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Chrysler Town&Country

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2010 Chrysler Town #038; Country Shutting Down? You#8217;re Not Alone.

An important defect alert to report#8211;we are receiving calls from Chrysler Town Country drivers who are left stranded with a problem that mechanics cannot seem to diagnose.  Most of these calls are coming from folks who own 2010 models.  The driver will experience  a slight click and then, the entire van will shut down with no warning.

  A quick search on the internet reveals that this is a serious concern among drivers.

Sadly, this is an intermittent problem which means service advisers may not be able to duplicate the situation.  Offer to go on a test drive with your service adviser so they can get an understanding of what is happening.  Even if they cannot duplicate the problem, make sure that you receive a repair invoice that outlines the mileage and the complaint.  Also inquire about an auto pilot, which would record the codes if and when the car stalls in the future.

  These codes enable the service department to figure out a proper fix.  Lastly, when you are in this situation, use your phone to take a quick snapshot of the dash immediately after you restart the vehicle.  Save these pictures as they can be helpful.

Once you are in three times for this problem, please contact us at 1-800 LEMON  LAW (1-800-536-6652) or send us an e-mail .  We will be glad to discuss the situation with you and figure out if and how we can help. This is a serious problem that should not be taken lightly. 

55 Responses to #8220; 2010 Chrysler Town #038; Country Shutting Down? You#8217;re Not Alone. #8221;

From the Associated Press, March, 2011- Chrysler is recalling about 250,000 vehicles to fix potential engine stalling.

The company says it will recall 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town #038; Country minivans and 2010 Dodge Journey crossovers in the wake of reports that the ignition key could move while driving and cause the engine to shut off.

Chrysler says if the engine shuts off while driving, it could increase the risk of a crash. The vehicles were built between August 2009 and June 2010.

The auto company told the government it had received 32 customer complaints and was aware of two rear-end crashes.


I experienced the same issues several times with my 2010 Chrysler Town And Country 2010. I am taking it in for the second time and they say there is no record of this happening inside the van#8217;s computer.

Tracy#8211;Hold on to your repair invoices!


I have the same problem with my UK version of the car which has a 2009 plate so is unlikely to have been built in the same production run. The problem has only occurred twice but once at 60-65 mph on a motorway, nearly causing an accident. This problem comes after two other major electrical faults which rendered the car undrivable and an air con recall which left me without cooling for last summer due to parts not arriving in time from the US.

Two Chrysler garages and the Chrysler UK engineer have had a look at it but cannot reproduce the fault. Chrysler UK are now washing their hands of the problem as they must feel safe from prosecution. Anyone got any ideas how to pursue this?

The car#8217;s build quality is really poor and I think that I should have the right to a new car or some compensation.

I am sorry but we are not familiar with UK consumer rights.

I am having the same exact issue with my 2000 Town and Country. We bought is used and with no warranty available. We have taken it to a mechanic and the fuel pump has been replaced but we are still having issues.

The car shuts off about 2x a week.

i have a 2003 town and country and it shuts down atleast 2x a week. just randomly when it feels like it. i have taken it to the dealer where i bought it they said nothing is wrong when they drove it ive had them replace the fuel pump and fuel filter even though they said it didnt need it. it wont do it all the time so when they drive it they think im crazy cuz it doesnt do it

My 2002 has been doing this consistently for several weeks. I had battery and attenuator replaced and it is woese now. It happens in the morning our the first use of the day. Dies at any slowing down.Very scary pulling into traffic.

Mechanics can#8217;t figure it out.

Alternator was replaced, that is!

We have had this problem too. We have a 1996 Town and Country. Our mechanic said he thought it had to do with bad gas. so we put the top grade with Techron from Shell or Chevron only. It seems to work and things work, sometimes.

In fact if it isn#8217;t doing well we would fill it up and then it would run well. So lately we just fill it up before it got half empty, but just recently it stopped working on the freeway twice and would not start! Waited like 30mins and then it started. The second time it was hours then it started like nothing ever happened.

Still trying to figure it out. When it runs it runs like a cloud. Wish I didnt have this problem.

My #8217;97 TC with the 3.8 liter engine starting doing this back in April of 2011. We had it flatbedded twice and the next morning when I went to start it up and ran fine. I drove it around for 45 minutes with no problems. Eventually it became so bad my wife bought a new car. but I still have the van#8230;. trying to figure out how to fix it.

After replacing relays, the MAP sensor, the ECU, Fuel Filter I decided I had to pull the Instrument Clustor board and reflow the solder connections on the main connector (it took me 3 months to get up the gumtion to do this!). I drove it every weekend for 3 more months without a problem until December. It died on me out on the street, but I coasted to a stop and it restarted immediately.

So just this past weekend (Jan 1st 2012) I went out to start it up and it would not start. This was great news#8230; Now I had a chance to find out what might be causing this. I immediately open up the fuse box and tapped wiggled the Auto Shut Off Relay, and a few other but this didn#8217;t help.

Then I tried this: I move the shifter into drive and back into Park. And the damn thing started up. I drove it around for about 20 minutes, stopped at a neighbor#8217;s house and it died while idling. It wouldn#8217;t start again so I ran the shifter into Drive and back into Park (two times) and then it started again.

So now I believe it has something to do with the Drive Selector.

I have a 2005 TC. It shuts off, usually while idling. The dealers are having a #8220;hard time#8221; duplicating it#8230;we bought it less than 3 months ago, it started happening 2 weeks after we purchased it. The gauges will usually flicker first, sometimes the lights will go out and then the van will just turn off. It has almost caused several accidents.

After a lot of arguing, the dealership replaced the alternator, but the problem has just gotten worse. I have called Chrysler and they say its not their problem.

Chrysler Town&Country

My Father in law had this car years before we did and then we bought it from him. We all love this car but it has gotten worse. My Father in law called many mechanics and found one that has a big shop of Chryslers. He tried everything and found out the problem is the map sensor. And all his cars have run fine from then on.

So we took it in to our mechanic and he changed it and it has been running with no incidence for several months and before it would stall everyday.

We have a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country- Once placed into Park and the ignition is turned off and the key removed- the engine is still running. We called Chrysler and apparantly they are going to replace the part but it#8217;s going to take weeks because #8220;the part has not been released#8221;. The Costguard after market warranty paid for a rental however this was for only 2 days.

We are given a time frame of weeks possibly the end of May before we get it back. Does anyone have any insight on the issue?

My 2002 TC is been doing the same thing since November 2011. When we bought it we had to take it to the dealer more than three times, and after all they just said it was the computer. We were told to drive it like that and we will know when the computer will be at its worse( time to change it) that was a few months after buying it. My husband changed the computer, it was working fine for a while, until last November when it went down hill from there.

It has left me stranded more than four times, and the mechanics cannot figured out what is the problem. right now my van is at the mechanic, and my van won#8217;t start. I#8217;ve been reading all these comments and it seems that everyone has the same problem. My concern is why they have not made a recall on those vehicles.

I wish they go out of business.

We have a 2003 Town and Country, and having the same problems that started last Friday. We it gets hot, it won#8217;t start. We have been stranded two times this week. Once in another start two hours from home, and last night at Libby Hills.

The van started after 3 hours of sitting. When driving home the engine just cut off and I had to man handle it to a safe place. I#8217;m scare to drive it. Calling someone tomorrow and see what can be done.

We only have one van to drive and this makes it hard.

My 2003 Town and Country (EL) is now stalling without warning almost daily. The problem began about two years ago and was very intermittent. When I asked my regular mechanic to look into it, no error codes were recorded, leaving him in the dark.

This continues to be the case. However, the stalling issue has now become MUCH more serious. I have gone from intermittent episodes to stalling/losing my engine upon deceleration to stalling/losing my engine (and power steering) while driving on the highway at 65 mph.

At this point, two mechanics and one dealership are befuddled and cannot locate the problem. As I have a diabled son and cannot purchase a new vehicle at this time, I feel as though I am putting my family#8217;s life in danger on a daily basis just trying to get the kids to camp and school.

Meanwhile, no recalls for such a problem have been issued by Chrysler#8230;leaving the onus on us, the consumers. Something needs to be done and soon #8212; before someone gets killed in an accident that could have been avoided.

We#8217;ve been having the same problem with our 2009 TC. It started happening about 15 months after we bought it. Finally took it to the dealer after it happened at least a dozen times.

They could find nothing wrong. Problem got worse. It now was happening about 98% of the time we would exit the highway while approaching a stop light. Steering wheel would shake.

Brake pedal would shake. Tachometer would drop way low. Engine would stall. Finally took it to our regular mechanic who told us it was the torque converter that was not properly disengaging upon exiting the highway and that it should be covered under our power train warranty.

Back to the dealer we go. After 3 days, they still have no solution and have no idea what is causing the problem. We are so frustrated.

I#8217;m afraid that we are going to be in a major wreck one of these days!

I have a 2002 CHrylser Town and Country van and it just started doing this within the last 4 to 5 weeks too. It just lost power while I was driving and I was like going 50 mph but started right back up on it#8217;s own. It did it to my husband like 2 weeks ago it did it again and yesterday it happened to me and I had been driving all day. It started back up after 2 tries of turning the ignition.

I have no engine check lights on or anything ti runs great except for the stalling these few occasions. I have used the fuel injection cleaner in my gas and I had been running on very little gas in the tank for a few weeks so thought it was particles that got into the fuel filter. I just filled up yesterday and am planning a trip out of town so I am concerned about this.

I called Diamer Chrysler and they say there are no recalls for this problem; just as they do the same about the strut housing tower rusting out on most 96- 2001 models of dodge and Chrysler vans we just fixed that on our 99 Dodge grand caravan. I#8217;m tired of them not trying to fix these issues with their vehicles it#8217;s not fair to do this to us. They need to be responsible for this and do right by their customers instead of saying #8220;Oh you need to get a diagnostic check at a certified dealership!#8221; and have to pay for it too.

Wanted to post a follow-up to my initial post on June 22nd. My dealer had the car for 4 days and was unable to duplicate my problem. That#8217;s when I contacted Chrysler to put in a warranty claim.

The gal I gave my report to said that she was unaware of any stalling issues being reported on the TC! I told her to search it on the internet like I did. I told my dealer they needed to drive the car for a minimum of 30 minutes on the highway to set it up to stall.

FINALLY, 2 more days and over 400 miles added to our van, they were able to duplicate the stalling issue. Since it was not giving them any error messages, they were stumped as to the cause. Since my mechanic had stated the issue was with the torque converter, they went ahead and replaced it. They had my car for 11 days! Fortunately, I had spoken with the Service Dept manager and he decided to pursue having Chrysler pay to replace our entire transmission.

It took them a full week to do the work, but this time they provided me with a comparable rental car at no cost. So far, so good. For everyone who is having a stalling issue, I would strongly recommend that you call Chrysler directly. That#8217;s the only way they are going to know that all of us have had serious issues with our vehicles.

Still not ready to commit to buying another Chrysler vehicle just yet.

I am having same problem with my 2009 chrysler town and country touring model. It was mfg april 2009, and is not included in the current recall#8230;. It has 54,000 miles on it.

We have been having issues with our 2008 TC stalling. It started about a month ago and I have taken it to the dealer twice and my regular mechanic once. Each time they can not duplicate the problem. The vehicle will ocassionally stall for no apparent reason, all or most of the warning lights come on and the vehicle will restart after a few minutes.

This is extremly troublesome because I am affaid the car will stall at high speed possibly causing accident.

Today I had it at the dealer and they can not duplicate the issue. I picked up the vehicle, no problems (yea right). Less than 10 miles from the dealer it shut down again, Frustrating they don#8217;t seem to know what is wrong.

Of course they never heard of the problem and don#8217;t know what is wrong. I need this problem fixed. If anyone has any ideas please post.

Trust me, I know your frustration. We finally took our van to our local mechanic because our van was only stalling upon exiting highway speeds. Without even taking it for a drive, my mechanic told us it was the torque converter not properly disengaging when exiting highway speeds. We never had the problem just driving around town.

Should have been covered by our power train warranty. Our dealer also said they never heard of any stalling issues! I told him to google it and he#8217;d be quite surprised. I finally called the Chrysler recall department to ask about any recalls on my van. They did open a file on our vehicle.

It took my dealer a full week and putting over 400 miles on our van before they were able to duplicate the problem. I told them that they had to drive it a minimum of 30-40 minutes at highway speed, then they finally duplicated the stalling. There were no warning lights or error codes coming on. They worked with Chrysler and I now have a brand new transmission and torque converter.

Hopefully our van won#8217;t start with the same issues in another year or two. They did issue a recall for a stalling issue on vehicles manufactured from August, 2009 to February, 2010. Our van was manufactured mid July, 2009 and was not included in that particular recall. The only way they will know how wide-spread this problem is, is if people contact Chrysler directly instead of only the dealers. Good luck!

I love the van, but I told them that a car stallin on us at any speed is NOT a good thing and that I felt that we were at serious risk of a fatal car wreck due to their transmission.

Chrysler Town&Country
Chrysler Town&Country
Chrysler Town&Country
Chrysler Town&Country

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