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Chevrolet Avalanche

Chevrolet Avalanche


Today on our 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche well be test fitting the Yakima Doubledown Ace 2-Bike Carrier, part number y02450. To begin our test fit, well slide the shank of our carrier into the receiver tube of our hitch, line up the pin hole, and install our pin. Now well go ahead and go over some clearance measurements.

We have a ground clearance of 16 inches. The closest part of the carrier to the rear of the vehicle is 5 inches. With the bike carrier in the folded position, weve added 11 inches to the overall length of our vehicle.

Today on our 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche well be test fitting the Thule Apex 4-Bike Carrier, part number th9025. To begin our test fit well slide the shank of the carrier into the receiver tube of our hitch, and let the included pin fall in place. Well then move to the rear of the shank and tighten the hand knob to secure our bike rack to our vehicle, and engage our anti-rattle device.

Now well go ahead and go over some clearance measurements. We have a ground clearance of 19 inches. The closest point of the carrier to the rear of the vehicle is about an inch.

Today, on our 2013, Chevy Avalanche, well be installing the Tekonsha Brake Controller, Part Number 90885. To begin our install, well go ahead and mount the brake controller bracket. For this application, were mounting here on the driver side to the left of the steering wheel.Once we have the bracket or pocket secure, we can then go ahead and locate the manufacturers towing harness. This will be up underneath the dash here on the driver side between the parking brake pedal and the brake pedal.

Youll notice theres a white tape going around it, securing it to the manufacturers harness that has a black electrical tape wrapped around it. These wires will be exposed.Well go ahead and cut the tape and pull the wires down to gain access to them.

Today on our 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche, we#39;ll be installing the Derale Transmission Cooler, part number D12906. We#39;ll also be using the Derale Universal Mount Kit, part number D13002 and the GM Radiator Adaptor, part number D13035.Now our truck has had some modifications so the removal of the grill is different than normal, so we will not be showing it.

With our grill out of the way, we#39;ll go ahead and test fit the cooler.After finding a good spot for our cooler, using a couple of bolts and nuts we purchased separately, we#39;ll attach the Derale brackets to the cooler. At this point, we want to leave the brackets loose until theyre mounted to the vehicle. We can go ahead and attach the rubber line to the cooler as well using two of the worm clamps.

It also may be necessary to use some transmission fluid as lubricant to get the line around the fittings.We can now tighten down the worm clamp securing the rubber line to our cooler.

Chevrolet Avalanche Questions and Answers

Yes, the Tekonsha Voyager proportional brake controller can be installed on your 2012 Chevy Avalanche. From my research, I have found that your 2012 Chevrolet Avalanche has a factory installed tow package that includes a 7-way wiring vehicle connector. It also has the wiring prep package for a brake controller installed under the dash of your vehicle.

Both of these factory options simplify the installation of an aftermarket brake controller. To begin the installation of the Voyager, you will

I went out to the warehouse and measured the wall mounting bracket on the Stromberg Carlson Extend-A-Shower, # EXT-3542. The overall height is approximately 3-5/8 inches and it is 1 inch wide. The holes are approximately 3 inches apart on center.

The Truck Luggage Expedition Truck Bed Cargo Management System, # TL-604, has not been tested with factory tonneau covers but as long as the cover is not a bed-rail mount tonneau cover then it will work. This particular item was made to work with mid-size and compact trucks. If your avalanche bed width is the same as a regular full-size truck then you would use # TL-603.

If the clips, # FA94-02-1059, were not all the way installed it would be possible for the clip to come off. Round bar systems of many manufacturers use a similar clipping mechanism so it did not happen because its a poor design. There is not other option for clipping the spring bars in at the head but you can get replacements if you are missing parts or the clips you have are damaged using # FA94-02-1059.

The wiring to install a trailer brake controller is located under the dash of your 2010 Chevy Avalanche. There will be 4 or 5 wires held together with a white tag that lists the functions of the wires. The bundle should be under the dash to the left of the steering column.

If using Curt brake controller # C51110 you will also need wiring harness # C51515. The connections should be as follows: Brake controller white to truck white for ground Brake controller black to truck red/black for 12

The Roadmaster rear anti-sway bar, # RM-1109-168, would be an upgrade to the one that is on your 2008 Chevy Avalanche. It will only work on models that came with a factory sway bar and coilspring suspension. The bar also comes with different bushings constructed of Polyurethane which works better than traditional bushings.

The steel used in the Roadmaster bar is also an upgrade from the standard steel used in factory bars. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you.

If you are getting the E1 Error code on the Hopkins Impulse Brake Controller # HM47294, that indicates that there is no trailer connected. Since you have a trailer connected and the code is still being displayed, this indicates a short on the Blue wire somewhere in the system. The E3 error code indicates that there is a short on the brake switch wire (red wire). Since the controller is throwing 2 error codes that both indicate shorts in the system, I am inclined to believe that the issue is i

The cargo organizer you referenced, part # HL09271, is designed to fit under the seat. I spoke with my contact at Husky liners and they told me that the cargo organizer will not interfere with the operation of the seat backs. The organizer can be left in place and will not affect the seat functions, even when opening the midgate of your Chevrolet Avalanche.

If your 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche did not come with a factory tow package there will be two wiring connections that will need to be made in the engine compartment in the Accessory Fuse Block. You may need to install a 40-amp fuse in the location nearest the positive post to power the trailer 12V circuit and a 30-amp fuse to provide brake controller power. The linked article describes the process for connecting the brake controller 12V power input and trailer power wires in the engine compartm

I would go with MaxxTow carrier # MT70260. It has a longer ramp at 60 inches compared to the 48 inch ramp on the carrier you referenced. You would not have to have any sort of stabilizer bracket though it would help.

The front hitch is most likely rated high enough for the weight of the generator and carrier. You will need to make sure the front axle capacity is high enough for the added weight. Keep in mind that carrying the generator in front of the vehicle is going to block airflow to the

In the attached picture, the mounting holes are noted. According to the installation directions for the Curt # 31302 hitch, you will have to remove your tow hooks on your 2003 Chevy Avalanche Z71, which will be the 2nd hole needed for installation. I have the installation instructions attached.

Regardless of whether you are towing anything or not you will want the transmission temperature to be between 160 to 200 degrees F. Towing a trailer or carrying more weight in the truck will increase the temperature. Since transmission fluid cannot be over cooled I do recommend adding one to your 2010 Chevy Avalanche. Keeping the temperature as cool as possible will extend the life of the transmission.

You can use cooler # D13504 that you have referenced. To avoid having to cut and flare line

According to Air Lift, the # AL60769 is not compatible with vehicles equipped with the OEM auto-leveling suspension, i.e, factory air shocks and would therefore not work on your Avalanche. A Timbren system, like part # TGMRYS4 would be compatible with the auto-level system. The advantage of a Timbren system is that is is passive, and will not come into play unless the bed of your Avalanche is loaded.

As more weight is added, the springs become stronger and more resistant. Keep in mind that no

CIPA custom towing mirror # 10901 should leave no marks or holes on your 2012 Chevrolet Avalanche if properly installed. There is a wedge that goes in between the mirror housing and the towing mirror. This wedge is lined with felt to protect the housing as well as to hold the mirror in place. There is a knob on the back that you will tighten to secure the mirror to the housing so it is an easy on/off application.

Take a look at the video I have linked that shows how the mirror installs. The

If the 7-way trailer connector on your 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche is part of a factory-installed tow package (if it is it should have a GM logo on it), then all wiring and fuses should be in place as part of the tow package. As you noted it is still possible that there may be fuses missing from the accessory fuse block in the engine compartment, or there may be blown fuses. It could also be that the wire lead for the 12V+ circuit is not connected at the fuse block. Please note that trailer 12V

On a 2008 Chevy Avalanche with a factory installed 7-Way trailer connector, there will be a wire bundle that is hardwired into the vehicle so it is unlikely that the previous owner removed the wire bundle. Basically, you are looking for a bundle of wires held together with a white tag. This bundle is tucked up under the dash.

I have linked a video on a 2013 Avalanche that should help you locate the bundle. Even though it is a newer model the general location and appearance of the wire bundle

For your 2012 Chevrolet Avalanche with a loaded truck and trailer and a tongue weight of 880 pounds as opposed to 610 pounds of the original estimation I would definitely recommend upgrading to the 1,200 pound capacity trunnion bars for your weight distribution system. The replacement trunnion bars that are rated up to 1,200 pounds are part # RP66009. These trunnion bars are sold individually so you would need to get 2 to replace your current trunnion bars on your weight distribution system

Chevrolet Avalanche

To help you install the Derale Transmission Cooler # D13504 on your 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche, I was able to locate a similar installation video as well as the actual installation instructions, both of which can assist you. To give you a better feel of the installation process, the video I have attached is a similar transmission cooler from Derale, part # D12906 on a 2005 Chevy Avalanche – according to my contact at Derale, the installation of the # D12906 is almost identical to the installati

I spoke to my contact at Superchips about the Cortex tuner # SU2950 and the shift pressure on your 2008 Chevy Avalanche. He stated that it all depends on your personal preference. He recommended maxing it out, try it, and if it shifts too hard for your liking back it down.

The harder it is set the more efficient it will be. The Superchips Value setting is an option and is just where they think it should be for a given vehicle. But ultimately it comes down to what you want.

Pairing the Prodigy RF, # 90250, does require following the steps to the letter. However, there are some cases where the in-cab part does not display what the instructions say it should. In those cases, if it does not display what it should right away then you would just go on to the next step and continue the installation per the instructions. This seems to solve the pairing problems.

Once it is all paired up the manual override should work as it is supposed to. If you still have pairing pro

On a 2007 Chevy truck or SUV, in this case your Avalanche, under the dash there are tow package wires to install a brake controller. It sounds like you may have the red wire on the controller attached to an illumination circuit. Here is how it should wire into the truck: Brake controller black wire goes to truck red/black wire Brake controller white wire goes to truck white wire Brake controller red wire goes to truck light blue/white wire Brake controller blue wire goes to truck dark

After some research, I have found the Curt Front Mount Receiver # 31302 is the only such trailer hitch we carry for your 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche. It has a line pull capacity of 9000 lbs, a vertical load of 500 lbs, and a gross trailer weight of 5000 lbs. The hitch features a 2-inch receiver opening with a pin hole diameter of 5/8 inches and does not need welding for installation. Typically, the receiver would be installed with the receiver tube on the underside of the crossbar, which might r

The EZ Hitch Adjustable Steel Ball Mount Kit, Part # AM3290, is illustrated in the attached photo. I have indicated several key measurements. The shank of this ball mount uses a standard 5/8-inch hitch pin to secure to your hitch receiver.

If you wish to replace this with a locking pin you can use part # BD580402 from Bulldog. This locking 5/8-inch hitch pin is made of solid stainless steel, includes 2 square keys and comes with a plastic cap to cover and protect the lock mechanism from moist

When choosing a transmission cooler, the best practice is to go with the largest and most efficient cooler that will fit in the available space. The ideal mounting location for a transmission cooler is directly behind the grille, in front of the a/c condenser and radiator. If the available space will accommodate the 11 by 12 inch by 7/8 inch thick size of the # D13504 you mentioned, the # D13504 would be your best choice. I would also recommend the # D13035 Snap-In Radiator Adapter Fitting

If you use the Extreme power level on your Edge EvoHT # EP26050 you will need to run premium grade gasoline. This setting will advance your timing and lean your air to fuel ratio out to the point that if you run regular octane gas you will see spark knock which can damage your motor.

The Tekonsha P3 Proportional Brake Controller, part # 90195, works with any tow vehicle, but the wiring harness included in part # 90195-3015P, is intended for 2003-2006 General Motors vehicles, not for your 2008 Avalanche. Please refer to the three included articles/videos which will show and explain the required wiring. Please note that the center stop light (CHMSL) wire is not necessarily orange in color. The wiring from the brake controller connects to the vehicle as follows: White gro

Depending on the weight distribution you currently have and its approximate age, you may just be able to switch out the bars as opposed to a complete new system. You will also want to make sure that the hitch on your 2007 Chevy Avalanche and the vehicle itself are rated for weight distribution and the 800 pound tongue weight of your trailer. There are systems rated as high as 1,500 pounds tongue weight. Typically you want a system with a range that encompasses the tongue weight of your traile

The Curt Cargo Carrier you mentioned, part # C18132 will certainly fit, but you will need to take a measurement to determine if it can be folded up against the rear of the vehicle once installed. Measure from your hitch pin hole in the receiver rearward until the clear the furthest rearward portion of the back bumper. If this measurement is less than three inches (2-1/2 would be better), the cargo basket will be able to fold. If you find that the Curt Carrier you mentioned will not fold, w

Clad moldings are the curved decorative plastic panels that are fitted to various parts of the Avalanche. These cosmetic panels are usually held in place by an adhesive or double-sided tape and they cover painted parts of the chassis. They are typically grey or black on the Avalanche.

You will find them along the roof line, on the cargo bed and also between the doors and the wheel wells. As you consider which tube steps would best suit you, you will want to determine whether or not you have t

We do have custom towing mirrors available for your 2010 Chevrolet Avalanche as long as they are the standard OEM mirrors and are not extendable or telescoping mirrors. I have attached a photo of what the front and back of the mirrors should look like for the towing mirrors. We offer three different sets of custom towing mirrors.

The most economically priced set are the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors, # KS80900. These mirrors will add a 4-3/4 inch wide by 5-1/2 inch tall mirror to your OEM m

Chevrolet Avalanche
Chevrolet Avalanche

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