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Audi RS4

Audi RS4

The Audi RS4 is top of the line when it comes to sports cars. It has everything that car enthusiasts drool over, such as high performance engine, top of the line handling and a comfortable ride all rolled into one sleek looking package made by German manufacturers, meaning that the car has a reputation as being far above other cars in its class.

Engine wise, the Audi RS4 holds a V8 engine that has 400 horsepower. With more manufactures turning towards smaller engines for better gas mileage, the Audi RS4 is a welcome change up to the line that Audi offers. However, the newer version for the RS4 actually boast more horsepower as Audi was able to squeeze out an incredible 470 horsepower.

There is only one transmission available in the RS4 models and that is six speed manual transmission.

The exterior of the car has not changed much since the beginning of production. However, there are different versions of the RS4 that people can choose from. The oldest version is a five door, five seat Avant, which is what Audi classes as their wagons. It still boasts the most power of its time.

After the popularity of this model, Audi released a four door RS4 that seated five. Finally, they offered a two door style that screamed edginess and speed.

The wagon version of the RS4 was first produced in 1999 and production ceased around 2001. The reason being is that given the sports theme of the car, a wagon was not exactly what people were looking for. However, many still purchased the car simply because it was so powerful. Which lead to the car being remade in 2007 with a more updated feel to it, including a sleeker look that most people have begun to associate with Audi.

This was the year that the RS4 was offered in a four door and two door style.

The safety measures that were used in building the RS4 is outstanding. Most manufacturers use a spot and weld method when constructing the frame for the vehicles, which could lead to weakness, however, that is the normal thing to do. The Audi manufacturers weld the entire frame to ensure that it is stable even in the worst conditions. This improves the chances of no injuries when the RS4 is in an accident.

Airbag wise, the RS4 is on top of its game, as it was one of the first manufacturers to offer curtain side airbags in their vehicles. In addition, there are the traditional front side airbags, with the option of having lower side airbags.

The car include anti-lock brakes and a unique sports based electronic stability program to minimize the risk of turning over. One of the neat aspects about the braking system is that it has an air intact that keeps the brakes from overheating, though NACA ducts that cool those as well as the transmission. For the safety of the driver, the tires are monitored through a tire pressure monitoring system. This system scans the tires every three seconds to ensure that there are no problems.

If the tires do lose pressure, the driver is given not only a visual warning on the dashboard, but is also given an audible warning as well.

Overall, the RS4 is the top of the line when it comes to sports cars, which most people would agree on. Throughout its history it has one many awards, including #39;World Performance Car#39; in 2007, a high ranking honor. With tons of options, every driver is sure to be able to get the type of car that they want and be appreciative of the fine craftsmanship that they get when driving an Audi RS4.

2011 Audi Rs4

The 2011 Audi Rs4 is described as a luxury sports sedan that can accommodate a family a five comfortably. Those who have a family want the room, but rarely want to give up the power that sports cars offer, which is where the 2011 Audi Rs4 comes into the scene, giving consumers the best of both worlds. They get the speed that they dream of having, while still being able to take the family out for a nice, relaxing drive.

In addition, the price of the 2011 Audi Rs4 is slightly lower than other luxury sports sedans, without really being lower quality, which makes it the obvious choice for many people, who want the best bang for their buck.

Under the hood, the 2011 Audi Rs4 is available in only the 4.2 trim. It offers a V6 bi-turbo engine that is taking the place of past models that offered a V8, which means that consumers can expect some gas mileage improvement, however, do not be expecting a huge increase. One of the most notable difference between the 2011 version and past versions is that the past models could only go from zero to a hundred in around 5.7 seconds, the new 2011 Audi Rs4 can get there in only 4.9 seconds.

A huge improvement for Audi and one that consumers are going to take notice of. Transmission wise, it is available in a six speed transmission, which means that those who cannot drive a manual transmission will definitely want to learn how in order to truly experience this car as the driver.

The brake system of the 2011 Audi Rs4 is one that is truly genius. It is taken from those cars that compete in racing to give the car better stopping power, without burning up the brakes as many people would expect to happen.

With the latest anti-lock brake system, ABS 5.3, electronic brake free distribution and electronic differential locks the safety of the car is no question as with other cars you may experience some sliding and slipping when the brakes are pressed fast, with the 2011 Audi Rs4 this is something that drivers will not have to worry about. Overall, those that have test drove the 2011 Audi Rs4 often speak of the brakes highly stating that they stop smoothly on regular stops, however, if you do need to stop sudden, they still get the job done. With these aspects added into the Quattro all wheel drive, stopping whether the car is sliding or skidding, or just a routine stop, the power has been improved greatly, and is something that other automakers will be looking at with their future versions of their own cars .

The exterior of the 2011 Audi Rs4 is something to be excited about as well. The car is showing that it does have some attitude and knows how to use it with the flared wheel housing, the alloy wheels and every other little tidbit that makes this car stand out in a crowd. When comparing this car to those in the same class, the price is something to be happy about since it is lower than others.

However, in every other aspect, performance and looks the 2011 Audi Rs4 holds its own in the competition. The Audi Rs4 usually weights more than the competitors cars, such as the BMW, however, this does not seem to affect the performance of the car, as it still runs faster run times. In fact, all of the products that are being offered by Audi seem to be outdoing the competition in huge strides, meaning that Audi is sure to have a great sales year coming up with the Rs4 leading the pack.

Audi RS4 Question and Answer –

When did the Audi RS4 come into the North American market and how was the perception of the car?

The Audi RS4 first appeared on the American market after being first introduced to the public at the North American Auto Show in 2006. The many features of the RS4 instantly made it one of those performance cars that many people wanted to own and because of this the car was received widely by the consumer market.

What type of features does the RS4 boast?

The RS4 boasts a number of features that are exclusive of its performance heritage. For example, the car has an internal combustion engine that many professionals believe is one of the reasons why the car functions so well. The car also has the all four wheel drive system that Audi has patented for their brand of cars.

In addition, there are many extras that make the car even more luxurious than other typical cars on the market. For example, the push button engine ignition located on the dash, as well as all of those extra things, like heated seats and leather interior that people love.

Is the RS4 safe? Is there any safety features about the car that are notable?

The RS4 is considered very safe, as are most Audi cars. There are many safety features that are installed on the cars in order to make sure that they are as safe as possible. For example, there are crumple zones in the car that are designed to give should the car become involved in an accident.

IN addition, the frame of the car uses a process called laser beam welding which makes the frame even stronger in the event that the car is involved in an accident, which is something that other automakers do not use. There are also side airbags that are included in many RS4 cars.

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