Citroлn ZX – Review – The car with a little ZXtra

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Citroen ZX

Citroлn ZX

Advantages: Performance, Ride and Handling

Disadvantages: dents and scratches too easily, roll

The time had come to my ageing Ford Sierra 1.8 LX. I had it for a year and I was getting more and concerned about it#39;s I had just got a pay rise at work so I I would treat myself to a car.

The brief was that it had to be (90% of my journeys are to and from alone plus I was having to in a street so smaller was definitely and had to have an engine less 1.5 (for cheap tax!). I wanted something with Steering, Electric Windows and Locking for those times I did carry other people, and I all of this for a max of Ј3000.

So I set out to look for my new Two months later and after at various Escorts (too old and equipped), Nissan Sunnys bumpy and a bit old fashioned) and various cars I stumbled across the ZX. Now I had liked the looks of them but had really thought seriously them.

After reading up them it appeared that were a very underrated but could be troublesome if not looked They did a 1.4 which was nippy and and I could get one with everything I

Before I go any further I will you a quick run down of the car. It was in this country in 1991 as a 5 hatchback, not replacing any model in the range but sitting between the AX and the ZX. It was the conventional Citroen yet, but retained a few Citroenesque qualities, the single front wiper, the passive rear steering and rear seat were not on many cars of that

Initially available in 1.4, 1.6 and 1.9 engines in Reflex, Avantage, and Volcane trims. 1.9 diesel and diesel models joined the a bit later on as did 3 door hatchbacks and 5 estates. 1.1 petrol and 1.7 diesel were available in other

Later on in it#39;s life the 1.6 be replaced with a 1.8 and the 1.9 with a A

2.0 16v was also introduced. The phase 2 were launched in 1995 and with a new grille and bonnet, interior trims, driver#39;s and keypad immobiliser as well as a few changes. There was a phase 3 but was more of a change to model rather than the car itself.

I could go into more but that gives you a rough of the car.

As I wanted power etc. I knew that I have to get an Avantage. I also a phase 2 model so this much ruled out any other

After looking around for a I stumbled across the car that was to be However it wasn#39;t an Avantage, but a Edition called the Dimension! It was sat on the looking splendid in it#39;s Magenta paint for a paltry of Ј2995! It was a one owner 1995 M 1.4 5 model with 43,000 on the clock and a full service

After taking it for a test I just had to have it! On September 1st year whilst everyone was picking up their new 51 registration I up the keys to my ZX.

So what is so special the Dimension? Well it was based on the level Reflex model and ran for a in the guise that I bought it much the length of M reg) and again a couple of years It has numerous extras over the though. Externally there body coloured front and bumpers from the sporty with Front Fog lights and bumper inserts. It was only in Blue, Magenta (Burgundy) or

Inside it was fitted with grey velour seats a body coloured strip the base and the back of the seat and written on both front Equipment wise it had a driver#39;s power steering, electric windows, electric tilt/slide electric passenger#39;s door (but not driver#39;s) and remote locking. However it did only with a 2 speaker Radio/Cassette.

now owned the car for a year and have nearly 18,000 miles in it.

I still love the look of the the sportier bumpers make the car a lot more desirable than frumpy standard ones. The is lovely and sparkles when well. I have added a set of ZX alloy wheels to mine as the trims were very (they stand proud of the and are easily caught when next to a kerb) and they less than a new wheel

However the body does incredibly easily and this doesn#39;t come with rubbing strips so it has picked up fair share of parking from people opening car doors onto it. The silver on the front bumper has faded However there are a lot worse out but it is disappointing when yet another new appears!

For a 60,000 mile car it like it has done twice mileage!

The single wiper unusual, but it does work Obviously it does leave the top of either side of the windscreen but you get used to it. Two problems have though in the past year of though. When you wash the the water runs up the screen on the side as there is no blade to it (the wiper parks on the side) and as the wiper covers the screen any bugs which hit the get smeared all the way across!

There are washer jets though and a large water reservoir feeds the front and rear so you don#39;t need to top it up too frequently.

The of the car can cause a few problems when the front slopes away sharply at the end of the bonnet and the bumper out quite a bit, and the rear is quite high up. What means is you end up choosing larger than you need, think you are up in front the car behind or behind the car in and you have 2 or 3 feet space


slight annoyance is the and size of the door mirrors. are quite small and slope up the bottoms. What is means is you end up moving the passenger side so that you can see the kerb when

However as it is electric it#39;s not too of a problem.


Well it looks brand new! though the upholstery is light it doesn#39;t show up the dirt at The dashboard is quite plain a nice big shelf running the dial pod to the passenger side, you will need some of anti slip surface on to stop things sliding

The dial pod contains the usual rev counter, fuel and temperature The switches for the front and rear fog are one side of the pod and the heated rear and hazard warning lights are the side of the pod.

One unusual is that the dashboard lights up the ignition is switched on, it makes the much easier to read, but you remember to switch your on! (Usefully there are separate lights to tell you when you sidelights, headlights and main on). Also as they are on all the the bulbs do blow more than if not (I have only two when I first got the car saying though!). The rest of the dashboard light up until you switch the on.

The radio is mounted high up in the and is a unique to the ZX. It is quite a basic unit, I changed this for a Player, but this does a fitting adapter which you can get most motor stores. this has a pull down which matches the colour of the of the dashboard.

The 3 round heater are placed below the radio and are to use and feel solid. One problem is you cannot shut off the external air and have the fan running as they are on the switch.

There are interior lights in the front a

nd rear of the car are only operated from the doors however) and there is a map light which can be used for and passenger.

The storage in the car is reasonable, is a decent sized glove door pockets in each door (models with speakers also have in the rear doors), map pockets on front seat backs and a cup in the centre console behind the However it is quite shallow and a will fall out unless it is full!

The boot is very big and square design of the rear suspension that it hardly intrudes) and can be by folding down the rear my model has a one piece rear where you lift the base up and the backrest down, higher get the usual 60/40 split. the rear seats down you have the front seat right back because of the of the base of the rear seat.

The are very comfortable but only reach and rake adjustment, and lumbar support are not present, but it enough to find a comfortable position and the steering wheel for height as do the front seatbelts.

in and out of the car is quite easy thanks to opening doors, but the rear can be cramped for passengers if someone 6ft sits in one of the front seats.

The locking locks the doors and the the remote is infrared and needs to be inside the car. Sometimes it can be a hit or affair as the receiver is mounted on the hand side of the roof making it easier to unlock the passenger side than the The boot door is released a push button and opens being made of plastic it is to open and close too.

and Gearbox

Citroen ZX

The 1.4 fitted to my car comes single point fuel (the later models multi point) and has been in many Citroens and Peugeots the years. Because the ZX is not a heavy c

ar the does not feel underpowered at In fact I have surprised passengers and other drivers how responsive and quick the car is, from away to keeping up with The only time it really has a is if you are fully loaded and going up

Economy doesn#39;t suffer I average 37mpg going to and work which is a ten minute along town roads and carriageway, on longer distances it manage 40mpg and with a foot up to 45mpg which I is very good indeed!

The is a 5 speed and is very well to the car. The change is incredibly and precise. The car does rev quite at motorway speeds though gear gives around per 1000 revs so at 80mph the is at 4000).


Now this is where the car If you have read any magazine they all complement the ride of car saying that it puts larger cars to shame. I can agree with that!

Any are soaked up with the car riding over all but the roughest of surfaces. get me wrong you do know that the is there but it#39;s more by than feel. The steering is direct and well weighted, you what is going on with the wheels at all times. Body is quite pronounced through but you will end up giving up way before the car

The grip is amazing, I have tyres fitted on my car (the ones that Citroen for the car) and they complement the car The passive rear wheel helps when going tighter bends (the suspension is mounted on thick blocks which have a of movement within them) as it the rear of the car firmly planted on the

The brakes are excellent, they are on the front and drum on the back models get vented discs on the and some have rear too) they have of feel and stop you smoothly, w

ith emergency stops, without One note to mention is that ZXs are for eating front discs and They are pretty cheap but I only just needed to my pads after 18,000 and I know how long they on the car before I bought it.

What#39;s wrong with the car?

that it is a seven year old car and has more mileage in the past than the past 3 with previous owner very has gone wrong.

Other the standard servicing items intervals are 9000 miles or a I have had to replace a Driveshaft, CV Handbrake cables and Front pads. One indicator bulb and a couple of dashboard bulbs blown. One problem I have at the is the sunroof will not slide, tilt.

This is due to the plastic which pops up when the is slid back, jamming the roof. It#39;s not a big problem I haven#39;t got round to fixing it

I would recommend finding a local Citroen specialist to do the they are a lot more knowledgeable the cars, more friendly and than the Citroen main Plus they aren#39;t as I have had nothing but problems the local dealer.

The only thing to go wrong was when a Rover pulled out into the of the car on a roundabout. It pushed the rear into the rear wheel. The rear passenger panel had to be Unfortunately the job was done very

I had to use my insurers approved repairer was the local BMW garage. I think as it a BMW they weren#39;t really interested. On picking up the car I didn?t get to the of the road before I had to take it as the wheel arch liner had not fitted properly.

Then it had to go in as the bumper did not line up and they had cut the locking wires to the boot! I have complained more but know m

y rights at the time. The interior panel now creaks but I can about live with


Well as you can probably I am very pleased with the in a year it has never once not or let me down. It has just passed MOT with flying colours. The things to let the car down are the scratches and on the outside and the body roll corners, but for the price and the rest of the it can be forgiven. I wouldn#39;t hesitate to buy one, but it would have to air conditioning.

Unfortunately they making them a few years ago them with the Xsara, feels smaller and is not as nice. The would be the C3 but that doesn#39;t come close to the ZX, so sadly the time comes for it to go another will not be arriving on my drive.

Citroen ZX
Citroen ZX
Citroen ZX
Citroen ZX
Citroen ZX
Citroen ZX
Citroen ZX
Citroen ZX
Citroen ZX
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