BMP design : BMW 524td Engine Repair

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BMW 524


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my oil pressure light flickering?

Why is my engine knocking?

Why is my oil pressure low?

Why is my engine making a tapping sound?

How To Diagnose BMW Engine Problems?

The answer to many of these type of questions is derived from engine oil issues. All engines lose a certain amount of oil pressure over time as normal wear increases bearing clearances. But unusually low oil pressure in an engine, regardless of mileage, is often an indication that something is seriously wrong and requires immediate repairs.

Answer: A flickering oil light while driving, and an oil light that is delayed or does not come on and go off after a few seconds when the key is turned on, is basically there to warn of oil pressure related problems, such as low engine oil, or low oil pressure, or both.

Answer: A tapping sound may be a sticking lifter, loose rockers, and may also be a low oil pressure problem that will inevitably damage the engine valves. Consistent monitoring of oil levels and oil pressure is a must for today’s engines with hydraulic lifters, low clearance bearings and small oil filters.

Answer: A knocking sound may be a failed piston rod bearing or failed crank shaft bearing, caused by a low oil, or a low oil pressure condition that will inevitably damage the lower engine components. Again consistent monitoring of oil levels and oil pressure is a must for today’s engines.

BMW Oil Pressure Diagnosis Tips

Check the oil dipstick to see that it’s at the proper level (not low nor overfilled). If low, the engine may be burning or leaking oil. Adding oil may temporarily remedy the low pressure condition.

Check the condition of the oil and make sure it’s the correct viscosity for your BMW and climate.(Most OE parts manufacturers recommend 5W-30 in modern engines for year-round driving.)

Check to see if the engine is leaking oil, new gaskets or seals may fix the leak. If the engine is burning oil, valve guides, seals, or rings may be worn. A leak-down test will tell you if it’s the valve guides or rings and cylinders that are worn.

Oil viscosity, such as 10W or 5W-20, may improve cold weather starting and lubrication but may be too thin in hot weather driving to maintain good pressure, but eavy viscosity Oil, such as 20W-50, 30W or 40W, may help create good pressure in hot weather but are too thick for cold weather driving and may cause start-up lubrication problems – especially in overhead cam engines.

Check the pressure sending unit by disconnecting the unit and check the warning lamp or gauge reading. If the warning light remains on, then the problem is in the instrumentation, not the engine.

BMW 524

A bad sending unit is common, so it is replaced to see if that cures the problem, but failure to measure the pressure with a gauge, there is no way of knowing if the pressure is within specifications.

Warning lamps usually don’t come on until pressure is less than four or five pounds, so a warning lamp doesn’t mean the pressure is okay.

Check the filter because the filter might be plugged with gunk causing unusually low pressure. The oil filter should be replaced at every oil change interval.

Check the oil pump pickup screen inside the oil pan. The screen and the pickup tube should be properly attached and unobstructed. (If the pump is mounted inside the crankcase, the next step might be to remove and inspect the pump)

Check the rod and main bearing clearances on those closest to the pump clearances on the furthest rod bearing – this will show the greatest wear. (If the bearings are worn, they need to be replaced.) Excessive clearances or leaks anywhere in the engine’s oil supply system can contribute to low pressure.

Use a mechanical pressure gauge and don’t rely on the dash gauge or the warning light to verify that the repairs you’ve made have eliminated your problem.

Parts you should consider when working on BMW engines:

OEM Replacement Oil Pump

OEM Replacement Oil Filter

BMW 524
BMW 524
BMW 524
BMW 524
BMW 524
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