Audi 90

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Audi 90

Audi 90

Audi 90 questions and answers

Q: How do i change a head gasket on a 1991 Audi 90?

Hi i’m looking for a guide on how to change the head gasket on my 1991 Audi 90 sport 2.3L 5 cyl and also looking for other peoples personal exp, info on parts ect. Thanks and all help is greatly appreciated

A: this is a very involved process that takes both time and tools to perform, if you havent done one before on any car i would take to a mechanic. if ya have then i would try a foreighn auto parts store as they will have a guide on repairing your car

Q: Why does it sound like my car backfires when i go to start it? 1995 Audi 90 Also doesn’t start?

1995 Audi 90 Also doesn’t start I think it doesnt start cause alternator or v belt went. i bought it off a guy who said it stalled when he was driving but ran fine before. now it doesn’t run. I put dry gas in the tank to get water out just in case

A: Sounds like the timing belt slipped or broke. You need to check to see if your spark timing is set properly. If it`s off then most likely a belt issue

Q: Audi 90 – 1992. Electric windows and sunroof stopped working! Is there anything I can do to fix it?

there are no fuses associated with electric windows or sunroof. not on the schedules in the manual or in the box!

A: you r right there r no fuses for the power windows / sunroof. U need to get under the driver side lower dash and look for the main relay, the middle three numbers of the part no Should be 959. eg 4A0 959 257, may also have a large white 3 digit no on the top eg 363

Q: I am thinking about buying an 1994 Audi 90 CS, do it HAVE to absolutely have premium gas?

Would regular unleaded be acceptable in the car? I wouldn’t have anything to worry about right? I mean with gas prices nowadays. ouch.

A: Premium gas is not necessary in that car. Even though the owners manual probably says that you should only put premium in it the car’s computer can compensate for the lower octane rating of regular gas.

Q: I drive a 1993 Audi 90 S and I am trying to find the antenna cable. Can anyone help me know what to look for?

All the wires were clipped when the previous radio was stolen from the owner before me. My radio has a sticker that says power antenna. I think thats what I connect to the wire inside the car, bt I cannot find that wire

A: It’s really not a wire its a pencil size black cable with a little male connector on the end. I dont see someone clipping this cuz it slides right out.

Q: Can an Audi 90 Quattro Tow a Quad?

Well, i’m about to buy my first car (highschool) and am torn between what i really want (Audi) and a small SUV (Passport). Basically i would be buying an ATV soon to go riding with my friend in the Mountains (WA state) which is the only reason i’d get an SUV (light weight towing). But I thought i’d ask if any one knew if an Audi 90 Quattro could tow a Quad, or maybe just a dirtbike? (Can you even get a hitch for an Audi?) It’d be

1994 Quattro (4WD) with a 2.8L 172 hp, V6 engine. (5sp Manual)

A: Yes you can fit a tow hitch the Quattro is easily capable of towing a Quad .With regard to altitude the ecu of the Audi compensates for less dense air at high altitudes.Best regards Mick own and work on Audis.

Q: can i drive a 1988 audi 90 quattro with the rear driveshaft disconnected?

my rear differential is locked in awd

A: You will not get any where contrary to others believes the diffs are not self locking so the prop will just spin and at that low speed it will not lock and send drive to the front wheels. Are you sure you have locked the diff. If so you can lift the driver side wheel and whilst rocking it manually pull the diff lock forwards ( right hand upper side of the diff) which takes the lock out.

Are you sure its just not the indicator that’s left on? Try turning the car on grass (low speed) and then on tarmac and see if it is truly locked or just the indicator left on

Q: Audi 90 quattro CS – bolt on serpentine pulley broke while driving?

Audi 90

Ok so I was driving in an audi 90 quattro when suddenly the power steering went out and a bunch of lights came on. I looked under the hood – lo and behold, the bolt that holds the serpentine tensioner pulley to the engine had snapped clean off. How do you recommend I get the threaded part of the carriage bolt out of the block?

I think the moral of this story – buy an American car.

A: The only way is to drill out the bolt you will need a colbat drill as the bolt is an ht one.

Q: is 90,000 miles a lot for an audi? in your opinion are audis good dependable cars? thanks?

oh and is $4,000 a lot for and audi that has 90,000 miles on it? it is a 1996 a-4. the car has no plates, but its from a dealer, how much do you think the plates would cost?

A: Audis are very good cars but they are expensive to maintain. 90,000 miles is nothing for an Audi if it has been maintained well i paid $9000 for an A6 with about 90K miles on it a few years ago it has 145K miles on it now and i would NOT sell it for $4000 it is worth at least $6K. so depending on the year and model that could be a great price or it could be too much its hard to tell with out the model and year. if it is an early 90’s (pre95) car with an automatic you can expect anouther 60 to 70K miles out of it if. if its a manual transmission you should expect 100K to 120K more miles out of it. my best guess would be the car still has half its life left in front of it dependin on the engine and model.

Q: Why did the brakes completely fail on my 1995 Audi 90 Q?

I went to move the car into the garage to replace the exhaust system. After starting and releasing the e-brake, I found a rock-hard brake pedal, with NO response at all to the brakes. I don’t know jack about ABS systems. The fluid is up. There were absolutely no warning signs.

Anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance.

A: Rock hard brake pedal = no servo assistance its nothing to do with your ABS system .You could have something as simple as a collapsed servo feed pipe.

Q: What is the torque for rear wheel bearing nut on a 1988 Audi 90 Quattro?

A: Go to the local library and get the info from the car repair manuals they all stock.

Q: I replaced a battery in my Audi 90, my radio now needs a safe code. Where can I find it?


Q: will tyres and wheels from an audi 80 fit a 1991 audi 90 please?

Audi 90
Audi 90
Audi 90
Audi 90
Audi 90

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