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BMW 6-Series

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The new 2013 BMW 6 Series Coupe 4-door luxury

Introducing the 2013 BMW 6 Series Coupe – a new 4-door, 4+1 seat to the 6 Series line that combines the stunning proportions, and driving dynamics of the 6 Series with interior room and for up to five passengers.

2013 BMW 6 Gran Coupe photo more new 2013 BMW 6 Series Coupe pictures in our 2013 BMW 6 Gran Coupe photo (186 photos)

Perfect precise lines and sleekly surfaces give the BMW 6 Series Coupe the unique ability to the driver who wants a luxurious and coupe yet needs a car capable of four adults in comfort and The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe be offered as three distinct in the US. The TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder BMW Gran Coupe is the initial and arrives in late June an MSRP of $76,895.

2013 BMW 6 Gran Coupe photo

in the summer, the TwinPower Turbo V-8 BMW Gran Coupe and the all-wheel BMW 650i xDrive Gran will join the range. models will be priced at and $90,395 respectively (all include $895 Handling and

2013 BMW 6 Series Gran photo

Sporting a length of 197 (5,007 mm) and wheelbase of 116.8 (2,968 mm), the Gran is 4.4 inches (111 mm) longer its 2-door coupe sibling. A part of this extra has been used to enhance comfort for the rear passengers. The BMW 6 Gran Coupe is also inches (1,894 mm) wide and 54.8 inches (1,392 mm) in

For comparison purposes, the Gran is 4.0 inches (102mm) longer, 1.3 (34mm) wider and 2.8 inches lower than the BMW 550i.

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, in with the tradition of the 6 Series offers a unique combination of sporting dynamics, stunning luxurious touring comfort and a cubic foot luggage – now for four passengers. The BMW 6 Series Coupe’s signature driving is complimented by a range of innovative assistance systems and BMW ConnectedDrive features. The new car meets the highest of driving pleasure and style in a premium 4-seat sports

2013 BMW 6 Series Gran photo

Its unmistakable design gives the new BMW 6 Series Gran an aura of athletic elegance. The powerfully contoured hood, front overhang and set-back compartment team up with a 4.4 (111 mm) increase in body over the 6 Series Coupe and a 4.5 (113 mm) longer wheelbase a fresh take on the hallmark of a BMW automobile. The Gran Coupe’s profile is dominated by its four-door, stretched roof line flows smoothly into the end, is a similarly eye-catching and feature of the new model’s silhouette.

The in the new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe extend to lighting technology, in the of optional Adaptive LED Headlights. bright white light an extremely intense and evenly illumination of the road. This is unparalleled in the segment and also the beam of the headlights to follow the of the road.

Other features set the new car apart from its rivals are the BMW driver assistance systems and services. The rear-view camera, View, Parking Assistant, BMW Vision with pedestrian Lane Departure Warning and Active Blind Spot are joined on the list of available items by the newest generation of the BMW

The latest incarnation of the system a full spectrum of colors to the information projected onto the The standard BMW iDrive control is the operating portal for the navigation, and infotainment functions. The high trans-reflective technology Control is centrally mounted high on the dash and emulates a freestanding

Finally, the optional Bang High-End Surround Sound provides a feast of aural seldom experienced inside a

Upgraded TwinPower Turbo powers the 640i Gran

The inline 6-cylinder engine in the new BMW 640i Gran Coupe impress performance-minded drivers its effortless power, exceptionally temperament, outstanding refinement and fuel efficiency. The N55 has been standards from the start, as the of a new generation of engines in which BMW Turbo technology with Precision Direct Injection and variable valve timing a twin scroll turbo its debut.

Thanks to intensive of the engine, BMW’s engineers managed to extract additional from the engine while its exceptional fuel efficiency. a maximum power rating of 315 hp kW) at 5,800 to 6,000 rpm, the 6-cylinder engine reflects the personality of the BMW 640i Gran and helps this automobile brilliant performance. The high torque of 330 lb-ft, on stream 1,300 and 4,500 rpm, that the power is effortlessly and delivered.

As a result, the 640i Coupe can show off its prowess a 0 to 60 mph sprint time of just 5.4 Top speed is electronically governed at 155 mph km/h). All this extra comes with exceptional economy and low emission figures.

EPA economy ratings will be closer to the US on-sale date, the estimates should be in line those of the BMW 535i Sedan boasts an impressive 20 mpg city/30 mpg mpg combined.

2013 BMW 6 Series Gran photo

BMW’s widely TwinPower Turbo V-8 engine is with more performance and efficiency in the 650i Gran

The 4.4-liter V-8 engine (N63) powers the current 650i receives an upgrade for the new 650i Coupe. The unique “reverse-flow” whose two turbochargers are positioned in the between the cylinder banks is known for producing an instantaneous and wave of power, making it a for the enthusiast driver. This new of the engine adds BMW’s variable valve timing to the of specifications.

As a result, the new version of the (N63Tü) develops a maximum 445 hp 5,500 and 6,000 rpm (a 45 hp increase), and peak torque of 480 lb-ft 2,000 and 4,500 rpm (a 30 lb-ft

The new BMW 650i Gran Coupe the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Top is electronically limited to 155 mph. engine also boasts efficiency for a model in its output

EPA fuel economy ratings for model will be available to the on-sale date in summer

When the V8 is combined with the intelligent all-wheel-drive system, its is converted into even intense and dynamic acceleration. The controlled power split the front and rear wheels not only traction and stability, the weather and road surface may be, but also the agility of the Gran 650i xDrive Gran whose sprint time 0 to 60 mph is just 4.3 seconds.

8-speed Automatic Transmission.

The 8-speed Automatic transmission in the new BMW 6 Series Coupe boasts a perfect of speed, flexibility, sportiness, and What sets it apart are its torque converter slip and gear changes. An innovative set configuration allows this to offer eight gears, acceleration at any road speed, yet the driver to conserve fuel by at low revs.

Befitting the Gran sporting character, the driver can to select gears manually via paddles on the standard Sport steering wheel.

In addition to the of the engine and 8-speed Sport transmission, an extensive range of BMW measures contribute to reducing consumption and emissions. Brake Regeneration, engine Auto on-demand operation of ancillary intelligent lightweight construction and aerodynamic refinement collaborate to maximum efficiency.

Chassis and optional Integral Active

Cutting-edge chassis technology the new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe the to provide both sporty and exceptional comfort. The double front suspension and the multi-link suspension are made predominantly aluminum. The chassis is geared to the of drivers with sporting although the dampers also sensitively to bumps in the road under high lateral

The optional Active Roll works in concert with the Dynamic Damper Control to the driver even more responses and perfectly flat ability. The electronically controlled absorbers adapt to the road and the driver’s style to perfectly the car’s body motions.

The controlled damper system in the new BMW 6 Gran Coupe adjusts and rebound settings continuously and For example, a stiff chassis can be combined with comfortable to unevenness in the road surface. The unit of the damping system the data supplied by sensors on the motion of the wheels as well as the height of the car.

The driving and the damper setting chosen by the are also taken into in calculating the damping force for each individual wheel to out body movements. This is fed back to the shock-absorber units at of just 2.5 milliseconds.

The optional Roll Stabilization feature body roll in corners and in changes of direction, or transitions. calculate the amount of body based on the driving situation at and this is then counteracted and precisely by hydraulic rotary in the front and rear anti-roll The result is flatter cornering greater confidence for the driver as as greater comfort for the passengers spirited drives.

The power features standard Servotronic sensitive assistance, and serves up the BMW recipe of precision, comfort and response.

The Gran Coupe is available with Integral Steering. This system available on the 6 Series Coupe and combines the Active Steering for the front suspension with a rear suspension. Precisely steering angle movements of front and rear wheels a virtual lengthening or shortening of the wheelbase, which fosters greater high-speed stability and maneuverability for parking and city

2013 BMW 6 Series Gran photo

Brakes, Wheels, and

The lightweight floating-caliper brakes vented discs and Dynamic Control. DSC brings together such as the Anti-lock Braking Dynamic Traction Control, Brake Control, Dynamic Control, the Start-off Assistant, the Brake Drying function and Fade Compensation. Standard also includes 8.0 x18-inch wheels, with all-season tires (size 245/45 and a tire pressure monitoring

Driving Dynamics Control ECO PRO mode: From most to

the most fuel-efficient driving – at the press of a button.

The new 6 Series Coupe offers impressive dynamics combined with new of comfort in the premium segment. is a result of superbly tuned which achieves an astonishing between dynamics and comfort. On top of drivers are also able to the overall character of the car depending on the situation or to suit their preferences. As well as sportier or comfortable drive settings, can also opt for extra fuel

The different modes are selected the new Driving Dynamics Control including ECO PRO mode, which is on all 6 Series models. The driver can settings of COMFORT+, COMFORT, SPORT+ and ECO PRO modes using the rocker switch on the center

Affected parameters include the of the throttle response, power boost assistance, shock automatic transmission shift and – if equipped – roll and Integral Active Steering. In mode, the Dynamic Traction mode of the standard Dynamic Control system is activated, the thresholds for stability intervention in the sport-oriented driving circumstances.

The new ECO PRO on the other hand, supports an and economy-conscious driving style. It this by changing the accelerator so that the same pedal delivers less power in the standard mode.

Also in mode, the automatic transmission strategy is modified so as to upshift and to delay downshifts, while energy and climate management the mechanical power consumption and the consumption of electrical systems as heated mirrors and seats. But the potential for improving fuel comes from the driver’s own driving habits.

Special in the instrument cluster let the driver by how much the driving range is extended, show fuel history, or, with reference to the driving situation, provide and incentives on how to develop a more driving style. ECO PRO mode average fuel consumption to be by up to 20%, with a corresponding in driving range.

Design: elegance, natural sportiness.

The new BMW 6 Gran Coupe again the arrival of an exceptionally sporty and 4-seater in the premium coupe The new model’s extra length and over its 2 door model with its low height (2.8 lower than a 5 Series) to a strikingly low-set and powerful This new interpretation of the traditional BMW proportions is embellished by lines and inspired by the movement of waves.

lines and harmonious curves a feeling of athletic grace underline the opulent character and appearance of the four-door BMW.

The front end is dominated by the large and forward-slanting BMW kidney grille. The emphasizes the car’s sporting with a broad, flat and creates a visual connection to the nestling behind. The kidney slats, angled slightly the top, lend additional to the front end’s “shark character.

The contour lines of the converge towards the kidney forming a V-shape which is by the contours of the headlights, kidney and air intake to give a road-focused

Powerfully flared wheel and the LED foglamps, placed well to the accentuate the width of the front The lower air intake is split three sections by model-specific electroplated bars, which up the contours of the hood lines and BMW grille to add extra intensity to the stance of the front end.

innovation: Adaptive LED Headlights.

The new Coupe is equipped with Adaptive Xenon headlights. An trim element cuts the top of the hallmark BMW twin round to produce the purposeful look from other BMW models. The Adaptive LED Headlights, available as a option or as part of the BMW Individual Package, provide a fresh on this established feature.

In cases, LED light rings for the lights and daytime running which are flattened on the lower and overlapped at their top edge by an light – which also LEDs. The result is a stunning, BMW showcase for the innovative light In addition, they also the low beam and high beam from the two light rings.

The sources are horizontal LED ribs in the center of the light rings. results in the brand’s hallmark round headlight look expressed even more – not only with the running lights switched on, but when the headlights are activated in the

The Adaptive LED Headlights are, about more than looking good; they ensure the driver has optimum Their bright white provides a bright and even of the road ahead. From a perspective, the light comes closer to natural daylight that created by conventional or xenon headlights, lending reflective objects far greater

The cornering element of the Adaptive LED is also tailored to the car’s steering angle and yaw rate, the pivot of the headlights to adapt to the line of the corner. Meanwhile, a source positioned specially in the housing generates the cornering which, at low speeds, ensures of the road surface in the direction the car is

LED technology is also deployed for the signal indicators, each of consists of eight LED units in a row underneath the light rings. As as enhancing visibility in the dark, the LED Headlights also significantly the signaling effect of the car’s

2013 BMW 6 Series Gran photo

Profile: Elegant powerfully curved surfaces.

its long, powerfully contoured set-back passenger compartment, wheelbase and short overhangs, the BMW 6 Gran Coupe presents a take on the hallmark BMW proportions. The Coupe’s distinctive appearance is by its four-door layout, longer than other BMW 6 Series and likewise longer passenger The low, elegantly stretched line, which flows into the rear end, is a eye-catching and distinctive feature of the new silhouette.

The combination of sportiness, and luxury is particularly clear viewed from the side. side window surfaces those found on the two-door BMW 6 models hint at the extra available in the rear compartment. windows extending far back the C-pillar give the passenger the low-slung, stretched look of a BMW Coupe.

The more generous also allow light to the interior, further enhancing the of space inside and all-round for the rear passengers. High-quality Line Exterior surrounds for the windows complement the coupe window line. The hallmark BMW kink at the transition to the C-pillar is an extra touch of style in the of etched “Gran Coupe” lettering set against a sporty in the rear section of the side

Powerfully flowing surfaces – open out as they extend from the front end and stretch the full length of the body feeding into the muscular end – give the BMW 6 Series Gran a naturally sporty look. The line streaming out from the on the front wheel arch in the door handle and runs the length of the car, emphasizing the elegance of its side view.

the rear wheels, the surfaces the character line push enhancing the impression of a powerful car a strong, assured stance on the Plus, the light surfaces above the rear wheel draw further attention to the track and the power being through the rear wheels.

character line, emerging the curvature of the front wheel drops down between the feature and the door, before out and extending horizontally to the rear. The shadow surface above the sill emphasises the car’s stance from the side.

rear-end design: horizontal and clean surfaces.

Clearly surfaces and horizontal lines add presence to the car’s powerful end, which acts as a to the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe’s roadholding and the sporting nature of the concept as a whole. The lines of the end become noticeably broader as blend into the wheel bulge. All of which gives the view an extremely low visual of gravity.

The conspicuously flared arches spotlight the car’s track and underline the horizontally character of the rear. The trunk lid and fascia both have surfacing than their on the other BMW 6 Series models. The clearly sculpted sill the overall volume of the rear end and striking details such as the lights and exhaust tailpipes clearly into view.

The L-shaped rear lights the contours of the car’s BMW 6 Series and each use a pair of LED light to generate the distinctive night-time of a BMW. The third brake is integrated into the roof and the full length of the rear

Interior with BMW’s driver-oriented cockpit.

The interior of the BMW 6 Gran Coupe reveals the cockpit design typical of the and a luxurious ambience for all those on The central section of the instrument is angled slightly towards the and the gear selector for the automatic the Driving Experience Control and the activation button for the parking are all positioned on the surface of the center which opens out towards the

The standard Navigation System and iDrive operating system with 10.2-inch high display bordered by a galvanised surround.

Long horizontal extending all the way through the interior of the

BMW 6 Gran Coupe create a link with the second row of emphasising the size of the interior. The lines of the door trim, from the other BMW 6 Series continue into the rear incorporating the B-pillar as a design along the way. The sweeping of the door panels flows from the front doors via the to the rear doors. The center also stretches through to the

Precise contours help to an intriguing contrast with the soft, curvaceous surfaces, a vibrant and dynamic collage of

The waistline surfaces of the doors a subtly dynamic wedge which extends into the compartment cover. The dynamic of the door surface design a feeling of depth which the passengers in their seats, the interplay of convex and concave evokes a sense of exclusive

Sporting Character and generous space.

The interior of the BMW 6 Series Coupe offers a driving defined by sportiness and luxury, and by a specially generated ambience. The of the roof pillars reproduces the arching roof form the car. In the rear compartment, the interior typical of a Coupe and seats offer excellent support combined with freedom of movement and good out of the car.

2013 BMW 6 Series Gran photo

Its interior offers tailored seats for the driver, passenger and rear passengers. materials, carefully coordinated and meticulously sculpted surfaces to produce an ambience defined by sweeping style and Teutonic A hallmark BMW element of the interior is the driver-oriented cockpit layout.

The section of the instrument panel, the iDrive system’s Central the air vents and the controls for the audio and air conditioning, are all angled slightly the driver. Added to which, the lever and the switches for the parking and Driving Dynamics Control are on a surface that opens out the driver and is set lower than the passenger side of the center

The front passenger area is by a surface curving elegantly the armrest over the side of the center console, upwards and into the instrument panel and horizontally into the door This provides a harmonious for the front passenger area, a feeling of exclusive security. The of the rear waistline surface, extends slightly into the between the head restraints, the individual seat layout of the

The black-panel instrument cluster of the Coupe combines the traditional car circular instruments with display technology. The Navigation telephone and entertainment functions are using the iDrive control whose Central Display an innovative design. The on-board takes the form of a freestanding with a flatscreen look.

The definition display measures inches across and features a galvanized chrome surround. The depth of the display gives it a character. Trans-reflective technology the display remains easy-to-read in sunlight. The new arrangement of the Central – which now reaches further the passenger compartment –influences the of the instrument panel, which steeply in front of the driver and passenger.

This impression is enhanced by the structure of the door panels. Their surfaces a powerfully taut look like the black waistline pull in and rise up to create a transition into the instrument giving the interior the effect of around the driver and front

The optional Luxury Seating adds ventilated multi-contour, seats, sunshades on both the side and rear windows and a zone climate control with additional controls between the rear seats. the Gran Coupe is primarily as a four seater, a fifth can be accommodated in the rear compartment.

The BMW 6 Gran Coupe can be ordered in a of eight metallic exterior shades and two non-metallic colors. exclusive paint finishes are as part of the BMW Individual range and in with the M Sport package. The and materials available for the interior, have been selected to the feeling of elegant sportiness and and can be tailored to the customer’s personal

The standard Dakota leather can be in a choice of three colors, the Exclusive Nappa leather is in four different shades and Merino leather is available in varieties (in combination with the Composition or M Sport Packages). The panel, door trim and console are also finished in leather with contrasting when the Nappa Leather is selected.

Customers can also from four interior variants and optional ceramic for the gear selector, iDrive and other controls. Additional trims are available as part of the BMW range and in conjunction with the M package.

M Sport package and BMW range available from

An M Sport package developed for the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is from the launch of the new car. the features included are an M aerodynamics with uniquely designed fascia, side skirts and fascia. The M Sport package includes exhaust tips in chrome, black-painted brake a sports exhaust system for the BMW Gran Coupe and 19-inch wheels in M double-spoke design.

light-alloy wheels in M double-spoke are also available as a package Customers ordering the M Sport may also opt for the M paint finishes Black metallic and Imola Red

The sporting theme continues the car in the form of special M Alcantara and sports seats with contrast stitching, an M leather wheel with multifunction and gearshift paddles, and aluminium interior trim. Plus, the M package adds door finishers sporting the M logo and an M footrest to the mix.

Also from launch is the BMW Individual of products, which allows to tailor the exterior and interior of BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and exclusively to their personal The four BMW Individual paint are joined in the range by BMW Individual finish, Frozen Bronze available exclusively for the BMW 6 Series Coupe. BMW Individual light-alloy in V-spoke design can be specified in 19 and format.

Those looking to give the of their car a particularly exclusive meanwhile, may like to add BMW Individual Merino full leather an Alcantara BMW Individual roof BMW Individual interior strips and the BMW wood inlay for the steering

One of the highlights of the BMW Individual range of options is the Opal White trim specially developed for the BMW 6 Gran Coupe, combined the interior color Amaro Here, the leather-covered instrument and Alcantara BMW Individual roof are also presented in Amaro The selection of materials, combinations of and a quality of workmanship showcase the character of the BMW Individual range.

contrast stitching for the instrument armrest and door trim the Opal White seats and panels, while Amaro seat stitching and piping the effect on the seats and door In addition, BMW Individual Ash Grain fine wood trim a particularly high-quality touch to the and fits in seamlessly with the color concept.

All the items in the BMW range can also be ordered as options. And the BMW 6 Series Gran is also available with a BMW composition of products in a perfectly combination of colors and materials.

New technology, comprehensive safety

The new BMW Gran Coupe is fitted newly developed lightweight with an integrated seatbelt standard 20-way multi-contour and adjustable lumbar support. the Luxury Seating Package front multi-Contour ventilated and active fatigue reduction All seat variants come crash-activated anti-whiplash head

The range of standard safety also includes front head-thorax side airbags into the seat frame, automatic belts for all seats, force limiters and front pre-tensioners and ISOFIX child mounts in the rear.

Carefully advances in materials and development of the load-bearing structure have enhanced the body’s construction in of the agility and safety it offers. In the of perfect balance, the doors, and front spring mounts are all while the front fenders and are made from reinforced

Cutting-edge features from BMW

The new BMW 650i Coupe is available a great variety of driver systems and mobility services BMW ConnectedDrive. The comprehensive Driver Package includes Lane Warning, Active Blind Detection, Rear and Top View Parking Assistant, and the new three-dimensional, Head-Up Display that in the 6 Series Convertible last Also available are BMW’s Vision with Pedestrian and Active Cruise Control stop-and-go capability.

HiFi system.

The standard HiFi system in the new Gran Coupe with an HD Radio receiver, CD drive, AUX-IN connection, and a system with nine The available Premium Sound adds SiriusXM satellite with a 1-year subscription, and USB adapter, and the Premium HiFi comprised of 12 speakers and a digital It features DIRAC signal and model-specific equalizing.

Bang High-End Surround Sound delivers an unparalleled audio

When it comes to delivering pleasure of the highest order, the Olufsen High-End Surround System designed especially for the new BMW 6 Gran Coupe hits all the notes. Jointly developed by the audio specialists and BMW, system produces an exceptionally sound from 16 speakers around the cabin.

It is a fully system featuring digital processing, which means the two speakers, seven mid-range and seven tweeters all have amplifiers. This technology the targeted modification of any sound inside the vehicle. The Bang High-End Surround Sound uses Dirac Dimensions™ to recreate the acoustics of a reference room in the passenger compartment.

All occupants therefore enjoy the high-quality sound stage they are sitting.

The electrical are converted into precisely sound waves using magnet drivers, and the mid-range feature extremely stiff diaphragms. The outstanding quality of the Olufsen High-End Surround System is underlined by exclusive features. The form and color of the all-aluminum speaker grilles been tailored precisely to the design of the new Gran Coupe.

The perforation pattern of the grilles is using a very sophisticated technique. The grille mounts are not from the outside, ensuring the grilles stand out from surroundings by appearing to float in a raised position above the This exclusive ambience is enhanced by a discreet lighting which showcases the contours of the sources with a subtly effect.

The BO Acoustic Lens element in the center of the instrument area adds both a feature and is an acoustic innovation. As as the audio system is activated, the element containing the integrated speaker pops up, prompting the lens to be extended at the same The tweeter lens distributes its evenly at 180 degrees throughout the

This extraordinarily harmonious dispersion of sound is achieved the special design of the lens, also minimizes unwanted sound dispersion.

Industry new-generation Head-Up Display.

The new BMW 6 Gran Coupe can be equipped the most advanced Head-Up system in the industry either as an or as part of the Driver Assistance By projecting important information the windshield, directly in the driver’s of sight, the Head-Up Display distraction from the road and

This latest-generation system a further improvement in display the symbols are projected as three-dimensional and in ultra-clear resolution onto the Full-color capability makes the sign symbols even realistic. At the same time the Display is now able to present a range of information.

Depending on specification, guidance information by the Navigation system, Check messages, status messages the Lane Departure Warning and warnings from the BMW Night system can all be shown in the Head-Up The positioning of the messages on the windshield is ergonomic, so that drivers are of them without having to or take their eyes off the

The intensity of the projection automatically to the ambient light level, and the setting can be adjusted via the iDrive The driver can also choose information will appear in the Display in addition to road and warnings from the driver systems.

Rear-View, Top View, and View Cameras.

To supplement the Park Distance Control, uses ultrasonic sensors to distance from objects in or behind, the Gran Coupe features a standard rear-view The camera is integrated in the trunklid the BMW “roundel” badge, which it from dirt. When the camera is activated, the roundel pivots up out of the way to expose the camera

The perspective-corrected color images are to the Central Display. Superimposed on the are interactive tracking lines indicate the optimal steering for parking, as well as the tightest circle.

New 2013 BMW 6 Series Coupe specifications, photos and courtesy of BMW.

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