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Buick Rainier

How do you fix a 2004 Buick Rainier Speedometer?

How do you replace a headlight for a 2005 Buick Rainier?

This is not extremely easy, so if you aren’t patient, take to the shop to have this done. Otherwise, here is how you do it.

1) Open up the hood and prop it.

2) Locate the headlamp support pins and pull them up about (1) inch, you will feel now that the headlamp assembly is loose.

3) Where the manual says to grab the grill and pull forward, forget it. Get a small screw driver and gently pry the grill away from the clips, you will need to release about 6 of them to get enough slack to remove the headlamp assy.

4) Unhook the wiring harnesses away from the headlamp assembly. There are (4) of them. This will allow you to pull the headlamp assembly out of the vehicle.

5) Depending on which bulb you are replacing, (lo beam or hi beam), remove the rubber cover by slightly twisting it and pulling toward you. It will come off and you can see the bulb.

6) Remove the wiring clip from the bulb, and turn the bulb 90 degrees and it will come out, be careful not to drop it.

7) Insert the new bulb and be sure it is locked in tightly. Be careful not to leave fingerprints on the bulb.

8) Reinstall everything in the reverse order. Good luck. The Buick manual is useless and they should be ashamed of the procedure they wrote for changing the bulbs.

Steve Stephens, owner of a 2004 Rainier.

Just to add this, Yes, you need to remove the entire grill. The Grill does not come off very easily..On the 2005 there are 8 clips, 4 on top and 4 at the bottom. The 4 on top are easy to see and a screw driver can release them. The bottom clips are not really accessible so you need to pull the grill straight forward, parallel to the ground to release it.

If you twist it at all, the cheap plastic clips will break ( First hand experience. – It was very cold today so perhaps that had something to do with it! ) Perhaps a bit of wd40 or something sprayed into the clips will make the clips release easier. After gluing the clips back together I added a bit of lithium grease to the clips and they slid right in..Not sure if it will make a difference next time. Buick, why not just add 6 or 8 screws on those parts that you know will be removed from time to time!

Steve 2005 Buick Rainier Owner

How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 2004 Buick Rainier?

To replace the High beam (inboard lamp) or the Low beam (Outboard lamp)

1) Obtain the replacement lamp

2) Obtain a pair of vinyl or latex gloves (These are to keep your fingers from directly touching the glass of the lamp, which will cause it to fail prematurely).

3) The Rainer owners manual also has a section on this, its not too detailed but worth a read if the owners manual is handy in your glove box.

Buick Rainier

4) Open the hood.

5) Pull the front grill out (Yes, the grill 🙂 ) You can do this with your bare hands, just pull straight out at the location of each fastening clip (no need to compress any tabs or anything as you might on some electrical connectors).

6) The are two large metal tabs holding the entire headlight assembly into the engine compartment, pull each of these straight up with your hands. This will release the entire assembly and you will be able to pull straight away from the vehicle. You only need to pull it out six inches or so, if you want to pull it out further or take it all the way out you will need to disconnect the wires connecting to the assembly.

7) On the back side of the light assembly, you might expect wires coming from the engine compartment to enter the rear of the assembly directly in the rear center of the high or low beam lamp. This is where I was initially confused. The entire lamp assembly has internal wiring to it and the wires for the low and high beams feed through the housing at a different location, not to worry, you don’t need to mess with those wires.

There are two plastic or rubber covers on the back of the assembly (One directly opposite the low beam lamp and one opposite the high beam lamp that you can see when standing in front of the vehicle. The covers are round black and about 3 or so in diameter and about 12 deep, you can just pry these covers off with a small flat blade screw driver and you will see the lamp inside the assembly, just unclip the wiring connector and pop in your new lamp. I’d test the new lamp now.

8) You pretty much put things back in the reverse order that you took them apart.

9) Put the covers that hid the lamp back on and replace the entire assembly into the engine compartment (Connect any external wires if you disconnected them.)

10) Secure the assembly with the two large locking tabs.

11) Before you put the grill back, make sure you line up all the plastic tabs at once before pushing it to snap it back in.

12) Now go grab a cold one !

How to Reset Change Oil Light on 2005 Buick Rainier?

Buick Rainier
Buick Rainier
Buick Rainier
Buick Rainier
Buick Rainier
Buick Rainier
Buick Rainier

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