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(Dedicated to my dear Keisha, a big fan of the show and of the Impala)

from the last article’s this time I’ll to a very popular show. It was back on September 13th that the North American was introduced to Jensen Ackles and Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester on Ever since the pilot Supernatural has been extremely

  Unlike many other that have tried to similar formats and failed, has gripped the audience with story lines, very special effects and perhaps importantly, good acting. Sam and Dean drive all over the US ghosts, demons, and pretty every other nasty entity you can think of.

But it’s not all loaded with rock and exorcisms, the show approaches issues that anyone can with, especially when it to family ties. From the the audience has seen how the two brothers worked out their differences and again soon after, actually throwing some occasionally.

The Winchester brothers were by the father, John, to hunt supernatural things all their Dean, a good rebel, minded, loyal to family and to his cause. For most of the show’s now) 7 seasons, Dean has the responsibility of watching over his “Sammy”, who managed to escape the “trade” for a while, but was forced to go after the … of his girlfriend and has since dealt with doubts and issues.

However I’m not today to explain the plot of in detail, I’m here to talk the show’s third star, the one named by the fans as “the (due to Dean’s love for the Metallica), the 1967 Chevrolet . After Ackles and Padalecki have, naturally, legions of fans), the Impala has also quite the buzz around

It’s absolutely impossible to Supernatural without the Impala; it is as much a character of the show as the two A gift from John to the Impala has been around the very beginning and it will never leave the show; on the one finale, it even gets by an eighteen wheeler and still, “rebuilds it” and it’s back on the in no time.

Having the Impala on is a won bet from the show’s developers it just fits right in. of all it has an amazing presence, 67 was definitely the design year for the Impala, it gives the “bad boy” it’s black, it’s it has extremely aggressive lines, the grill resembles teeth to bite a chunk clean out of anything in the way…The Metallicar is violently appealing, announcing its with that beautiful of the V8. Sure, the characters could from A to B in a modern sedan, or an exotic of some kind, but a 60’s American V8 brings every conceivable feeling of of distance from mundane its pure glamour.

Now I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who back when Supernatural about why wasn’t another of this devilishly (sorry that…) handsome machine for the show? Why not a sporty Coupe, an SS, the 427 for instance? Well because simply it wouldn’t work as a family car.

Remember, the was meant to be a suburban “family-mobile” and more, so it had to be a practical sedan and not tire shredding traffic kind of dragster.

Chevrolet Impala

On the outside the (yes, more than one but refer to it as a single) used on the are essentially stock; some do change occasionally like the sometimes there’s “Chevrolet” on the grill, sometimes is missing, but something normal on the television not every detail is always Other than that, the applications next to the headlights are (not always) painted on this trim level but on the they’re opaque like the on the Super Sport Coupé; the and rear bumpers are property of the 427 I’ve seen them on they’re much more on the “top” model of the 67 lineup) and a few seasons ago, there also police cruiser spotlights, but have since removed, a shame because looked amazingly good. rims, the Impala is equipped believe it or not, one of the cheapest you can find; the brand isn’t clear in any source because companies produce very rims, but the closest thing are the Cragar Super Spoke.

So where was this star anyway? What’s the background on the car has its own fan and Facebook page? Well, Knight, author of “Supernatural, The Companion Season 2” quotes Ackles that spoke it at the 2007 San Diego Comic apparently there are 5 (or 6, sources Impalas, currently 2 are reported to be in use for kinds of shots in the show.

The original is called “Hunter” and equipped with a 427, plates and stabilizing bars…what can one ask for? Bought from the family of Farmingdale (New in 2005, “Hunter” was originally in…baby blue (yeah, had to be done about that…); the bought the car from the original who got it new back in 67. The original Metallicar, is now reportedly retired but still of the show.

Its original license (on the show), KAZ 2Y5 was a direct reference to the home state of the Winchesters and to the year when the show aired.

These days it’s “Civilian”, the newest to be prepared for Supernatural that the duties of picture car and “Hero” the stunts; according to the information on the website, “Hero” is with full protective plates underneath and some ago had double brakes (stomp in order to control the front and brakes separately.

Of course it’s always to know a bit more about behind the fantasy, but in this is the “Metallicar” concept itself important, it brings something to the that moves with the of car fans and everyone else it’s a unification point, a of beauty that has taken a of its own, basically, it’s every good car star be, an icon for the ages.

Looking for one I wish you the best of luck, the has made these highly and increasingly difficult to find. often you’ll find low at a high price but…if you to come across a nice it goes without saying…worth it penny.

Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala
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