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Hyundai ix35

You take the Hy road. and I’ll the Aston. Why I’m unmoved by hyped up, hydrogen-powered Hyundai


Hyundai ix35 Cell #9733;#9733; #9733;#9733;#9733;

OK, we go #8211; another new car without a rev on the dashboard.

This week, we#8217;re not talking about hybrid petrol/electric engine claims to deliver diesel at half the price.

We#8217;re of the alchemy of hydrogen meeting in a fuel cell to generate and spouting out nothing more than pure H2O.

of the genius behind this get-up-and-go, what’s the Hyundai Fuel Cell like as a buy? Well, generally not good, I’m afraid

Can possibly be true? Hold on to hats: the facts are a-coming.

The that accompanied this attempt by a motor manufacturer to be to plead innocent when it to crimes against Mother states that the ix35 Cell (snappy name not) is #8216;the product of Motor Company#8217;s commitment to the environment#8217;.

But of course, it#8217;s not, is it? I believe any car company is committed to the environment per se.

Supporting their survival via the environment perhaps, but if car like Hyundai really truly committed to supporting the they#8217;d never make a car

Do these automotive behemoths not that such political contained within their corporate ramblings does but raise our suspicions as opposed to them?

Although the cockpit is and mostly black, as are its seats, the of the interior is wholly uninspiring and like it was designed a decade ago

a shame they never clean and just say something #8216;Look, we know cars are a parasite Earth has been with, but we also know you to love them regardless.

we intend to carry on making but promise to do as little eco damage as in the process #8211; ie, less during the past 100 years.#8217;

And so let#8217;s focus on exactly Hyundai is banging on about time.

#8216;The ix35 Cell uses hydrogen and to generate electricity, which is its source of power and emits instead of exhaust gas.#8217;

hurrah, hurrah, and good for This does seem to be revolutionary indeed #8211; enough, in fact, for the very chap who dropped #8216;the ix35 in the country#8217; off at my house to request that I on no account photographs of a certain part of the under the bonnet.

Funny because nothing was further my mind until he said as Suddenly I found myself no pondering how to start the damn but scrabbling around for the bonnet instead. Of course, I#8217;m


The boot space is for a car of this size, although the seats are part of the now mandatory club

The car#8217;s power is clever beyond clever, and way what would have believable even just a few ago.

Hyundai goes to great to tell us this before how little time it takes to its power unit compared to the times of already established vehicles.

Although you do require the convenience of a hydrogen station as well as an electrical power

Which meant that my was limited to the capacity the ix35 with. And I#8217;m not so sure BP and the rest will be ordering a nationwide refit of their any time soon.

The thing is, I care how my mum#8217;s reliable old works compared to the nightmare fan we#8217;ve just left in our old house, or the Aga we fired up for the first last weekend in our new one. I do, care about what like to cook with of them.

It#8217;s similar it comes to cars.

The car companies are all about their own individual of dealing with the upcoming new EU standards (far more than they are now, and due in plus the general sustainability and issues their industry is facing.

But we the consumers care far more what a car looks like, how it and whether or not it fulfils all our different and requirements, than most else.

One big plus, though: it comes to in-car engine I’m elated to report the produces the absolute minimum

Hyundai ix35

So, regardless of the genius behind car#8217;s get-up-and-go, what#8217;s the Fuel Cell like as a buy?

Well, generally not good, I#8217;m afraid. the cockpit is huge and mostly as are its seats, the rest of the interior is uninspiring and looks like it was a decade ago.

When it to the drive, it#8217;s smooth but it also feels like the are about to fold in underneath As for the acceleration#8230; Next question,

Oh, and the boot space is laughable for a car of size, although the rear are part of the now mandatory fold-down

Which is fine until you in mind that the more there are in the car (thereby increasing the requirement), the less likely it is you#8217;ll need this to Oops.

One big plus, though: it comes to in-car engine I#8217;m elated to report the which doesn#8217;t actually go full production until produces the absolute minimum primarily due to the fact that it actually have an engine to be with in the first place.

from Chris Evans

Obviously, Hyundai is keen to the pack#8217; in the pioneering of a #8216;new way of and a world of #8216;new possibilities#8217; this car, and the engineers rightly and roundly be applauded for efforts.

But at some point going to see the bit of the engine they want them to, quickly catch-up and then we#8217;ll all be to judging how good the car is as an actual, er,

This predicament reminds me of the bingo wars of the mid-1980s, various papers were the leaders in daily cash-prize #8211; an era I#8217;ll never

I worked in a newsagent at the time, and our went mad for it. They would me cash bribes to give extra bingo cards.

of the papers rocketed as a result, the bright sparks at rival thought to do similar.

Alas, in no at all they all ended up back they#8217;d started as far as readership was

The only difference being each title had in the process out a small fortune in prize

The same will inevitably in the car industry when it comes to sustainable, eco-friendly power; it has to.

So, enjoy being the bingo while it lasts. In the meantime, else, eyes down for next number.

Hyundai ix35
Hyundai ix35
Hyundai ix35
Hyundai ix35
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