2012 Bentley Continental GT – Top Speed

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Bentley Continental GT

2012 Bentley Continental GT

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has just unveiled the official on the new Continental GT 4-seat coupe will make its world at the Paris Auto Show and go on sale in early 2011. to Bentley, the new GT coupe has an even sporting character than before. It is an exceptionally refined and 2+2 Grand Tourer but with the soul and looks of a supercar.

The exterior design is defined by a upright grille with new design, in traditional four-lamp and LED daylight-running lamps, a bootlid by the Bentley Mulsanne and flared exhaust tailpipes. The track is by41mm at the front and 48mm at the than the previous model, the car sits on 20-inch alloy as standard, or 21 as an option.

Under the there is a 6.0 liter W12 powertrain delivers a total of 567 HP and 700 NM of torque. The car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and can hit a top speed of 198 Bentley also announced a new high-output 4.0-liter V8 engine will be introduced in late

Updated 09/29/2010 . Bentley announced prices for the 2011 GT. Deliveries will start in the quarter of 2011. Prices start at $189,900.

Updated . We have added 50 new high res to out gallery. Enjoy them!

release after the jump.


For Crewe’s design and teams, the new Continental GT coupe is an to set a bold and exciting direction for one of most revered names the The seminal and highly successful GT introduced in 2003 represented the step in Bentley’s renaissance and a whole new market segment. It was a GT offering excellent usability remained true to the Bentley touring spirit.

Now the new Continental GT coupe builds on the success of its predecessor, capturing that GT but with even higher of design, engineering, luxury, dynamic performance, everyday and refinement.

A beautifully sculptured new gives the GT coupe an even more defined appearance. The interior offers new levels of design, comfort and hand-crafted The seats, for example, provide greater support and rear a sweeping dashboard even style and modernity.

The new touchscreen system features state-of-the-art Google Maps and entertainment the latest Balanced Mode speaker technology and Dirac digital sound processing enhanced audio quality.

acclaimed 6-litre, 12-cylinder, powertrain now has a raised power of 575PS (567bhp/423kW) and 700Nm ft) of torque and this is mated to a new transmission which enables downshifts. Thanks to advanced technology it can also run on both unleaded petrol (gasoline) and bioethanol (up to E85) or any mix of the two.

In 2011 an all-new, high-output engine will also be to order. This advanced unit will deliver a 40 reduction in emissions compared the W12 engine and will offer a CO2 emissions-to-power ratio with levels of performance and refinement.

Both engines are coupled to an drive system with a 40:60 rear-torque bias with the 50:50 bias of the Continental GT), minimising during hard cornering and the experienced driver to control the line and balance via precise control.

“The new Continental GT is an work of art, with craftsmanship and elegant, contemporary It drives like a supercar, but the usual sacrifices in ride or It is a car that you can enjoy every of every day.”

Dr Franz-Josef Chairman and Chief Executive


Sculptured design

Advanced production such as aluminium Super (front wings and boot allow for a more sculpted and sharp ‘power lines’

jewelled headlamps with LED lights

More upright radiator grille and new ‘double rear profile first on the flagship Bentley Mulsanne

hand-crafted cabin

New interior a bold, sweeping dashboard and panel finished in premium, leather hides

Distinctive seats for added comfort and rear cabin space

A new 30GB infotainment system advanced satellite navigation dynamic route guidance, postcode entry and Google Map (market specific)

Audio feature the latest wide Balance Mode Radiator as standard

Revolutionary Dirac DSP for exceptional sound reproduction for Bentley premium audio).

powerful W12 and new high-efficiency V8 FlexFuel

6-litre W12 engine twin-turbocharged produces 575PS(567bhp/423kW) and 700Nm ft) of torque.

0 60mph in 4.4 seconds (0 in 4.6 seconds)

0 100mph in 10.2 (0 160km/h in 10.2 seconds)

Top of 198mph (318km/h)

Overall saving of 65kg (143lb) predecessor

New high-output, high-efficiency V8 due for release in late 2011.

Bentley driving experience

ZF transmission with ‘Quickshift’ that cuts shift by 50% and enables double downshifts

New rear-biased torque split for the drive system reduces when powering out of bends and for better modulation of line and by ‘throttle steering’

Increased and rear track improves and stability

Advanced ESC system exploits the potential of the more W12 engine and improved chassis

and (optional) 21” wheels


Inspired by the iconic of the past, Bentley’s design under the leadership of Director of Dirk van Braeckel, has created a modern, sculptured body, with advanced production to ensure the highest standards of and body integrity.

Aluminium Forming technology is employed to the front wings and the boot This process heats the panels to nearly 500 degrees before shaping them by air By using a single sheet of no seams or welding are required.

6,0 liter W12 engine; 567 HP and 700 NM of torque

The body construction techniques crisp, highly defined lines and form to every of the exterior design. The familiar lines and rear haunches of the original 1950s R-Type now have even sharper to create highly distinct bringing the feel of a truly car to the new coupe.

The GT coupe’s new look is than ever. The classic matrix radiator grille is upright, while the new headlamp in traditional four-lamp format, has jewel-like detailing including LED daylight-running lamps.

At the rear, signature ‘floating’ LED lamps around the corners of the wings, the new coupe’s width and purposeful The track is wider by41mm at the and 48mm at the rear than the model. The bootlid design has a ‘double horse-shoe’ motif, of the new Bentley Mulsanne, while elliptical exhaust tailpipes the new GT’s sporting credentials.

The of the new GT coupe’s body is also aerodynamic following extensive tunnel analysis. In conjunction a range of extensive underbody (including wheel arch and aerodynamic aids) the GT’s of drag has been reduced to and the lift at the front and rear has also been reduced to greater stability at higher

The new GT is specified with 20-inch wheels as standard, with, for the time on the Continental family, the to upgrade to 21-inch designs. styles of wheel are offered a five-spoke version and two 21-inch and split-rim Sports variations, come in a variety of chromed and finishes.

“The new GT coupe has an stronger sporting character ever before. It is an exceptionally and comfortable 2+2 Grand Tourer but the heart, soul and looks of a

Dirk van Braeckel, Director of


an entirely hand-crafted interior, the GT’s cabin sets new in refinement and luxury to create a space in which up to four can relax in total comfort.

The panel and dashboard subtly the flying wings of the Bentley and are fashioned from the highest soft-touch leathers. New touchscreen and chrome-bezelled dials are housed this dynamic cockpit which rises from the console in the form of dramatically ’wing’ buttresses.

The striking and ‘Cobra’ design seats are comfortable thanks to the introduction of the body-supporting materials which use foams to provide softness at touch but with excellent over longer journeys.

The can be specified with front-seat as well as a state-of-the-art massage with 10 individual massage and individual side airbags are as standard for all passengers. Front feature a new electrically-operated automatic making buckling-up effortless. knee airbags are standard

The new Continental GT offers superb usability. The new slim-line front with scalloped backs provide a further 46mm of for back-seat passengers and easy to the rear cabin.

No other Tourer offers such levels of refinement thanks to the noise-suppression technology that acoustic glazing, under-floor and hidden anti-vibration panels the interior.

The cabin is trimmed soft-touch leathers, a full of wood veneers, cool-touch and deep-pile carpets all hand-crafted in unrivalled workshops at the factory in England. The attention to detail extends to applying a UV stabilizer to the veneers to protect from thus ensuring they can be as new for decades to come.

Every hide is still sewn the watchful eye of Bentley’s highly craftsmen and women. By incorporating angled ‘ramps’ behind the the interior designers have sharp, well-defined styling while maintaining a soft-touch.

simple yet practical functions a powered boot as standard, Park Brake with Off Assist and newly designed, door stowage bins an integrated bottle holder.

the most stylish new storage in the new Continental GT is the exquisitely designed, removable case designed to items such as keys and and which can also be slipped a pocket or bag. Crafted veneers to match those of the interior, the case (available as a option) is finished with Bentley wings, satin-chromed and and is secured in a recess above the drinks holders in the centre

“The new GT coupe interior form, practicality and innovation. Our was to translate the original design for the car’s cabin which quite extreme, almost for a Bentley into the final The result is a cockpit that the Continental GT on to the next generation.”

Day, Senior Designer


Complementing its cabin, the new Continental GT also advanced new touchscreen technology rich map imagery and a 30GB on hard drive.

The 8-inch displays the car’s audio telephone, ride and comfort and the very latest navigation which uses both an hard-disc drive and a DVD player to route data. It also dynamic navigation to guide you areas of heavy traffic, destinations using geo-tagged from an SD memory card and is Maps-compatible (market specific).

The system, with 7 digit entry, uses a combination of controls and classic knurled switches to offer instant and crystal-clear feedback. The graphic of the screen is engineered in-house to its visuals are completely in keeping the style of the interior. Look and you will see that the knurled on the screen are ‘virtual’ echoes of the switches below.

0-60 mph in 4,4 and a top speed of 198 mph

The Continental GT’s new infotainment also provides the ultimate in audio entertainment. An eight-speaker system is offered as standard the latest Balanced Mode technology. These unique flat-panel speakers provide clarity with a very frequency range.

An 11-speaker for Bentley system created for the Continental GT by British audiophiles employs revolutionary Dirac ™ digital signal This industry-first technology a virtual ‘sound field’ of speaker layout to deliver hall-quality sound reproduction for occupant wherever they may be

The GT coupe also benefits telephone and music player digital television (where and DVD movie playback. Music can be and controlled directly from an well as from a six-disc CD SD card reader or directly the car’s hard-disc drive, can store up to 15GB of music.


The GT is set to have a choice of two very high-performance engines. In addition to the new version of Crewe’s renowned 6.0 W12 powertrain, a new high-output 4.0-litre V8 option will be introduced in 2011.

The new 4.0-litre V8 engine Bentley’s environmental commitment to a powertrain that achieves a 40 improvement in CO2 emissions. The new V8 is being specifically by Bentley’s engineers to all the exhilarating power and torque with the marque. The new Crewe-built will also offer a emissions-to-power ratio.

At launch, the new GT coupe is powered by the latest of Bentley’s acclaimed 12-cylinder, twin-turbocharged engine, now calibrated to even greater performance, to increases in power, torque and efficiency.

Designed in a unique configuration, it is the most compact and advanced 12-cylinder engine in the Four camshafts and 48 valves the engine to breathe effortlessly and to generate the distinctive Bentley of torque. It is also capable of on petrol (gasoline), E85 bioethanol or any mix of the two all a single tank.

In 2008, announced a far-reaching environmental that included a 15 percent in powertrain efficiency and the adoption the Bentley model range of technology by 2012. Bentley’s models are capable of delivering CO2 reductions of up to 70 percent on a ‘well-to-wheel’ the measurement of CO2 released by a fuel its production (well) through to its or deployment (wheel).

To ensure the power and torque generated constant (whatever the fuel) an Fuel Quality Sensor monitors the ratio of the fuels It then guides the Engine Unit to adjust the engine’s This provides the seamless delivery for which Bentley are renowned, and ensures there is no on performance when using that create lower CO2

Further revisions to the new GT coupe’s include low friction, lightweight which allow the W12-format to rev even more freely, the latest engine management and twin, low-inertia turbochargers are to ensure minimal turbo

Overall, the GT coupe is 65kg than its predecessor thanks to in all areas of the car from engine through to new seats. With its output raised by 15PS and by 50 Nm – to 575PS (567bhp/423kW) and (516lb ft) the result is a 6 percent in the new GT’s power-to weight-ratio, it capable of accelerating from to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds in 4.6 seconds) with a top speed of (318km/h).

The increased power and are transmitted to the all-wheel drive via an uprated six-speed Quickshift which halves shift (to just 200 milliseconds). The revised also has the ability to deliver downshifts (sixth to fourth for example) and improves acceleration the entire gear range. To with the additional power and the planetary gear set of the six-speed ZF is also strengthened.

Positive during downshifts is achieved engine and gearbox electronic interaction for extra throttle and injection during the overrun, manual throttle ‘blips’ for rev matching. During transmission fuel and ignition are cut momentarily to faster mechanical shift through torque reduction, improving shift quality and

“The W12’s extra and torque and Quickshift transmission the new GT with instantly accessible performance across the complete rev At the same time, Bentley’s use of FlexFuel technology underlines our environmental commitment.”

Brian Director, Chassis and Powertrain,


Both engines are with a state-of-the-art, all-wheel system employing an advanced differential. This ensures yet dynamic sports car handling in all conditions and all weathers.

In the new coupe, the split has a 40:60 rear for a significantly more sporting in terms of handling and mid-corner However, it can adjust instantaneously the split between the front and wheels depending on the available In addition, an uprated Electronic Control (ESC) system additional security and grip your driving style.

The new chassis delivers the optimum and handling balance. The wide and rear track benefits and handling, while solid cast-forged, high-stiffness front uprights and aluminium gravity castings at the rear work in with a redesigned front bar and retuned spring and damper The result is improved response and at all speeds.

Continuous Damping (CDC) constantly monitors the attitude and poise. By adjusting the settings hundreds of times a it can provide a remarkably supple at low speeds and increased control as climb. It can also lower the car in mode for enhanced stability at the speeds.


Throughout history, iconic grand have forged the marque’s In the 1950s the beautiful R-Type set new standards of performance and style. In Continental GT revolutionised the luxury market, combining supercar and dynamism with remarkable practicality.

Now, the new Continental GT coupe even higher standards in area of design, craftsmanship and

“We’ve distilled nearly 90 of engineering excellence into the new GT coupe. It represents everything stands for: breathtaking beautiful design and unparalleled comfort and luxury.”

Dr. Ulrich Member of the Board, Engineering



Type: twin-turbocharged W12

Max Power: 567bhp / / 575PS @ 6000 rev/min

Max 700Nm / 516lb/ft @ 1700


ZF 6-speed automatic quickshift and steering wheel-mounted

Bentley Continental GT

Driveline: Continuous all-wheel (40:60 rear bias)

1st. 4.17


3rd. 1.52


5th. 0.87

6th 0.69

drive: 3.526


Steel monocoque


405mm ventilated discs 420mm Carbon Silicon cross drilled)

Rear: ventilated discs (optional Carbon Silicon Carbide, drilled)


x 20” (optional 9.5J x

275/40ZR 20 (optional 275/35 linked to option wheels)

Type: rack pinion, assisted, speed-sensitive ZF servotronic

lock to lock: 2.6 turns

circle: 11.3m


Four link double computer controlled self-levelling air with anti roll-bar.

multi-link, computer-controlled self-levelling air with anti roll-bar.

Continuous Damping Control, for dynamic performance.


2746 mm / 108.1 in

Overall 4806 mm / 189.2 in

Width body): 1944 mm / 76.5 in

(including mirrors): 2227 mm / in

Overall Height: 1404 mm / in

Fuel Tank: 90 litres / 20 / 24 US gallons

Boot Volume: 358 / 12.6 cu ft

Kerb Weight 2320 kg / 5115 lb

Gross Weight: 2750 kg / 6063 lb

Top Speed: 198 mph (318 km/h)

0 60 4.4 secs (0 100 km/h: 4.6 secs)

0 100 10.2 secs (0 160 km/h: secs)

30 50 mph (50 80 km/h): 1.7 secs

50 75 mph (80 120 2.9 secs


Urban: 11.1 mpg (25.4

Extra Urban: 24.9 mpg litres/100km)

Combined: 17.1 mpg litres/100km)

CO2 emissions: 384 g/km


Driving 12.0 mpg (US)

Driving 19.0 mpg (US)

14.0 mpg (US)


* Fuel consumption figures are and subject to Type Approval. ** consumption figures are provisional and to EPA certification.

Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental GT

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