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Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

The of the new Mercedes-Benz GL marks the introduction of a new system, COLLISION PREVENTION

by Jim Davis | 16 July 2012

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Filled nearly every bell and the second-generation Mercedes-Benz GL-Class utility is making its debut for the model year. The launch of the new GL marks the introduction of a significant new system, COLLISION PREVENTION which uses a dedicated sensor to monitor the distance to a in front and to stationary objects. If the senses a risk of imminent it pre-charges the brakes and alerts the with a warning beep and light on the dash.

Many New Systems

The new GL-Class is loaded other new safety systems as ATTENTION ASSIST, ADAPTIVE technology, mbrace2 telematics and Stabilization. Slightly longer, and taller than the first-generation new convenience features include a control knob, a color cluster display, power and a 115-volt outlet under the seats.

Among the new GL options are an CURVE SYSTEM, On/Off-Road Active Parking Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, a Surround View camera, Roof and power EASY-ENTRY for passengers.

The 2013 GL Lineup

The new GL lineup for 2013 ranges the fuel-sipping GL350 BlueTEC hp, 455 lb.-ft.) with a V6 turbodiesel to the GL63 AMG (550 hp, 560 lb.-ft.) powered by a hand-built AMG 5.5-liter direct injection V8. Between two contrasting models are the popular (362 hp, 406 lb.-ft.) and GL550 hp, 516 lb.-ft.), both equipped new direct-injection biturbo V8 engines.

Rack-And-Pinion Steering

The 2013 comes with new electrically-assisted steering. Not only does the new steering provide built-in power assist, but it also fuel savings. The engine no has to turn a hydraulic power pump, and the new steering only electrical power when the is being turned.

Mounted of the front wheel center, the gear unit has a variable ratio that operates directly, or slightly faster, in the position, which enhances and handling.

Active Parking

The new electric steering assist makes other innovative possible, such as optional Parking Assist, which parallel parking a stress-free Below about 20 mph, a icon appears in the dash to that an electronic search for a space is active, and whenever an parking space is found, an appears next to the #8220;P#8221;

When reverse is engaged and the confirms Active Parking is desired, the system initiates steering as the driver controls and braking at speeds below mph. The system allows two corrections, after which the are straightened. Active Parking also includes an automatic feature.


Not to be confused with Active Illumination, the optional ACTIVE SYSTEM is a semi-active suspension uses electronic sensors, an hydraulic pump and electronically hydraulic valves to reduce lean. Instead of conventional stabilizer bars at the front and the stabilizer bars in the ACTIVE SYSTEM are essentially split in the and connected to rotary hydraulic

Whenever the vehicle is in a curve, the counteract lateral pitching, the natural tendency of the body to and lean in curves. Lower forces means increased and driving pleasure, especially at speeds, as well as less of occupants.

On/Off-Road Package

An On/Off-Road package features a electronically controlled transfer that gives the GL-Class off-road capability. High provides 1:1 on-road gearing, and low range engages a 2.93:1 for impressive off-road control and ability.

The On/Off-Road package an Off-Road switch on the center that activates special algorithms to enhance engine, ABS, ESP, traction performance in off-road conditions. In a six-position rotary dial the system to be customized, including low range, engaging a center lock and increasing ground in increments of 1.2, 2.4, and 3.5

4MATIC Four-Wheel Drive a Trend

All four GL models with proven Mercedes-Benz all-wheel drive. As modern systems become more they are becoming more especially in the luxury car market. negligible weight and fuel-efficiency full-time four-wheel drive year-round traction and stability on both wet and dry roads.

ATTENTION Cautions #8220;Time For A Rest?

Among the many new life-saving on the GL-Class is the innovative ATTENTION system that can alert the to the first signs of drowsiness, a that causes more 100,000 accidents a year in the A steering sensor is coupled to software that uses 70 to establish a unique driver during the first 20 minutes of Between 50 and 112 mph, the system the erratic steering corrections make as they begin to get and triggers an audible warning, and a for a Rest?#8221; message with a cup icon appears in the instrument

More Safety Systems the Driver

Other examples of safety innovations include: Lane Keeping Assist, alerts the driver by simulating strip vibration in the steering if the car drifts from its lane the turn signals on. It operates at above 37 mph via a system that lane markings, thanks to a camera in the windshield and a computer analyzes the video images. Lane Keeping Assist an intervention feature, in which ESP automatically helps correct the course if the driver doesn#8217;t the initial warning.

Active Spot Assist monitors blind spots behind and to the of the vehicle. Whenever a turn is activated with a vehicle in the spot, the driver gets and audible warnings. Active Spot Assist also the ESP intervention feature, which helps correct the car#8217;s if the driver doesn#8217;t heed the warning.

Mercedes-Benz Safety is

The new COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST monitors the distance to vehicles in and to stationary objects with a radar sensor. If the system a risk of imminent collision, it the driver with a warning and flashing light on the dash. PREVENTION ASSIST also with standard Brake to prepare for emergency braking, so maximum power assist is as soon as the driver applies the

In addition to standard COLLISION ASSIST, The GL-Class line with ESP® stability ABS anti-lock brakes, two-stage air bags for the driver and front driver#8217;s knee air bag, side air bags in front and curtain side air bags and belt tensioners and belt limiters.

PRE-SAFE® Gives The Reflexes to Protect Occupants

on the new GL, PRE-SAFE® is a revolutionary safety that can actually sense an collision before it happens and measures to protect occupants those valuable seconds impact. The PRE-SAFE system tightens the front seat before a possible impact, on some models, the front seat moves to a position can provide better protection. windows close to provide support for the curtain air bags, and if the senses an impending rollover, the also closes.

Rich, Interiors with Flexible Space

The exterior appearance of the new GL includes sleek bumpers and grille, chrome window and front and rear skid LED technology is used for taillights and running lights.

Inside, the luxury SUVs are with heated power seats, genuine wood and a retractable glass sunroof. New include a double-sized power sunroof with a fixed panel over the third-row and multi-color ambient lighting.

The two seats can be stowed electrically at the of a button, either separately or to provide a totally flat floor. For easy access to the seats from both a manual EASY-ENTRY feature is Optionally available is power folding of the second-row seats.

All models feature four-wheel suspension and height-adjustable AIRMATIC for unprecedented comfort and handling. The can be easily identified by a unique styling treatment that fender flares, more front and rear aprons, trim and 21-inch AMG wheels.

In with COMAND

A standard system features a high-resolution color display screen a COMAND controller, AM / FM / HD radio, six-disc DVD / CD changer and a Bluetooth that allows a phone in a pocket or purse to be operated the car#8217;s audio system. It can be with an optional iPod/MP3 SIRIUS satellite radio and voice control. The COMAND can play tracks stored on a CD, DVD or SD memory card.

The system can display maps and directions for the hard-drive navigation system, can be set up for SIRIUS real-time traffic and Zagat restaurant ratings as All GL-Class models can be equipped an optional 830-watt 14-speaker harman / kardon Logic7 system and a rear-seat entertainment that includes two eight-inch wireless headphones and an integrated DVD that enables dual-source

GL350 BlueTEC Boasts Fuel Economy

Available in all 50 thanks to an innovative AdBlue treatment system that the diesel meet the most emissions limits, the diesel-powered BlueTEC delivers impressive low exhaust emissions and great economy. With 240 hp and a whopping 455 of torque, the GL350 BlueTEC an innovative 3.0-liter V6 diesel with the torque of a V8 and the fuel to rival some four-cylinders. with the latest CDI (Common Direct Injection) technology, electronically injected and turbocharged engine is changing consumers#8217; perceptions about diesels.

— A Modular Technology

BlueTEC technology is helping to expand the already broad product in the U.S. market. In addition, the role of Mercedes-Benz in modern engines is playing a key role in the future products that also include hybrids, piston engines and fuel

The seven-seat SUV also boasts cruising range – more 600 miles at highway speeds. For utility, V8-like pulling makes the GL350 BlueTEC for towing when it#8217;s with an optional 7,500-lb. IV trailer hitch.

BlueTEC an oxidation catalyst and a maintenance-free filter as well as new techniques for nitrogen oxide emissions – the type of exhaust gas that#8217;s in diesel vehicles than engines. The BlueTEC diesels a NOx storage converter in combination an SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue to lower NOx emissions. The AdBlue injects just the right of an aqueous carbamide solution the exhaust flow, which ammonia (NH3), reducing oxides to harmless nitrogen and in the downstream SCR converter.

Biturbo V8

With a choice of three biturbo V8 engines, the new GL attains gas mileage while producing power #8212; an astounding considering that increasing power or fuel economy decreases the other. The biturbo V8 feature direct fuel twin turbochargers and multi-spark

Piston crowns are four thicker to handle the high pressures of a turbocharged engine, shorter connecting rods existing block dimensions to be Like its predecessor, the new engines aluminum cylinder heads, and cylinder block (with Silitec cylinders), as well as a connecting roads and valves of special forged steel.

Fuel Injection

While gasoline engines have indirect port fuel in the past, the GL engines make use of electronics technology first on Mercedes-Benz diesels – electronic injectors that spray directly into the combustion Featuring a piezo-ceramic crystalline that changes shape electrical current is applied, fast piezo injectors it possible to design very and precise injection systems, the ability to program several injections with each ….

The first injection is into the combustion chamber as the is descending on the intake …. on speed, load and temperature another injection or two takes during the compression up-… ignition, forming a stratified A fourth injection can stabilize if it#8217;s needed.

Multi-Spark with Multi-Squirt

Working with the spray-guided direct a rapid multi-spark ignition begins combustion with the spark, but has the capability to recharge and up to three more sparks a single millisecond, creating a gas with more expansion conventional ignition.

The time lapse between is adjustable, so combustion duration can be controlled, resulting in two percent fuel economy, and a total of percent improvement in combination its companion direct fuel system.

Refined Variable Timing

Mounted on the ends of the and exhaust camshafts, the hydraulic adjusters that vary timing are 35 percent faster in the past, and with a wider of 40 crankshaft degrees. Despite improved performance, they#8217;re more than a half smaller in height and width.

Efficient Cam Chain Drive

valve timing adjusters are possible by a revised cam chain in which the crankshaft drives an shaft above the crank. In the intermediate shaft drives two chains – one for each cylinder – that loop around the and exhaust camshaft drive The latest chain drive in less tension and lower dynamics, for even lower and less noise.

A fourth drives a variable vane-type oil in the bottom of the engine. At low engine and load, the oil pump only about 28 psi (or two bar) of oil pressure, and that spray cooling oil on the are inactive. As engine speed and increases, oil pressure rises, and the oil nozzles are turned on.

In this less energy is used less cooling and lubrication is

Three-Phase, Low-Load Cooling

Even the cooling system is refined, beginning with a flow circuit through the head. This coolant results in better heat despite lower coolant so that the water pump less engine power.

A cooling system helps the warm up very quickly. the engine is first started, no circulates. Then, as the engine up, coolant begins to circulate the engine, but not through the radiator. when the coolant temperature 221 degrees Farenheit (or 189 degrees F. high load), coolant circulates through the radiator.

circulation through the heating for the car#8217;s interior is controlled

The Building Blocks

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Assembling the V8 engine underscores its efficient An exceptionally stiff forged-steel is bolted into a pressure-cast block, and an aluminum oil pan also to block rigidity.

Aluminum pistons are mounted on the rods, then slid the silicon-aluminum sleeves, which are an cast-in part of the block. rods must be made in two for assembly on the crankshaft, and Mercedes use hollow, forged steel that initially are made in one then hydraulically #8220;cracked,#8221; of being machine-cut and reground. The fracture provides a very durable fit, even at engine speeds, and shortens the process since re-grinding necessary.

The two cylinder heads are onto the block, and twin are installed in each head, cam drive chains looping the intake and exhaust cam sprockets. piping keeps the exhaust air as hot as leading to a catalytic converter each cylinder bank.


The 2013 GL-Class is equipped with an enhanced automatic transmission that even better fuel more responsive driving, operation and increased durability. The new features a more advanced converter lock­up clutch and is to work best with a new of low-viscosity ATF transmission fluid, blue instead of the usual

Together with low-drag gears, bearings and internal the #8220;FE-ATF#8221; fluid provides friction and improved fuel Lower hydraulic pressure and electronic software helps even smoother shifting.


Availability: September (GL350 BlueTEC: October

GL350 BlueTEC: 50-state turbodiesel V6: 240 hp, 455 lb.-ft.

GL450: 4.6-liter biturbo gasoline V8: 362 hp, 406

GL550: direct-injection 4.6-liter V8: 429 hp, 516 lb.-ft.

GL63 AMG: 5.5-liter biturbo V8: 550 hp, 560 lb.-ft.

New Feature Highlights:

New-generation sport utility vehicle

longer, wider and taller



Electromechanical power steering

Color instrument display


COMAND control

Rear-view camera


New Optional Feature Highlights:

On- and Package


Active Lane Keeping

Active Parking Assist


Power EASY-ENTRY for 2nd row

Highbeam Assist

Surround system

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

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