2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 – Top Speed

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BMW ActiveHybrid 7

2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7

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The German BMW has officially unveiled the new ActiveHybrid 7, the car in the world to combine a V8 gasoline eight-speed automatic transmission and an motor as a mild hybrid

The V8 engine delivers 449 HP between and 6,000 rpm and a peak torque of 479 consistently all the way from 2,000 to rpm. The ActiveHybrid 7 accelerates 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.9 seconds, and can hit a top speed of 155

The V8 engine is combined to a three-phase electric motor positioned the combustion engine and the automatic converter. The electric motor additional drive power of 20 HP, maximum power increasing to an more substantial 27 HP in the generator charging the lithium-ion battery. In the mode BMW ActiveHybrid 7 benefits maximum output of 465 HP and peak of 516 lb-ft.

Other green included in the new ActiveHybrid 7: Brake Regeneration, two interconnected on-board networks, and a 400 watt-hour 35 cell battery which weighs lb and measures 14.6 x 8.7 x 9.1 inches.

details in the press release the jump .

Press release

BMW is to present the most supreme and rendition of hybrid technology seen so far in the automobile: BMW ActiveHybrid 7. on the BMW 7 Series, this unique car new standards for effi ciency in the class. BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is the fi rst car in the world to a V8 gasoline engine, eight-speed transmission and an electric motor as a hybrid concept.

This of an upgraded eight-cylinder with BMW Turbo Technology and High Injection with a three-phase electric motor gives BMW 7 overall system output of 342 hp and maximum torque of 700 Newton-metres/516 Power is transmitted via an eight-speed transmission, with the electric positioned in compact confi between the combustion engine and the on the automatic transmission receiving its of energy from a lithium-ion developed especially for use in the automobile.

controlled interaction of both sources serves to optimise not the effi ciency but also the performance and superior comfort of BMW 7. The result is a truly thrilling experience and, at the same a unique demonstration of hybrid with its outstanding potential. BMW 7accelerates to 100 km/h in a mere 4.9 while keeping average consumption in the EU test cycle to 9.4 100 kilometres (equivalent to 29.1 mpg and restricting CO2 emissions to just 219 per kilometre.

Hybrid technology provides new options for the particularly use and enjoyment of additional comfort As an example, BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is the fi rst BMW with transmission to feature an Auto Stop function avoiding speed operation of the engine at a standstill or in traffi c jams. A signifi cant advantage is the air conditioning and ventilation system fully operational also the engine switched off, being supplied directly the 120-volt on-board network on the lithium-ion battery.

This concept of engine management for the fi rst truly effective climate also at a standstill in a luxury car, cooling the interior of BMW 7 to a signifi cantly lower right from the start, the driver even fi res the engine. displays in the instrument cluster and the Display inform the occupants of the of effi ciency and the current status of the hybrid components.

light-alloy rims in aerodynamically ten-spoke turbine wheel created exclusively for BMW ActiveHybrid 7 as as model designations on the luggage lid, the C-pillars behind the windows and on the door cutouts set aside the hybrid models their “regular” counterparts from the start. And last but not least, BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is also in Bluewater metallic exterior exclusive to this very model.

Like the existing within the BMW 7 Series, BMW’s fi rst saloon with hybrid is entering the market in two body The extended version of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 with wheelbase increased by 14 or 5.5, benefi ting the rear-seat passengers. And to optimise the experience and grand touring for individual requirements, both are available with a wide of options from the portfolio of and accessories offered on the BMW 7 Series.

BMW ActiveHybrid as a major element of the BMW cientDynamics development strategy.

from the start, the regular models in the new BMW 7 Series come a broad scope of BMW Effi technologies quite unparalleled in their diversity and effects. Now BMW technology offers yet another hybrid technology for the fi rst time the unique standard already ned by BMW i n the luxury performance segment.

BMW 7 takes a truly innovative in ensuring outstanding effi in the luxury class. At the same this unique saloon dynamic driving characteristics at a by far exceeding everything hybrid have been able to so far.

Appropriate use of the electric also in the interest of driving likewise ensures yet another cant step into the provided by the development of hybrid focusing on both the requirements of the class and the characteristics so typical of a BMW. The result is an extremely cient luxury performance at the same time offering Sheer Driving Pleasure for a car.

BMW ActiveHybrid is an important within the BMW Effi cientDynamics strategy offering technologies to signifi cantly reduce consumption and emissions on every new and at the same time enhance performance to an unprecedented standard.

Now the drivetrain technology of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 to further enhance the effi of the car and the driving pleasure it is able to with the gasoline engine and motor being perfectly with one another to provide a cant improvement of dynamic and motoring comfort and, at the time, to capitalise on the use of energy in the under a wide range of driving conditions.

BMW uses technology wherever it can make a effective contribution to the reduction of consumption and emissions. As a rule, the potential of hybrid technology with the power of the combustion interacting with the system. this is why BMW ActiveHybrid technology in with a V8 power unit a signifi cantly greater than when combined, with a six- or fourcylinder

In the case of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 precise of the electric motor and the V8 power serves to optimise the effi of the combustion engine under all of different loads and under conditions. And through its use in a luxury saloon, BMW’s sophisticated technology offers a particularly rendition of its exclusive character.

energy management optimising the storage and use of electric power

The technology in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 ensures a intelligent standard of energy within the car serving to make use of the energy contained in the fuel in superior driving dynamics and at the time to increase motoring to an even higher standard, generating Sheer Driving from each and every of fuel. The intelligent hybrid comprises both the generation and use of energy, with loss-free of electric power ensured by the lithium-ion battery. Both the of charging the battery and the supply of to the electric motor as well as all power-consuming items are ensured and by power electronics developed – cally for BMW ActiveHybrid 7.

power generated on no extra as an additional energy reserve

BMW technology uses energy into heat and therefore in conventional cars through the and use of the brakes. In terms of power this unique technology is an ongoing development proceeding the Brake Energy Regeneration by BMW on all model series in the brand’s gasoline and diesel models BMW Effi cientDynamics.

Referred to as the recuperation of power, Brake Regeneration concentrates the development of power for the on-board network on running conditions either the car in overrun or when applying the Then, when accelerating, is fed into the on-board network the lithium-ion battery, relieving the engine of the task of converting of the energy contained in the fuel into electric current, and enabling the engine to provide power for the actual process of

The result is even faster and acceleration, while the electrical obtained in this way is generated any additional consumption of fuel as as the car is rolling or the driver applies the

As long as the driver requires a small amount of brake the system uses only the brake force, with the brakes being activated when the driver presses the brake pedal harder for stopping power.

DSC Dynamic Control serves to mastermind the of electrical and mechanical braking, maintaining all the driver’s freedom in the brakes. A fi nal and again an important is that the driver does not perceive the transition from with electric power to with the mechanical brake

Two interconnected on-board networks for management of energy

Electric generated in overrun and when the brakes on BMW ActiveHybrid 7 in a neutral without any additional consumption of is fed into the car’s two on-board BMW ActiveHybrid 7 features both a 12-volt on-board network fed by an AGM glass mat) battery and a battery featuring lithium-ion and operating at 120 V. This lithium-ion supplies power to the electric as soon as it is required to perform an drive function or serves to the combustion engine.

The a/c compressor on BMW 7 is also integrated in the 120-volt with all other electrically functions of the car being supplied power from the 12-volt

The two on-board networks are connected one another by a voltage converter fl exible energy management serving to operate all electrical on the car on electric power generated any additional consumption of fuel. The battery is fed with energy the high-voltage network, which it itself whenever necessary, for when starting the combustion cold.

Cutting-edge energy technology: lithium-ion battery superior capacity and multi-cycle strength

Introducing the lithium-ion BMW is taking yet a further step the future with particularly cient and, at the same fl exible use of electric power in the This means that generated in the recuperation process be fed at all times and, depending on conditions, in a varying rhythm to a unit where it is kept for subsequent use whenever required. A requirement is to use a battery with cant storage capacity for long distances without or application of the brakes and without any in the supply process.

The AGM batteries used in all conventional production with Brake Energy offer the advantage of being to handle frequent and irregular and discharge cycles without any of power. A mild hybrid on the other hand, makes greater demands, thus a high-voltage battery with a higher level of performance to supply the electric motor the energy capacity required for its function. The system developed for BMW 7 is based on the most advanced technology meeting the greatest in terms of power loads and operation.

Lithium-ion batteries already proven their high storage capacity and resistance in many other such as mobile phones and The energy storage unit in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 confi rms the potential of technology once again, time under particularly conditions in the automobile. The useful provided by this high-performance is 400 watt hours, with the itself comprising 35 cells as as an integrated control unit analysing the charge level and appropriate dependability under all of driving conditions and throughout a range of temperatures.

Despite its level of performance, the lithium-ion measures just 37 x 22 x 23 centimetres x 8.7 x 9.1 inches) and weighs a mere 27 kg or lb. Hence, it is hardly larger a conventional car battery and is housed in the luggage compartment between the arches of BMW ActiveHybrid 7, safely by a high-strength special casing. ensures perfect protection of the and at the same time helps to the car precise weight distribution.

The required is about the same as the taken up by the additional compressor for the air conditioning in the conventional BMW 7 Series, this compressor not being in BMW ActiveHybrid 7. The luggage compartment its capacity of 460 litres/16.1 cu ft therefore adequate space for four golf bags also in BMW 7.

V8 power unit with BMW Turbo and High Precision

The combustion unit featured in fi rst hybrid luxury saloon is not particularly powerful, but also the effi cient engine of its Indeed, the combination of BMW TwinPower Technology and High Precision ensures an exceptionally good of performance and fuel consumption, the V8 applying the principle of BMW Effi on a particularly high level.

A advantage is that the all-aluminium unit offers the qualities of an eight-cylinder in an incomparably sporting at the same time, comfortable combining superior power and force from low engine with an impressive surge of and traction throughout the entire range, as well as excellent smoothness. Given these the V8 is indeed the ideal foundation for a concept in the luxury class to ensure outstanding effi fascinating driving dynamics and motoring comfort all in one.

The and performance characteristics of the V8 power result to a large extent BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology. The principle used for the fi rst on an eight-cylinder engine with two turbochargers not at the outside, but directly within the to supply compressed air to four at a time, ensures unparalleled in its direct response to the gas pedal.

effi cient use of fuel, in is ensured by High Precision this second generation of gasoline injection using positioned directly next to the plugs in the cylinder head and fuel in the combustion chambers at a of 200 bar. This is the best for the extremely precise dosage of and a particularly clean combustion

The eight-cylinder power unit in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 develops maximum of 330 kW/449 hp between 5,500 and rpm. At the same time supreme V8 maintains huge of 650 Newton-metres/479 lb-ft consistently all the way 2,000 to 4,500 rpm.

The is supreme power and muscle just above idle the dynamic response of the engine further enhanced by the electric with its additional momentum.

The and direct response of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 to the gas particularly when accelerating a standstill gives the car a standard of quite unprecedented among conventional models running on a engine only and existing models already in the market. acceleration to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds the saloon close to the performance of the and most thoroughbred sports

Another incomparable quality is the feeling of outstanding supremacy the drive system gives the through its direct response of any delay. Top speed of BMW ActiveHybrid 7, fi is limited to 250 km/h or 155 mph.

motor starting and supporting the V8 unit

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 owes its driving features to the harmonious of the combustion engine and the electric providing a smooth and effi supply of power at all times. The motor supports the V8 power in developing even greater and torque for superior performance.

less dynamic driving the drive power provided by the motor enables the combustion to run under more favourable conditions for maximum effi thus optimising its operating The additional power reserves at the same time to give unique saloon outstanding under all conditions, the reduction of speed at a steady level of speed improving not only the of effi ciency, but also the smoothness of the combustion engine.

The synchronous electric motor in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is positioned between the engine and the automatic transmission and is connected fi rmly to the crankshaft. like a disc, the electric weighs just 23 kg or not quite 51 lb, its design ensuring full in the transmission housing.

The electric generates additional drive of 15 kW/20 hp, with maximum increasing to an even more 20 kW/27 hp in the generator mode the lithium-ion battery. Peak in turn, is 210 Newton-metres or 155 lb-ft. In the mode BMW ActiveHybrid 7 benefi ts maximum output of 342 kW/465 hp and torque of 700 Newton-metres/516 lb-ft.

So far only much larger were able to provide power and performance, in most with a corresponding increase in consumption. BMW ActiveHybrid 7, by contrast, its signifi cantly enhanced and performance with an equally increase in effi ciency. fuel consumption in the EU test of 9.4 litres/100 kilometres (equal to mpg imp) and a CO2 rating of 219 grams per proves that BMW ActiveHybrid is most certainly a highly and futureoriented rendition of the BMW Effi development strategy.

Unique: automatic transmission in combination Auto Start Stop

To the drive power developed by the V8 power unit and the electric BMW ActiveHybrid 7 comes with a developed eight-speed automatic specifi cally tailored to the and potentials of hybrid technology. high-tech transmission of the latest combines gearshift comfort, and effi ciency at a level seen before. A particular of the new eight-speed automatic transmission is the gearset confi guration two additional gears and a larger gear range than on the automatic transmission used by BMW so far any negative repercussions in terms of weight, and inner effi

With the number of gears to eight, the differences in engine from one gear to the next are than before, despite the range of gear ratios. in turn, benefi ts the sporting of the transmission and, as a result, the performance of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 again so of the brand. And last but not least, the differences between gears an even higher standard of comfort in this new luxury

The combustion engine, electric and eight-speed automatic transmission one complete unit set out for maximum ciency in BMW ActiveHybrid 7. This is confi rmed by the innovative of the Auto Start Stop already featured as standard in four-cylinder models with gearshift. Now this cutting-edge serving to reduce both consumption and emissions is combined for the fi rst with automatic transmission and optimised in its effi ciency.

The Start Stop function switches off the combustion engine idling, reducing fuel at a red traffic light or, say, in c congestions to absolutely zero. once the driver takes his off the brake pedal, the combustion is re-started automatically.

This guration of Auto Start helps to switch off the engine frequently and for a longer period, reducing fuel consumption more effectively. This is possible by the particularly effi starter system, activation of the engine by the electric motor with power from the battery enabling the engine to extremely quickly and without any

A further technology contributing to effect is the newly developed pulse battery for an even build-up of positive engagement in the transmission. The delay-free ignition furthermore to reduce emissions starting.

BMW ActiveHybrid 7

The engine is also off when the driver uses the Hold function in stop-and-go c, in which case he again has to slightly press down the gas in order to re-activate the gasoline which is immediately switched off the time the driver applies the

Unrestricted climate comfort in a auxiliary cooling for pleasant conditions

The climate control in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is supplied with directly from the high-voltage thus ensuring all the usual regardless of whether the combustion is currently running or not. operation of the Auto Start function does not mean any in terms of comfort or motoring the driver’s and passengers’ desired being maintained consistently the car also in traffi c congestion or making a stopover in city

Featured as standard in BMW ActiveHybrid 7, automatic air conditioning comprises a climate control function whenever required by remote This serves to cool the interior in, say, bright before setting out in the car, the effi cient air conditioning temperature quickly and effi by more than 30o C, providing starting conditions in an appropriately and pleasant passenger compartment.

Yet a advantage is that the a/c compressor its cooling function much than in a conventional car, the air in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 thus offering unique the world over in of function and effi ciency possible with the high-performance battery.

Efficiency made visible: display concept

The innovative components featured in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 a positive effect under all conditions on the effi ciency and performance of this high-tech Their current level of ciency and the operating mode are by special gauges in the cockpit and on the Display. Featuring the most black panel technology, the cluster in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is supplemented by an fl ow display in the lower section of the rev a blue arrow showing the status of recuperation.

When in turn, an additional graphic illustrates the boost effect by the electric motor. Using the control system in the Control the driver is able to activate an more detailed rendition of the engine and the electric motor in interaction.

Over and above the charge level of the lithium-ion this display function shows the current fl ow of energy of energy when applying the and in overrun, a shift in the load when driving at a steady discharge of energy while As an alternative to this graphic the system is also able at the of a button to analyse the current of effi ciency in per cent. In case a bar diagram updated minute shows to what the effi ciency potential of the components have been in the last fi fteen minutes.

suspension technology for maximum on the road

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 combines effi ciency with a fascinating driving experience. and above the drive system as the sophisticated suspension technology in the BMW 7 Series gives this new its unparalleled supremacy. Interaction of a track control arm front with an Integral-V rear offers not only numerous ts in terms of comfort and driving but also unusually smooth and anti-roll and transition behaviour in

The long-wheelbase version of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 additionally with air suspension self-levelling on the rear axle. models, in turn, are fi tted as with BMW’s speed-related power steering as well as Damping Control, the dampers to both road conditions and the style of motoring.

Pressing the on the centre console, the driver is through Dynamic Damping to choose his preferred damper the appropriate operation of DSC Dynamic Control, the degree of gearshift on the automatic transmission, as well as the maps on the gas pedal and Servotronic In all, Dynamic Damping offers the choice of COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT + in setting up the of the car.

The compound brake on BMW ActiveHybrid 7 ensures truly stopping power in every bringing the car safely to a standstill minimum stopping distance from high speeds. discs and swing-calliper brakes and rear optimised for their ciency guarantee extreme to fading and maximum brake

BMW ActiveHybrid comes as standard model-specifi c 19-inch light-alloy in aerodynamically optimised ten-spoke wheel design. Likewise as standard, runfl at safety measuring 245/45 R19 at the front and R19 at the rear enable the driver to even after a complete of pressure at a speed of up to 80 km/h or 50 covering a distance, depending on the the vehicle is carrying, of up to 250 kilometres or 155 And last but certainly not least, the Pressure Indicator consistently tyre pressure and warns the whenever the pressure in the tyres more than 20 per cent.


Optimum visibility, all-round maximum safety

As options the bi-xenon headlights featured as the High-Beam Assistant and Adaptive including a bending light variable light distribution and headlight range control, set new when motoring at night. available as an option, the Head-Up serves to project data to the driver to the windscreen of the car, the driver to check out the data directly into his line of without even taking his off the road.

Apart from frontal and airbags, the Occupant Safety featured in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 also curtain head airbags at the as well as three-point inertia-reel seat belts with force limiters on all seats and a latch function at the front.

To the driver and passengers from spine injury in the event of a collision, the front seats with crash-activated headrests and child seat fastenings are as standard on the rear seats. The concept for the car’s hybrid is equally comprehensive, all components in the system featuring full as well as special plug The lithium-ion battery, in turn, is by a highstrength steel housing and is far away from all kinds of in the luggage compartment, as is already rmed by a wide range of tests. And last but not least, the high-voltage system is automatically

off within fractions of a second in a function breakdown and in the event of a

Perfectly networked: BMW ConnectedDrive innovative functions

As an option BMW 7 is naturally available with the driver assistance systems by BMW ConnectedDrive, including Lane Warning, Lane Departure Speed Limit Info, BMW Vision even able to individual persons, a back-up and BMW Side View. At the same BMW ConnectedDrive also comprises a range of innovative features and networking the occupants with the car and the surrounding world in order to both maximum comfort as as optimised use of the infotainment services and safety.

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is likewise with the full range of services including BMW Assist its telephone enquiry service and Emergency Call function automatic detection of the car, BMW BMW TeleServices and unrestricted use of the internet in the The wide range of features and available for the BMW 7 Series enables the to personalise his or her car to the highest standard. The include sophisticated navigation audio and rear seat systems, the extra-large, contoured roof as well as active for the driver and front passenger or, climate and massage seats at the

Particularly the extended wheelbase of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 offers maximum comfort, extension of the car’s by 14 centimetres or 5.5 ensuring particularly access to the rear passenger And thanks to the special design of the ine and C-pillars, the side view of the version, despite greater for the rear-seat passengers, retains the impression of the ”regular” saloon its normal wheelbase.

Both are also available with the range of options provided by BMW comprising features such as BMW Merino fi ne-grain leather out not only through its particular and colour scheme, but also different seam patterns and on the seats, the instrument panel and the linings.

Matching the various of leather, there is also a colour range for the BMW Individual roof lining. Exclusive options, BMW Individual exterior and 20-inch BMW Individual light-alloy fi nally, round off the choice of stylish options.

Best of fl exible development for optimised on each model

The hybrid featured in BMW ActiveHybrid 7 were jointly by BMW and Daimler in a cooperation seeking to develop and test for hybrid drive in luxury cars. Apart from the motor and the lithium-ion battery, joint venture also to develop the power electronics for the network featured in BMW ActiveHybrid 7.

manufacturer subsequently integrated the components into the respective in accordance with individual, c requirements. These unique also come out clearly in BMW 7 through the combination of an eight-cylinder unit with electric

BMW ActiveHybrid is based on a modular which, following the Best of strategy, ensures perfect of the optimum component in various concepts. Hence, the mild concept of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is tailored to the specifi c requirements of this as is the full hybrid concept for BMW X6, likewise reaching production in the year 2009.

BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
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