Chrysler Crossfire

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Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler questions and answers

Q: Chrysler

I’m looking into a Convertible Chrysler Crossfire, can tell me if they have had any with it. Or what is your rating of the vehicle?

A: X2 on the picky and small complaints. its all mercedes the chrysler badging. so if you like the you will love it. i actually the crossfire is a … car, than the benz but thats my .02. only drawbacks is there will usually be a on parts. my dealership rarely on them, and we have sold a but we never keep parts in (higher cost of parts)

Q: to do Jeep Grand Cherokee vs crossfire?

I own a 05 jeep grand I like it but I don’t like the it costs to fill it. My husband a really good deal on a crossfire its an 04 and is loaded with low I am considering trading it.

Anyone a crossfire or know anything them. I know its not a good car but thats ok we have a 4wd vehicle.

A: If I you, I would look a Toyota Solara, Honda coupe or Altima Coupe. The I say this is because they cost a lot of money, they a long time, and resale is excellent. The Crossfire has dismal value and will be nowhere as reliable.

Check for reviews on in that class and you’ll see I am talking about.

Q: 2004 crossfire, how do i make the lights the car come on automatically at night?

i bought a 04 chrysler crossfire and at when i get in my car/open the door key is not in the ignition) the lights DONT on inside the car and i cant see anything. is anyway i can make the lights come on?

A: Check your panel light dimmer Yours is probably all the way down which cuts off your lights as well. If you turn it up one your interior lights work.

Q: Is the Chrysler Crossfire for people?

I am a 19 year old college and I found a great deal on a Chrysler Crossfire Roadster but i’m not sure if it is a car for older I know that it is basically a with a chrysler bagde, but is it and would you recommend it?

A: No, it’s a car for that don’t care how it is. They are not good cars. have poor performance for a car, they’re small, unreliable, they have expensive parts from the old Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class roadster and were very overpriced.

That’s why they discontinued them.

Q: what is that sound when using my crossfire roadster?

I just a 2006 crossfire roadster it rides great but there has this clicking sound for the two weeks they think its the because the radio will playing so they are replacing the console under warranty but it even if I dont uses the Has anyone experienced this?

A: pump should click as as you turn the key on.

Q: How will a Chrysler drive in the snow?

im looking at a crossfire but i live in northwest and i am nervous about getting it in the winter

A: As well as any rear-wheel vehicle will. If you know how to in the snow, it isn’t a big deal. accelerate, drive slower, sooner and you’ll get where you to go.

As mentioned, tires are important, you at least an all season tire for any to get around in the snow.

Q: How bad is the Chrysler

I work with a guy that the Crossfire is a …-y car. Car (who owns one) me if he is a liar. What are the Bad points of vehicle?

A: I don’t really the car is bad – it’s basically an Mercedes SLK. The SRT-6 is really nice if you like However, it’s no secret Mercedes reliability isn’t it used to be and Chrysler has never a star in that area. values are horrible – buy one if you really want one. You be able to get a really good on one.

My buddy who works for Daimler-Chrysler that DC has about 50,000 parked around Detroit in they call their Bank. He told me that 6,000 of these are 2005 Crossfires. DC was planning on getting rid of a lot of by offering some pretty employee leases.

I don’t how successful this move has

Q: chrysler crossfire convertable sensors?

Can someone tell me the convertible roof sensors are on a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire. I am an alarm while driving the top up. This alarm does not go off the top is down.

A: There’s actually 5 sensors on the top, one at each cylinder, and one at the pump. Look at the and make sure the wires are all in and none are cut or broken off. sensors are not cheap (about each for the cylinder sensors and for the pump sensor), so best is going to be take it to the dealer and them figure out what is it if you can’t figure it out yourself.

Q: What is a good tire for a Chrysler Crossfire that cut down on road noise?

I it used and on the front I have and the back has Continentals. Every I have had anything done to it, the have said I needed to tires. I expect some noise because of how low it sits, but I this is excessive.

A: The Yokohama S4 have the best ratings for low noise, and ride comfort still giving some traction. The Michelin Pilot PS2 have a similar rating for and noise, but have a slightly wet and dry traction rating. However, a summer only tire, means they weren’t to be used in cold weather with even minimal they’re rated slightly for treadwear, plus they’re to be about $250 more for the set the Yokohamas.

I would go with the even though I don’t to worry about snow due to the cost difference.

Q: How do you turn on the fog of a chrysler crossfire?

Chrysler Crossfire

I have all the positions of the light knob and the two to the left of the off setting dont on any light. Could you tell me all the settings do?

A: If I remember correctly, you turn the for the lights to the normal on position and pull the knob out towards Good Luck!

Q: How do I fix this on my Chrysler Crossfire?

The fabric on the roof of my car has peeled off and its now hanging my head while im driving How do I fix this without messing it up?

A: Best crossfire site on the They know everything

Q: Do I HAVE to use premium unleaded in my Crossfire?

I know it will the best performance with it, but it damage my engine if I use regular I’m not going to race car or anything.

A: Considering the money I to buy the Crossfire, I am going to do what the suggests. It says to use Premium so I am Premium gas. It says to use oil, so I am using that as

I don’t think it is worth the of messing up the engine to save a few at the pump. Preventive maintenance is in the long run.

Q: What is a Chrysler Crossfire front made of?

I have no idea i’m doing when it to body work/materials. It feels a rubber plastic type, but tell. I had a guy brake check me and have to replace the bumper, rather have the fiberglass tho.

A: It is most likely urethane. what Chrysler/Ford/Lincoln all use for their front bumpers

Q: Can I manually my check engine light on my Chrysler Crossfire?

I ran out of gas yesterday Car started shaking, check light came on, then my car out. I put 2 gallons of gas in, drove to the gas filled up my tank. This there were no shakes and it smooth again, except the engine light is still on.


A: The ligth may have on because it was misfiring when out of gas. IN THEORY the light go out on its own when the computer sees no after 2 drive cycles’ for the the light is on. A drive cycle of a predetermined sequence of engine and speeds.

Just wait a or so before you do anything.

Q: How do you work the control on a Chrysler Crossfire?

A: put in the nav cd it with. east coast or depending on where ur at and where u to go, then hit the NAV button on the dash and the address and ur good to go..

Chrysler Crossfire
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