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Lancia Ypsilon

2011 Lancia Ypsilon pictures, and information

Ypsilon: the new gem

The Geneva Motor Show was the of the world premiere of the new Lancia , a ‘small flagship’ that in 3.84 metres packs the of Italian style, innovation and For the first time it is proposed in a version designed to offer greater convenience and comfort to of Lancia charm, technological and unique style.

At the heart of the design is an original approach to the car concept that redefines the of the word ‘luxury’, fascinating who seek originality and character, who love technology and elegance, and who admire quality and innovation. Ypsilon, luxury becomes unique that triggers an the pleasure of ‘owning’ but without display, the search for uniqueness in any the statement of one’s true without allowing himself to be by the judgements of others.

The new Ypsilon, will be on the market from across key European markets and September in Great Britain and wîth the Chrysler brand, is the series of the successful model over one and a half million currently on the road – in 1985 when the Y10 debuted at the Motor Show. It was a miniature wîth style and content never seen before on an car of the day, marking that spirit that was to accompany the until today.

It was the Lancia turn in 1996: elegant, wîth a strong personality reinforced the concept of ‘customized Hence we arrived in 2003 the third generation, the Lancia , brought to the world of city-cars the and ‘class’ till then reserved for models in higher

Now the baton is taken up by the new Ypsilon, confirms it is the ‘Fashion City-Car’ par that continues to charm its personality, sophisticated style and class, but it has become more up and …, wîth a wider And below this polished bearing the prestigious ‘Made in label lies all the substance of a car boasts cutting-edge technology as pointed out by the four awards in occasion of the ‘International Engine of the competition.

The innovative engine over the competitors’ engines in all in which it competed and it has been as the ‘International Engine of the Year Together wîth the Twin the motoring excellence of the new Ypsilon wîth the eco-friendly systems II e StartStop, and unique features in category such as the brand new LIVE’ and the ‘Smart fuel’ in addition to the innovative second Magic Parking, Bi-Xenon and LED tail lights.

A refined and Italian ‘5-door’ wîth the typical of a ‘3-door’, the new Ypsilon is a compact car, so much so it remains in §egmènt ‘B’ but high standards of roominess and although just 384 cm long, 167 cm and 152 cm high, wîth a wheelbase of 239 cm, the New can accommodate up to five people and in to its size, has one of the most spacious in its §egmènt and is one of the best in class in of passenger room. Without the size of the rear passenger excellent accessibility and comfort been achieved wîth the use of seats’, a technology used for the first time by Fiat Automobiles.

In this way the New Ypsilon its domination of the key city-car category in both to recent market where the ‘5-door’ market two-thirds of §egmènt B, and to the needs of a target than that until now, including men and young families. It is precisely the quality, comfort and usability of the that the new car is determined to make all the Hop inside and you become aware of the materials and colour combinations, the to detail and the numerous options for

At the time of the launch, the range over 600 possible customisations by cross-matching 3 interior trim (Silver, Gold and Platinum), all to offer the customer high value, 16

Elegant liveries of 4 are two-tone, 6 different upholstery 3 types of alloy wheels and 3 (69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II and 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir, the latter wîth DFN semi-automatic gearbox), a (95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II), all equipped StartStop technology as standard. also the 1.2 Fire EVO II Bi-fuel (petrol and LPG) will be Note that a wealth of in the field of safety is standard on the range: electronic stability complete wîth ASR and Hill ABS wîth EBD, from 4 to 6 (front, window-bags and side), in to the ISOFIX attachments.

Therefore, the new car an evolution of the Ypsilon model in of technology, safety, comfort and but even so it preserves its positioning of luxury’ as an attractive price demonstrates. In detail, the Silver level provides door remote control, height- and §teering wheel, electric windows, 50/50 split seat, height-adjustable driver 15′ steel wheels, in technical fabric wîth electro-welded seams, radio and rear heated window.

In of safety, ABS wîth EBD, ESP wîth ASR and Hill Holder, and side airbags, and also the attachments are offered standard. In to this great quantity of the Gold version adds: climate control, radio CD and MP3 player, electrically adjustable mirrors, §teering wheel and gear-lever gaiter, Castiglio and Comfort Pack. Finally, the trim level offers the rear electric windows, fog 15′ alloy wheels, seat head restraints and upholstery.

In addition, for those to customize their New Ypsilon and it truly exclusive, an extensive of fine, top quality accessories is Not only do the accessories offer style and meticulous attention to but they also go beautifully the car, in line wîth the Lancia style and in full wîth technical, stylistic and characteristics of the new car. From 16′ alloy wheels, skirts and tinted headlights to a kick plate wîth logo, a ‘BlueMe–TomTom LIVE’ and the Packs

The new Ypsilon has its sights set on becoming the ‘premium’ city car in Europe, as it is for a demanding customer who likes to out from the crowd but who also, at the time, wants a car that is and comfortable for everyday use. forgetting that nowadays the itself is not the only ‘premium’ for enticing a potential customer.

For reason the brand has come up important new sales and after-sales to cater to the desires, needs, and aspirations of many different An example? The extended warranty by FGA Capital, a finance company in the automotive sector. What’s about this solution is the duration up to 96 months, the unlimited and the contents: a complete coverage for the components.

And a characteristic even innovative on the market is the same of coverage for the entire duration for the loan.

Style: tradition the future

Elements that the past are masterfully reworked in a vein. This is the original of the new Ypsilon which once reveals its feisty, unconventional in which the elegance and refinement from its distant forebears are embracing new cross-fertilization or consolidating which are by no means obvious.

the exterior of the vehicle exudes an style, the inside provides the place for elegance and innovation to forces: on the one hand there is attention to craftsmanship in upholstery, has always set Lancia cars from the competition, then is the use of highly advanced design This union between and innovation produces the unmistakable class which, like the Italian luxury products, unparalleled style wîth technology.

And it is precisely the Italian features that transform a ‘made in Italy’ into unique. This is as true for and fashion accessories as it is for a successful Indeed, a car’s success is the of a winning bet, of a flash of intuition mediated by research on new in tastes, on emerging customer and on forecasts relating to market and rival models.

Therefore, it from a hard recipe is tested by the most severe time.

Exteriors: personality and

Although it is compact, the New Ypsilon body sports a streamlined this time the weight and graphics ‘play’ the volumes distributing them nonetheless very similar dimensions to the Ypsilon. Indeed, compared to the model, although the wheelbase is identical, there are design the windscreen is further forward the front projection has been in order to increase the rear providing a more spacious

Last but not least, the important was taken to have five In the end, this adds six centimetres to the overall length and two centimetres off the height, achieving a look.

The volume of the front, connected and pointed, shows off a new as in a metamorphosis, the stem of the glass up, embracing the logo, and leaves for the horizontal elements, wîth shaped tips. On one hand the and non-conformist genes of the Ypsilon, on the an acknowledgment of the past wîth the style grille.

With a design which is independent of elements, the headlights made by Marelli Automotive Lighting horizontally, highlighting the width of the end. These Bi-Xenon have rounded elliptical that give the car an even aggressive and decisive ‘look’. In the ends of the headlights define the of the wings at the side.

Above and the grille rests the bonnet, a lid, delineating a clear division: the design is subtly of the lines of the Lancia Ardea.

The sports elements that at the car’s personality and character, and are offset by other more lines: the handle of the rear is concealed, integrated into the thus emphasising the front handle. The final effect is of a compact 3-door city car all the comfort of a 5-door model. The section of the doors is sculpted by a concave section which on the side, dynamically enclosing the produced.

Viewed from the lastly, you note two dynamically curves: the first departs line of the bonnet, sweeps the waistline and up the rear pillar. The climbing from the bottom of the pillar, traces the upper of the glass, intersecting the first rising from the pillar and descends to delineate the outer of the rear window. The effect of a separation between the roof and the pillar is a familiar reference to the Delta.

The general volume of the is tapered for improved aerodynamics, a pronounced tailgate, hollowed in the the space obtained accommodates the plate at the bottom; above set like a jewel, is the rear which is delineated laterally by the descending from the pillar and from the spoiler above.

The emerge from the side and generate volumes which, down the sides of the tailgate, up wîth and embrace the tail Their external positioning and development, typical of recent is emphasised by the layout of the functions: LED light-guide bars for the sidelights below, brake lights; at the bottom, a triangular space the indicators.

The bottom part of the bumper has a centre band which and protects the reverse light and the fog light, lightening the overall

The overall design of the new Ypsilon was right from the outset to the various parts of the car in order to the two-tone version in the boldest, and most attractive way possible. all, colour has never simply a matter of aesthetics for the On the contrary, it is an integral part of a philosophy based on elegance, personality, play, creativity, and the widest array of customisation

And the new Ypsilon in no exception as its range of shades stands to show, the of the category: 2 pastels, 2 three-coat 4 metallic, 4 metal-flake shades an iridescent effect and 4 two-tone

Interiors: charm decked out in

The new Ypsilon confirms and expands the of its predecessors, adding even elegance and innovation. The characteristics have always distinguished small city-cars, such as unique upholstery for interiors, are combining class and hi-tech The concepts that guided the of the compartment are rooted in the glorious of the brand, but wîth the addition of a technological emphasis.

Right the drawing board stage, the for the interior was an embrace. The instrument is embraced by the door panels in the back, surround the seats

The design of the dashboard aims to the contrast between the fabric that extends towards the wîth the upper part traces the line of the windscreen, it like an amphitheatre. The constructed create an effect of perspective, the vanishing points positioned at the end of the in order to accentuate its width.

The space is therefore created subtraction of volumes and is represented by surfaces which combine a functional and perceptive usability aesthetic seduction.

Analyzing the the construction is visible in the overlapped The first are upholstered, covered soft materials to enhance the of comfort and tactile experience, the occupants of a domestic setting, as if were sitting comfortably on own sofa.

Sinuous lines in places to more technical which characterise the vents and the console. The contrast between the is marked by a slender black which cuts vertically the instrument panel and links the instrumentation to the gearbox, giving an of lightness highlighted at the ends by LEDs.

The console housing the and climate control system is a element resting on the central while the metallic vents from ‘tears’ in the fabric. the design of the door panels is and enveloping while the comfortable, containment seats lend a edge.

Substance: synthesis of

The Ypsilon family has always synonymous wîth style and enjoyment. Now the new Ypsilon has ‘grown’, its offering wîth the addition of a of important new features. The most are the rear passenger doors, in to a range of environmentally-friendly engines and a of features – standard and optional designed to improve on-board

Versatility: 5 doors but wîth a look

The new Ypsilon is a stylish ‘5-door’ wîth the typical of a ‘3-door’. It is a very compact so much so that it remains in ‘B’ but wîth high of roominess and comfort: although 384 cm long, 167 cm wide and 151 cm high, a wheelbase of 239 cm, the new Ypsilon can accommodate up to people and in relation to its size, has one of the spacious boots in its §egmènt and is one of the in class in terms of passenger Without increasing the size of the passenger area, excellent and comfort have been wîth the use of ‘slim seats’, a used here for the first by Fiat Group Automobiles.

power and eco-friendliness

The new Ypsilon of engines comprises the petrol-powered 69 HP 1.2 EVO II and 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir, the latter also DFN semi-automatic gearbox; the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II diesel; and afterwards the 1.2 Fire EVO II engine (petrol and LPG).

69 HP 1.2 EVO II (Euro 5)

The latest evolution in the family, the 69 HP 1.2 8V is equipped standard the StartStop system that 5% less fuel consumption and CO2 (115 g/km is the recorded than the present-day engine, to the top of its §egmènt. Thanks to the continuous and its flexible architecture, this of engines also remains a of reference in the category as use of the continuously valve timing unit able as it is to optimize valve (opening and closing) at all engine

In this way fuel consumption is on the one reduced since the exhaust gas at low loads wîth lower losses, and on the other performance to ensure torque availability at low rpm Nm at 3000 rpm) and power at rpm (69 HP at 5500 rpm). What is an engine that offers the flexibility to fuel consumption in the category.

85 HP 0.9 TwinAir (Euro 5): Engine of the Year 2011′

The engine is the ideal solution for use but, compared to the previously 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II. it has more power (85 HP) and (145 Nm at 1900 rpm). The of a new family of two-cylinder engines by Powertrain, delivering from 65 to 105 HP, 85 HP Turbo delivers a significant in fuel consumption and emissions (up to 30% than an engine of equal

In addition, for more ‘eco-friendly’ and reduced fuel consumption, you can press the ECO button on the dashboard, limits torque to 100 Nm at 2000 In this way you can reach CO2 levels at the top of the 97 g/km wîth the DFN semi-automatic and 99 g/km wîth the mechanical Among other things, the DFN gearbox, which was originally on the Ypsilon back in 2003, in conjunction wîth Magneti has been updated to offer driving comfort and at the same reduce fuel consumption and

A real jewel of engine the two-cylinder employs the revolutionary technology developed and patented by Powertrain which was introduced in The heart of MultiAir is a new electro-hydraulic management system that fuel consumption by controlling air via the inlet valves ( without the throttle). MultiAir reduces emissions (thanks to combustion and also considerably improves by boosting driveability.

Indeed, to a traditional petrol engine of displacement, MultiAir engines an increase in power (up to 10%) and (up to 15%) in addition to a significant in emissions of CO2 (up to 10%).

Thanks to features, the Twin Air engine has awarded wîth four in the ‘International Engine of the Year competition, excelling over the engines in all categories in which it The jury, consisting of 76 journalists and from 36 different countries, the success of the TwinAir engine in its own category (less than cm3), and elected it ‘International of the Year 2011′, assigning it the top in the competition. The TwinAir engine by Powertrain also won the ‘Best New 2011′ and ‘Best Green 2011′ awards.

1.3 MultiJet II 95 HP

With a view to respect for the coupled wîth driving the new Ypsilon range offers the 1.3 MultiJet II (Euro5), wîth the system as standard, which a maximum output of 95 HP at 4000 rpm and a of 200 Nm at just 1500 rpm.

wîth a variable geometry a new variable displacement engine oil and alternator wîth ‘smart the 1.3 MultiJet II produces just 99 of CO2 emissions in the mixed cycle and to the second generation of MultiJet

In detail, the MultiJet II engines economy, eco-friendliness and performance unparalleled on the market. Compared to the generation of MultiJet engines, the supply system changes faster injectors able to multiple injections close in In particular, it is possible to perform a modulated injection of fuel in distinct phases and anticipate the that follow.

The servo wîth balanced plunger of the II system is able to manage up to 8 per cycle, offering greater flexibility and precision in the various of operation. The injector is also and more reliable because its is less complex and it has 40% less

(pressure is still 1600 Thanks to the new type of injector, now focused on optimizing the increasingly combustion can be achieved, such as the Shaping injection that two consecutive injections so close in time as to generate a continuous and profile of the fuel supply the cylinders. With this the combustion process is improved, all to the of quieter operation and particulate and oxide (NOx) emissions. the MultiJet II engines totally the Euro 5 standard and at the same mark a decisive step stricter regulatory levels in the

State-of-the-art tyres

The new Ypsilon’s performance in the area of reduced CO2 is aided by a new generation of 15′ low resistance tyres developed by Designed wîth innovative and state-of-the-art materials, Goodyear tyres have a lighter which provides a reduction of the resistance. This equates to CO2 emissions and reduced fuel without compromising whatsoever on performance.

Green-Tech: StartStop and Gear Shift Indicator

All and diesel engines are equipped the StartStop device, already on the Musa and Delta models, switches the engine off temporarily and restarts it in order to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions. Specially for driving in the city, the system switches off the engine when conditions require the vehicle to (red lights, tailbacks and stops, for example), keeping all of the that guarantee comfort and on board active (lights, control system, radio and wipers).

Switching off the engine the vehicle is stopped prevents fuel needlessly (up to -15% an urban cycle), reduces and improves acoustics.

The device can be using the button on the dashboard.

The equipped wîth the StartStop also have the Gear Indicator (GSI), a genuine that discreetly prompts when it is time to change leading to more efficient use of the in terms of fuel consumption. For the GSI may suggest shifting up, by means of an on the control panel, to allow the to run at a lower speed or to downshift to best use of the available torque.

satisfaction: redesigned suspensions and chassis

The new Ypsilon is a car that you experience relaxing moments and comfortably, also because of its that have been to ensure control and comfort at top In detail, compared to the current the new Ypsilon offers an unprecedented suspension wîth Mc Pherson that has been lightened and provides high crash

It was lightened using a monocoque arm made of ultra-high resistance the first use in Europe for Chassis and a modular cross member wîth low-thickness, high-resistance sheets. Ready for future the cross member interfaces the third load line to improve crash performance a high-speed collision, pedestrian and insurance impact.

The new front suspension has a ‘split’ of shock absorber mounting transmits the loads to the body two different routes and therefore get filtering of the road vibrations and acoustics compared to that of the model owing to a dynamic of the lower tyre, at the same guaranteeing top efficiency of the shock thanks to an axial rigidity no than the one today.

The front also has a new stabilizer bar that its efficiency. The solution wîth to the suspension bar has been replaced a connection solution of connecting rod on the absorber to maximize the anti-roll of the bar. In addition to efficiency, the weight of the stabilizer bar has been again wîth equal effect.

Lastly, the bushes of the suspension arm have been and designed to achieve ultimate when driving and on bumpy and have contributed to improving reduction also by attaining a stiffening lower than of today.

The rear torsion suspension is fitted wîth a new larger than that of Ypsilon, which guarantees comfort on bumpy roads and noise insulation without from road holding. The was studied to optimise absorption of the bumps, without penalizing the elastic property-kinematic performance of the rear suspension.

The chassis of the new also contains an innovative developed in keeping wîth two safety and lightening car weight. In it was possible to reconcile these two aspects wîth extensive use of materials, making it possible to the energy absorption capacity in front and side impacts and at the time lighten the structure.

to the previous model, another element is implementation of a third line in the front that more effective control of in front impacts because of its to transfer the loads to the lower, resistant part of the vehicle, reducing penetrations into the compartment. The bolted parts demonstrate the technical evolution of platform, such as use of high-performance steels for the front bumper and adoption of lightweight and resistant plastic materials (Xenoy) on the bumper crossmember.

Technology: of innovation

The new Lancia Ypsilon is a small flagship filled exclusive equipment that it a benchmark in its §egmènt. Travelling in the new you discover a bright, welcoming compartment that guarantees a degree of comfort but also a advanced space. So here we the LED lighting on the dashboard and the noise roof made using an polyester-based material that, by the noise inside the passenger by around 2 dB, guarantees extremely running: a reduction of 3 dB corresponds to a 50% in noise intensity.

All this is enhanced by the large Gran sunroof which, thanks to area measuring 0.70 m2 a record for §egmènt B – a superbly bright interior.

in the ‘city car’ category, the new offers extremely interesting including ‘Magic Parking’, LIVE’, the ‘Smart fuel and innovative headlight clusters.

The new vehicle launch ‘BlueMe–TomTom LIVE’, a of the infotelematic system created as a of a partnership between Fiat Automobiles and TomTom, European in portable navigation devices, exploits the versatility of the BlueMe

Based on the TomTom Go1000, device allows you to manage – a practical colour touch-screen – calls, satellite navigation and all the information you need, which it directly from the on-board systems. It also allows you to your media player the touchscreen interface.

The new version has a capacitive touch-screen and TomTom services such as HD Traffic, has been named as the best information system currently on the This combines accurate information wîth a dynamic calculation, providing real-time of congestion, traffic jams and closures. Customers get free use of the services for a whole year.

to the special support developed in wîth Magneti Marelli for the new the ‘BlueMe-TomTom LIVE’ is installed in the found on the front post to the of the driver so it can be powered (the integration for right hand on the right post is possible).

fuel system’

Filling up is one of operations which has not developed in wîth automotive technology. The new makes a leap forward the innovative ‘Smart fuel a device that replaces the cap and that is fitted to the end of the fuel pipe. Designed wîth attention to female customers, the automatically opens and closes the pump is put in side and removed, so is easier and safer since it gas emissions and fuel overflow.

The new fuel system’ also the problem of ‘misfuelling’ as it does not petrol to be pumped into a powered car.

Cutting-edge clusters

Like the Delta and models and few other city the new Ypsilon is fitted wîth and tail lights developed in wîth Magneti Marelli Lighting, which combine technology wîth an innovative that is nevertheless inspired by the Lancia tradition. The tail fitted wîth LEDs, than conventional bulbs, enhanced safety coupled a distinctive look. Indeed, the lights off, they monochromatic, while when on they light up in the colour of the determined by the LEDs themselves.

The headlights, meanwhile, feature an solution wîth ‘daytime lights’ (Adaptive Daytime which automatically turns on the when the engine is started: is wîth a view to meeting a European standard which come into force in

What’s more, xenon light clusters are also cutting-edge technology available on few models in the §egmènt which style, technology and safety.

500 W Hi-Fi Music’

The 500W Hi-Fi Music’ system is on request. This absolute in the §egmènt sets itself from the rest owing to its technology, and is ideal for whoever a sophisticated hi-fi system as it has designed and calibrated for the passenger of the new Ypsilon.

In detail, the new system of 8 speakers (four 40W musical tweeters and four 80W musical mid-woofers) and a digital 8-channel And then to make the on-board experience truly unique, the is made up of the simultaneous use of three signal processing methods and acoustic effects.

The first extends the frequency range towards the bass without subwoofers so that the listeners has the of listening to a system able to extensive and deep basses. The method (Focus) raises the position of the sound sources to ear

One gets the feeling of listening to placed higher than they really are, and at the time the perceived frequency goes back to being as the ‘colour’ caused by the head is removed. Lastly, the third (3D) spatially equalizes the reproduction, correcting the errors due to the of the speakers and improving spatial The result is a more enveloping which recreates a correct image even for listeners from the symmetric axis of the

Safety: top of category

To guarantee the of the passengers, the new Ypsilon combines a designed according to the most criteria wîth active and safety content that its optimum performance in terms of so much so as to be at the top of its category.

The design and of this aspect of performance was out on an almost entirely virtual involving over twenty hours of mathematical modelling. The set-up and experimental tests more than 80 crash 100 tests on a HyGe slide and 100 tests on components and sub-systems. numbers confirm the company’s to making the new Ypsilon one of the safest in the §egmènt.

In detail, the third path connected to the vehicle guarantees a homogeneous front able to adapt vehicle in case of front impact of the type of obstacle/vehicle hit since it the energy absorption potential of the front end and reduces both forces and passenger compartment thereby ensuring optimum protection at higher impact Moreover, the energy absorption positioned in front of the third path (made wîth a type of plastic having energy absorption efficiency) to minimize vehicle damage in of low-speed impact and to give the support to reduce the risk of knee bends if the car hits a

Then the new Ypsilon offers up to 6 (front, window-bags and side), seat belts wîth pretensioner and load limiter and three-point seat belts. attention has also been to the seats. Both the front and seats are equipped wîth an system (which prevents the from sliding underneath the belt), the front seats an anti-whiplash system (which the natural travel range of the starting immediately after the reducing the risk of whiplash in a collision) standard on the entire just like the Isofix for child seats on the rear

The safety performance was designed by the and the Fiat Safety Centre examining all possible types of front and side impacts, pile-up and collisions wîth Various speeds at which may occur were also into consideration as well as types of obstacles and different of occupants wîth greatly physical characteristics.

Customisation: of being able to choose

can find the new Ypsilon that suits his or her demands and tastes. to say that there are over 600 customisations for the ‘mini flagship’, by mixing and matching the 16 body of which 4 are two-tone, 3 interior levels (Silver, Gold and 6 different upholstery trims and 3 of alloy wheels.

In detail, the trim level provides opening remote control, adjustable §teering wheel, front windows, 50/50 rear seat, height-adjustable seat, 15′ steel interiors in technical fabric electro-welded seams, radio and rear heated window. In of safety, ABS wîth EBD, stability control complete ASR and Hill Holder, front and airbags, and also the Isofix are offered standard.

In addition to great quantity of equipment, the version adds: manual control, radio wîth CD and MP3 electrically adjustable door §teering wheel and leather-trimmed gaiter, Castiglio upholstery and Pack. Finally, the Platinum level offers the added electric windows, fog lights, alloy wheels, rear head restraints and leather

In addition, for those eager to their New Ypsilon and make it exclusive, an extensive range of top quality accessories is available. Not do the accessories offer great and meticulous attention to detail, but also go beautifully wîth the in line wîth the unmistakable style and in full compliance technical, stylistic and mechanical of the new car. From exclusive alloy wheels, side and tinted headlights to a black plate wîth illuminated a ‘BlueMe–TomTom LIVE’ and the Accessories

The interior trim levels of the new deserve a close look. are three different levels, by different colours, materials and customers can choose from and sporty versions, or more versions that are reworked in a vein and express the car’s personality. The first, the Silver level, is aimed ideally at a target audience: the interior is by fabric upholstery wîth a spirit.

The distinguishing feature of trim level is the presence of employing contrasting materials and The Ypsilon logo is an expression of becoming a hallmark, adding texture.

The Gold trim is aimed at a target which on the one is masculine, and on the other feminine and The interior offers two chromatic ‘Úrban Black’ and ‘Romantic The first is absolute, a real and is animated by contrast wîth grey’, which highlights the sculpted on the central part, delineating the logo, the car’s

Refined and elegant, the second communicates through soft signs, highlighted by the contrasting gold of the trim on the dashboard and panels. The graphics are enveloping, fashion-inspired details and weaves.

the Platinum trim level the evolution of the Gold trim once again identifying two total ‘Úrban Black’ and Gold’, where brown metallic and iridescent. Aggressive and the contemporary black look its spirit through contrasting and ton sur ton, glossy/matt colours. are imprinted in a crisp, 3-dimensional, manner.

Matt leather inviting possible interpretations of a sports interior. The sophisticated romantic’ interior gives a new on concepts of timeless elegance and colours, reworking this wîth soft signs are nonetheless highly expressive and defined by the material.

Financial and extended warranty

FGA Capital a finance company specialising in the sector – is offering solutions for the commercial launch of the new Ypsilon that make its accessible for all customer targets by a cross-market strategy. The ‘PCP’ is the loan that lets you the new Ypsilon paying only its use; the ‘instalment’ formulate you spread the payment of all or a portion of the new and leasing makes it possible to use the car tying up your capital.

All of the products have been wîth an innovative service to car coverage. It is the new Extended Warranty replace the products currently on and has been recently realized in wîth the FGA brands and a prominent partner, the Warranty Group.

first in Italy, Spain and but to be rolled out in all European markets the new service will be a distinguishing for the launch of the New Ypsilon as well as for the of the Lancia range What’s about the new extended warranty is the up to 96 months, the unlimited mileage and the a complete coverage for the vehicle And a characteristic even more on the market is the same level of for the entire duration chosen for the In addition, customers can always the finance solutions offered the usual car insurance services, as GAP, FireTheft and Comprehensive and so on for protection, all absolutely integrable in the plan chosen and offered at a rate wîth respect to the market conditions.

Lancia Ypsilon
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