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Citroen C6

New Citroen C6

Belongs to the saga of the Citroen #8211; Presents the stamp of the brand embodies the of gran turismo #8211; the latest technological developments the Citroen C6 is born.

Presented for the time at the Geneva Motor 2006, the Citroen C6 is the latest of the brand to the market for high-end A universe in which Citroen has a reputation, thanks to the unique and style of his great models, and technology.

The commercial launch in the market Argentino Citroen C6 . is for the month of March 2007.

model respects the values define luxury saloon: refinement, high-end #8230;, with the characteristics of Citroen . the of his story, but steady progression in and well-being, using a technology.

C6 design

The Citroen C6 is betting on the and charm, where comfort, and useful technology reaches a new .

Une a sleek body with a in which ergonomics has been a Citroen C6 . This architecture, with no superfluous features, its occupants a feeling of great combined with clean and intuitive driving position driver to integrate Citroen C6 . in a way, in half again, but obvious features .

The Citroen C6 is by incorporating the latest advances in engines and binding to soil .

The display in the windscreen Citroen C6 . bixenón self, and flexibility of the damping and piloted the new engine of 208 hp V6 HDi are the tip of the iceberg of this new technology .

every angle, the Citroen C6 has big to seduce.

The commercial launch of vehicle in Argentina is scheduled for the of March 2007 .

Citroen C6: a style full of emotion

C6 coupe

The design of the new Citroen C6 stylistic codes of the brand the segment of luxury vehicles. The roof shape and the rounded of the wheel arches draw a Scarred by Citroen identity, from the first glance.

The is characterized by its purity and fluidity and volumes, with a long overhang and a short rear, provide a natural way, the of a limousine and the elegance of a coupé.

In the the Citroen C6 asserts its identity a wide grille, which chevron chrome, which are to the vertical headlamps. The latter on the and fins on the wide ribbed to give a bold appearance.

Of character, the Citroen C6 seduces to a long battle and a sleek and profile, which suggests power and space Citroen C6 .

The are tied to the contour of the arc of the roof C6 . falling into the rear creating a line of coupe. reference style is reinforced by the of ports without external Citroen C6 .

The back gets out of the ordinary. The is distinguished by its shape, while the which integrates the rear, off the silhouette of the vehicle Citroen C6 . A flap is part of one of the fundamental of the Brand: aerodynamics.

In the interior Citroen C6 and perceived well-being a dashboard clean, refined quality materials and spacious and seats, allowing passengers to around the comfort.

Citroen C6

In addition to its design, the Citroen C6 is innovative in terms of cutting technology, dynamism and comfort.

C6 . tech in the service of comfort and pleasure

The Citroen C6 reaffirms one of the key of the brand: innovation.

The Citroen C6 a new understanding of the driving position combines a refined instrument designed for the enjoyment of the driver C6 . with a large central screen and the virtual windshield. The allows to superimpose the vision of the with essential information, speed or navigation, which a significant improvement in active .

The Citroen C6 has, exclusively the Citroen range, an electric brake. In addition, it incorporates systems to aid the driver already on the C5 as for front and rear parking, headlamps and self-regulatory and voluntary limiter, among others.

C6 addition

For the Citroen C6 has selected two V6 petrol and diesel, fostering the and driving pleasure: the gasoline of 3 liters of displacement Citroen C6 . it 215 hp DIN (155 kW), and the new 2.7 HDi liters, 208 hp DIN kW), which is equipped particulate filters. Both are associated with an automatic six speeds Citroen C6 .

For the first the union to incorporate multi in both axles, suspensions with flexibility and cushioning to achieve a perfect balance of Citroen C6 . road performance and pleasure Citroen C6 .

The Citroen C6 is in the tradition of Citroen . combining qualities routers with a approach to the welfare and comfort.

C6: the comfort of a luxury saloon

element of the carrier is designed to maximum welfare settings seats, soundproofing, thermal and driving position Citroen C6 .

The conception of it and the ergonomics of the dashboard the driver to concentrate all their on the route Citroen C6 . This was by the presence of laminated side isolating from outside .

Citroen C6 comfort

Passengers a large space Citroen C6 . with sliding rear of power-operated, giving them an rest position .

The panels of the up huecos inspired the design of furniture, illustrating the concept of salon .

Finally, to enhance comfort, has an air conditioning system of settings for left / right and / rear. It includes an accurate system, especially designed to a homogeneous layer of air that the passenger front and provides comfort Citroen C6 .

The Citroen C6 is distinguished from high-end models, respecting the of this segment: elegance, and good presence.

This, added its know-how, thus the emotional force with technology, asserting as a constructor in the fields of design and comfort .

In for all its merits, the Citroen C6 brings a new on the concept of high-end. Its technical distinguish it clearly from the Flagship car and new flagship of the brand, the C6 embodies a new way to seduce.

Innovative and cutting-edge not only makes the C6 a unique car, but also Citroen #8217;s position as a at the top in the applications design and development of devices for driving.

A front expresses power and nobility

elegant and fluid, the Citroen C6 is a package.

Looking from the view, the suggests power, a low and a bumper, which integrated the air between the two lighthouses round and fog.

Citroen C6 elegance and

The width of the front is accentuated by chevron that extends the headlights, stressing that the belonged to the Citroen range. with its unusual shape, as a bridge between the bumper and on which are mounted, and the long curved and smooth. Includes lights .

The separation of the headlights, fog and Citroen C6 to give a bold and gaze.

The strength and nobility are in the forms, lines and contours, that the Citroen C6 is a unique

Citroen C6 Bold and aerodynamic

Fluidity, energy Citroen C6 . and aerodynamics are the strengths of the Citroen C6 characterized by short overhangs. figure reflects the emotional of a dynamic and elegant coupe, with the proportions and features of an sedan.

Call attention to its which give it an elegant 1.86 m wide, 1.46 m, m in length and a wheelbase of 2.90 m .

C6 sedan

The carrier Citroen C6 . to the broad dimensions of the doors and the glazed surface, enjoys a light, accentuated by the frameless that overlook the Citroen C6 features. Doors reinforced the of elegance, others to be an essential in the profile of the bold. The rear are in part, to stop later, an that allows a longer and accentuates the natural elegance of the car .

is also expressed by a line of and affirmed Citroen C6 . which the sense of security and a roof contour line which is over the entire body, to graze down the back, the curve.

The profile of the Citroen C6 alternating sweeping lines and rounded The fins are home to large wheels. The proportions and dynamic fully occupy the passes of and offer. on the one hand, an impression of and agility, and on the other, in strength and .

The lower region enhances its with a chrome-plated board, gives an extra touch of Citroen C6 . which is also in the side of the rear bumper, design reflects the original for an innovative style .

Back to a style innovator

The style of the of the Citroen C6 is unique styles the lines of the brand.

The lunette posterior draws on models of the Mark. Thus, beyond its is the large volume of trunk, ensuring excellent visibility .

C6 Dynamic and energetic

A mobile Citroen C6 . discreetly integrated on the top of the lid contributes to the stability of the car .

Pilots out of the profile of the body, along the wings to join the arc of the roof C6 .

Dynamic and energetic, behind the C6 is characterized by a chest partially by the following amounts from the which protect their The original treatment of the rear, as as the front visually balances the

A profile chrome creates a between trunk and bumper C6 . The latter emphasizes the width of the while the dual output chrome exhaust pipes C6 . creating a feeling of strength and

Refined interior style

pour Citroen C6

Caring for the and comfort in the passenger manifest, is synonymous with space and

Citroen C6 power

The front Citroen C6 hosts a symmetrical around a central crescent

With purified forms C6 . is characterized by straight and parallel which represent the precision, the curved lines express the setting a style at once and fluid Citroen C6 .

In the upper Citroen C6 . a multifunction display complete with the console, as if it his natural extension Citroen C6 .

the driver. a box appears in the digital that prevents any reflection of that could disturb the of information .

Besides the information on the console that combines the of audio Citroen C6 . climate navigation #8230;, Citroen C6 data relating to driving can be seen on screen virtual The controls of the regulator / voluntary limiter are built into the of the wheel, while the controls for electric seats are at the gates and arrangement, the back seat. makes their use is intuitive.

C6 inside

The electric parking frees the central console C6 . which allows to integrate useful and clear hollow for greater comfort inside the Citroen C6 .

A passenger care and light C6

Comfort on board is expressed the space Citroen C6 . the colors and the use of with quality finishes. chrome and wood create a atmosphere .

A horizontal band of wood separates the top from the of the board Citroen C6 . Other contribute to create a clean where nature, comfort and cause the sensation of riding a contemporary lounge, free of detail .

The seats and door are covered with a leather and feel which gives an of harmony and quality down to the detail.

Citroen C6 maximum and safety

The volumes derived a of refinement Citroen C6 .

Slides as of the four doors Citroen C6 . tops in wood selection, the style of the crescent of the board, the integrity of design Citroen C6 .

increases the feeling of natural and improves the well-being on board on journeys Citroen C6 .

The feeling of that is experienced on board the C6 is through the provision of technology, the pleasure of the invitation to travel, serenity of a great driving.

and practical equipment

Screen windscreen: maximum ergonomics and

Citroen again innovating still very rare in the market: a system for virtual on windscreens (Head Up Display English) that allows the of the windscreen the most important concerning the conduct. as speed or the of the navigation system, so that can be read by the driver without his or her sight or head to be exposed in direct field of vision.

C6 image

Citroen C6

This prevents the of the eye and improving safety dramatically by a more rapid assimilation of through their direct instantly Citroen C6 . Earns half on perception, taking account both the time to the eye and adjusting the focus.

The virtual is produced on the windshield using a located on the dashboard Citroen C6 . carries the image to the windshield, an optical illusion of remoteness.

In moment Citroen C6 . the driver can for themselves the information they to see displayed on the windscreen of all that are except for vehicle speed, out permanently from the moment you the system .

There are a number of on the dashboard near the steering allow the driver to turn on or off the and to regulate the height of the projection and select the desired information.

handbrake Citroen C6

The Citroen C6 has an handbrake, instead of the traditional Regula, as an automatic, the force to be to ensure the immobilization of the vehicle. It is by an ergonomic keyboard in the center

Citroen C6 projectors

Their use the classical logic of action of the which are used by drivers.

headlamps self Citroen C6

The C6 has bi-xenon headlights that by an electronic control system, optimum illumination curve.

projectors include an intelligent elliptical bi-Xenon directional C6 . active both in position as which ensures a high of visibility at night or under weather. Show the profile of the Citroen C6 . and warn before the of other users and possible a negligible advantage in safety, in mind that, at a speed of 110 km / h. to every second elapsed a distance of more than 30

This innovation was introduced at the by the Citroen DS, by a mechanical application, and very effectively. Winking then the legendary.

The daily

The Citroen C6 offers a range of technology equipment.

Parking aid and rear

Support for front and parking has become an indispensable for both the urban and small to large saloons, such as the C6 .

Some sensors located in the and rear bumpers detect and of the closeness of the barriers, through signals emitted by the speakers .

In a schematic representation of the maneuver on the display on the dashboard assists information on the presence of an obstacle in the area of detection.

Citroen C6 new

Rain Sensors Citroen C6

equipment allows the automatic of windscreen wipers sweep as as the graduation of its cadence, depending on the of the rain, thanks to a rain on the windshield.

This system the driver Citroen C6 of the manual and stopping of the wiper, allowing concentration on driving.

The Citroen C6 debuts in a new technology in butterfly consisting of two opposing racket by two electric motors in sync a butterfly-type movement, which across the brush to cover a area of the windshield. These are of the #8220;flat blade#8221; to achieve a level of silence and scan

Components of high-tech communication

To a high level of comfort C6 . the driver can choose between a of equipment #8220;high-tech#8221; such as:

C6 telematics system NaviDrive

The system NaviDrive to travel peace of mind (optional) C6 .

The hands-free phone device so to speak by phone with any (optional).

Team JBL hi-fi with acoustic performance of the level (optional).

NaviDrive performance system (optional)

The telematics system is available in Citroen C6 .

Provides three functions: GPS system, the dual-band GSM phone and free function. with to the memory book, and the audio (radio and reader / charger 6 Lets read on screen or in the way of voice synthesis, SMS received by Citroen C6 .

The main functions are accessible, with the help of located beneath the steering which can also activate the of recognition and voice synthesis C6 .

Without requiring any learning C6 . the pilot can NaviDrive voice This feature is especially for phone calls, or simply be to access the address book for The system can also be driven through the panel into the may see their roles on the large screen 16 / 9 .

NaviDrive has also designed to offer other in addition to traffic information, as services Urgence Citroen . Assistance or Citroen On Line. with the functions of GPS guidance and the Citroen Urgence allows for countries to locate the vehicle in of accident or illness of its occupant, and to services of a relief center.

call for sure with the (optional)

The Citroen C6 can enter a hands-free #8220;Bluetooth#8221;, showing options. This hands-free system based on wireless #8220;Bluetooth#8221; is included on the carrier.

C6 driver

Thus giving comfort Citroen C6 and a high-security in the personal mobile phone use the car as it allows direct connection the same even without out of So can we talk by phone with the from the car without removing the of the road or having to hold the wheel.

Benefits JBL hi-fi (optional) Citroen C6

World in audio, JBL has developed the brand for the C6 a hi-fi system designed to passengers some acoustics to worthy of a high-end vehicle.

system is composed of 10 speakers in six The whole system Citroen C6 is by a unit-specific amplification. This is scheduled on the parameters of adjustment of defined and optimized for carrier-specific C6 . Thus, the driver and passengers a sound environment privileged, taking advantage of a specially resolution acoustics for your

By their technological level, the C6 clearly shows its high vocation.

Perfectly adapted to the conditions of daily use, is not without any of the fundamentals that their category, especially the Citroen C6

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Citroen C6
Citroen C6
Citroen C6
Citroen C6
Citroen C6
Citroen C6
Citroen C6
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