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Hyundai ix35

2011 Hyundai ix35 pictures, and information

Chocolate taste with salad – the ix35 offers the best of all

– Coupe looks, SÚV MPV practicality, hatchback costs

Expected to attract thousands of new to the Hyundai brand

– engines and transmissions offer running costs wîth SÚV

Design that challenges technology that beats else in its price range and an that transcends traditional sectors – those are the most features of the new Hyundai ix35.

On from March 2010, the builds on an impressive SÚV heritage, has seen Hyundai continually in the top five brands for such across Europe.

Yet despite its SÚV the ix35 isn’t a straightforward replacement. Rather, it’s an new breed of car. It takes the popular aspects of its predecessor and them wîth attributes will make it appeal the conventional SÚV sector.

It takes up the amount of space on the road as a hatchback and has prices to match. makes it certain to appeal to who would normally consider a Focus, Vauxhall Astra or VW

Despite the compact size, the can rival an MPV for practicality. The boot is larger than a Ford for example and there are plenty of features to keep parents and happy and comfortable.

Designed, and engineered in Europe at Hyundai’s RD centre in Ruesselsheim, Germany, the draws many of its styling from the ix-onic concept first seen at the 2009 Motor Show. It introduces cues, such as its hexagonal grille, that will go on to in future Hyundai models.

A new of 1.6-litre GDI petrol and 1.7-litre diesel engines have made available from 2010, along wîth developed six-speed automatic that will also in other Hyundai models.

a compelling line-up of efficient yet petrol and diesel engines and saving technology such as Stop Go (ISG), the ix35 incredibly efficient fuel and tailpipe emissions figures. coupled wîth highly list prices, the ix35 is attractive to retail and fleet alike.

A dynamic chassis, advanced multi-link rear and a choice of two or four-wheel-drive drivetrains even further versatility and appeal to the ix35 range, advanced safety systems – standard ESP (Electronic Stability on all models – make it the perfect of car for family buyers.

Priced only £16,540 on-the-road, the range has equipment levels no rival can even dream of The entry-level Style model is expensive to buy than a basic Focus, yet includes such as 17-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, front and rear seats, heated door mirrors integrated LED-type side leather §teering wheel and reverse parking sensors and a computer. Stop Go (ISG) is available on some models as a option.

The Premium model is more comprehensively equipped, 18-inch alloys standard on all (excluding the 1.7 CRDi 2WD), a panoramic glass sunroof, headlights, chrome door chrome interior trim, control, dual zone control wîth humidity and Ioniser, electric folding mirrors, front windscreen de-icer, keyless entry engine start/stop button, privacy glass, rain-sensing part-leather upholstery and roof plus optional leather touch-screen sat-nav and a reversing

What’s more, all ix35’s are up by Hyundai’s famous five-year and a 10-year anti-perforation corrosion meaning that what attractive in the showroom will just as appealing for years to

In the past year, over new customers have discovered the brand in the ÚK. With the ix35, it like it’ll be attracting a few more.

The Market

ix35 the boundaries between small and family hatchbacks.

Fabulous for money and handsome looks are not enough to win over today’s customers.

So while the ix35 has of those attributes in spades, it brings to the market a much appeal. It extends beyond the to compete against family and compact MPVs just as as it does against small

Obvious key rivals include the RAV4, Ford Kuga, VW and Nissan Qashqai, all of which are beaten by the ix35 on price specification. But other models which the ix35 is set to generate sales – where a customer from one manufacturer to another include the Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus and C-Max and Auris.

It’s the versatility of the design that is core to its In terms of its overall dimensions, it is no or wider than the average C-§egmènt hatchback, so it will up no more space on your or in the supermarket car park.

Yet despite its dimensions it has the rugged good of an SÚV, complete wîth the of four-wheel-drive and a decent amount of clearance should you occasionally the versatility and traction to match. The layout, wîth its generous space, wide-opening rear and exceptional levels of passenger brings even more – why bother wîth a bulky, MPV when you can choose a more and dynamic model that just as much room?

expects the ix35 to appeal to a cross section of the motoring but it will be particularly popular active families, both and more established. The typical buyer will live out of have two or more children and enjoy a more active-than-normal

Sports, holidays and family out will be the core focus of out-of-work activities, and they be lòòking for a car that delivers they need to complement active existence.

The ix35 manages to look stylish and unlike an MPV, yet it offers levels of interior space and stowage, unlike most hatchbacks, and it delivers safe, handling and low running costs, most SÚVs.

Along low running costs, the ix35 also appeal to environmentally customers thanks to systems Intelligent Stop Go. This shuts off and then restarts the in congested city driving reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Also available on models is Hyundai’s Active ECO

This optimises the vehicle for the fuel-efficient possible running at the of a button.

It’s a car that take the pressures of a family a day trip to a theme park, the run and a long-distance daily commute all in its efficiently and economically. It’s a car will soon find a valued member of the family.

and Design

Rugged yet dynamic, the appeal transcends the market…

So you an SÚV has to look boxy? Wrong. The is as far removed from the traditional design as you could imagine.

to have a softer, more silhouette, the ix35 reflects consumer tastes – it shifts the traditional to the multipurpose, proving even a car wîth all the practical of an SÚV can still have a stylish, appearance.

As such, the design more than one traditional category, appealing as much to the SÚV buyer for whom the outgoing was so appealing, as it does to those out of more mainstream compact models.

The model introduces a new design for Hyundai – known as fluidic – which means all models ix35 onward will refinement, confidence and dynamic regardless of market sector.

is a groundbreaking design that embodies strong indicators of the in which the styling of future models will be heading,’ Thomas Buerkle, Chief Hyundai Motor Europe. European design team, in Ruesselsheim, Germany, carried the majority of the styling elements in the ix-onic show car, at the 2009 Geneva Motor

These cues include sweeping lines, including an ‘Double Z’ swage on the vehicles flanks. Bold detailing, chunky alloy and a discreet but aerodynamically effective spoiler add to the model’s confident as well as accentuating its convention-challenging profile.

The side repeater are in the form of LEDs incorporated the door mirrors, while the projector-style headlamps also a distinctive, upmarket and purposeful

‘The ix35’s low, profile enhances its sporty and does so without compromising for passengers and their luggage,’ Buerkle. ‘Although the ix35 is lower and sleeker than its predecessor, it’s also and wider. Our designers have this additional space to extra seating room for all

Another key styling feature is the front grille – a signature that will be carried on Hyundai models sold Europe, and will become familiar as new models are launched and

The purposeful exterior styling is up further by the car’s interior, spaciousness is further accentuated by the of a dual-panel panoramic glass – as well as adding airiness to the it can be tilted, slid or fully to give ix35 passengers a of the great outdoors.

Once the cabin, front seat are greeted by a distinctive X-shaped console, wîth neat silver accents and black detailing on the dash and §teering – styling trends that become more visible on models in the Hyundai model into the future. The dials and have soft-blue backlighting, gives the night-time ambience of the a welcoming and upmarket feel.

To broaden the model’s appeal, a new of colours and interior trim allow the ix35 to be personalised to individual customers’ tastes – a car that offers a premium feel and experience to its owners, yet cost the earth to buy or run.

Modern diesel and petrol low emissions, impressive economy and

A wider range of modern are now available wîth the ix35, all of blending impressive power wîth excellent fuel and ultra-low CO2 emissions.

From 2010, an all-new 1.6-litre GDI Direct Injection) 2WD model the original ix35 ‘Theta 2.0-litre petrol at the range price point. Fitted this new high-tech petrol the ix35 achieves remarkable economy of 41.5mpg combined and lower tailpipe emissions. Yet being more efficient its predecessor, the new 135bhp engine delivers more performance, 0-62mph taking 11.1 and a top speed of 111mph.

Another addition is a new, smaller 1.7-litre CRDi diesel which will be offered in 2WD only and is the most fuel-efficient on offer in the ix35. Nicknamed the by Hyundai, this new engine the edge of oil-burning technology, yet the band of the same name, it Rattle and Hum!

Indeed, to a new latest-generation common-rail system and geometry turbocharger, chain cam and torque curve that up to 90 per cent of the car’s pulling to be available from only it is one of the quietest, most refined and economical units in its class.

In fact the 1.7-litre CRDi groundbreaking running costs for an It can achieve fuel economy of combined and a tax-busting 135g/km CO2 fitted wîth Intelligent Go (ISG). ISG is an innovative Hyundai that’s available wîth new petrol and diesel models. It shuts off and then restarts the in congested city driving reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Already available on i30 models, ISG drives down CO2 and the ix35 even greater to fleet customers as well as concerned about the environment. ISG models cost £200 than their standard but specifying the system can bring the on-the-road price down low CO2 emissions means low VED charges.

up the range, the 2.0-litre CRDi is available wîth 2WD and 4WD, and is the popular powerplant in the ix35 Based on the class-leading 2.2-litre engine that made its in the 2010 Santa Fe, the R2.0 is compliant wîth Euro 5 legislation and comfortably outperforms power units from manufacturers, wîth 134bhp of and 320Nm of torque. From 2010 a more powerful, automatic version of the same wîth a brawny 181bhp and torque is on offer as the range-topping

All versions of the 2.0-litre CRDi benefit from a third-generation fuelling system that diesel to the engine at incredibly pressure – 1800 bar – wîth an degree of accuracy to limit the fuel consumption.

The chain-driven (no expensive cambelt changes in to come) has an electronically controlled geometry turbocharger wîth a microprocessor, along wîth a diesel particulate filter to optimum efficiency.

In two-wheel-drive the engine delivers a combined economy figure of 51.4mpg extra urban/42.8mpg urban) CO2 emissions of 147g/km.*

The four-wheel-drive using the same engine, is of 49.6mpg on the combined cycle extra-urban/42.2mpg urban) wîth CO2 of 149g/km.*

The four-wheel-drive automatic is capable of 39.8mpg on the combined (47.1mpg extra urban/31.0mpg wîth CO2 emissions of 187g/km*.

innovative fuel-saving technologies to ix35s include a gearshift indicator on all manual models, an ECO Drive switch for diesel models and a power-saving alternator system.

*Refers to Style without glass roof.

and drivetrains

Two or four-wheel drive, new automatic due late 2010

A car to cross the boundaries between MPVs and compact hatchbacks has to to buyers of all three types of In the case of the ix35, the transmissions and on offer will cater for customers’ diverse desires.

All have modern six-speed as standard. In both diesel the standard six-speed manual multi-cone synchronisation, wîth weight and enhanced efficiency to contribute to the models excellent efficiency and emissions. The unit is for life and is filled wîth low oil, requiring no servicing the life of the vehicle.

Petrol come wîth a two-wheel-drive while the 2.0 CRDi is offered the option of four-wheel-drive.

Both two and models come wîth two safety innovations, courtesy of the Electronic Stability Programme The first of these is called which stands for Hillstart Control and helps prevent the car rolling backwards in a hill-start

The second is DBC, or Downhill Control, and limits the car’s on steep descents. It allows the to maintain full control needing to feather the brakes or in a low gear.

The four-wheel-drive option is expected to popular wîth customers from the conventional SÚV market who use their vehicle for towing, or who in areas often affected by weather conditions.

The drivetrain is a ratio 4WD system, wîth a status that delivers all of the torque to the front wheels ‘routine’ driving. This set up for better overall fuel and lower emissions.

Whenever a wheel loses grip, a of the car’s available torque is transferred to the rear wheels to forward motion. But if the driver to engage the 4WD system permanently, in slippery conditions, or for greater when towing, ‘Lock can be selected. This splits the equally between the ix35’s and rear axles for better up to a maximum speed of 25mph.

The 2.0 automatic features an all-new self-shifting transmission that is and lighter than any other automatic offered anywhere in

As well as the obvious economy and benefits, the system uses a torque converter to reduce its size, and features three gears and four pinion

Although it offers smooth and gearshifts throughout the rev range in auto mode, the gearbox can be used like a sequential manual. A gate-type shift allows the driver to choose fully automatic or clutchless ‘Sport’ modes, which even more driver and a more rewarding driving beyond the city limits.

and Convenience

For most people, a test drive is enough to them whether they a car or not. As a result, Hyundai has to great lengths to ensure the ix35 delivers first that are hard to beat, yet wîth the owner long they have taken of their new car.

Few models as much space or comfort as the nor can anything at the price hope to it in terms of equipment levels.

Hyundai ix35

a good driving position the rest of the cabin layout is and well-finished – ahead of the driver, a leather-trimmed four-spoke §teering has full tilt and telescopic and incorporates controls for the audio, and cruise control (the only on Premium models).

The binnacle features a classic layout wîth clear and graphics, while a trip display amid the two offers a selection of information including fuel consumption, distance to and exterior temperature. ‘SuperVision’, bathes the instrument cluster in a blue light, is offered as an on Premium models.

All ix35 come wîth air conditioning as while on Premium models the is upgraded to a dual-zone automatic to further enhance passenger

And for music on the move, the ix35 has a six-speaker stereo system, incorporates MP3, ÚSB and iPod wîth a CD and RDS radio. Customers who to the ix35’s all-new touch navigation system will benefit from an external and single woofer, hidden in the cargo bay side trim, to incredible acoustics. All models have Bluetooth connectivity for phones.

Other high-tech – all standard on the Premium model include Smart Card entry complete wîth button and a ‘follow me home’ function, while Premium can be ordered wîth an optional exterior camera, which its image onto the sat-nav screen to enable safe

Passengers in the back get to enjoy levels of comfort, too, wide-opening rear doors proving a boon to those young children who need to be into safety seats. We forgotten adults either – all have heated seats for all not just those in the front.

Yet the multipurpose appeal of the ix35 beyond just its passengers. The bay is impressively spacious, offering 591 of space wîth the rear up, or up to 1436 litres when all flat. The rear seat folds 60:40 at the pull of a while for security all models a roller-blind style luggage

There’s good stowage too, throughout the cabin – a cooled glovebox and 6.2-litre console cubby help for all the usual paraphernalia experienced by families, while the rear incorporates a folding centre wîth twin cupholders.

Of comfort isn’t just to space and flexibility, and that’s why engineers worked hard to that the ix35 also has leading NVH (Noise, Vibration and levels. The bodyshell is constructed high tensile steel, a number of tailor-welded blanks in a stiffer, safer and more vehicle.

Certain areas of the such as the front MacPherson top mounts and rear trailing arm A-Pillars and rear wheelarches special attention to reduce the of road noise into the Úpgraded sound deadening under the bonnet, on the bulkhead and the trim panels further the model’s overall refinement.

and Safety

• Sophisticated multi-link suspension, full active and safety systems, ESP standard the range

In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers use torsion beam suspension at the of their cars. Compact and the passive nature of a torsion allows for neutral and predictable suitable for most applications.

But drivers can tell the difference, and a torsion beam there’s a slight trade off in terms of quality and dynamic ability.

why the Hyundai ix35 has an advanced fully independent suspension set up on all Normally found on more cars, the design incorporates a mounted damper and coil to reduce intrusion into the space.

In addition to the multi-link the ix35 features Amplitude Dampers (ASD), which the ability to deliver a smooth on broken town and city wîth firmer control at speeds, or when traversing country roads.

At the front, the uses the tried and tested of Macpherson struts and coil wîth new side-load coil to deliver even better and ride comfort.

Both and rear suspension components are on lightweight hydro-formed subframes, advanced bushes to help passengers from irregularities in the surface. The separate subframes helps keep repair low in the event of an accident, as the front or suspension can be removed and replaced as a unit.

The good dynamics are enhanced by variable-assistance power which is speed sensitive so it a light, low effort feel parking or driving in town, yet much more substantial when driving on motorways or A-Roads. The §teering requires than three turns lock-to-lock and is fully electronic. It delivers an exceptionally tight circle.

Talking of tight ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) is as standard across the entire range, even though manufacturers insist on it being an option. The feature helps the car stable in emergency situations, and is to the ABS braking system. All ÚK ix35s come wîth reverse sensors as standard to further add to levels.

Customers who order the ‘Media Pack’ will get a rear-view camera, which is on the car’s tailgate. This is wîth a 130-degree wide lens that transmits to the sat nav screen in the car’s dash.

Of course, even wîth the best in active safety the inevitable can sometimes happen. The has been designed to deliver the possible levels of protection if an accident does occur.

The use of high tensile steel the body extra stiffness the main passenger compartment, load paths throughout the distribute crash impact throughout the structure to reduce Six airbags come as standard – two two front side and two full curtain airbags, while the B-Pillar has been designed in a way that it also acts as an rollover bar if required.

Front have Active head as standard, and all on-board safety such as the airbags and seatbelt work in conjunction wîth rollover protection sensors the ESP system to determine which aids need to be deployed in an situation.

Although it hasn’t yet tested by Euro NCAP, a five-star rating in these and maximum score in the ÚSA’s two testing programmes were during the ix35’s development, and a performance is expected. In fact safety expertise was demonstrated the ix35’s little sister – the i20 – higher in Euro NCAP than an SÚV from a well-known manufacturer!

Prices and Specification

Priced to tempt buyers conventional hatchbacks

– at just £16,540 on-the-road.

Two trim levels wîth equipment levels.

Like all models, the ix35 delivers value for money, especially to its main rivals.

Available only £16,540 on-the-road, the ix35 is actually less than the cheapest versions of the C-Sector hatchbacks. This it will offer a real for private and company owners who to drive something more

There are no compromises on quality or levels either. The ix35 is wîth standard features more expensive rivals can dream of.

Two trim levels are on – Style and Premium.

Style, wîth a choice of petrol or engines, comes wîth alloy wheels, ESP, air active head restraints, connectivity wîth voice heated front and rear downhill brake control, windows front and rear. heated door mirrors integrated LED-type side six airbags, glove compartment cooling function, ‘follow-me-home’ function, Hillstart Assist leather §teering wheel and remote central locking alarm, §teering wheel controls, stereo-radio CD wîth MP3 and connectivity, reverse parking and a trip computer.

Premium add 18-inch alloys (17-inch for CRDi models), a full-length glass sunroof, automatic chrome door handles, interior trim, cruise dual zone climate wîth humidity sensor and electric folding door front windscreen wiper keyless entry wîth stop-start button, rear glass, rain-sensing wipers, upholstery and smart roof

Available in two or four-wheel-drive, but wîth the engine only, Premium start at £19,345 on-the-road.

models can also be ordered two option packs.

The Media provides a reverse parking touchscreen satellite navigation and a speaker stereo system amp and woofer, while the Individual offers full leather in black or brown, an auto-dimming view mirror wîth and a SuperVision instrument cluster, bright blue lighting. The Pack costs £820, and the Pack £715, both value compared to rivals.

further to the ix35’s value for appeal, all variants come Hyundai’s famous five-year along wîth a 10-year corrosion warranty.

Hyundai ix35
Hyundai ix35
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