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Ferrari unwraps carbon tub of F70 in Paris

12th October

Ferrari impressed a lot by displaying all the in it current lineup during the auto show in Paris, but the interesting piece of exhibit for of the Italian brand and automotive from all over is the carbon tub or the monocoque without any attaching drivetrain, or wheels.

The carbon tub is the backbone of the exciting Ferrari F70 is the designated successor of the celebrated Enzo. The current design of the was based on all the lessons learned their exposure at Formula It is the most complex the Ferrari has made so far, and surely it is the advanced backbone for a street-legal

Ferrari designers made use of kinds of carbon fiber to the monocoque. The main architecture was using T800 carbon overlaid with T800UD for strength. The underbody was created the carbon fiber called that is well-known for its tensile The doors were crafted the highly impact absorptive the same material used for the of F1 cars.

The undertray is layered Kevlar, the material that proof vests are made of, to sure the cabin is protected any debris on the road.

The combination of the carbon fiber materials a tub that is about 20% lighter the Ferrari Enzo chassis. the lighter monocoque, the chassis is by 22% and has a higher torsional rigidity of as as 27%. The stiffer and lighter means a faster car with handling.

The drivetrain of the Ferrari F70 was revealed the auto show in Beijing this year. It will not be too before they put these together for another great

Watch the video below if you to learn more about carbon fiber tub:

Ramsay visits Maranello of Ferrari

10th July

When chef and restaurateur Ramsay is not busy giving chefs a taste of hell garnering more Michelin or maybe cashing some from his businesses, he is busy his other passion – Ferrari

The celebrity chef has been an of a Ferrari for quite some now but had never had an opportunity to visit the of Ferrari in Italy. Well, he got his and making it to Maranello is never an

Ramsay was able to tour the deal from the Atelier Tailor Made, and even had a to receive lessons behind the an F12 Berlinetta on the circuit from de Simone, the official test of Ferrari. Ah, we are pretty sure de was very gentle with the

Ramsay also got a taste of the offered at the il Podio, the company of Ferrari. The chef might lowered his standards and declared the delicious. We are pretty sure the staff was able to calm trembling knees and rejoiced.

But Gordon Ramsay admires and the quest for pefection, and Ferrari has known for these qualities the start. The chef might his reasons for all his rants and tirades but has worked hard to earn all his

If Ferrari has been winning the of Gordon Ramsay, definitely are doing it right.

Below is the to show you what happened his visit:

Movado, Chosen to Ferrari brand for 2012

April 2012

Ferrari is for having sports watches to reflect its iconic car models year, and this year, the that was chosen was the Movado Group. In chose the company Cabestan in and just last year, the Firm Hublot was honored the job. This year, the Movado Group gets a to render the Ferrari and the Ferrari personalities into their own is a tall order because in another Italian watch the Paneria, made such a success when they the Ferrari cars into watch designs.

The products be luxury watches and would be at around $2000 apieace. certainly not cheap purchases, but be attractive to Ferrari fans These will be marketed and could be bought in wholesale or from Ferrari stores.

to Movado, the design will be inspired by the exterior of the Formula 1 and car parts. They said were going to make that the design would be identifiable to Ferrari cars. di Montezemolo, on the other hand, is excited about the collaboration. after all, also watches for huge brands Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and

The Ferrari boss further that he is looking forward to the fruit of Movado’s expert Fans around the world always flocked to purchase watches even if the price is pretty high. Most fans who can’t afford the themselves are more than to own at least a luxury watch celebrates the Formula 1 car’s

If you’re interested, you might to check out the Annual Watch and Fair to be held in Basel, this 2013. The Ferrari-Movado would be showcased there.

launches online configurator for 458

16th January 2012

If you be inheriting a very big fortune or won the lottery, and you think you need a new the 458 Italia Spider supercar by might be a very good Since the Italian supercar offers a good range of to customize your ride, you need some time to things out. You might to preview any changes or tweaks for new ride. Good thing than the configurator website for the 458 Spider has just gone

The first step to customize Ferrari is actually an immediate You might just nod that it be Scuderia Red but what if you are presented a Yellow. And what if you hear Ferrari lovers that two are not the only colors that look good on your speed monster. What if you see 38 to choose from? Make a bit more difficult with 6 for your rims and about 20 that you can add to the exterior of the car.

More headache is expected you see the options for the colors of the interior of the 458 Spider. You have to choose the size and style, color of the and material, trim pieces, and the options for the interior.


Once you made up your mind for the and interior elements of your new ride, you can print a summary You guessed it right. This take you at least an hour. more if you not just having a thinking that you are buying

The configurator though will not you how the tag price is also going up every element that you add to the 458 Italia Spider. The car marques is this to be discussed with Ferrari dealer. Buying and up your Ferrari has nothing to do saving money, so expect the payable to sky rocket once you are with the configurator.

Starting for a Ferrari 458 Itali Spider –

Neiman Marcus offers FF limited edition

21st 2011

The world of car lovers be missing Bill Blass of the Lincoln Continental or Oleg Matadors, but surely everyone is when they turn to the of the catalog of Neiman Marcus offers 10 units of the special of the Ferrari FF.

If you have enough cash and if you are quick enough, you be able to get a unit of the special Neiman Marcus 2012 FF. You might not be getting some trim or a velour interior for for but the Ferrari FF has a lot to offer.

Buyers will also be a commemorative plaque as part of the when you purchase a special Ferrari that you can show off your buddies, business or fellow golfers. The package comes with the 7-year plan with Ferrari. The Marcus Ferrar FF also free with a free Driving Ferrari Experience to be in Aspen, Colorado which be surely a great training if you to step on the pedal for your driving escapades.

Neiman and the Italian car manufacturer will this edition on a very run of 10 units. Make sure you will be able to ring at 800-558-0022 by noon time on 27 when they open up the for the special edition Ferrari FF. is expected by next Spring.

The FF makes use of a V12 6.3L engine outputs 651 horsepower with a topping at 504 lb-ft at about rpm with about 368 lb-ft at 1,000 rpm. The powerful is coupled with the 4RM 4-wheel system of Ferrari and its 7-speed F1 clutch transmission system. The FF can blast from 0 to 62 miles per in a matter of 3.7 seconds. Top speed is at 208 mph.

Masonry revamps the 599 GTB Fiorano with Stallone

19th August 2011

It seems that there’s no tuning companies from all to world to make sports look sportier, meaner, and more impressive in terms of performance. Here’s another

Tuning company, Masonry, has an impressive power package the Stallone, which is based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, sometime in The Stallone power packed is impressive itself but according to forum members of TeamSpeed and a car it still needs a few more to make it complete. They that the interiors and engine / upgrades wouldn’t hurt with a matte red body

Nevertheless, Masonry did a great job on the 599 GTB Fiorano, giving it a sportier with the addition of carbon parts, increased engine and leather seats and trims for its clients. The chassis components of the 599 GTB Fiorano have been with the carbon fiber and decreased its overall weight. The package boasts of new side revamped rear design, rear mufflers and suspension and exclusive air intakes. As for interior we also have the exceptional made from Ostrich carbon fiber trims and

Under the hood of the Stallone is a supercharged V12 engine with 720 (from the standard 620HP) an additional torque of 92 Nm. The stainless sporty-looking muffler is also to give the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano a good appearance.

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