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Audi allroad

Front Air Replacement

Thou Shall Not the Pinch Bolt

So your has the dreaded … knell and is to the air spring gods. No need to as this is one of the easiest DIY#8217;s to do on car. And if you#8217;ve done any work at all, I assure you repair is 10 times easier.


Audi allroad C5 #8211; 2005)


Tools Required

Jack and stands

Metric ratchet set 18mm, 19mm)

Metric set (10mm, 16mm, 18mm)

ratchet heads

Triple ratchet heads

Allen (something with leverage)


Needle nose


Flat head (small and large)


Large channel locks



Overview of the

With the front of the car supported by stands and the front wheels off the we will be removing the airspring and tower from the car. removed, we will separate the tower, shock mount and from the airspring. We will the shock mount, airspring and reassemble everything and then them into the car.

Step 1

Place the car into MODE by turning the key to the ON position and simultaneously pressing  and the suspension UP/DOWN buttons on the until the icon appears.  Once the is locked, turn the key off, the hood, and remove the cowl This is done by gently the rubber seal and pulling the cover toward the front of the

Once the cover is out of the way, you can the three 16mm bolts secure the shock tower.

1: Now is a good time to look at cabin filter and replace it if dirty.  It is also a good to take a flashlight and look the battery for any sitting water or If you see either, remove the battery and tray and clean out the area.  In be sure to check the drainage beneath the battery.

  If clogged, will backup and eventually into the passenger compartment and fry some expensive electronics. topic is the subject of a recent action lawsuit.

Next, up the front of the car, support jack stands at the pinch point.  Remove the front wheels and them out of the way. Next, the fender liners with a head and ratchet.

Step 2

Using a 16mm and extension remove the three holding the top of the shock tower in These bolts will be so put them aside.

Step 3

Audi Allroad

the 16mm ratchet and an 16mm loosen the pinch bolt should have been in penetrating oil for the last 2 days. If the does not thread out on its own, you may to give it a few whacks with and screwdriver/punch. Once the pinch is removed, a few upward blows the mallet are needed to free the control arms.

Step 4

a 10mm open end wrench, the air fitting at the top of the air spring. free, you will hear the fully deflate. Adjacent to the air on the underside of the fender well, is a PIA 1 cent locator clip must be removed before the shock tower will free. To remove this, use works!

In addition to excessive and swearing, a  small screwdriver, a dremmel or needle nose all acceptable approaches. Feel to mangle the clip. We did not replace it dealer does not replace it) but if you feel you need to, go ahead.

  It is a very inexpensive part.


Loosen the 18mm lower mount bolt using a and wrench. If your car has not been since factory assembly, the will be inverted, ie. the head the rear of the car.  If this is the you will need your jack to position the lower arms in a position that proper clearance for the removal of the Be patient. Once you find the spot,  it will be relatively to remove.

However, you may need the of the mallet and a punch to push the free of the hole. Once the has been removed, the entire can be removed from the car.


With the assembly out of the car, we can dis-assembly.  We will start by the air spring from the shock Using the ratchet and the triple head, loosen the bolts.  With all removed, separate the shock the air spring by simply puling apart.  With the shock tower you should now be able to see the rubber mount.

Using channel locks, the shock mount and loosen the bolt with a 19mm Once you break it free, it spin off without too much If it does not, you may have to use ghetto means to loosen My friend grabbed a 19mm and held it with channel while I took the Allen key and it through the socket into the top of the

Using this method, we able to have one person while the other held and the nut free.  With the nut removed, the can be removed from the air spring.  the air spring, o-rings and shock immediately so they are not confused the new parts.

Note 2: Inspect the for leaking fluid or damage. If it to be replaced, now is the time to do it.

Step 7

In the new locate the two o-rings.  Lube both with the grease and seat the larger one the channel at the top of the new airspring.  Place the o-ring over the top of the strut and seat on the barrel.

   Insert the the airspring and place the new shock in place.  Tighten the nut for the strut the same ghetto method we to remove it #8212; a socket with channel locks and the key.  Once tightened, the smaller o-ring with grease and seat in the shock Carefully align the shock with the airspring and hand the triple square bolts checking to make sure the the stay properly seated.

  Torque the triple squares in a pattern (just like bolts) to 23nm.  Please that we had to do 3-4 passes in a star before achieving the proper torque settings.

Step 8

everything reassembled, you can begin the process. You may have to compress the a bit to get it back in the wheel well. you align the upper shock bolts, hand tighten

Next, align the bottom mount bolt. You may need to use the jack to get the orientation correct. free to re-insert the bolt the front side as well. tighten the 3 upper bolts and the strut bolt.

Next, the upper control arms the pinch bolt housing. You may to use the mallet to get them fully Reinstall the pinch bolt and sure everything is properly

Reinstall the air line, being not to cross-thread or strip it.

Step 9

re-installing the wheels, it is a good to pressurize the system and look/listen for Jack up the suspension and support it an additional jack stand. the car on and remove jack mode.

The should begin to pressurize and you likely hear the compressor on. Once a level is indicated, put the car into Jack Mode and the key off. Go inspect the airspring and and listen for anything unusual.


If all is OK, remove the jack stands the suspension and reinstall the wheels. up the front of the car again, remove stands at the pinch weld and the car. With the car running, lower it until there is on the wheels, but do not lower it all the way.

the car from jack mode and some pressure to build lowering completely. With the car on the cycle through the levels to sure all is working properly.

Audi Allroad
Audi Allroad
Audi Allroad
Audi Allroad
Audi Allroad
Audi Allroad
Audi Allroad
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