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Buick Regal

Buick Regal: The Hiatus was It

2014 Buick Regal at Buick GMC

Did you know that the Regal was first introduced in as a top-line special coupe, but in the US ended in 2004? Thankfully in the Buick Regal was re-introduced as a Sport Sedan.  Since the Buick Regal has been with luxury brands Lincoln MKZ, Lexus and the Audi A4.  The Buick MSRP is consistently under of its competitors without sacrificing any of the or interior design of a luxury

Scott McCorkle, owner of Buick GMC in Charlotte and Matthews. “Buick has taken the time to a superior driving experience by on design, comfort, and performance.”  the 2014 Buick Regal has an of under $30,000.

For the 2014 Regal the engineers have redesigned the interior and exterior to it a notch above its competitors. Car and says, “The 2014 is recognizable for new fascias front and a dressier cabin environment, and an of safety-oriented electronic driving but the major change is the addition of a all-wheel-drive system available on models and a new, more-refined turbocharged 2.0-liter four as the engine.”

Buick has deemed the Buick Regal the ‘Athlete of the  In addition to premium soft-touch and leather-appointed seating, the Regal GS you in a perfect position to command the with its sport steering metal sport pedals and sport seats with stitching.  Since the re-introduction of the Regal in the US market, the Buick competes head-to-head with other luxury brands. Scott McCorkle’s Liberty GMC is getting ready to slash of the 2013 Buick Regal, room for the 2014 Buick coming in soon.


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Dealership Mechanic Vs. Mechanic

After purchasing a new or car, the question of where to it for routine maintenance and repairs likely come up. Many believe that service at a will cost more, but few understand the expertise offered a dealership mechanic.


to Edmunds.com. “technicians at the dealer are specialist.” Dealer technicians go specific training from the that are make and model and they have ongoing in order to stay on top of new technical for new cars. The corner mechanic privy to certain information they stay up to date their Automotive Service (A.S.E) certification.

Warranties and

If your car is still under the dealership mechanic is the way to go. The manufacturer the dealership to fix these problems, they have been by a dealership mechanic, free of to you. Also, a dealership can extended warranties that can be at other dealerships, nationwide.

are also something a dealership can on top of more easily than a mechanic. Unless the corner is a member of such software like Alldata or Mitchell 5, they will most not access to all the recalls for your However, a dealership is kept up to by the manufacturer weekly.

This is important if you’ve moved or the doesn’t have your address to inform you personally of

Customer Satisfaction

A dealership mechanic is a representative of the manufacturer in a and the manufacturer often makes its customers are satisfied. In order to sure their customers are good service, a manufacturer often perform customer An excellent rating is important to service department so that it in good standing with the office.

A corner mechanic tries to ensure customer because they know business and referrals are what thrive on. However, the corner doesn’t have a large behind them to guarantee satisfaction.

Car maintenance and repairs can be a no matter where you take vehicle. A little more of mind might be worth it to the dealership. Check out the specials at McCorckle today!


The New 2014 Buick Regal

The brand new 2014 Buick was announced on March 26 th. 2013, at the New Auto Show! The new Regal’s date has yet to be announced, though it is to be on the Liberty Buick GMC lot by the end of this

Both the newest 2013 and the up and coming 2014 have benefits. General Motors has the statement that the new Regal is to be “sportier and smarter” than the Regal. Because of the remodel, the 2013 and 2014 will have a unique style will allow customers to which one of these great best fits their

During General Motor’s about the new vehicle, U.S. President of Buick Marketing, DiSalle, said that new 2014 Regal is more more connected and more advanced.” This will mean an increase in the connectivity to new like the latest Apple and devices for next year.

The new has the sporty and fun look that has growing in popularity over the few years, but has the right price for the vehicle buyer. Customers can luxury style, without the price tag.

Some of the changes to the new Regal are some changes to the grille, and the addition of new and rear light-emitting diode According to Buick engineers the new form adds a “distinctive profile”. Other cosmetic have been made to the panel and two-tone leather package.

New powertrain options a 2 liter turbocharged engine for the Turbo and Regal GS. with a 2.4 engine for the standard Regal.The Buick will also an all-wheel drive option, has never been used on the before.

The standard Regal also come with the new eAssist technology, most for its use in the Buick LaCrosse. The eAssist allows the vehicle to temporarily off the main engine while The vehicle then operates on energy during the idling in order to conserve gasoline for the

The Regal’s estimated EPA-certified economy is set to be unveiled later year, when the Regal is for the showroom.

General Motors and Buick GMC are excited about the of another excellent vehicle in luxury line. If you are interested in information about the new 2014 Regal, please contact the staff at Liberty 704-708-8000!

Reviews for the 2012 Buick GS

The buzz on the 2012 Buick GS started in November 2010, a before the car hit dealerships. This the high-powered vehicle some to simmer and stir up excitement reviewers, customers, and traders. and the has been overwhelmingly spectacular!

its release, the 2012 Regal GS has its worth with reviewers Consumer Reports and MSN. Now this model has been out on the for a bit, those who have biding their time to plenty of positive reviews the GS can feel confident in purchasing one of very own.

According to Consumer Reports has given the GS a of “Very Good.” Just one point and the GS would have placed in the highest possible “Excellent.” Consumer Reports the Regal a rating of “Very in the areas of accident avoidance, and comfort and convenience. Other in the same class as the Regal GS given similar ratings in categories.

Consumer Reports in their review of the GS:

“The is a well-honed sports sedan a taut and steady ride, handling, and quick, direct Wind noise is well The base engine is a 2.4-liter mated to a smooth six-speed

And more praise: “The 2.0-liter, 220-hp engine is and quieter but gets the same economy. The interior is nicely with firm, supportive and excellent fit and finish, but the rear is snug. The GS is a high-performance version.”

reviews of the Regal GS on MSN.com it at a high 8.0 out of 10, with its highest-rated being in performance. The Regal GS is a vehicle for sports car enthusiasts or who would like to try their high powered sports

One reviewer on MSN.com recounts the benefits of owning a Regal GS:

Sportronic manual shift works great and offers involvement for driving enthusiasts … looks a lot more expensive what I paid for it. The car looks in motion or parked in the driveway. I am all the time what kind of car it is and it was expensive.

The Regal out classes any car I can of for $28K.

The review concludes: ergonomics are well thought-out, seems to be right at your no hunting or searching for features and Great car, good comfort, safety, VALUE!”

The of users rate this as one of the best modern sports on the market. This is a great for collectors, traders, longtime and even those just a love of vehicles!

Buick GS is User Friendly

The new Buick Regal GS sport was made with user technology in mind. The designers of the Regal are starting to talk what features they in the vehicle as a way of making it as accessible and as friendly as possible. The Buick wanted to make sure they were creating a that not only looks and performs well, but one which implements the defining features of vehicles such as the commitment to comfort and stability.

One of the best of how the designers committed to bringing the best of comfort and power is the HiPer Strut system, is an acronym for High Performance The HiPer Strut system is a design that allows the to have better steering and shock absorption. The HiPer system enables the steering to rotate separate from the tower.

This allows two to function without affecting other, and it still allows the to maintain the ideal suspension

This limits the amount the vehicle will have is called torque steer. steer is when the car almost as though it is driving itself, as the wheel may tend to pull to one or another. HiPer Strut this often difficult to effect while simultaneously the response of the steering wheel to the commands.

And the HiPer Strut allows drivers many of the of all wheel drive, without the of the added weight and complexity.

Strut raises the limits of how a car can perform.” said lead Bill Rietow.

The new HiPer in the Buick Regal GS allowed the to equip the vehicle with the horsepower per liter engine General Motors has ever In fact the engine is the most engine that has ever certified by the Society of Automotive The vehicle also features saving technologies that the 270 horsepower engine possible.

The also designed the vehicle to to the input from the driver precision. They placed controls in the vehicle that increase fuel efficiency and performance while simultaneously responding to the driver’s input the accelerator.

The engineers also the vehicle to be able to be molded to the specifications. They placed the Interactive Drive Control in the vehicle, allowing the driver to the specific “GS” and “Sport” on the vehicle’s interface in order to the suspension, steering, and gear specifications to the driver’s liking.

The is also customizable with its automatic transmission, though the comes standard with transmission. The engineers for the Regal equipped the manual transmission the unique Hill Start system. This allows the to still choose their own points, but with Hill the drivers can get an extra boost the vehicle is parked on an incline.

How the Assist works is that the will automatically engage the system after the driver he clutch on an incline. This the vehicle from rolling on the incline and shaking the vehicle .

been driving manuals my life, but I still find the of Hill Start Assist said Rietow.

If you are interested in a friendly Buick Regal GS visit our contact us page or 888-306-1908 for more information!

New on the Latest Buick Regals

The Regal is undergoing a change for the right now! The new Regal GS just came off of a strong year where it outsold of the competing models from brands and is now being fitted a new automatic transmission. The vehicle’s new is already available at our dealership!

And this year the GS will a remodel for the 2013 year GM will be implementing the new eAssist as a standard feature on the Regal GS.

The new Regal GS is being called by the “Best Upscale Midsize Car for Before this new update the GS had a manual transmission. But now the GS is being with a six speed automatic with Driver Shift as a no-cost option on the vehicle at

“With the Regal GS, we made a decision to go against the current and give enthusiasts the manual they desire as standard said Tony DiSalle, vice president of Buick “Adding an automatic simply the performance of the GS even more

The GS’ automatic transmission is the new Aisin automatic and is calibrated specifically for the GS. The has an interactive Drive Control which can be set to “GS” mode. The GS will cause the transmission to more firmly and aid performance.

The automatic will also just as well as the manual by going from zero to in just under seven

The GS can also boast an excellent economy at nineteen mpg in the city and seven highway. All other and optional features on the GS remain the same regardless of whether the chooses manual or automatic Recently the GS was placed on the Hagerty “2012 Hot List,” which vehicles which they to become collectibles in the future.

In to the current 19/27 fuel the GS will sport an estimated 36 mpg with the introduction of the eAssist for the model. The eAssist will aid the by adding an electrical boost at low and on inclines to aid in fuel efficiency.

is committed to increasing innovation the lineup,” said DiSalle “By the advanced eAssist powertrain on a second vehicle, we are putting the on smart technology.”

The eAssist is already available on the LaCrosse sedan and became a standard for the model year on that The eAssist is becoming THE hybrid this year, as it has already out all of its competitors and experts expect it to even further in popularity. The and sale date for the 2013 Regal with eAssist be announced later this

If you would like more on purchasing one of our excellent Buick or GMC please contact us !

Car Safety What You Need To Know

is the most important consideration looking for a new or used car.  year the Federal New Car Assessment (NCAP) publishes safety The Insurance Institute for Highway (IIHS) also produces from crash-test studies and safety information.

The car shopping must include safety and a great place to start is In addition to the most current they feature safety on older cars.

Safety can be divided into three weight of the vehicle, passive features, which help stay alive and uninjured in a and finally, active safety These features help avoid accidents in the first Keep in mind that is conducted with test wearing seat belts and harnesses.

 Without them, a 15 per hour crash could fatal no matter what you

Weight Matters

All cars meet US Department of Transportation for crash-worthiness.  Larger and heavier however, are usually safer in a than smaller ones.   If a vehicle collides head-on a lighter one, the lighter suffer substantially more Drivers under age 20 experience a higher percentage of traffic when compared to other so consider the safety of a large or sedan for inexperienced drivers.

  cars offer increased of comfort and roominess when to their smaller siblings, and fuel injected engines mid-sized, 6-cylinder automobiles to remarkably good gas mileage.

Safety Features

Passive features help drivers and stay alive and uninjured in a Size is a safety feature: is safer.

Restraint systems are Safety belts are the best device ever developed for the installed in the 1950s, they been mandatory equipment 1967.

  Initial use was low (20% in but education and legislation increased usage to over 70% by 1987.  restraints have automatic pre-tensioners to pick up the slack and that occurs in an accident, better occupant protection and space for the airbag deployment.  important to remember that though airbags help serious injuries, safety are still needed for full

Seat belts and airbags together in a collision.  Driver and airbags are now standard equipment on new motor vehicle sold in Most used cars after 1996 have as well.  Side-impact airbags increase protection.  Despite bad press, airbags save of lives every year.

  have reintroduced the two-stage to avoid potential injuries to and small adults from one-stage designs.  It#8217;s vital, however, that ride in the back seat of any vehicle.

A word about airbags: babies or children 4#8242; 7#8243; should ride in the front seat of a because rapidly inflating can severely injure or kill front seat occupants.  If a child in your future and you a two-seater, ask your dealer to a disconnect switch for the passenger-side You don#8217;t want it permanently airbags DO save …

Most automobile headrests little protection in rear-end The federal government required installation in 1967. An effective is one that is directly behind the of the head and positioned no more two inches away.  Be aware some seating options the size and style of head

Structural integrity is another component of passive safety.  The US of Transportation requires that the and passenger compartments of automobiles after 1996 meet side impact standards.

  The doesn#8217;t apply to light (minivans, pickups, SUVs), but manufacturers of even these have complied with the

Active Safety Features

Buick Regal

safety features help avoid accidents.  A vehicle#8217;s tires, handling, acceleration, and visibility all important contributions to active avoidance.

The most important items on a car are the tires.  Think it: they#8217;re all that connects vehicle to the road.  A good set of can make a huge difference to the way a car to emergency maneuvers.  Tire also noticeably affects the way a car

  Sport touring tires much more grip regular tires, although softer compounds don#8217;t as long.

Anti-lock brakes are an often-misunderstood active safety helps vehicles stop and maintain steering control braking, especially on slippery brakes sense when a is locked and electronically pump the ten times faster than a could, making a ratcheting and a vibration in the brake pedal.

braking techniques must be in order to use ABS effectively. In a panic depress the brake pedal and hold it down firmly.  Do not the pedal.

Traction control is a option that improves and directional stability on slippery using a combination of electronics, train control, and ABS.  systems adjust engine output while gently the brakes to particular wheels acceleration and cornering. These help stabilize a vehicle#8217;s when it#8217;s pushed to the

When shopping remember pick-up trucks and sport vehicles (SUVs) are designed to be for work, hauling, and off-road are not designed to be people movers, and handle nearly as well as cars or mini vans.  The Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA) reports that are four times more to roll over than cars in high-speed maneuvers.

  In SUV-to-car collisions are six times likely to kill the occupants of the vehicle when compared to a car-to-car collision.  You may be safer an SUV, but you#8217;re at greater of killing others in the event of an

If you’re in the market for a great, vehicle call Liberty GMC Trucks today.Liberty offers a line of safe, dependable and red carpet service. CallLiberty

Happy Black Friday Liberty Buick GMC!

that time of year when everyone is hustling and around to get the best Christmas for their loved ones and to find just the right for that special someone. Black Friday is set to be one of the busiest Fridays in recent history, and is going to be the busiest shopping day year!

But who wants to sit in line and during all the Friday madness? shove and push to get the deals they want and don’t who they hurt in the process. after cooking all day on Thursday and up late to clean the dishes everyone else has gone to bed no one to finally fall asleep at 1 am to get up three hours later to be at the by five.

Or if you fall prey to the of the midnight deals or the Thursday at 10 pm you could end up cooking all day long on only to go out to the store and wait in for hours on already sore

So this year instead of caught up in the hype of the Black store crowding, why not finish the dishes that night, get to bed at a hour, wake up when you to, and head over to Liberty GMC for your holiday shopping? If you are about getting a new car for your new driver in the family or a special for your spouse who has just … to get rid of their old clunker Black Friday is a great way to advantage of some holiday without having to work way through the crazed shoppers.

year we are having some deals on vehicles for the holiday We are offering zero percent for two months- that’s six years- on the GMC the GMC Acadia and the Buick Enclave! means zero percent on financing for the next six years of the for this vehicle.

Or, if you’ve been saving all long for a new vehicle and you are able to any of these excellent vehicles financing we are offering rebates for as as four thousand five dollars depending on the vehicle!

And of your financing options cars are all eligible for five dollars cash back! And all purchased this holiday will come with absolutely free for the first six and Sirius XM radio absolutely for the first three months. And as we are offering a one hundred percent guarantee on all of our vehicles!

So why wait in with hordes of unruly exhausted from the Thanksgiving day and sore from the hours of on your feet when you can into Liberty Buick GMC and be with first class service as you pick out your presents. For all of your other shopping there’s always Monday, the Monday after Friday that comes of online holiday sales you can purchase from the comfort of own home!

If you are interested in a new Liberty GMC vehicle, please visit our us page or call 888-306-1908!

Harmon, staff writer,

Buick Regal Designer His Inspiration

The new 2012 Buick GS reflects the designer’s sporty inspiration and is now the sportiest of these sedans made yet. It has the specific output of any production that GM has ever offered its high-output Ecotec 2.0L engine that cranks 270 hp and 295 of torque.

The GS also offers front-caliper brakes, a six-speed transmission, optional 20-inch a HiPer Strut front system that can be adjusted by the as well as driver adjustable settings.

The designer of the new Buick David Lyon, recently an interview about his work on the new design. He emphasized that the was the sportiest car in the Buick line and this new design took athleticism one step further. car has a great stance. The wheels are at the of the vehicle, sitting outside the which gives it a well-planted on the road.” But he also wanted to that the vehicle is still the old Buick Regal that know and love, except a few adjustments. “For GS, we weren’t for a personality change so much as an Most of all, we wanted a expression of Buick performance.”

of the new GS’ new power it requires a cooling that will keep the and brakes of the new model from a lot more than previous have. Therefore there is an element to the new GS that allows for air intake. But this new element is pleasing as well. “…the two air intakes at the corners give the car a dramatic signature front almost catlike. The Regal had a feline grace, but we’ve it for GS, making it even more

Lyon also explains how the GS’ has been toned down previous models, giving it a finish. The new GS gives a satin to the wheels as well as the dual Says Lyon, “…the dual exhausts are integrated the lowered rear fascia in a dramatic way, and help the car an attractive luxurious look every angle.”

Lyon on to talk about how the GS was very inspired by nature. “We looked at a lot of from the natural world, lightweight, agile predators convey speed, power and he said in the interview.

The team who on this vehicle even it out onto the Autobahn and the Nurburgring to test its functioning. They that the new GS was incredibly aerodynamic as are all the models, but even more so any other Regals in the past.  explains in the interview that is because of the new aerodynamic design of the fascia and rocker extensions.

But of the makers of the new GS didn’t want to the GS’ design from other models too much. They sure that they adding to the old designs instead of away from them. talks about how the GS is still a Regal, and yet like all the Regals it has it has a of style all on its own. “Instead of a specific formula for Buick we want each car to have its own personality.

The Regal has a more avant-garde than the rest of the Buick which is reaching a younger and customers who might not have considered buying a Buick,” he

If you are interested in any of our excellent Buick please visit our contact us or call 888-306-1908!

Jessica staff writer, 11-14-11

The Buick Regal#8217;s Interior and Sensational Harman Surround Sound System May You Wishing For a Longer Commute!

The commuter spends an average of 52 in the car each day.

Let’s it. You probably spend a lot of time in the The average commute time in today is 24.3 minutes, or 200 hours per year, according to the US Bureau. Here in Charlotte, we average 26 minutes according to the Chamber. This works out to than the average American’s two vacation!

  You certainly don’t to feel as if you’re losing two out of your life every Being productive seems to this time feel of a waste; however, if you are driving also according to the census, of us are) checking your or texting the office is certainly NOT an

So, if you’re going to be in the car for what to your two week vacation and you can’t utilize this getting any work done, how feeling a little like on vacation? Liberty Buick GMC has the for North and South Carolina with the 2012 Buick

According to Scott McCorkle, of Buick GMC Truck in Charlotte and the 2012 Buick Regal the commuter an experience in luxury its buttery, leather appointed and premium, nine speaker Kardon surround sound The seating rivals the pampering you might expect from a top or spa; while the sound is sure to impress even the particular audiophile. The experts at and About.com.Cars seem to agree.

The yet comfortable interior of the 2012 GS

In describing the Regal GS’s leather heated front Jason Fogelson, of About.com.Cars “…Imagine a sport seat, slightly softer, with more generous ‘American’ Give that seat thick textured leather and stitching, and you’ll have the heated front seats of the GS. Seating is a highly personal of taste, but I think Buick got right, and 12-way power (including a 4-way lumbar) for driver and passenger feels luxury. After hours in the seat, I was still impressed.”[i] Fogelson, 2011)

About the nine speaker, 320 watt, Kardon surround sound Doug Newcomb, Senior Editor for Edmonds.com writes: Kardon has been offered in Buicks, most recently the LaCrosse. A well-known logo on the or radio doesn#8217;t always quality. But as with other of the new Regal, the H/K sound system can than hold its own compared to offerings in the segment.

…As with sound system we test, I to 10 musical tracks that heard in literally hundreds of to gauge clarity/lack of distortion, balance, timbre, tonal soundstaging, imaging and dynamics. The on these tracks ranges jazz to folk to rock and

I also use several non-musical to further test soundstaging, linearity and absence of noise. … The reproduced the test tracks in detail and with a sense of and lifelike dynamics. The soundstage was and imaging realistic if not pinpoint In the mostly instrumental jam #8220;Shoo Fly Bother Me#8221; by Bluesiana cymbals and drums floated the dash and a flute solo starts at about two minutes the track was centered the way it should be.

GM credit for making many decisions with the new Regal. of our job is to nitpick the vehicles in our long-term but I found few major flaws with the Regal CXL Turbo#8217;s Harman sound system.#8221; [ii] 2011)

The 2012 Buick is the commuter#39;s dream car

So#8211; are you to actually look forward to daily commute?  If you live in the Charlotte area#8211; from Lake Norman and Huntersville, to Mint Hill, and Monroe, see Scott McCorkle and his top notch at Liberty Buick GMC Truck to drive the 2012 Regal. But be living room and home system may just feel

Newcomb, D. (2011, 04 29). Buick Regal CXL Turbo: Review . (D. Newcomb, Editor) 10 10/18, 2011, from http://www.edmunds.com/car-technology/car-audio/2011-buick-regal-cxl-turbo-audio-review.html

Buick Regal
Buick Regal
Buick Regal
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