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Citroen XM


The XM spans three generations each updated and revised, but visually identical. The Mark 1 was sold from October 1989 to the middle of 1993 thats G, H and J registration, plus some on the K-plate. At first they were pretty unreliable, and early cars are now very cheap. However its safest to avoid these unless youre a pretty competent mechanic. The Mark 2 ran from late J registration to early L and are much more reliable than Mark Is – as reliable as most other executive cars in fact.

You can pick them out by their two spoke steering wheel – but they also have ABS brakes and Hydractive II suspension. The suspension uses a faster computer, so comfort and roadholding are improved. However the suspension computer on the Mark III is faster still and it transforms the XM into the car it was always intended to be.

Look for the XM badge on the drivers side of the boot to confirm youre looking at a Mark III which were available from about late L-reg onwards. Theyre also very reliable and build quality is not far removed from German levels. Whatever the age of the XM youre looking at, its very important to make sure the cars been properly maintained. Ask the seller for the service record and the service invoices.

If the cars fairly new, only buy if theres proof that its been serviced by a Citroen Dealer every 6,000 miles. On older cars, look for 2 or 3 years of Dealer servicing followed by visits to a Citroen specialist every 6,000 miles. Dont worry too much if the odd service has been missed – but if theres a pattern of neglect or theres no service record, dont buy at any price. For complete peace of mind, have a word with any Citroen specialist involved with the car before you agree to buy.

Finally, when you go through the service record, make sure the mileage adds up to whats on the clock; dont buy if there s any reason to suspect the milometers been turned back.

To test the LHM fluid in the suspension, youll need a hypodermic syringe minus the needle. This is the most important check on any XM so its well worth buying one at your local chemist, before you go to look at a car. Locate the black plastic reservoir at the rear of the engine compartment on the passenger side, open it and draw up a sample with the syringe. The LHM fluid should be a sparkling green colour like Fairy Liquid.

Golden brown means it needs changing as soon as possible. If its grey, milky or any other colour apart from green or brown, reject the car because the whole suspension system probably needs replacement. Put a drop of LHM on the tip of your tongue, remembering to spit it out straightaway. If it tastes bitter, its been topped up with normal brake fluid and will rot all the rubber in the system, so reject the car.

If the LHM has been changed every 36,000 miles it will be fine, unless the car has done a very high mileage. Start the engine. The engine should turn over vigorously, start first time, and settle easily into a fast idle.

If it doesnt then the cars probably been neglected or has done a high mileage. In fact a warm engine that doesnt start easily should be rejected. If left standing for a few hours an XM will sink down but it should be back up to normal ride height within about 30 seconds of the engine starting. Youll actually see the whole car lifting. But if it takes a while to do so, particularly if there are any strange noises, get the car checked over by a Citroen specialist before you agree to buy.

The suspension spheres are the most important part of the suspension because they act as the springs to keep the car level. And they act as the pressure reservoir for the hydraulic system. The nitrogen in the spheres leaks away slowly, so budget 250 every 2 years for new spheres and new LHM, although spheres on V6s may need changing more often than that.

You can get recharged spheres but reports suggest that they dont last long on the XM. To see if the spheres need changing, check the accumulator sphere first as thats the one that needs changing most often. If you hear a hollow whirr-click noise from the front of the engine every few seconds, its almost certainly dud. A whirr-click every 20 or 30 seconds means its got plenty of life.

To check the other spheres, switch the suspension to Auto on the panel between the seats, then drive for a few miles. If the suspension feels hard and unyielding, the spheres need changing. Dont go on with the road test and dont buy unless the seller is willing to get the spheres changed so you can check the suspension properly. If the car appears to ride pretty well, the next thing to check is that suspension computer switches correctly between the Auto and Sport settings.

Try to find a smooth but twisty road, select the Sport setting, and drive down it at 40 to 50 mph. On Sport setting, the car should feel firm and stable, cornering with very little roll. Drive down the same road with the setting on Auto. This time the car should feel softer on the straights when driven gently but under hard acceleration or if you start to corner enthusiastically or brake hard, the computer should automatically switch back to the Sport setting until youre cruising again.

If you dont notice any difference, then it could be that one or more of the sensors has stopped working or the computer is faulty. When this happens, it automatically goes to Sport setting. This could cost plenty to fix so rejection is the safest course.

Reject any Citroen XM if:

l l l l l l l l l

LHM fluid is discoloured or dirty Car rises slowly or jerkily after being left Engine doesnt start easily Suspension modes dont work Gearbox problems Servicing has been neglected ABS light stays on Radiator is leaking coolant Second fan doesnt come on

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Estates are especially spacious. VOLVO 940/960 Strong, safe and very spacious, but stodgy to drive until heavily revised in late 1994. Later models benefit from chassis redesign and improved suspension.

The cavernous estate is the one to have.

CarCheck is designed to help YOU pick out a

Citroen XM

sound and reliable car. We recommend that once you have found one that passes all the CarCheck tests, you then get the car checked by a professional engineer. We also recommend that you check ownership and history with Equifax-HPI or the AA (see Useful Numbers). Click here for PhoneChecks and FaxChecks

For all XM engines, check if the engines cool, then undo the radiator cap on the drivers side of the radiator. If the water isnt up to the level marked on the outside, dont buy as the cars either losing water or its been neglected. The basic 2.0 litre petrol engine with 8 valves is good for 150,000 miles if its been well maintained, and its the easiest XM engine to work on.

There are no known additional problems with the turbo version, but insist on a meticulous service record showing oil changes every 6,000 miles, otherwise the turbo will only have a limited life. The same applies to the latest 16 valve 2 litre XMs the oil must have been changed religiously. On all these engines, the service record must also show that the cam belt was changed at 72,000 miles.

If it doesnt, don t buy because it suggests serious neglect. Careful owners change the cam belt at 48,000 miles, not 72,000 miles as specified by Citroen. It is also wise to have the water pump checked and a new camshaft oil seal fitted at the same time. On diesels, the fuel filter should be changed every 12,000 miles to protect the injection pump. Its better to avoid the V6s.

Theyre complicated, so engine or gearbox problems are very expensive to get fixed. For example, the back manifold often cracks, which leads to exhaust leaks, and this can only be fixed by removing the engine. If youre considering a 24 valve version, only buy if a Citroen exchange engine has already been fitted the original engines wear very quickly. Even then, the clutch on the 24-valve will probably need replacing every 25,000 miles or so at a cost of 600 or more a time.

Both diesels have turbochargers, so the 2.1 is reasonably quick, while the 2.5 is fast and very sought-after. Ask the seller to let the engines idle for a while with the bonnet shut. On turbo-diesels and the petrol turbo, push the throttle to the floor after about 5 minutes and hold it there while the engine revs up.

Dont worry if this produces a bit of black smoke, but if there s a cloud of blue/grey smoke, the turbos on its way out so walk away. Keep the engine idling while you look through the grille youll see

two cooling fans. First one fan will come on, and then the other. If this doesnt happen by the time the temperature gauge shows the engines close to overheating, the switch module has probably failed.

This only costs around 70 to replace but the head gasket and the cylinder head may have been damaged already, so dont buy.

The manual ones are pretty reliable but dont have an unlimited life. Do a test on a traffic-free stretch of road by accelerating hard in second, third and fourth gear, making a smart change up at about 4,000 revs. Then change back down again from fourth, down through third into second. If there are any crunches, or the gears wont engage easily, or there are any odd noises, reject the car.

On the diesels and the 2 litre petrol-engined XMs, they automatics are fairly reliable, but on the V6s, the automatic boxes can fail any time from 70,000 miles onwards. As a precaution, you should do these simple tests on any auto XM, once the engine is fully warmed up. Just find somewhere quiet and put your foot hard on the brake. Then move the selector to D position.

If there are any rattles or intermittent noises from under the car, the gearbox is near the end of its life. Move the selector to N, any jangling noises here also spell a gearbox on the way out. Replacing a gearbox can cost over 1,500 at a specialist or well over 2,000 at a Main Dealer.

But these symptoms don t emerge until a box is on its last legs, so any auto XM is that much more of a risk.

With a Mark 1 XM, its even more important to check that the car has had main dealer servicing for the first 3 years of its life, making it much more likely that the car has had the modifications devised by Citroen to improve reliability. To check that this is indeed the case, open the bonnet and locate the front of the inner wing, just behind the headlight on the passenger side. There should be a series of electrical wires all meeting at a point.

These are the earths for the electronics, the biggest problems on early cars. If these cables push on to a round fitting bolted to the body, they havent been modified and you should only buy if you re an experienced mechanic. On the other hand, if the cables end in metal loops and are bolted onto the earth post, the cars probably had the modifications.

Then check any electrical gadgets that happen to be fitted for example: the electric sunroof, electric windows, electric front seat adjustment, electric mirrors, fog lamps, built-in alarm system and air conditioning. If some of these dont work, and youve already noticed other signs of neglect, dont buy. And even if everything else checks out okay, dont buy unless the car is cheap to compensate you for the risk of possible future problems.

However even if a Mark I version passes all the tests, take your time before making a decision. Preferably go to see both the last owner shown on the registration document and the people who have done the servicing. Ask them what they know about the cars history and in most cases, theyll be happy to advise you.

Reject their advice at your peril.

Citroen XM
Citroen XM
Citroen XM
Citroen XM
Citroen XM
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