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Funny Japanese Car Names

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Every month, some or the other car gets launched in the Japanese Car market so differentiating each of them on the basis of their looks becomes difficult as most of them have similar looks. Car makers love to differentiate their car models by naming them with unique names. Japanese car makers try their best to sound different or unique and so land up naming their car with names that sound funny rather than nice, and at times they may mean the exact opposite!

Japanese auto makers have left behind all other countries by giving some of the wonderful car names to their car models. Japanese auto manufacturers are more concerned about “mouth feel” or how good would certain combination of words sound and so neglect relevance and grammar while arriving at new car names for markets other than the United States. Japanese car names have been a source of humor in International motoring circles.

One example of this name combination is Mitsubishi Chariot Grandio Super Exceed which sounds like a grand name, but this vehicle is used more for carrying groceries.

There are many more examples like this which the Japanese car makers have created to give some extraordinary name to their model, but are supper funny car names! or at times sound the exact opposite.

Have you heard of Mazda Bongo/Bongo Friendee/Bongo Brawny? Latin singer Ricky Martin made ‘bongo’ famous by using it in most of his songs and then there is a famous jeans company by the name “Bongo”. Considering this fact Mazda wanted to cash on the Bongo’s inherent prestige, so Mazda introduced a small-van called as Mazda Bongo . Apart from this standard form, Mazda also manufactured its sub model which is called as Bongo Brawny and Bongo Friendee . The name sounds so musical and affirming masculinity at the same time!

Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard is one is a sport-utility vehicle, but it brings up the image of some mysterious old man who has some magic tools than that of an SUV. And, Isuzu Big Horn Truck sounds like it is for people who like the sound of big horns instead of those little beep-beep horns. Isuzu GIGA is a series of heavy duty trucks with high capacity, and are mainly used to perform heavy duty task such as carrying cargo.

Considering its name Isuzu GIGA 20 Light Dump . it may sound like some small truck used for carrying dump.

Honda Life Dunk has an engine which is turbocharged. Seeing at its name it sounds like your life is going to dunk after driving this car. This is clear example of how funny Japanese Car names can be. And, you may not have heard that Yamaha made any cars, but one of their cars is named the Yamaha Pantryboy Supreme . It is a supreme compact van, but we wonder where the pantry boy came from? Nissan Elgrand Homy is not at all like a home as it is a luxury minivan.

Perhaps, they should have named it as homey #8211; a trusted companion.

Daihatsu Charade Social Poze sounds like a dance craze of the 1980’s with semi-naked girls. And, Daihatsu Rocky also named as Daihatsu Rugger in some countries, bring up the image of boxers, rugby players, or rocky mountains. And, I am sure you would need to have some guts if you are planning to buy a Naked Daihatsu !

Mitsubishi has come up with some of the silliest names for their cars and trucks. If you think of Mitsubishi Mirage . you would dream of driving in a desert where there is no one else but you. Mitsubishi Townbox sounds like a children’s toy car, but it is a 5 door hatchback. And there is a sillier name like Mitsubishi MUM 500 Shall We Join Us? That a question mark in the name would really make us wonder if it is some sort of joining proposal by group of 500 Moms!

And how can we join ourselves?

Toyota Corolla 2009 Review

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Tenth generation of Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla #8211; the world’s most admired car from Japanese car Maker Toyota, has entered in to its tenth generation with the latest version, Toyota Corolla 2009. In 140 countries or even more, around thirty million of its cars have been sold. Toyota Corolla is a practical and economical sedan that could be used for almost any application.

It is a fuel efficient car that offers good maneuverability, and could be driven in urban traffic as well as on highways. It is a car for wise buyers who do not go for emotional purchases. Since its first model in early 1966, Toyota Corolla has proved that economical cars can also be good.

Toyota Corolla has different models but one thing is for sure, whichever model you select Toyota Corolla is ‘hop in and go’ type of car.

In this review of Toyota Corolla 2009 from Japan, we cover overall design, interior, engine performance and safety features.

Corolla 2009 Walkthrough

To start with, Toyota Corolla 2009 is bigger than most of the normal passenger car. It is a complete Family car, designed with bigger space considering comfort and need of all its customers. Toyota has kept the upgraded version of Corolla conservative, so it combines styling legacy with all the modern amenities such as more power availability and additional standard safety features to come up with better version of Corolla than the previous one.

The Toyota Corolla 2009 has 5 trim levels namely, standard #8211; LE and XLE, followed by sporty S and XRS models which have “ground effects” trim beside the rocker panels under the rear bumper, in addition to “sideburn” also known as spoilers on front corners.

Like its previous models, Toyota Corolla 2009 also has controls which are straightforward, and standard safety features which are easy to learn and master. Overall finishing of car is good and seems to be of higher quality than what actually it costs.


Pattern and material used to make up the interior of the Toyota Corolla 2009 is quiet simple, yet the texture and design make it look fancy. All the basic requirements such as comfort level and safety features are appropriately included though it may vary according to the different trim levels. In XLE model of Corolla, the wood grain trim helps to add warmth to the car, which is not seen often in any of the family cars.

Daihatsu Charade Social

Corolla’s front seats are mixture of comfort as well ease of entry and exit. The rear seat of the car is regarding the class followed by the floor which is mainly flat but has a small inclination towards the back of the console; to carry long objects the split fold comes handy which puts the narrow section behind the driver. Storage capacity of the Toyota Corolla 2009 is well planned by giving importance to even the minute details such as cord slot and not disturbing your personal electronic settings.

Performance Safety Features

Toyota Corolla 2009 features 2 engines as well as various transmissions which help to deliver excellent driving performance and good fuel efficiency. Toyota Corolla’s 1.8 litre 4-cylinder engine has 132 horsepower which is more than normal 126 horsepower in the previous Corolla models. Toyota Corolla delivers reputable acceleration in normal traffic situation, according to most of the Car Reviews.

Fuel economy graph suggests Corolla delivers 35 mpg highway and 27 mpg city.

Safety features are just like all the previous Corolla models and it includes ABS, side curtain airbags, front side-impact, antiskid system and traction control

Overall, Toyota Corolla 2009 is an excellent family car which provides controlled and comfortable ride, with a reasonable fuel economy.

Japan to produce noisy hybrid cars

Posted September 11, 2009 Comments(0)

Sales of hybrid cars such as Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and Mitsubishi i-MiEV are booming in Japan because of several government incentives and tax rebates to encourage people to buy green cars. Hybrid cars are super quiet and that’s an appealing feature for many. But concerns have been raised by blind people that such silent cars could prove dangerous to them.

And, these safety issues would lead to a next generation of noisy hybrids from Japanese car makers.

The government of Japan has recently set up a panel with organizations for the blind, Japanese car manufacturers, and consumer groups to arrive at a solution, whereby the hybrid cars would not endanger the safety of blind pedestrians. The joint panel was set up as an answer to growing worries voiced by the blind.

In an informal survey of 52 blind persons conducted by the panel, it was found that more than 50% of the respondents said they were scared of hybrid vehicles as these vehicles were so quiet, though none of them reported being in an accident. The Japan Federation of the Blind has requested the government to take steps and instruct Japanese hybrid car makers to make the cars safer for the blind.

Hybrid vehicles are relatively quiet. They do not emit any sounds pedestrians and bicyclists are used to hearing as a vehicle approaches them at an intersection or on the street. So, there is a growing demand for sounds that could be added to these quiet vehicles to make them easier to detect.

If this is the case with normal people, visually impaired people are definitely at a higher risk of getting involved in an accident with a hybrid vehicle.

The panel officials suggested that the hybrid vehicles could emit what sounds like musical sounds like a cell-phone ring-tone or engine noise to warn the blind pedestrians. If needed, a legal change would be made to force the car makers to equip their vehicles with such special features.

Toyota hybrid cars which would go on sale in 2010 may have such measures, possibly making noise at slow speeds and sensing nearby pedestrians with radar. Such noisier hybrids would be more appropriate for crowded streets in Japan than in the United States and other countries where cases of pedestrians getting hit by a car are less frequent.

Daihatsu Charade Social
Daihatsu Charade Social
Daihatsu Charade Social

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