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Acura MDX Videos

Today on our Acura MDX well be installing the Prodigy P2 brake controller #: 90885 in conjunction with the ETB C7 brake controller install kit #: ETB C7. To begin our install well locate the four pole connector. Its already mounted on the Its stored here in the rear area. Well need to it outside the vehicle.

To do this going to go ahead and remove the threshold.

Today, on our 2005 MDX, well be installing the Tow Ready Vehicle Wiring Harness 4-Pole Flat Connector, Number 118336.To begin our well first open up the hatch door and then the cargo compartment. Next, need to remove the two push pin and secure the rear threshold.

a flat blade screwdriver or an trim panel tool, get underneath the fastener and just pry it out it from its position.Well go ahead and our trim panel tool or blade screwdriver and underneath the and release the fasteners underneath. we release these fasteners, go ahead and pull up on the threshold and it.Now, with the threshold out of the we can see the manufacturers tool port.

To the tool port, well on the locking tab and remove it from the Next we can go ahead and remove the cap its push pin fastened position.

on this 2008 Acura MDX we are to install part number from Hidden Hitch. will also apply to number 75614 from The first step involved is to the spare tire and we have done already so you have a lot of

You can already see the attaching points on the The next thing we need to do is the exhaust because there is not enough room to work the up in there. So lower the exhaust and then the heat shields are above the exhaust, we will those down too. All of will go back up once the is installed.

For the lowering of the exhaust we are going to do is put a strap across the pipes themselves so when we them we can do it in a controlled manner so we do not do any to the exhaust system. 00:42

If you been considering installing a on your MDX for a trailer, bike or cargo carrier we will you how easy it is. Some may back off they see the instructions call for the exhaust and removing the heat You can do this! The video will you how and you will save so much doing this on your own

Acura MDX Questions and Answers

On the hitches we have installed on the MDX the average distance from the of the hitch pin hole back to the rear bumper is 4 to 5 inches. The HoldUp, # Y02443, sticks out than that so it will the rear bumper and fit the vehicle. You most likely need to the closest bike to the vehicle in to open the rear hatch the rack tilted.

But I do know a rack that will and allow you to open the rear with bikes loaded. T

I out to the warehouse and pulled an Accele 4-Sensor Vehicle Backup System, # BU500, to determine how the rings work. The instructions had translated from another and something must have lost in the translation. The first you are going to do is drill the holes in the bumper using the included saw and based on the measurements in the instructions. you have done that running the wires from the through the

The 2003 Acura MDX is not for a brake controller so you will a few things in order to install a controller starting with a 4- to installation kit # ETBC7. This provide the 7-Way and the wiring and to install the brake controller. I included some links explain the ETBC7 installation for

For a brake controller, I recommend the P2, # This controller is very because it is reliable, easy to set up, and to use.

On many vehicles, the crossbar is located relatively to the windshield when using an roof rack. The cargo box be fine overhanging the front a You can adjust the feet in the box to be more which would make the box go some on the roof.

Many OEM racks have the crossbars at or behind the center of the vehicle. is because they produce noise (and/or you will less noise) when are further back on the vehicle.

are many roof mount bags that you can use with the roof rack on your Acura MDX. I have included a to the options for you. You will to measure the space available in the front and rear crossbars.

Ideally, the bag would rest in the bars and secure to them at the and back. The bars will the bag from sliding forward or during starts or stops. You need to make sure the and bag are clean before installation to

I am assuming you have a 2003 MDX since the trailer hitch you referenced fits the Acura I do have a trailer hitch will fit the 2003 Acura MDX, the hitch that you referenced only fit 2007 to 2013 For your 2003 model, I the Hidden Hitch Class III Hitch, # 87454. This was designed to fit the 2001 to 2006

I have attached an installation of this hitch on a 2004 for you to check out. The installation will be

The best way to determine the of bearing buddy needed be to take a highly accurate of your hub bore using a caliper. I have edited a for you that shows this If you happened to know the reference from your outer bearings, the proper bearing could be determined.

If you would to reply with either the hub dimension or the outer bearing I would be happy to suggest a protector for you.

The additional wire from the Tow Ready 4 to 5 Pole Adapter, # 20036, splice into the reverse circuit on your Acura MDX. The of the fifth wire is to activate an lockout valve on a brake to allow a trailer with brakes to back up without the locking up. If you have a trailer electric brakes and you want to power to the electric brakes on the you will want to add a brake The brake controller will

There are a few 2 bike trunk bike rack options for the 2008 Acura MDX. The QuickBack 2, # is a good choice. It is Yakimas top of the trunk mount bike and is good for a long or short and for 2 bikes. I have linked a review of the rack for you.

If MDX has the spoiler at the top of the rear hatch you would need to use the Hollywood Over-the-Top rack, # HRF2. rack is designed with a top arm that moves the top straps up an

In the of roof racks there are rails, which are only options and not available as aftermarket and there are crossbars that may or may not be into side rails run front to back. You have 2 as far as what you can do. If you want to keep the bag you have then you can add crossbars to the of your 2012 Acura For the widest crossbar spread to center distance between the and rear bars) I recommend the system with

The Draw-Tite T-One Vehicle Harness with 4-pole trailer connector # 118424 directly into the vehicle wiring harness using the style connection at the fuse box in the cargo area at the rear of the The issue that you are experiencing the trailer lights not working the vehicle ignition off or the key in the off position is to the vehicle wiring. It is most a function of how the vehilce itself is and does not ind

Yakima has not updated the installation details. They do the vehicle as compatible with the Pro bike rack # Y02622. have the following fit information: the upper strap hooks at the top of trunk, hatch lid, or door. Outer/lower support rests on the lower portion of the plate or well.

Side hooks to back side of trunk, hatch, or rear below tail lights. use of Yakima’s Glass Hatch accessory in place of the u

The Bike Adapter, # CC-125, will fit cargo carrier # C18132. You find though that you need to use slightly larger on the underside of the cargo carrier but is about it.

According to Thule, the XXL box, like part # will fit the OEM crossbars of your Acura MDX, but the length of the box prevent you from fully the rear hatch because the will hit the rear of the box. If the additional cargo space on the is more important to you than able to fully open the hatch, the XXL would work fine for you. The only roof box that will full hatch clearance be the Sonic Large, part # in b

I went out to our test fit facility in the Alps (actually its just door) and measured the height of the Pull Top Slide-Out Ski and Snowboard # TH92726. At most the carrier add approximately 6-1/2 inches of beyond the tops of the crossbars on the I have included a link to a review of the carrier for you.

I checked with Yakima and the KingJoe Pro 3 # Y02625 is confirmed to fit 2011 Acura MDX. out the review video I attached for rack also. If you plan on any womens or alternative framed without horizontal top tubes you may be interested in purchasing a Yakima Top Adapter Bar # Y02531 to provide a top tube on your bikes to an attachment point.

I attached a video for this product This will allow the to be carrie

According to my Thule the QM3 Extended Length Hardware Kit you part # TH05075 can be used your Thule Cascade box and would allow the box to be used on the OEM crossbars on your 2006 You might also be interested in a mounted step like # TH2100. A tire mounted would make accessing mounted cargo much and easier.

Acura MDX

I went out to the warehouse and an Anti-Rattle Device and Lock, # I measured the span of the included and it is 5/8 inches. Any 5/8 inch wrench or can be used in place of the flat that is included.

I have a video review of this for you.

The best trunk bike rack solution for 2007 Acura RDX, to my technical contact at Hollywood is the Hollywood Rack Over the Top # When installing this you will need to use the hatch clips instead of the metal (both are provided in the box) at all attachment points – side, and bottom. One point of is that when your is attached, you will not be able to your cargo area removing the unit. The Yaki

On a new with rubber straps the Yakima KingJoe Pro # Y02625, it be a little tough at first to get an on the strap over the peg. If the are out in the sun they will loosen up. And just over time it become easier.

The fact it is not easy to put them on also that it is pretty much for the bikes to pop them loose traveling. One thing that tend to do is pull the strap as as they can over the frame. In it just

The Thule Vertex # will fit your 2007 MDX with Hidden Hitch hitch # 87474. On numerous of the same generation as your MDX that we have installed on, the clearance from the center of the pin hole to the back of the rear measured at most 5 inches. On the it comes out 6-1/4 inches to the of the carrier and 12 inches to the back of the bar.

So it should clear the back of the without issue. I have a link t

You will not be able to use an in another adapter to carry a rack and cargo carrier at the time. This is because the use of 1 will reduce the tongue capacity of the hitch by 50 percent. So if you a hitch with a 400 pound weight capacity, the use of one adapter reduce that to 200 pounds.

if you were to use another adapter, the will be reduced again to 100 pounds. If the cargo carrier and rack weigh 91 pounds would m

The Yakima KingJoe Pro # is listed as a fit for your 2010 MDX. On your vehicle you will to use the glass hatch accessory in of the upper strap hooks. A set of the hatch accessory is included the bike rack.

Be sure to the back of the vehicle and the bike before installation to avoid If you will be carrying any bikes do not have a top frame bar that straight across (like a mens bike would) I recommend using bike ada

If trailer uses a 4-pin that has five wires to it, your trailer uses is called a wishbone harness. The light circuit separates at the (rather than separating down the line) with one leg down each side of the The Curt T-Connector # C55336 for the MDX will work great this type of trailer as long as it is indeed a 4-pin

No adapter will be necessary. I linked you to the installation ins

We do have 3-bike trunk mount that will fit your Acura MDX, see link, they all require the use of the glass hook accessory (included). will limited the capacity of the mount racks to 2 bikes. To 3 bikes I recommend installing a hitch, # 13354, and using a mount bike rack.

The popular 3-bike rack is the Trailhead, # S63365. It includes cradles, the ability to tilt and the can fold down. I have

If your genuine Acura has a 2 inch receiver then we several swinging bike that you could use including the that you have referenced # My personal favorite is the Thule # TH9031 because it has arced that space out the bikes a better than on the SwingDaddy. racks feature anti-sway and the arms can fold down the rack is not in use.

I have some links to videos the racks for you. If you will be a

If you open the liftgate of your Acura MDX you should see a black of conduit that holds that will run from the of the door to the door itself. In bundle of wires should be a light circuit. What you do is remove the interior panel the threshold where the harness and test the wires to find one is the reverse light circuit.

You need to use a circuit tester our part # 40376. Aside that you could try tapping t

The original Thule Helium was of ultra-lightweight aluminum, featured anti-sway T3 cradles with straps. The cradle arms spaced 12 inches apart to outside). The rack could and tilt.

It also featured an cable lock and knob for It fit Class I, II, and III hitches (Class I limited to 2 bikes). The new Helium # is a complete design change.

The bar or mast of the rack is no longer a shape. It is now more o

We do indeed trailer hitches! I would the Draw-Tite Class III receiver, # 75614. The hitch is compatible your MDX, but ONLY if MDX has the compact-sized spare tire. is not a hitch available for models with the full-sized spare. If MDX has the full sized spare, you want to check with the about the availability of a compact

Either the Thule Vertex, # TH9031 or the Yakima SwingDaddy # would work very for you.

Radiator fan # D18217 rods and pads for mounting fan # D16217 includes a mounting kit up of more pieces. I have a picture that shows the hardware included with fan. The additional hardware with the D16217 fan would be for who cannot or does not want to the fan using just the simple and pads.

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