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Mercedes B 200

Drive-Test Mercedes B 200 and the Volkswagen

6:00 PM Jack Freeman No

We would like to become the of a Mercedes? Affirmative answer to question is not all, but many. in Russia.

It does not matter we are not talking about a traditional but only about kompaktvena B-class. In version B 180 (122 it costs a little more a million rubles – and a German car with turbo, robot, and in a not very austere

Or, well, it, this prestige? all, for less money you can buy a car, even with not so title. For example, Volkswagen

In addition to the Mercedes B 200, which from 1.17 million Russia is a variation of B 180 with the turbo 1.6, but up to 122 deforsirovannym Both options are originally preselektivnoy robot, and the list of equipment is quite wide for the premium car brand.

Test B 200 was equipped sportpaketom for 96,519 It includes 17-inch alloy with five spokes, chassis, improved seats, console trim elements in the of a honeycomb, steering wheel and the ceiling – black

Once again, we were not to collect a duel similar to the parameters. Pure white B-Class got us with a powerful (supercharged 1.6, 156 forces, 1.17 million rubles) and an list of equipment. But Volkswagen

A feeling that we got from the not pyatidverka Park representation, but stable car rental firms basic version 1.2 TSI (105 hp) a manual transmission and a living for equipment. Fortunately, we can see the strengths and of the duelists, not paying attention to the in the hardware. Besides, one of the dealers able to take a short to the client test drive 1.4 TSI (140 hp) with the DSG.

But things first.

The history with Turan from 880 (1.2 TSI, 105 hp), for example, the 170-strong version of the 1.4 TSI DSG with asking from million rubles. However, in the Headlights with diodes and rear parking sensors to pay extra – 39 050 and 14 540 rubles,

A similar body shape helped put a third row of seats. It is an for 27,700 rubles (34,870 in the case of leather).

When cars are next to each it seems that the Touran is a higher – well, minivan! Blame cubic form: Volkswagen Mercedes only 38 mm, and more – to 8mm. And, alas, appearance tour does not greatly, depending on the level of – even bi-xenon with LED eye liner and alloy barely make out the model How different Mercedes window with the blade and the beautiful with vyshtampovka.

Bright, vivid image!

nice, fairly frivolous and interior – the professionals for the Mercedes salon, you can only It is a pity that the original has worked in black – for a family car.

Dashboard concise, beautiful and readable. display – basic but will have to pay for the navigation 49 635 to 182 706 rubles (in the System Command By notorious overloaded function levers I got used for almost a but the buttons on the door panel on the side can enjoy with eyes closed.

All beshek have air conditioning, and a dual-zone control is necessary to pay 35,201

Bays melochovku and other in a Mercedes missing – traditional boxing-glove and arm rest to a container under the front cushions.

The desired exterior is also reflected in the interior. from the front of Turan look out of the window for hours day – boring. But Volkswagen good ergonomics and quality.

In the too comfortable cabin also on the conscience, and the news is even finish. But how much is cheered up in a after Volkswagen – as if hit by a comedy in the style of Quentin after a boring mindless

Architecture of the front, vents form, the control unit and windows – all this is the as in the first generation of Turan. The over the years not dissolve important things – build quality, good and finishes generally thought

True, over the latter, you can work – the buttons for the lever should be pulled.

Of the to the salon – just a lyuftyaschie rotating washer and power windows front keys, which are located too far from the hand. If you want a big (+ 2,250 rubles), will to fork out for an improved audio with eight speakers 4520 rubles) and a package of (plus 23 020 rubles), which the fabric floor mats, armrest, ventilation vents and cup rear, leather steering gear shift knob and brake.

The tour is all similar for things that of Mercedes, the niches under the front cushions. And here at the B-class is not ceiling boxes and mini box on the top of the center console. It acts as the dream magpie.

Where unconditionally clears, it is in of usability and functionality of its interior Huge space in the cabin on all and for all riders, the second row seats in the longitudinal direction and the angle of the and transformation options seem only by your imagination. Mercedes nothing to oppose.

inside the B-class space for the and knees on both rows back sofa moves / back (before this was but on the possibilities of transformation beshka a normal hatchback – you can fold rear seats on the

The front seats have moderately firm, with long cushions and decent by the of Mercedes lateral support. But sofa out too flat. In both should be closely people up to 185 cm even with the panoramic

Front and rear convenient in way under the chair molded of normal physique. For tables for passengers in Turan need to pay Space inside so that the of them in the back row will be as as two men in a Mercedes.

And thanks to the large area visibility is fantastic!

comparable powertrains two test can not, but you can talk about For example, Touran with a 1.2 TSI engine and six-speed mechanics – in a car weighing 1453 kg not inferiority! Moreover, in the second and gear, as soon as the tachometer goes abroad 1500 rev / the engine gives juicy speed up to 4000 rev / min.

And after 100 km / h or less perceptible in the laws of physics dissolve, the that a motor jumps higher than his head, not get rid of.

On the – the defeat: the amount of in the Mercedes is 488-1547 liters, the five-seater Volkswagen – 695 to 1989 liters! Of course, the does not hold so dear inside, but loading height compartment is wider and deeper and capacious underground. But not all have to a refrigerator cabinets yes?

Mercedes nothing extraordinary – that’s got to go car weighing kg with the 1.6 turbo engine, 156 forces and 250 N #8226; m The unit the peak thrust almost idle and unrestrained kompaktven is on the Particularly energetic shoot to mid-range speeds, and energy much exhausted, but when on the in front of you is looming prospect of suspension.

In the family there are no so fast version, as a 156-strong According to his passport, even the Touran 1.4 TSI takes a hundred to of a second slower – 8.5 s vs. 8.4 s in B

However, for ease of traction Volkswagen with six mechanics is to machines with robot decide all by itself, without and vibration.

On a level highway both kompaktvena velvet. the only vnutrisalonnoe noise. In voice above the wind and isolation fender worse.

Yet Mercedes in this regard more benefits.

However, the intrigue for us was in the other – how the robot (own design) with two wet clutch? Did the engineers Stuttgart to make a revolution in the design of these units? To a extent for the sake of comparison, two robots I went to the dealer to drive the 140-strong tour DSG.

To the motor – no the modification Touran 1.4 TSI, of slower Mercedes B 200, but travels in the whole range of legal Large family car to anything. But a of the two preselektivov winner is not revealed.

The wheel is the same as a Mercedes, a but at high speed in a straight and in bends, he poured a force, and the of the front end, naobrot, get rid of Would reduce the rolls.

a Mercedes flavored little which does not vary depending on the situation. Also in the there is near-zero void on the line B-class requires attention. At the limit of Mercedes tends to drift under the of gas, but it’s probably so A message-driven winter studless

They have some and disadvantages for two. Both work well only the car is moving uniformly. At medium and speeds, and 7G-DCT and DSG switch as usual and best in the sport

But when it comes to riding in a style or to a motion in traffic show their second Smoothness and serenity replaced and vibrations, and 7G-DCT at the start and howls. Pull away possible – both cherish the bond and react to the with a pause.

And, of have not gone notorious assemblies for fuel economy and throttle response in normal

Mercedes B 200

For uniform motion on the highway both economical legal B 200 on drinks 6.5 liters per 100 km, and the Touran by 6-6,2 l. Dynamic riding impact on consumption of Mercedes his figure is 12 l/100 km. Active Touran gives less but instead requires no more 8.5-9 liters per 100 km.

Still very similar kompaktvena chassis – the differences lie in the And Mercedes and Volkswagen go round and without swinging. Ship there is no one, but the Touran on its side in a turn a little

At the same time the comfort of do not forget – in the depths of of both cars Micro-lined is completely dissolved, and the small and bumps both German easy pushes and kicks. The appears when driving pits and potholes, deep and small, but critical steps on the – Volkswagen here is a softer.

The success of the current in Russia is still too early to but we have sold precursors are bad. Thus, in 2011 the dealers implemented in 1574 and Mercedes Volkswagens.

In many Mercedes B-Class and Volkswagen similar – both sturdy cars and ride a worth the money. However, the difference – being in the class, they are used for consumers. Pyatidverka from for those who want luxury and but did not agree to steer the bus. In the passenger seating so that it as if Governors normally hatchback.

But have to sacrifice high A Touran – machine for the Under the bus and looks for the name of hiding talented family who even in the basic version please all those for which it was

For one thing – in such as rarely fall in love.

Mercedes B 200 and the Volkswagen Touran

The Mercedes B-Class is based on a new modular front-drive platform is also built and the last Kompaktven lost double heavily redesigned chassis. – Newly developed with struts McPherson, and the instead of the design with a dependent Watt appeared Despite the tendency of the change of wheelbase B-Class has decreased from 2778 to 2699 mm.

retain the same front width (1552 mm), and the up by two millimeters (up to 1549 mm). By the the rear suspension is designed so you can place components wheel transmission.

The four-cylinder gasoline 1.6 M270 series has turbkompressorom, shifters at the inlet and outlet, as as direct injection of the third (operating pressure – 200 served up to five servings of per cycle). Returns two options 122 HP (200 N #8226; m) and 156 of the force N #8226; m). For the sake of improving the and reducing mechanical losses of the is equipped with switchable pump and oil pump variable

Great engine, but it sounds a vacuum cleaner.

Preselektivnoy with seven bands, for the Russian default, independently by Mercedes. In the unit there are two wet so node is able to absorb up to 350 N m According to the Germans, this should not overheat during slipping. That we did not try, but to the work under normal there is a lot of questions.

Modern Touran uses truck from the hatchback Golf sixth generation. Let the call this car is completely in fact it is a modernization of the 2003 Changing the external panel, but the and suspension (front – rear – multilever) the same. Wheelbase – mm are the same as before.

However, at Volkswagen revised spring and settings, making the current more comfortable than its In Europe, for a fee on the Touran can install an shock DCC.

The base Turan – 105-hp displacement of 1197 cm #179; a turbocharger (working pressure up to 1.6 and direct fuel injection (up to 150 Aluminum engine, depending on the pressure and the settings of the control develops 86 hp (160 N #8226; m) to 105 (175 newton meters). 1.2 TSI is placed on the compact models of SEAT and Skoda, and make it to the factory in Mlada Boleslav.

(Robert Yessenov and Sergey

Kompaktvena first generation B-Class (W245) made its in March 2005 in Geneva, a after the preceding concept B. Continuous FWD car was, in fact, in size hatchback variant B-class, which is available with a five-door body, had the sandwich floor, engines and axle suspension with mechanism (front – McPherson). Engines were

Among them, atmospheric 1.5 (95 hp and 140 N #8226; m), 1.7 (116 hp and 155 N #8226; m), 2.0 hp, 185 N #8226; m) and 2.0 turbo (193 hp and 280 N m). Another offered a two-liter in two versions of boosting (109 hp and 250 N m, and 140 hp and 300 N #8226; m). Atmospheric gasoline manned by default five-step and supercharged diesel engines and six.

The surcharge was raised variator.

In 2008, the model updated. Kompaktvena slightly hood and front bumper, corrected the rear lights and mirrors. Inside decoration have changed.

After Mercedes B-Class has a new version of the – a two-liter, running on petrol and methane. In addition, modifications to engines equipped a lean function start /

Since 2009, Daimler AG producing on the basis of B-class running on hydrogen. They are with an electric power of 136 (290 N #8226; m) and lithium-ion Last recharged power that runs on fuel as well as brake energy system.

On these vehicles that a power reserve of 385 km, the company has this year, including the of our publications, travel around the dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Benz’s patent registration in his car. For an interesting development on the of the B-Class is a unique car and – B 55. The fruit of 12 engineers in Rastatt is equipped with an atmospheric 5.5 by 388 and 530 N #8226; m, packaged with the automatic.

Rear-wheel drive van, got the rear suspension the station wagon Mercedes E 430 W210), up to hundreds of 5.2 seconds.

In the 2000s in Europe sold 1.2 compact van. And by such a piece of cake Germans not pass, in 2003, came to pyatidverka Volkswagen Touran. The car not hit customers design, but to his credit was one of the sophisticated in terms of transformation of the up to 500 different options in the seven-seat (optional)!

Three separate seat folded differently, are in a longitudinal direction and a fully tilt backs. And, met with the forces (each weighed 16 kg), and they can be completely. On top of that lay at the heart of chassis Volkswagen Golf fifth generation – one of the in the class.

Until restyling completed with atmospheric engines 1.6 (102 hp), 1.6 FSI and 2.0 FSI (150), as well as turbodiesels 1.9 TDI forces) and 2.0 TDI (136-140). In pairs, the were working gear – manual, automatic and with two clutches.

By the time of the modernization of the Germans in Europe 640,000 Turan. And that was destined to grow. After made kompaktven little beautiful appearance, good and manufacturability of the interior for filling.

of atmosfernik#187; 1.6 FSI and 2.0 FSI engine appeared 1.4 The unit was also equipped a direct-injection turbocharged and combined a combination of turbocharger and mechanical Roots type of firm Recoil – 140 forces N #8226; m) or 170 horses (240 meters). Supercharged diesel 1.9 TDI hp) and 2.0 TDI (140-170) have finished their exhaust cleaner.

fell from six-step – in the ranks were mechanics and Robot#187; DSG. By the the update brought Turan modification CrossTouran (plastic around the perimeter of the body, 15 mm chassis) and a number of interesting for the type of electronic samoparkovschika. of the first generation of Turan in spring 2010, and the total was million vehicles.

On the decline of the Volkswagen Touran compact van up half of the market in Germany.

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