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Chevrolet Cruze

2013 Chevrolet Cruze Wagon news, pictures, and

Launched in 2009, the Cruze is the brand’s most successful globally and has sold over 1.3 units worldwide up to the first of 2012. With the arrival of the anticipated station wagon at dealer showrooms across Chevrolet will be offering a car will particularly appeal to and individuals wîth an active

‘We believe ‘Cruze + is a winning formula for European said Susan Docherty, and Managing Director of Chevrolet ‘The new Cruze station offers space and versatility, new engines and Chevrolet’s cutting-edge infotainment technology,’ Docherty

Compact cars represent the §egmènt in Europe, accounting for 17 percent of all vehicles sold, of station wagons in turn a share of around 22 percent. of station wagons appreciate the amounts of space in their yet desire the vehicle’s size, and overall feel to be comparable to of a compact hatchback or sedan. carz)

The Chevrolet Cruze wagon has been designed these needs and customers’ lifestyles in mind. Its particular of features make it an ideal hauler and vehicle for sports or extended holiday trips. The new wagon is equally suited to the of the suburban commuter who will the freedom and flexibility the stylish car will bring to his life.

For enthusiasts, Chevrolet will be a range of useful accessories.

bit as sharp as its siblings The station carries forward the sporty language embodied by the Chevrolet sedan and hatchback. Its confident is emphasized by a ‘wheels out, in’ stance, a powerful shoulder line and a single roofline that tapers off the D-pillar. The slim roof are a standard feature and contribute to the poised looks.

A dual-port wîth the golden bowtie in the center, instantly communicates the wagon as a Chevrolet. Among the changes incorporated into all year 2013 Cruzes are an drawn fascia wîth slats. The enhanced front wîth fog lights that are in newly styled housings the car’s sporty looks.

The features fluid lines and signature dual cockpit, wrap-around front fascia flow into the driver and door. Cars that wîth the brand-new Chevrolet infotainment system will a new seven-inch high resolution screen located in the integrated stack.

Also, in cars wîth MyLink or the new base and radios to be launched on model 2013 Cruzes (left-hand-drive the layout of the instrument panel and outlets next to the radio has been re-designed. The small in the upper instrument panel has moved closer to the radio and now also houses ÚSB and aux-in

Vehicles equipped wîth will feature an instrument display wîth an eco-drive menu. Thanks to Passive Passive Start (PEPS), a new on the Cruze, drivers will be to keep the car key conveniently in their when unlocking, locking and their vehicle.

Infotainment new levels of connectivity

As of this Chevrolet MyLink, a brand-new and infotainment system, will available in the Chevrolet Cruze. It smartphone capabilities into the

Chevrolet MyLink aggregates from a smartphone onto the high resolution, full touch-screen display. Connectivity be ensured via ÚSB or Bluetooth for mass devices, including MP3 players, iPad, etc. There is a dedicated plug-in outlet for personal music devices and that do not use ÚSB or Bluetooth connections.


•the caller to a name from the stored touch the call function and the call through the vehicle thereby obviating the cumbersome of having to manually dial a

•easy access to personal photo galleries, phone other stored media and

•playback of videos and personalized shows when the car is stationary

•customers to download special such as navigation which be offered for download later in the

Manufactured by LG electronics, the seven-inch touch screen has a clean design wîth five each of them comprising a of easy-to-select functions. The MyLink unit can be operated through wheel controls used for audio broadcasting (DAB). Six will provide excellent quality for all occupants.

A rearview will be standard in cars MyLink as well as in vehicles infotainment package features the integrated navigation device. package also includes technology for streaming and hands-free aux-in and ÚSB jacks, §teering controls, CD player and six premium

Spacious trunk and practical layout

Space is abundant in the Cruze station wagon, for the occupants and the cargo they to transport. The carpeted trunk 1,024 mm in length in its basic and allows for storage of up to 500 liters up to the line. When the rear (60/40 split) are folded some 1,478 liters of be packed under the roof of the

Further trunk highlights

•a luggage compartment cover retracts fully into a The fully expanded cover can be up and out of the way for better access into the

•a storage tray wîth storage compartments between the seatbacks and the cassette for the luggage

•a separate small load below the rearmost section of the deck which holds the tire repair kit

•two storage compartments, located the wheel arches

•several on the sides of the cargo deck for down bulky cargo

stowage spaces inside the car door pockets wîth bottle storage (1.5 front, 0.5 liters rear), a illuminated two-tier glovebox, pockets sufficiently large to slim laptops, and a compartment for of smaller items in the instrument

Available accessories may include nets, a cargo organizer box flexible partition walls, a box, as well as bicycle, ski and board carrier systems.

engine line-up: more at each …

Únder the a 1.4L turbocharged gasoline and a 1.7L diesel engine complement the powertrain line-up, in to the 1.6L and 1.8L gasoline and diesel engines already on

The 1.4L turbocharged gasoline delivers a performance comparable to of a larger displacement while less fuel and producing a carbon footprint. Matched to a six-speed manual transmission, it 140 hp (103 kW) and a maximum torque of 200 Nm at rpm while 0-100 km/h requires 9.5 seconds. On a combined the 1.4L turbo gasoline consumes 5.7 liters/100 km, which to 134 g of CO2 per km.

The 1.7L diesel engine, wîth an intercooled turbocharger, Start/Stop and electric power cranks out 130 hp (96 kW) that propel the wagon to 100 km/h in 10.4 and to a top speed of 200 km/h. This performance is matched by impressive torque ratings of 300 Nm at 2,000’2,500

With a fuel consumption of 4.5 per 100 kilometers on a combined cycle and 119 g of CO2 per kilometer, the 1.7L diesel is the most frugal ever to powered a Chevrolet Cruze.

On the Cruze station wagon, the gasoline engine variant incorporate standard electric §teering (EPS), which reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 of this unit. In a number of markets, EPS as well as Start/Stop also be incorporated on the 2.0L engines as of this summer.

The turbo gasoline, the 1.7L and the diesel engines will wîth a six-speed manual whereas the 1.6L and 1.8L engines will be mated to transmissions. Both the 1.8L and the 2.0L diesel engine also be offered wîth an transmission. (posted on conceptcarz.com)

Proven architecture puts first

Chassis and suspension have made sure the station wagon’s dynamics the vehicle’s nimble looks. The gained on the race track in the Touring Car Championship (WTCC), the Cruze has won for two years in a row, in and 2011, has been put to good use in the development of the road car.

The Cruze station wagon the same planted, confident as the sedan and the hatchback, as well as the rigid unibody structure, than 60 percent of which is of high-strength steels. Proven strut front and compound type rear suspension have been specifically for the car’s mission and contribute to the low center of gravity, balance of and responsive handling.

Steering is power-assisted on the 1.4L turbo and gasoline, the 1.7L diesel and the diesel engine wîth providing the driver wîth a on-center feel. Customers who a navigation or Chevrolet MyLink system will be able to use a camera, a novelty on the Cruze is rather uncommon in the §egmènt. control is also available, on the trim level.

The safety of the Chevrolet Cruze station is nearly identical to that for the sedan, a compact car that has top five-star safety ratings both EuroNCAP and the Ú.S. Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA).

In addition to the vehicle’s body structure, six standard Eletronic Stability Control, Control, as well as four-channel brakes contribute to its excellent performance. Five three-point ISOFIX anchoring system on the two outboard positions and a collapsible assembly are also standard.

good looks

The Chevrolet station wagon carries the sporty design language by its siblings, the Cruze sedan and but has its stand-alone identity. Its proportions, and styling give Chevrolet’s entry to Europe a strong

‘The station wagon is the variant to join the Cruze and yet, its flowing, harmonious lines and consistent design that the nameplate was conceived this important model in from the very outset,’ Taewan Kim, Vice Design, GM Korea. ‘We inspired to give the car a fast and appearance without compromising on versatility and practicality in any way.’

the B-pillars rearward, the bodywork is all The station wagon’s confident is emphasized by a ‘wheels out, in’ stance, a powerful shoulder line and a single roofline that tapers off the D-pillar. The slim roof are a standard feature and contribute to the poised looks.

A dual-port wîth the golden bowtie in the center, instantly communicates the wagon as a Chevrolet. Among the changes incorporated into all year 2013 Cruzes are an drawn fascia wîth slats which will the honeycomb previously used in the An enhanced front bumper fog lights that are accommodated in styled housings give the car a sportier appearance.

At the rear the raked angle of the tailgate the dynamic profile that is so in the swept frontal section. All year 2013 Cruzes sport a fresh five-spoke design. Depending on the trim steel or alloy wheels are 16 or 17 in size.

The station wagon is offered wîth stylish wheels.

Stylish and comfortable

The all-new Chevrolet Cruze wagon offers a modern cabin that is progressively and has the degree of flexibility to meet the and active lifestyles of modern and individuals alike.

The interior Chevrolet’s signature dual wîth wrap-around front that flow into the and passenger door. Mid and up-level will boast a seven-inch resolution touch screen in the integrated center stack.

The panel is colored to match the inserts and door trims. A new color, Brownstone, will be on mid and up-level specifications.

In cars come wîth the brand-new MyLink infotainment system, or the new base and mid-level radios, the of the instrument panel and center has been re-designed. The storage in the upper instrument panel is by tall and sleek HVAC It has been moved forward, to the radio unit, and now houses ÚSB and sockets.

Those connectivity features in the storage compartment located the center console armrest in featuring the current integrated system available in both and right-hand-drive markets. In front of the the instrument cluster is efficiently featuring Chevrolet’s trademark backlighting. A centrally located readout highlights average selected gear in automatic and fuel range as well and average fuel economy.

equipped wîth Start/Stop will sport a cluster wîth a eco drive assistance It highlights an intuitive selection of related to the ecological aspects of in particular fuel efficiency.

to Passive Entry, Passive (PEPS), another up-market that is new in the Cruze, entering and disembarking from the station becomes a truly effortless The system allows drivers to the car key in their pocket when locking and while starting vehicle wîth a push-button.

can choose from two kinds of fabric or opt for heated leather for a maximum of comfort. Depending on the level, air conditioning systems be either manual or automatic and a filter that reduces the of particulates and pollutants which may asthma and other respiratory

New convenience in infotainment

As of this a brand-new cutting-edge infotainment available on the Cruze is set to inspire in many ways. Chevrolet will set new standards in terms of and flexibility by bringing smartphone into the vehicle.

Chevrolet aggregates content from the onto the seven-inch, high full color touch-screen Connectivity will be ensured via ÚSB or for mass storage devices, MP3 players, iPod, iPad, There is also a dedicated outlet for certain personal devices and smartphones that do not use ÚSB or connections.

With Chevrolet the smartphone, functions very in the same fashion a hard would in an embedded infotainment Owners of compatible devices can their own media into the through ÚSB or by pairing the smartphone the system’s Bluetooth connection.

calls can be made without as the caller can select a name the stored directory, touch the function and project the call the vehicle speakers. Personal photo galleries, phone other stored media and can also be accessed easily. As as the car remains stationary, occupants may watch videos or personalized shows.

A selection of special such as navigation, will be for download later in the year.

The color touch screen is by LG electronics and has a clean, intuitive wîth five menus Pictures Movies, Telephone, Link and Settings), each of comprising a list of easy-to-select The MyLink radio unit has engineered to enable digital broadcasting (DAB) and can be operated §teering-wheel controls. It will be to six speakers.

A rearview camera be standard in cars wîth as well as in vehicles whose package features the proven navigation device. This also includes Bluetooth for streaming and hands-free connectivity, and ÚSB jacks, §teering wheel CD player and six premium speakers.

The upscale unit of the two other systems to be offered will of a standard CD player and six speakers, and hands-free functionality as well as wheel controls. The device is and will feature ÚSB and aux-in

Spacious trunk, numerous opportunities for smaller items

is abundant in the Chevrolet Cruze wagon, both for the occupants and the they wish to transport. room is 999 mm (rear seats: 988 mm) front and rear leg room is mm and shoulder room 1,391/1,370 mm.

The carpeted trunk measures mm in length in its basic configuration and for storage of items of up to 500 liters in up to window line. When the seatbacks are folded flat split), the enlarged luggage can hold some 1,478 of cargo up to the roof. The maximum is approximately 530 kg, depending on the engine

A number of ears attached to the of the cargo deck enable to tie down larger goods do not want to slosh about the car is moving.

The luggage compartment retracts fully into a if bulkier cargo needs to be The cassette itself can be removed, if Fetching smaller items out of the is easy, too, as the cover can be moved upward and out of the way.

behind the luggage compartment lies a storage tray three storage compartments. the rearmost section of the cargo a separate small load holds the standard tire kit.

Smaller stowage inside the car include door wîth integrated bottle (1.5 liters front, 0.5 rear), a large and illuminated glovebox, seat-back pockets large to carry slim and a compartment for stowage of smaller in the instrument panel. The large console has an adjustable dual

The Chevrolet Cruze station has standard roof rails and a load capacity of 100 kg. Bicycles can be externally by attaching them to the rails by means of a lockable Alternatively, they may be mounted a carrier that is attached to the hitch.

Other accessories as cargo nets that small items from around in the cargo area, a organizer box wîth flexible walls, a roof box, as as ski carriers and a surf board are also available.

New fuel-efficient deliver a lot of punch

The Chevrolet station wagon will be wîth a new 1.4L turbocharged engine that will the carline’s proven powertrain This engine delivers a comparable to units of a larger while requiring less and producing a smaller carbon

Featuring standard Start/Stop, the unit has a dual overhead wîth variable valve and a multi-point injection fuel

Coupled to a standard six-speed transmission, the 1.4L turbo engine develops a maximum output of 140 hp (103 kW). the station wagon to hit 100 km/h in 9.5 When it comes to maximum which is rated at 200 Nm at 1,850’4,900 the 1.4L turbo gasoline will, by a considerable margin, be the potent of the three gasoline

At the same time, its efficiency the 1.4L turbocharged gasoline a choice for environmentally and financially drivers. On a combined cycle, the turbo gasoline engines 5.7 liters/100 km which result in 134 g of

1.7L diesel – the most frugal powerplant

The anticipated 1.7L diesel is equipped wîth an intercooled and boasts an intake manifold integrated swirl flaps. fuel is supplied through a injection fuel system enables up to 18 injections per cycle at a of 1,800 bar.

At full the engine cranks out a maximum of 130 hp (96 kW) propel the vehicle to 100 km/h in seconds, and to a top speed of 200 km/h. solid performance is matched by ratings of 300 Nm at 2,000’2,500 rpm.

Chevrolet Cruze

crucial still, the 1.7L unit is the most frugal ever to have been into a Chevrolet Cruze. consumption is 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers on a cycle, which translates 119 g of CO2 emissions per kilometer.

Start/Stop as well as electric power (EPS) are standard on the 1.7L and also be featured on 2.0L engines in several European The upgraded 163 hp (120 kw) 2.0L unit will need 4.8 per 100 kilometers and emit 126 g of CO2 per kilometer.

On the Chevrolet Cruze station the 1.6L gasoline engine be sold wîth standard power §teering in all markets, helps reduce fuel to 6.4 liters on a combined cycle of 100 and CO2 emissions to 151 g/km.

The 1.4L gasoline, the 1.7L and the 2.0L engine will come a six-speed manual gearbox the 1.6L and 1.8L gasoline will be mated to five-speed Both the 1.8L gasoline and the diesel engine will be offered wîth an automatic of six speeds.

Race-track-inspired, responsive

Chassis and suspension engineers seen to it that the station ride and handling characteristics are in wîth the car’s nimble Cruze has won the World Touring Car (WTCC) for two years in a row, in and 2011, and the experience gained on the track has been put to good use in the development of the passenger car.

The Cruze station wagon the same planted, confident as the sedan and the hatchback. It also a very rigid unibody more than 60 percent of is made of high-strength steels, the upper body and the car’s engineered as a single unit.

McPherson strut front and crank type rear designs have been tuned to meet the requirements of a and versatile station wagon and to the vehicle’s low center of gravity, balance of ride and agile

Steering is electrically power-assisted on wîth the 1.4L turbo and the 1.6L gasoline, 1.7L and the 2.0L diesel engine Start/Stop, providing the driver a solid on-center feel. than three turns of the wheel are required lock-to-lock, the Cruze station wagon a diameter of 10.9 m curb-to-curb. rear parking sensors and control further enhance comfort.

A key enabler to the quiet of the Chevrolet Cruze station is the isolation of its sub-frame by means of rubber mountings. Other to control noise and vibrations

•the comprehensive insulation of the car body wîth an array of

•the use of damping patches were melted at interfaces small body sections

special nylon baffle in strategic locations

•shielding the bulkhead panel wîth two mats

•attaching a pre-formed sheet to the underside of the hood

•a acoustic headliner wîth polyurethane outer skin

•a blanket in the doors as a barrier noise, airflow and water

safety architecture

The safety of the Chevrolet Cruze station is nearly identical to that for the sedan, a compact car that has top five-star safety ratings both EuroNCAP and the Ú.S. Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA).

Ideally, a driver can an accident from occurring in the place. To this end, the Cruze station wagon a host of advanced active systems which include:

Stability Control (ESC): ESC the driver maintain control in driving situations and keeps the heading in the intended direction. It enables more precise, anti-lock braking performance as as exceptional traction and §teering

•Traction Control which wheel spin when one or of the front drive wheels to lose traction

•four-channel Brakes wîth Electronic Force Distribution (EBD). The proportions brake pressure braking.

Customers whose car be fitted wîth the Chevrolet infotainment or the integrated navigation will be able to use a standard view camera, a feature rather uncommon in this

If an accident does happen, six airbags are ready to be deployed by the diagnostic module. The station rigid body structure, tubular section members in the door beams made of strength steels, and strong suspension members at the rear excellent all-round protection.

The and rear crush zones, have been engineered to in a controlled fashion, so as to maintain the of the passenger cabin. A collapsible assembly reduces the risk of to the driver’s legs and feet moderate-to-severe impacts.

All Chevrolet Cruze station are equipped wîth five seatbelts and six standard airbags. seats for children can be secured the ISOFIX anchoring system on the two outboard positions.

Source Chevrolet

The perfect match for and high-octane individuals


•Start of sales: Summer

The Cruze station wagon, the bodystyle of Chevrolet’s top selling celebrated its world premiere at the International Geneva Motor Immediately recognizable as a new variant of the Cruze, it complements the sedan and versions, which together sold more than one units globally since the launch in 2009.

Thanks to its and flexible cargo space, the wagon naturally appeals to but also to people who want a car wîth more carrying to fit an active lifestyle. At 4,675 mm, the station wagon is slightly than the hatchback (4,510 mm) and (4,597 mm) models. Load ranges from 500 liters up to the line in the rear to nearly liters up to the roof top wîth the seats folded down.

The design features a single roofline that tapers off and to a drag coefficient of 0.34. The which comes wîth racks as standard, has a poised and look. A number of styling will be introduced in 2012 for all models. The most significant change can be found in the remodeled fascia, modified head-lamp and fog lamps, and new wheel styles.

The of the interior remains largely from the Cruze hatchback apart from additional to the center console depending on the of radio, and a greater choice of finishes.

A choice of five will be available for the Cruze. A new turbo gasoline, a new 1.7L and a 2.0L diesel engine start-stop technology will the current 1.6L and 1.8L engines.

The turbo-charged 1.4L engine, coupled wîth a manual transmission, delivers 140 hp @ rpm. The much-anticipated manual diesel churns out 130 hp @ 4,000 produces CO2 emissions of 119 g/km and a fuel consumption of 4.5 liters per 100 The 1.4L gasoline, 1.7L and 2.0L diesel (manual engines will come start-stop technology as standard.

New are available wîth keyless enabling the driver to access the wîth the key safely tucked in a bag or pocket. Additionally, the system the engine to be turned on or off by pressing a without the need to insert the key the ignition. The Cruze station will be also available a rear-view camera and a new cluster that includes eco-drive menus for vehicles equipped Start-Stop functionality.

A brand new system, called Chevrolet will be launched in higher levels of the Cruze line-up as of 2012. Chevrolet MyLink content from smartphones the seven-inch diagonal, high-resolution, touch-screen display. Compatible can be connected via ÚSB or Bluetooth.

There is a dedicated plug-in outlet for personal music devices and that do not use ÚSB or Bluetooth connections.

the smartphone is connected, personal photo galleries, phone videos and other stored and data, such as a special app, can be accessed through the The seven-inch color-touch-screen infotainment is produced by LG Electronics.

Safety is a which is why the station wagon is wîth Electronic Stability (ESC), Traction Control Anti-Lock Braking System wîth Electronic Brake and six front and rear airbags. The sedan, like five Chevrolet carlines, has been a five-star safety rating by the New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP).

– Chevrolet

Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze
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