Falling in Love Again. The Story of a Czech Maiden – Skoda Yeti – Team-BHP

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Falling in Love Again. The of a Czech Maiden – Yeti

Falling in Love The Story of a Czech Maiden Skoda Yeti

November 2011,

When I saw you standing

I about fell off my chair

you moved your mouth to

I felt the blood go to my feet

Am everyone here is familiar this Song which was used as the Ad-Jingle for a TATA and Yes it was the same kind of feeling for me i saw this Beautiful Maiden, a Silver Outfit, with her Big Eyes in a Friends Drive and Here Began a Love that would haunt me for the of my days.

am sure most of us have been through phase where you see a woman and her Never seem to get out of your and for the Unmarried male species, would try every trick in the to make her yours!

and this out to be my Biggest weakness. everytime i saw my Heart Would skip a and yearn for her. an Italian who had captured my Imagination had left me and i was on the for this Beauty who i was told had a good share of Brains. was in early November 2011.

to t-bhpian Shankar Balan, who was eyeing this maiden and we to be her suitors. Spoke to the Dealer, who to offer a good deal. but things were not meant to be for me and made his purchase from Place, and i had to settle for a VW Vento TDI which never caught my

Feb, 14th 2012

It was yet Valentines day, this though I was no Longer single and in Real life, and i had taken the of a Lifetime a Month Before. to and to care, for Happy or Worse, In times and in bad, till do us Part, but the thoughts of this Maiden Still Haunted Me. i away decided to Succumb to my Listed the VW for sale as well as up a few Dealers. Vento having Run 2500 KMS, was throwing up Surprises, when dealers asking the car for a little Below Lakhs, thinking it to be a distress and also trying to take of my urgency to have the Czech by my Side. as the adage Goes, Pays, and Finally Started Good Offers, but with attached. in the Process, i collected a few from prospective Buyers as a Booking advance, but they Turned up to clear the deal.

7th, 2012

had to Travel to for a Government Meeting and Took off to drop into Vinayak Hemant, the GM was all set and ready to fly to an undisclosed for his annual Holiday, but still me a patient hearing and offered me an On price of 20.02/- The rider was this would be valid Stocks Last and also the Registration should be in Bangalore as a couldnt sell his product in a which was not his terittory. The catch was even though my Extended has a Flat in Bangalore, the Owner is in the US and wouldnt be available to collect the RTO Papers when they at his door step. I told him i would go in for the Czech Maiden after the Deal for the Vento Was

July 27th, 2012

This was the Day i was waiting For! i been waiting so keenly when i got married. a Buyer had Found for the Vento and the deal was Please do not Ask me the Price, but it was too Good to and on the Other side of the Magic of 10 Lakhs!

I straight away down to TAFE- Mlore and Met the with whom i have had a very rocky Relationship on issues and this time he me. he Gave me an Offer that was the July 7th Offer of Vinayak and i was WoW. if you were like in November Last, i would been with the Czech for 9 Months Now! he also that he had a White Maiden in Locally and that he could it to me at the earliest. Gave him a token amount and went to closely the maiden who was within the confines of the

again things were NOT to be and this time the Maiden was with me, or rather hadnt Treated well in the stock and while on Display

she was More the Afghan beauty Tortured and Listed out a few Points that my eyes in a breezy PDI:

1. A about 1 Inch in length and 1 centimetre deep on the Left Sill

2. a Deep Visible of About 1 Inch on the front Skid Plates

3. a scratch of 2 inchles on the front Left Wheel

4. scratches on the Recess of the handles of all 4 doors

5. visible rust on the hinges of the

6. Damage to the adhesive plastic near the left rear arch, some moron who had to see the Maiden had actually tried to it off ?

7. tar spots and rough spots all the body

8. dirty interiors and leather seats

9. a scratch of 2 cms near the left rear outer grab handle

10. marks on the paint work all the vehicle

11. No Nevis Wheels

Why Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di,

Why Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di.

though initially i haggled for a few with the Manager, better prevailed and at 5 am the Next Morning him a Mail asking him to find me a either white or silver who tortured and he readily agreed. 9.45 am i had with me VIN’s of the in the stock yard at Bangalore. finalised on the white once when Manager called me desperate and distressed requesting me not to it as it was Blocked by someone Else. want to go in for the other Colours as are a pain to maintain in this City and having owned a SX4, and a Chocolate Brown which required Polish 3 Months just to make the Look Brighter the Choice was Candy White and Sparkling

Finalised on a Maiden who is identified a Number: TMBMDF5L4BA701424 and spoke to the that i expect a Proper PDI to be and a blemish free Maiden to he assured me all thats within his did a VIN Check and came to Know she came into this in June 2011 and gave a go to the Manager to get it shipped Down.

Finance was a breeze at Saraswat where my Friend is the manager and she me that she can to the Payout on the 31st! the Buyer of the Vento has to pay a small Consideration which is coming the finance / HP route, he wanted a time to close the deal. If all well, and he takes the Vento me on the 2nd of August 2012, i should be home the Maiden on the same

July 31st 2012

In of the rumoured 0.5% increase in VAT August 1st 2012, i had requested Mangalore to do the billing on 31st Accordingly the Bank released the to TAFE at 3.30 p.m. by and the Manager Confirmed the reciept of the however now there was a Small Since the Car was in his Bangalore Stock it had to be driven down to Mangalore as the didnt want to spend on or on engaging a Flat Bed Tow truck.

The wanted me to Authorise them to down the car, to which i a few Conditions that in case the came with any Scratches, Dents which occur the course of the Journey, then i refuse delivery. further the car would be 400 KMS run before delivery, it be technically ‘Brand New’. i him that the Basic Warranty and Warranty should be extended by 400 KMS if Normal EW is 100,000 KMS it should be 100400). Also wanted to give a confirmation on their head that the ODO reading of 400 KMS was on of driving it down for delivery and not the Car was used as a TD car / Sold to someone on a Temporary Registration and returned by him.

as a goodwill Gesture the Dealer me that he would give a WAXOYL External Treatment and i further he would send his experienced driver to Bangalore and ask him to the car down and keep me updated on the driver is. i told the Manager even if he wouldnt update me, i have no worries as its his responsibility delivery!

1st August 2012

The was driven down from by the Most experienced and safest at Tafe Mlr and on reaching Mangalore the called me to inspect the Vehicle. had an talk with the service too, at the time of inspection. Guy had driven the vehicle very and there were no damages on a cursory inspection. I had informed the that the permanent registration to be done on 2nd August, and that the RTO DD to be kept ready.

I was informed the accounts / cashier had not sent a for a DD and that there was a strong of registration not being done on I told the Manager that he have to pay Interest @ 11% on the Amount to Him, from 31st till date of Delivery!

2nd 2012

Got a Call from the that the Vehicle would be today subject to completion of RTO i had also blocked a number the Manager, which unfortunately the of an RTO agent didnt confirm! to matters worse, the bank who the DD to the Dealer was working in slow and it seemed as though delivery be delayed. However the Manager to Push every one to their had the DD express Delivered to the RTO at 3.45 and he to get the Vehicle Registered.

After Inspection, the Vehicle had handed over to the Waxoyl and they did a wonderful Job of shining it up! at 5 pm. The Vehicle was ready for delivery. a few papers, feedback forms etc and was over the keys, amidst the of pictures ( which incidentally i is used as a proof of Delivery) and the of ‘when your happy your hands. ‘ the was done.

Tanked up 49.49 of Diesel and took the Maiden on a Wow She does handle Well! better than the TD vehicle and a 100 times better than The

Incidentally the Vento was handed to the Buyer at 10 am today; and i was ‘car for about 7 hours! i would this Transaction with at 8 on a scale of 10, with 10 being the

a Few Pics clicked on my BB are Attached!


Delivery From Mr. Vale the CRM for TAFE Mangalore. he is all that one of his toughest sales is Incidentally i was just wondering if custom of Clicking a photograph was to a Happy Moment in the Customers and I Realised that its to have a of delivery!

a Few Exterior Poses

@ she Sits on My Porch at Home

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