car Dealership randomly. The available at the UCD are different each day of time. A day passes when you a race or finish a license Speed up the process by loading a test and advancing to the next without ever actually the test.

When the load appears between tests, one day have passed. Five days are required to completely the Used Car Dealership#8217;s current allowing another for the Formula GT car to

Toyota Minolta 88-CV:

To win an fast Toyota Minolta do the following. At level 21, you will a race called #8220;Like the in the expert hall. Obtain medals in both of these to earn you a Toyota Minolta Follow these steps to improve your car#8217;s in order to earn the gold

1. Purchase a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 You will need around to upgrade this vehicle.

2. Go to GT and purchase the Racing Modification for the

3. At the tuning shop, purchase high end modification available, the supercharger. Get as much HP as possible.

these steps at the race:

1. the setup by going to the car settings wrench icon) and tune transmission to a top speed of 242. Set the downforce (Body and Aero) to the possible number on the front and

2. The second race on Indy is the so complete it first. You will to slipstream to keep up with the racers. At the corners, cut inside to your opponents. You will to block the fast LM cars taking your spot you get ahead of them.

Look backwards while in third person to keep an eye on

3. After winning the second on Indy, complete the other This race is easier. don#8217;t slam cars too for your downforce is high and to upset.

#8220;Like the Wind#8221;

To win the race called #8220;Like the at level 21 in extreme series for money, get a Pagani Zonda R, can be won by completing the B-Spec GT World race in the Professional series. Get the car up to the BHP and purchase Racing Soft Fine tune the car before the race. Set the top speed to 242 under the settings and then set the downforce of the car to the top for both front and back.

Win the to win an extremely fast Toyota

Profile page:

To access profile page, go to and log in your PSN ID.

Free cars

You can get free cars by creating a new on your PS3, signing up for the PS and setting your Birthday to the year a car model was made. For if you wat the Mercedez Benz Sauber c9 then set the year that you born to 1989. After the account continue on GT mode and you receive a coupon corresponding to the of your birthday. You can give the car as a gift to your real

Repeat as desired.

Mazda Efini RX-7
Mazda Efini RX-7
Mazda Efini RX-7
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