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Christmas,NYE, Roadtrip – ahhh the life :) | Travel Blog

24 Aug 2014 | Author: | Comments Off on Christmas,NYE, Roadtrip – ahhh the life :) | Travel Blog
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Christmas,NYE, Roadtrip – ahhh the life 🙂


January 25th 2010

sunset off the back of Dusky

Heeey Hey! Good rainy day to catch you up a little more up to speed! So yet, again, grab that chair. )

The last blog said Dec 28 bc thats when I started typing it. took me a while to get back to a comp, eh? This is a fresh one. )

Christmas Eve

controversial. He climbed atop his ladder and let anyone who was within earshot hear his thoughts. Religion, politics, women (how they’re baby makers) and so forth. Not someone I’d care to listen to, but he was entertaining nonetheless and good for some quality pics. He drives a car, but not any car, a car that’s made of two front ends of an old VW beetle.

Of course, we went over to inspect it while he kept on with his display, and all we could see (minus the two steering wheels) was a dry cleaning receipt for his magical cloak. haha I’m serious. This man makes a living, and a good one I’m sure, off being the ever recognizable CC wizard.

We mosied on around the outdoor market and into the cathedral. The spire is a landmark for CC and its’ Cathedral Square. We walked in and there was a boys choir singing Christmas carols.

It was Christmas after all, and we were delighted. It’s hard to realize it’s Christmas when it doesn’t feel remotely close to Christmas time. We sat for a while as they sang the familiar songs.

Then the man said they would sing a NZ one.

DSCF9266 the cleaners waiting for duties

It’s summer in NZ and they never have white Christmases (is that a word?) so they have one singing of the hot, beautiful weather as opposed to cold and snowflakes falling. It was funny.

We spent the next few days in CC doing somewhat similar things, including seeing the wizard each day. CC was good, but not my favorite. too much of a big city for me. Next we headed further North along the East Coast to Kaikoura. What a stunning place.

It’s famous for whale watching and swimming with the dolphins. neither of which we did. ( but we’ve heard it’s amazing. We made our way in and to Dusky Lodge (Dusky after Dusky Dolphins). This is where Smith lived/worked when he was here before and we thought it’d be a great meeting place for Christmas. The hostel had an amazing view off the back deck, a hot tub (which i thought was sick), and a great pool.

Definitely was looking forward to spending the next week or so here and in Kaikoura. HOWEVER, at the same time I was not. Eliza had been struggling with the decision to go home for Christmas or not and she finally

DSCF9269 my bed (bottom one) in Moa aka the cave

made up her mind and decided she’d surprise her family just before Christmas Eve. We had seen and done a LOT of stuff and opposed to getting a job here she sucked it up and decided it was time for a real job back home. so she called it a good trip and took a bus back to CC airport. ( It was so sad. We both cried, and makes me sad now that I’m typing it out, even though it’s been over a month! whew.

So, now, as I’m writing this she is probably doing one of the following that I’m not: using free internet, eating something out of the refrigerator, petting her dog, showering without shoes, drying her hair, sleeping in a bed, driving on the right side of the road, calling whoever whenever. you get the idea. ) or maybe she’s even driving around listening to the radio! haha. It’s all very bittersweet.

So her last few nights in NZ were spent in Kaikoura by the beach and relaxing. We made our own homemade pizza as her send off dish. We’d been talking about doing it ever since the father taught us how in Mangawhai Heads.

DSCF9272 Mimosas Christmas morning!

We did it and it was delicious. The dreaded day came and off she went. As I watched the bus pull off, I just sat in the car in disbelief. She’d been talking about going, but now it had actually happened.

Now, all the sadness and blah blah aside. it, looking back now, worked out in the best way possible. However, I do still miss you E. ) She was able to show up, to her mothers extreme surprise, to show up on the doorstep unannounced just before Christmas. I was able to settle myself at Dusky and make a few friends, also having Smith there. In exchange for accommodation, I helped clean around the hostel. The cleaners all live in Moa (a dorm room beneath the hostel) aka the cave.

An eleven bed dorm room with a tinted sliding glass door and a teeny window – which might as well not have even been there. Germans, English, Austrian, Chinese, and Smith and I being the only Americans. We were to report at 9 the next morning to be given our duties.

Being a girl, I, naturally, was on beds everyday. I would’ve hated toilets and was a little anxious

Nissan Bluebird Wagon

DSCF9275 Christmas pool party

every time before they would say Mary beds. They still can’t get the whole double name thing. So beds it was. I worked with 2 German girls. We, simply, made the beds of those who checked out that morning.

The only tricky part was having to remember how many beds were in which room and what pattern, be it dolphin, whale, etc, was in which room. Usually we were able to knock it out in about 2 hours. So. not paying to shower/sleep and getting to know everyone in the hostel for a measly 2 hours of putting sheets on beds, was well worth it.

The cleaners were a great group of people to get to know. One in particular, Benjay from Essex, was hilarious. He looked just like Robin Williams and was probably one of the funniest and most entertaining people I’ve ever met.

You never knew what he was going to do or say, but in a good way. Sometimes I couldn’t understand what he was saying so he’d sloooww doowwn and say it with an American accent, it was funny and not at all annoying. haha what a character!

There are two seal colonies on

each edge of Kaikoura and I visited both. Eliza and I made it to the first one and saw a few seals in the distance and playing in the water. A few days later, I went to the other one and it was awesome. sorry E. Smith and I went, but he only had on flip flops aka jandals, so I hopped the fence by myself.

Mom, I didn’t really hop the fence. I followed a tiny path that you probably weren’t supposed, but people obviously do a lot. I was down right on the rocks with these animals, stinking animals. All sizes.

I saw the cutest baby one, but was afraid Momma was somewhere nearby. I walked around, watching them swim, play, and sit in the sun. What a life. Some were huge. We were able to get back up on this concrete thing and look over all of them.

Hundreds of seals. Neato.

Christmas Eve was spent with most of us walking around in disbelief that it was, in fact, Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, we had to work, but it was quick and painless. Christmas Day was spent lounging around the pool and hot tub. What a great

DSCF9297 Dusky sunset

afternoon. Swimming and bbq on Christmas! Great afternoon nap and dinner aka tea on the barbie. We cooked chicken wings and lots of other stuff.

Pool and cookout on Christmas. who knew. ) It was great, along with the grove chair (bag chair) and snorkel set Smith gave me. I was so excited! I’d been wanting to snorkel. After checking out the seals, lying on the rocky beach, meeting people, hitting the local pub, seeing the view from the lookout – which reminds me..haha.

Smith and I were in a hurry to catch the sunset from the lookout, as we were about to pull in, blue lights flashing. It’s a two minute drive from the hostel. We pull over and Smith gets and earful about his lack of seat belt and failure to indicate twice. Off we drove with a $150 ticket and the sun already behind the mountains.

We parked, past picture taking time, but beautiful nonetheless. you could see it, but the pictures weren’t turning out as we’d hoped. After all the above, it was time to pack and head North.

The family Smith is friends with from Auckland, the same one Eliza and I stayed with,

Nissan Bluebird Wagon
Nissan Bluebird Wagon
Nissan Bluebird Wagon
Nissan Bluebird Wagon
Nissan Bluebird Wagon

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