! A Growing Teenager Diary !: Repair Proton Saga Window Main Switch Experiences

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Proton Saga

Repair Proton Saga Window Main Switch Experiences

today i woke up at 9.50am.

then i just check on my resume application for job and it seems like there is still haven anyone call me yet.

moreover, my attention on my phone had become more sharp whenever it rings because i will thought about whether it is an interviewer calls or not even thought it was just an SMS.

actually i did wonder the reason why no one call me might because i was too rush or maybe i put too high for my salary expectation as it start with RM3,000.

around 11.30am i went to have chicken rice again as my breakfast+lunch with my room mate since there is nothing much sell due to holiday period after exam for most of the Tarcian.

after that, we went to pay our rental to the house owner and my heart just feel money-pain as it cost about RM200 for rental+electricity+unify payment.

upon back home, i decided to use second strategy for job application which is send my resume to most of the potential competitor that can get a better chance for being employed instead of just using those different kind of finding job website.

perhaps massive send resume strategy did not work well to get a probability but i still send another 10 application today where it had accumulated about 30 application including yesterday submission although i still have the feelings of no one want hire me? in Malaysia.

around 3.15pm my brother phoned from Vietnam and asked me to drive his car to repair his Proton Saga‘s window main switch at the authorized Proton dealer shop.

after research for sometime, i finally found one which is very near with my KL house and make a move around 3.50pm.

besides, i also fetch my room mate to his friend house at Genting Klang to back Johor hometown since i will pass by there and the weather was raining.

when i reach the training center, luckily it is only cost RM52+ for repair the right side of window’s main switch that is just need to replace with the electric window control panel PW855376-P0034 as below.

in fact, i do research a bit that some online seller sell it for RM90 without fixing it and the reason that i write this post was to remind anyone to have some guidance about the price if you want to change the switch.

moreover, it is highly recommended that you can buy the original genuine parts switch from Sin Siang Hin (M) Sdn Bhd that near Jalan Pahang as the address below.


No. 86, Jalan Pahang, Setapak 53000, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-40224888. Fax: 03-40226662


it is because their workshop has been there for almost 10 years+ and the uncle was a good enough to tell me that there is no extra service charges to change the switch.

i believe if i simply go any car’s repair shop, i might simply chopped for at least few hundred as a fish water for being newbies in the car part thing because my brother told me to bring RM250 before go there but i just say that i ask first before go withdraw money.

finally i arrived back home at 4.25pm and have some chat with a friend.

honestly, i did feel jelly when she can earn almost 3K as myself seems to be lack of confident.

in fact, i feel like sitting in front of PC cry alone but that’s was too childish act for a guy right?

after some moment passed, my phone call rings and i finally received a call from an interviewer to ask me go for interview next coming Monday.

somehow i do feel relief where there is at least one employer call me today although it seems like a small company that related with pillow manufacture business.

well, my brother just told me to treat it as learning experience for interview if i did not get the job.

on the other hand, i do feel myself can become like a interview blog review for company as i saw there is so much food blogger review, car blogger review gossip blogger review, technology blogger review, promotion blogger review or even prostitute blogger review but still haven have any employer blog review.

around 6pm i just feel tired and went to take a nap.

the moment i woke up again was 7.30pm and i phoned my ex-housemate whether want to have dinner together or not.

then i just drive to to Wangsa Maju to meet him up and have our dinner near the traffic light restaurant.

well, i do enjoyed it very much as it cost about RM20 for two person that had 3 different dishes such as seafood fish soup (Large-RM5), Thailand sweet-sour chicken (Small-RM6) and Kong Pou mantis shrimp prawn (Small-RM8) as shown picture below.

during the moment drive back home, i enjoyed myself very much with the Hatsune Miku song inside the car and finally reach home at 8.40pm.

actually at first i plan to go eat Mc Donalds but find it is quite unhealthy if i spend the same RM10 for food.

then i continue to surf some information online to kill my time since my job now was measuring land inside house (在家量地) that means doing nothing much literally.

on the other hand, i do learn some knowledge from KnowThyMoney blog owner sharing’s about the way to improve jobs resume.

furthermore, i feel that it is good to learn from people that have older experience than us because their might have gone through the path that we did not encounter yet.

Proton Saga

around 10.20pm is the time for Chan Fong’s (大城心事) story sharing and below was the podcast recording of it.


1) 第一位#65306;阿May#65288;已婚9年 / 從事Marketing的行業#65289;#65374;打電話進來純粹只是想和陳峰大哥傾訴說自己和丈夫倆人各自在不同的行業打拼#65292;一直很努力拼命地賺錢就爲了將來想過得更舒適的生活而覺很累很辛苦#65307;現在丈夫的生意開始好到忙不過來但是卻缺乏她的支持而間接產生關係摩擦衝突的狀況#12290; Here .

2) 第二位#65306;國豐#65374;他想問#65292;人是否會隨著年齡的成長而壓力也會隨即跟著增加#65292;還有為何人會被慾望所控制#65307;談話的過程中好像是聽眾在撥電話去電臺訪問陳峰大哥#12290; Here .

3) 第三位#65306;曉卿#65374;關於小孩子的問題#65292;今年四年級#65292;因為孩子在學校的功課很繁重加上又要補習#65307;孩子已多次向她申訴覺得很壓力#12289;很喘不過氣#12290;

4) 第四位#65306;阿文#65288;廚師 / 34歲 / 已婚 #65289;#65374;他打算自己出來創業#65292;因為目前的收入太低#65292;就算加上太太的薪水也很難維持生活開銷還有孩子的費用等等所以想問問陳峰大哥有何見解#12290;Part 3 + 4 Here .

5) 第五位#65306;阿力#65288;三十出歲#65289;#65374;十幾年前被家人送入青山院#65288;精神病院 / 可能是受到媽媽的遺傳#65289;#65292;話說他當時根本就沒有病不過最後卻還是被他們很堅持的送進那裡直到現在他想回家#65292;只是他的家人始終都不肯讓他回家令他覺得很無助#12290; Here .

6) 第六位#65306;阿慧#65288;已婚 / 育有三名子女#65289;#65374;丈夫的工作地點是不固定位的#65292;雖然她一直很希望他能留在本地工作但是最後丈夫也沒答應#65292;目前還是在外地工作#65307;為此他們也吵架過好幾次#12290; Here .

7) 第七位#65288;最後一位#65289;#65306;#65288;阿雯 / 32歲 / 歐洲打電話回來的#65289;#65374;她在早前已經和相識多年的男友訂了婚#65292;現在有些想反悔的念頭所以很想臨時取消婚約甚至是拖延婚期#65292;要開口卻又難以啟齒#12290; Here .


one thing i realized that in order to have good communication with people, money does play an important role again.

for example, if you join a group of talking about share investment and if you no extra money to buy, there is nothing much to talk about right; of you join a group or people that always go for entertainment + clubbing and no $$ again, nothing much to be talk; if go good food place to eat or go out play, no $$ also can’t do anything and end up talking alone in front of computer.

looking at my expenses nowadays, i think myself really can go Eat Grass (吃草) already as i keep spend so much for today and still haven confirm to get any job yet.

in fact, no one will pity you if you did not get any job since this is what we call as world survival competition game in real life.

before i end my post, i would like to share a peaceful song that name Amazing Grace sang by Olivia Ong as below or the link Here .

at last, i would try to be appreciate more about what i already have and there is no need to compare with people. (人比人#65292;比死人)

if there is just a few people who concern about me, i should be grateful that at least i still got someone care for me such as blogger friend rather than zero at all right?

in addition, i did told myself that don’t be so greedy if some real life friend don’t care for me even i took my initiative to find them.

this blog post was finish written during the midnight and i do feel quite lonely as most of my housemate had went back to their hometown.

Be Happy Lonely Reload. (self-motivation)

Proton Saga
Proton Saga
Proton Saga
Proton Saga
Proton Saga
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