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The Giulietta has architecture, designed to meet the of the most demanding customers in of road holding, agility and

Its excellent dynamic performance and comfort are the result of refined solutions implemented in the suspensions, a §teering system, a rigid yet structure made of aluminium and steel, and state-of-the-art manufacturing

Alfa DNA, a device customises behaviour of the car according to driving styles and road can adapt the new Alfa Romeo to the of each individual driver to driving pleasure and comfort. The new of the Alfa Giulietta was designed to and enhance all onboard systems. set-ups (Dynamic, Normal and All are available and can be selected using the DNA.

This device standard across the entire of the new model – modifies the parameters of the engine, of the §teering and of the Q2 electronic differential, in addition to the stability control system behavioural logics.

Italian sportiness and comfort

Combining and elegance, the Alfa Giulietta is the of Alfa Romeo’s new direction in and technology – an approach started wîth the 8C Competizione and which recalls the brand’s past while projecting its values of technology and emotion the future.

The front end is developed a ‘trilobe shape’ and features a interpretation of the classic Alfa set into the front bumper and between the two air intakes. The entire car from here to combine a personality wîth an elegant The front headlamps implement LED and a Daytime Running Lights function for maximum active

The profile of the Alfa Romeo is rich in personality and confers the of an agile, solid model. is above all the result of the coupé side windows, which dynamic and streamlined shape, and of the rear handles. The side adds to the car’s slender while the taut lines in on the rear end accentuate the ‘wedge’ of the body.

The style of the rear like that of the front and the is strong and consolidates the impression of a car, firmly gripped to the Like the headlamps, the rear clusters implement LED technology, to the of preventive safety, in addition to looks.

The interior design is and light: a horizontally developed wîth aluminium element and rocker controls which recall the 8C Competizione. Painstaking to detail and the high quality of the used are the most advanced of Italian style.

Finally, the of the new car give a compact, dynamic combined wîth excellent and a capacious boot (350 the car is 4.35 metres long, metre high and 1.80 wide wîth a wheelbase of metres.

Innovative engines for environmentally friendly driving

The Romeo Giulietta guarantees top performance and next-generation technology in of technical solutions, performance and friendliness. Four Turbo will be available at launch, all 5 compliant and fitted wîth a ‘StartStop’ system for reducing and emissions: two petrol engines – 120 HP and 1.4TB MultiAir 170 HP) and two diesel engines (1.6 – 105 HP and 2.0 JTDM – 170 HP, belonging to the second generation of engines). Finally, the range is wîth the lively 1750 TBi 235 HP wîth an exclusive Quadrifoglio configuration.

Safety and dynamic at the top of the §egmènt

Alfa Romeo was designed to obtain the maximum NCAP rating in order to total protection to driver and Furthermore, suspension, §teering and system are designed to be perfectly even during extreme

Finally, the Alfa Romeo is fitted wîth the most electronic devices for dynamic as standard: VDC (Vehicle Dynamic DST (Dynamic Steering Torque), Q2 differential and Alfa DNA selector. All systems guarantee driving dynamism and performance in the best Romeo tradition.

Source Alfa Romeo

Alfa at the 80th International Geneva Show

The Giulietta is the undisputed of the booth and of the Alfa Romeo With the new car – capable of both great agility the most demanding routes and comfort on everyday roads – the continues in its custom of presenting all its new and features in a world preview on the of the Geneva Motor Show. after the Alfa 159 and the Alfa in 2005, the Alfa 159 Sportwagon, the Spider in 2006 and the Alfa 8C in 2008, now is the time to present the Romeo Giulietta.

The Giulietta is a hatchback, wîth an evident Romeo appearance, capable of both great agility the most demanding routes and comfort on everyday roads. is thanks to the new ‘Compact’ architecture thanks to the refined technical employed for the suspension, the dual active §teering, the fine used and the manufacturing technologies allows the Giulietta to achieve levels both in terms of comfort as well as its dynamic and features (active and passive).

May this year, the model be on sale progressively on all the major while visitors of the Geneva Show will be able to five different models: two Verde versions fitted the 235 HP 1750 TBi, two Distinctive wîth 170 HP 2.0 JTDM and a Distinctive fitted wîth the 170 HP 1.4 MultiAir petrol. The name of the new car is an obvious to the mythical Giulietta which, in the caught the imagination of generations of car making the dream of owning an Romeo and enjoying the high of comfort and technical excellence for the first time.

The booth also include a charming model to pay homage to the time-honoured of Alfa Romeo: the 24 HP, the brand’s first vehicle, produced 1910 and 1920 which was popular thanks to its mechanical performance levels and driving

The spotlight will also be on the Romeo MiTo which be showing off two highly interesting in Geneva: ‘Alfa TCT’ and The first new feature is an automatic dry clutch transmission which driving comfort and a sporty well above those by conventional automatic transmissions, but efficiency and lower consumption

On the Alfa Mito, the new device is wîth the StartStop system in to minimise consumption levels and CO2 In addition, the technological qualities of the Romeo MiTo are further by the second novelty to be presented at the Motor Show: namely, the latest version of the BlueMe

It is a fully integrated infotainment whose practical colour allows you to manage phone satellite navigation and all the driving you need. The device is the result of a between Fiat Group and TomTom, the European leader in navigation systems, and integrates the other car’s systems to the BlueMe system developed Magneti Marelli.

The MiTo is in two versions at the Motor Show: a 135 HP 1.4 MultiAir Turbo petrol wîth ‘Alfa TCT’ transmission and the ‘BlueMe–TomTom’ portable navigation system) and an exclusive Quadrifoglio Verde fitted the powerful 170 HP 1.4 MultiAir Turbo an historical symbol of the brand, now represents a new kind of sportiness combines maximum driving wîth improved environmental Such as the outstanding weight/power (6.7 kg/HP), guaranteeing agility, plus an exceptional power of 124 HP/litre, a real for this category. In addition, as far as the reduction in emissions and fuel of downsizing is concerned, the 170 HP 1.4 MultiAir petrol records 139 g/km of CO2 and 4.8 km in the extra-urban cycle: figures you expect from an economy car than a compact sports car goes from 0 to 100 km/h in over seven seconds.

In the Swiss event would not been complete without an dedicated to the charming Alfa 8C the supercar designed at the Alfa Centro Stile and produced in a Edition (of just 500 models). Its carbon fibre exterior perfectly Alfa Romeo’s and mechanical excellence.

Fitted the mighty 4.7 litre 8 cylinder that develops 450 HP, teamed thanks to transaxle architecture wîth a 6-speed sequential gearbox, the Alfa 8C Spider turns heads due to its unmistakable elegance, an absolutely unique and style that promises the of a sporty drive wîth respect for Alfa Romeo Emphasis must be place on the and excellent Brembo carbon brakes (CCM) braking fitted as standard. This ensures powerful and effective even when used intensely as well as further the non-suspended mass, improving the vehicle control and driving of this prestigious supercar.

In short, Alfa Romeo to the Geneva International Motor wîth a multitude of auto in a spectacular booth conceived as an blend of design and technology, and sophisticated styling.

Lastly, and customised totems at the booth be introducing visitors to the products of FGA a joint venture of Fiat Automobiles and Crédit Agricole in the automotive §egmènt. The finance will be operative in Italy and Europe wîth a sole supporting the sales of all Fiat Automobiles brand vehicles by innovative financial products high added value targeted to the dealership network, customers and companies.

Source Alfa Romeo

Having its world preview at the recent International Motor Show, the new Romeo Giulietta makes its today and, from May year, will be marketed on all the major markets, thus the brand in one of the most important in Europe.

In Alfa Romeo’s year, the name Giulietta is a to an automobile and an Alfa Romeo In the Fifties, the Giulietta caught the of car enthusiasts throughout the world, the dream of owning an Alfa and enjoying its high level of and technical excellence accessible for the time.

Now the Alfa Romeo Centre has produced a new Giulietta, a hatchback wîth an evident Romeo appearance and capable of both great agility on the demanding routes and providing on everyday journeys. This is due to the new platform which, thanks to the technical solutions employed for the the dual pinion active the sophisticated materials used and the technologies implemented, allows the to achieve exceptionally high both in terms of on-board as well as its dynamic and safety (active and passive).

A new platform to road holding and agility in comfort and safety The Giulietta an entirely new platform – Compact – designed to the most demanding customers in of road-holding, agility and safety. It both exceptional dynamic and high comfort levels, to the refined technical solutions for the suspension, a new-generation §teering a light and rigid structure from materials such as and high-strength steels, and avant-garde techniques.

This new platform allow the Giulietta to accommodate the of all customers in this category, on-board comfort, functional and generous boot space, the dynamic qualities that to every Alfa Romeo. driving satisfaction and comfort can be to meet every customer’s needs thanks to the Alfa DNA a device that customises the behaviour to suit different conditions and driving styles.

The new of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta was to integrate the vehicle’s different and exploit them to the full, emphasising the three set-up (Dynamic, Normal and All Weather) through the Alfa DNA selector. device, fitted as standard on the range of the new model, is designed to the operating parameters of the engine, §teering system and Q2 electronic in addition to the behaviour logic of the Dynamic Control system

Sporty and comfortable, Italian

The perfect blend of sportiness and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta the Brand’s technological standards and values.

The front displays a new interpretation of the classic shield, in the front bumper and suspended the air vents. This is the starting for the design of the entire car, combines an energetic personality a distinctly elegant form. The headlights have DRL wîth LED and a day light function for maximum safety.

Even the profile of the Romeo Giulietta is brimming personality, giving the impression of an and sturdy car. This is all due to the side windows which the appearance of a coupé, emphasising the and fluidity of form, thanks to the concealed rear door The ribs on the sides of the vehicle to elongate the car while the clean which end at the rear accentuate the shape of the car’s body.

The like the front and side, distinct styling which the feeling of a muscular car, gripped onto the road In addition, like the headlights, the rear lights also use LED not only for the sake of style but preventive safety.

Lastly, the of the new car amount to a compact and dynamic while at the same time excellent comfort and a spacious (350 litres): it is 4.35 long, 1.46 metres and 1.80 metres wide, a wheelbase of 2.63 metres.

features for maximum wellbeing on

Attention to detail and high materials used for interiors today as always, the most expression of Italian style. specifically, the dominant concept in the of the new model is lightness. The lines are and the dashboard develops horizontally.

The seats are comfortable and their is designed to ensure maximum during long journeys.

to the advanced ergonomics in the interior every switch is ideally the main ones are grouped at the centre of the dashboard and feature the design as those on the 8C Competizione.

The system wîth pop-up allows drivers to safely the route or the mechanical operating set by the Alfa DNA device without to take their eyes off the

There are practical open compartments situated in various of the passenger compartment: in front of the on the centre console and on the interior of the doors. There are closed compartments – depending on the – on the top of the dashboard, under the opposite the front passenger wîth dual zone control) and in the front and rear

Innovative engines for a thrilling, drive

The Alfa Romeo guarantees the highest levels of and technology through a range of that are state-of-the-art in terms of performance levels and environmental-friendliness. At the of its commercial launch, 4 Turbo will be available, all Euro 5 and wîth a StartStop system to consumption levels and emissions as standard: two petrol versions HP 1.4TB and 170 HP 1.4TB Multiair) and two (105 HP 1.6 JTDM and 170 HP 2.0 JTDM, second-generation MultiJet engines). The is completed by the high performance 235 HP TBi wîth direct injection and control in combination wîth Quadrifoglio Verde interiors.

latter version equipped a 235 HP 1750 TBi engine perfectly the way in which Alfa Romeo the most in this §egmènt. Not a means of transport, but a vehicle can really connect wîth the There is strong acceleration to high torque levels at low revs, a smooth response minimises gearbox use thanks to the typical of modern petrol and an engine note that is without ever becoming

In detail, the 1750 Turbo engine boasts advanced solutions including direct injection, dual continuously valve timing, a turbocharger and a scavenging control system gets rid of any turbo lag. The performance is comparable to – or better – that of many 3-litre while still delivering consumption typical of a compact cylinder unit.

It should be that the specific power of 134 is the highest in the world for a 4-cylinder installed in this category of as well as being the highest achieved by an Alfa Romeo engine. The specific torque totalling 194 Nm/litre, is the highest of all engines in this category, the maximum torque of 340 Nm, reached at 1,900 revs, is excellent.

The of engines available can accommodate the of all customers. First of all the 120 HP 1.4TB is the engine for those in search of a car can handle city traffic while keeping running to a minimum. The turbo engine prompt response even at low (maximum torque is achieved at 1,750 revs) while in the city, makes it possible to cut and harmful emission levels without compromising comfort and safety.

The 170 HP 1.4 TB Multiair engine is an of technology, which blends performance levels wîth the emissions and fuel consumption in its class for petrol engines of power rating. It is a brilliant and engine, wîth a maximum of a generous 250 Nm (when set to Dynamic), wîth a StartStop system and fuel consumption and emission resembling a diesel engine than a petrol one wîth power rating (4.6 km in the extra-urban cycle and 134 g/km of CO2 The combination of this engine the new platform places the Giulietta at the top of its both for its dynamic qualities as as comfort and practicality during use.

The 105 HP 1.6 JTDM is a flexible and diesel engine that surprise customers due to its prompt (in Dynamic mode, max. is a generous 320 Nm at just 1,750 combined wîth extremely low consumption (in the extra-urban cycle, it is 3.7 l/100 km). This is thanks to the combination of second-generation technology and the StartStop system. it is an engine dedicated to all those in of a car wîth character and a distinctive affording the typical agility and of an Alfa Romeo yet able to the latter wîth limited costs.

For customers who use the car mostly on the or who demand the maximum performance from a diesel engine, Romeo suggests the 170 HP 2.0 JTDM. it is an amalgam of technology which second-generation MultiJet technology the StartStop system.

The result is a wîth the highest performance of its §egmènt, extremely flexible (with the dna selector set to Dynamic the available torque at 1,750 is a generous 350 Nm), among the fuel consumption and emission in its category for cars wîth power rating (124 of CO2 and 4.1 l/100 km in the extra-urban cycle). to the exceptional qualities of the new compact this version is able to fantastic dynamic and motoring levels wîth the highest and practicality in its §egmènt.

All the engines are combined wîth a manual 6-speed gearbox to the three axle transmission which can withstand and transmit maximum torque values. the Multiair and 170 HP 2.0 JTDM engines also be combined wîth an dual-clutch automatic transmission. on conceptcarz.com)

Segment-leading safety, and dynamic behaviour

The Alfa Giulietta was designed to achieve the Euro NCAP safety to offer total protection for driver and passengers. In addition, the new was devised to guarantee the utmost of the systems in charge of controlling the dynamics.

All this is controlled by the ‘brain’ of the vehicle, namely the dna device, which manages all the electronic devices for dynamic control: VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Dual Pinion Active the Q2 electronic differential, the response and curve of the engine, the braking wîth pre-fill function. All systems guarantee genuine Romeo driving safety, traction and performance.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The new compact thanks to the sophisticated technical employed for the suspension and the materials such as high-strength steels, magnesium and xenoy, can accommodate the of the most demanding customers in of on-board comfort and quiet placing the Giulietta at the top of its category in terms of the everyday practicality of the

Extensive range

Devised to for the different needs of §egmènt C car in pursuit of driving satisfaction and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is in two versions (Progression and Distinctive), wîth two customisations (Sport and Premium Pack).

All the devices to active and passive safety are as standard on the entire range. The version comes wîth the dna system (with Q2 electronic and DST), VDC (including ASR and hill 6 airbags, front seat wîth dual pretensioners and seats wîth anti-whiplash as standard.

The standard equipment includes manual climate 16” wheels, front and electric windows, trip stereo system wîth tuner radio, 6 speakers and MP3 CD The latter version (Distinctive) the following in addition to the standard of the former: 16′ alloy dual zone automatic control, leather §teering wîth radio controls, armrest wîth storage cruise control, fog lights, control panel, seats in Competizione fabric, front and a stylish chromed insert line) framing the side The dashboard on the Distinctive version is distinguished by a stylish insert in magnesium grey or, alternatively, in white, Alfa Red as well as in burnished aluminium.

Customers can customise their Giulietta two specific Packs (Sport and The first pack is designed to the sporty character of the vehicle specific features which the already excellent handling of the car and 17”or 18” alloy side skirts, sports sports seats wîth and microfibre fabric upholstery, burnished aluminium dashboard burnished headlight frames and interiors (black ceiling and lining).

For customers in search of more technological and complete equipment, the Premium Pack bi-xenon lights wîth AFS the BlueMe system wîth function, ÚSB port and MP3 player, phone controls on §teering rear parking sensors, sensors, electrically folding mirrors and an electrochromic rear-view

To customise their Giulietta, can also choose from the of options available, including a panoramic sunroof, navigation wîth maps and pop-up and a Bose® Hi-fi. In addition, the system is also available, adds navigation functions to the of the BlueMe® thanks to the TomTom navigation system which is integrated wîth the vehicle’s systems thanks to a Bluetooth® The TomTom portable navigation is positioned on the dashboard using a designed to guarantee maximum in the event of impact and complete wîth the vehicle’s other and improved ergonomics in everyday

There is also a special specification dedicated to the version wîth the 235 HP 1750 TBi engine. called the Quadrifoglio Verde clover), a legendary brand has competed on tracks all over the

Only available on this type, this special is distinguished by its sporty lowered height (15 mm at the front and 10 mm at the rear), wheels (18” as an optional), an braking system wîth painted Alfa red, as as sporty interiors which sporty leather and microfibre All designed to guarantee the best in pleasure and §egmènt-leading active and safety. It offers reduced consumption for this power the ‘Quadrifoglio Verde’ is thus for today, combining the utmost pleasure wîth greater awareness for eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly

Source – Alfa

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta the brand new ‘Compact’ architecture

The Romeo Giulietta introduces an new architecture – ‘Compact’ designed to satisfy the most customers in terms of road-holding, and safety. It ensures both dynamic performance and high levels, thanks to the refined solutions employed for the suspension; a §teering system; a light and structure created from such as aluminium and high-strength wîth avant-garde manufacturing Furthermore, driving satisfaction and can be adapted to the meet every specific needs thanks to the DNA selector, a device that the vehicle’s behaviour to suit road conditions and driving

So, the new Alfa Romeo is a completely new car drawing on the spirit of its famous is without a doubt a sports car of expressing both great over the most demanding and providing comfort on everyday Plus, thanks to a specific calibration offered by the Sport the sportiness of the new Giulietta can be further

The new ‘Compact’ architecture continues Group Automobiles’ architecture strategy – preceded by the architecture for §egmènt A and the ‘Small’ for B and L0 – and is a true ‘point of from previous architectures due to the new introduced, the materials used and the of performance achieved. Also, the earliest design stages, the aim was to a new architecture that would future Fiat Group §egmènt C vehicles, starting the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta, to be ‘best in class’ in terms of §teering feel, performance to ratio, ride comfort, NVH Vibration Harshness), safety and passive) and climatic comfort.

of all, the underbody represents a leap in terms of the materials The entire structure is now significantly and provides better performance any increase in weight wîth to the previous generation. All this is to the ever wider use of high and strength materials, which now up more than 90% of the total of the system: some structural designed to provide high and the ability to absorb impact minimal deformation, have made from hot-pressed steel.

Moreover, lightweight have been used for structural elements bolted to the structure. For instance, the front connecting the front struts and the load path are made extruded aluminium. The rear beam and the third load energy absorption elements are from Xenoy (a thermoplastic excellent energy absorption in relation to weight).

The third path energy absorption absorb the energy of low-speed wîth obstacles and support the in impacts wîth pedestrians. these solutions has provided a reduction of 8.5 kg at the front and 4 kg at the rear respect to conventional steel without compromising safety

Another new feature of the underbody is its which makes it ideal for use on a of vehicles wîth different This modularity is provided by central floor panels and the members and does not affect any of the front and rear structures. reduces outlay to a minimum and that the system can be applied to vehicle systems without

Many of the systems and components make up the ‘Compact’ architecture been thoroughly revised respect to the previous generation, performance and reducing weight for both the framework of the rear as well as the magnesium alloy car beam).

Giulietta offers handling performance and comfort thanks above all to the new suspension employed. The Mc Pherson front in particular was revised to offer rigidity under side reducing the weight thanks to the use of (saving 4 kg wîth respect to solutions). The rear suspension is, on the hand, brand new: the is a sophisticated, cutting-edge Multilink does not compromise the useful of the luggage compartment and, to the aluminium wishbones, allows for a reduction of over 10 kg wîth to conventional Multilink systems.

In the new electric power §teering ensures an excellent §teering and is integrated wîth the vehicle’s safety systems. The climate system was also specifically to provide the best climatic in the passenger compartment, while reducing over-consumption of fuel less than a conventional Similarly, thanks to specific features, exceptional noise and quality values have achieved.

In terms of passive the Alfa Romeo Giulietta was to obtain the maximum Euro rating, as demonstrated by over thousand hours of mathematical 80 crash tests, 150 tests on a slide and more than 100 on components and sub-systems. In detail, the new load path increases the absorption potential of the vehicle end and reduces both inertial and passenger compartment intrusion, ensuring optimum passenger at higher impact severity. is guaranteed by 6 airbags (as standard on the range); three-point seatbelts double pretensioners and load the collapsible pedal unit and column; the second-generation anti-whiplash and the Isofix mountings.

Lastly, in terms of active the new architecture of the Alfa Giulietta was to integrate the vehicle’s different and exploit them to the full, emphasising the three set-up (Dynamic, Normal and All Weather) through the Alfa DNA selector. device, fitted as standard on the range, is designed to modify the parameters of the engine, gearbox, system and Q2 electronic differential, in to the behaviour logic of the Vehicle Control system (VDC).

will also be introducing – a new function – when the DNA is set to Dynamic, which the VDC system to provide the driver the quickest braking response These sophisticated features improve the dynamic control of the are supported further by the Dynamic Torque (DST), a function provides the driver wîth a torque at the §teering wheel helps him to perform critical correctly, before the VDC intervenes to loss of control.

Source Alfa Romeo

Alfa Giulietta: the safest compact

Alfa Romeo Giulietta has awarded the prestigious Euro five-star rating and an overall of 87/100: an extraordinary result makes it the safest compact

The rating is even more considering that since Euro NCAP has adopted a new composed of four areas of namely Adult Occupant, Occupant, Pedestrian Protection and a new Safety Assist. Injury and mitigation functions, such as belt reminder, ESP and speed are also rated. Achieving a rating will become tougher year by year 2010-2011, 2012).

In this the rating achieved by the Alfa Giulietta (97% Adult 85% Child Occupant, 63% Pedestrian and 86% Safety Assist) means the car will also have rating in 2012 when the will have reached severity.

This major yet again confirms Alfa special commitment to all aspects to the protection of all road users. The Romeo Giulietta was designed and to obtain maximum passive and safety performance. Proof of for instance, is the adoption of the most electronic dynamic control (for braking and traction): the Dynamic Control system, manages key functions, like Holder, traction control and panic braking, the MSR system, prevents wheel locking the throttle is released, the DST (Dynamic Torque) system, Electronic Q2, electronically ‘simulates’ the presence of a differential, and the brand-new Prefill which alerts the braking that the accelerator pedal has released to decrease intervention and consequently braking distance.

of hours of virtual simulations the creation of the new ‘Compact’ architecture – is making its debut on the Giulietta – and the car using only four The quality of virtual design was materially put to the test on the cars at the Cassino plant by running two tests on components and subsystems, than one hundred Hyge shock test simulations and than eighty crash (frontal impact, side roll-over and shunting, taking speeds, different types of and the need to protect occupants very different from one into account). These confirm the profound commitment to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta one of the cars in Europe by containing the advanced safety systems.

protection, in short, as evidenced by six as standard (two of which three-point seatbelts wîth pretensioners and load limit and SAHR (Self Aligning Restraint), a new second-generation device into the backrests of the front that moves the head closer to the occupants’ heads in the of a crash to lessen the effects of Without forgetting the contribution to and pedestrian protection provided by the the bonnet, the doors and the dashboard in addition to the seats and §teering

The efficacy of all these devices is by a three load line structure that guarantees uniformity and consequently uniformity of in the event of frontal impact of the type of obstacles or vehicle the car crashes into. This is a in partner protection, because the is less aggressive when into the front or side of vehicle, and in self protection, the uniform deformation makes the systems more effective of the type of crash.

Finally, in the of preventive safety, the Alfa Giulietta adopts headlamps Daytime Running Lights are automatically turned on when the is started – to meet a specific standard that will into force in 2012 – and LED lights, brighter than bulbs, for extra safety.

– Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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