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Chevrolet Cobalt

Chevrolet Cobalt

Gas Mileage

The compact Chevrolet Cobalt was introduced in the 2005 model year, replacing the long-in-tooth Cavalier. The Cobalt pulls down highway gas mileage ratings in the low to mid thirty mile per gallon (MPG) range. From 2005 through 2007, the supercharged Cobalt SS, proudly carried the Chevrolet banner in the compact racer wars.

The supercharged model fell out of the lineup in the 2008 model year.

The Cobalt shares its platform with the Chevy HHR and Pontiac G5

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#1 Peter on 02.16.08 at 11:38 pm

I rented a 2008 cobalt in September of 2008 With only 5 miles on the odometer and I got 38 miles to the gallon on the freeway by driving conservativly.

#2 allen gillespie on 04.22.08 at 5:31 pm

I drove a 2008 rented Cobalt from LA to Las Vegas and back. Drove at normal traffic speed. Got 28.5 mpg. This was a striped car #8211; no cruise or power.

The least pleasant car I have ever driven.

#3 Heather on 05.19.08 at 11:07 pm

I bought a 2007 Cobalt, and I#8217;ve had it for barely 2 weeks and I love it! It gets 30.8 mpg on the highway and 28.9 mpg in the city! They#8217;re almost better than hybrids!

I bought a new Cobalt in 2005 because it was inexpensive. It has been great! There are no frills but it has served me well. With the gas prices going up, I#8217;m even more grateful for a car with terrific gas milage. I drive 17 miles each way to work.

It isn#8217;t fancy but it is very dependable.

#5 Evelyn Musselman on 01.07.09 at 1:57 pm

I bought a 2005 Cobalt in July. The gas milage has been around 30 MPG. The last few weeks it has been dropping. Today it was 28.9. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this. Thanks

#6 mpg-o-editor on 01.07.09 at 2:15 pm

@Evelyn The onset of cold weather can lower gas mileage. Are you warming the car up in the morning? The longer it idles, the more gas it#8217;ll burn #8230;

#7 Marik Bromine on 03.06.09 at 3:31 pm

I recently bought an 05 Cobalt as well, Evelyn, I#8217;ve found that turning the heater off when I#8217;m on the last stretch of a trip has made the mileage improve slightly. In October I was getting 30-31, it#8217;s gone down to 28-29 now that I need the heater. I#8217;m still not content with a mere 31ish mpg, I keep thinking we should be well beyond that.

The next vehicle I obtain will be no less than 100 mpg, I hope the Cobalt holds out until that time comes#8230;.

#8 s bin on 11.28.09 at 3:45 am

what type of gas milage does colbalt ss coups models get hyws

#9 johnsrallyyellowss on 11.29.09 at 6:22 pm

I have a 2006 SS supercharged stage 2 and get about 28 city and 32-38 hwy. I accomplished 38 on a trip to the beach late in the evening this past summer. The trick is to keep it out of boost til you need the extra power!

#10 Dennis on 01.10.11 at 8:57 pm

I had an 06 cobalt, bought it new and put about 60,000 miles on it. When it was new I got about 28 mpg, and up to about 30 on the highway.

Chevrolet Cobalt

With taking out the restrictive air inlet snorkel I was able to bring that up to about 31, and about 34 on the highway. All with klittle noticeable increase in noise, which is the purpose of the snorkel.

With the gm performance aftermarket exhause I was able to average about 32mpg, and on the highway got about 36.

Keep it under 65 and 40+mpg is very possible, under 55 and you can beat out most hybrids.

#11 Alec B on 07.01.11 at 2:27 pm

I cant wait to get my 08#8242; Chevy Cobalt Coupe in a couple of weeks

#12 Jim P on 07.05.11 at 4:47 pm

Three weeks ago I got a 2005 Cobalt. Thing runs like a dream! The book said I could use regular gas, and it came with a full tank, but today I put in 93 Ultra #8211; it#8217;s like I put rocket fuel in it.

I#8217;m taking care of this baby!

#13 Todd on 11.25.11 at 11:15 am

My girlfriend has a 2008 Cobalt LS and averages under 20 mpg in mostly city driving. Atrocious!!

#14 Jeremy on 10.11.12 at 10:01 pm

My 07 chevy cobalt ss is gettin around 36 hwy and 30 city driving conservative about 25 city and 32 hwy when on it

#15 Ali on 12.02.12 at 11:47 am

I just purchased a #8217;06 Cobalt SS/NA with low mileage and I love it. It handles great in the winter with the traction control. The stereo system is fun. I gave up a #8217;03 Civic Si for this car, but I#8217;m satisfied because that Civic didn#8217;t have traction control or even ABS (CDN #8216;option#8217;). The fuel mileage sucks.

I literally watch the gas gauge falter backwards when driving on the express way. I checked the air filter, but will check on the plugs. No check engine light and it does run good, so I dunno. I heard something that they can spring leaks from fuel lines from the sending unit or whatnot.

If it#8217;s not a leak, then I have no idea what#8217;s going on because I watched a complete quarter tank empty out before my eyes on the express way for less than a 15 min drive without stopping at lights and I wasn#8217;t even driving that fast. Sigh

Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Cobalt

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