2009 Mazda CX-7 Consumer Discussions

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Mazda CX-7

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CX-7 AC problems

Re: My 2009 GT Turbo AC is bad too. [statraveler]

by: boesman1 on Nov 26, 2012 10:24:52 AM

My A/C ceased yesterday while I was in state visiting for the holiday What a nightmare with and belongings in the car waiting 3 hrs for a tow truck. the car @ Huntington Mazda and called first thing in the AM.

My car was 5yrs old in 2012 and only has 52k on it so I was hoping Mazda would do the right. More

Mazda CX-7 Problems

Re: Mazda CX-7 Problems [tidester]

Written by: on Sep 18, 2012 2:14:54 PM

I am having problems, but mine are a bit different what’s been discussed About a month and a half the brakes on my 2009 Mazda started getting squishy and responding as well as they had. Then, one day they responding altogether and I had to pump the to get the car to stop.

I took it in and they the master. Read More

CX-7 AC problems

Re: Have the issues been sorted [htrimble]

Written by: marley1218 on Sep 16, 6:06:17 PM

I own a mazda cx-7 At 42000 the air conditoning compressor bad. I called and took car to and had a similiar situation. It cost this wasnt covered warranty as the car had 6000 mile the 36000 maximum allowed. EXTORTION.

If the compressor is going bad 2 years there is obviously very wrong with the of it. Customer service checked Read More

Mazda Engine Problems

Me too!!

by: flqueenfan on Jul 21, 2011 6:49:00 PM

My CX-7’s VVT actuator supposedly was according to the recall or TSB back in of 2009. (I say supposedly because in to line up all my maintenance records I the dealer where the work was they have evidence of the only, but not on the parts; this into play shortly.) after the repair, she always ran and other than ridiculously Read More

Re: Mazda CX7 [fonefixer]

Written by: bmjdlj on Apr 14, 2:17:05 PM

I’m calling now. Thanks for your

Re: Mazda CX7 2009 [bmjdlj]

by: fonefixer on Apr 14, 2010 1:15:09 PM

I make sure the water // timing chain // and the VVT acuator are all as long as they are going far with engine repairs. all be covered under warranty for

Re: Mazda CX7 2009 [bmjdlj]

CX7 2009

I have had the engine and snap on starting up since I my car. The dealership said all the sound like that and the is the plastic parts adjusting to the I took my car in again to a different and they tell me it is the VVT thing. some research and reading forum.

I am scared to … of with my new. Read

Mazda CX-7 Prices and Buying Experiences

Mazda CX7

Written by: ylz on Jun 1, 2010 4:54:33 PM

there. I currently own a 2009 3 which I absolutely love so I been looking at the 2010 CX7 for more room. I’m a turned off by the recommended premium on the turbo model.

I test the 2008 turbo engine and it was a to drive so I hope this is just as fun. But my question is do you I. Read More

Mazda Engine Problems

Re: Mazda CX7 [fonefixer]

Written by: bmjdlj on Apr 14, 8:44:52 AM

Mine has been since I bought it brand Also I could hear a snap all on starting the engine. I been driving the car for a year and 2 and decided I wanted to have it again since the first brushed me off with it.

It is now in the repair and I hope they fix it with new parts. and fix it. Read More

CX-7 Navigation System

Re: CX-7 Bose Problems

Written by: bostonref on Jan 29, 2010 AM

I have the same problem my 2009 mazda 6 with centerpoint pkg. The sound is for anywhere between 30 sec and 4 minutes starting the car. with me the were active and all functions display but no sound would out also. I am waiting to speak to a tech about the issue.

It to be cold weather related as it was in. More

Mazda CX-7 Smell?

Mazda CX-7 a certain smell from the

Written by: mmb99 on Jan 6, 2010 PM

brand new 2010 CX-7. 1 old. Turbo version. is it me or do they have a certain to them. almost a burning i notice it on my car. and i also it on loaners i had got from dealers, a CX-7 one time, and a 2009 another time.

I assume it might be a diff smell I am used to due to. Read More

CX-7 Buying Decision!

Re: To Buy or Not to Buy? [auto_girl_2009]

Written by: on Dec 31, 2009 9:51:33 AM

Mazda to be well ahead of the curve as working out the kinks in the F/awd but you seem to not need, or are not interested, in the model. That’s just as since the turbo motor to still be fraught with I would NEVER recommend a FWD to and certainly not somewhat with the of encountering wintertime adverse conditions. But I. Read More

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Mazda CX-7 Paid and Buying Experiences

and Drive 2009

Written by: on Dec 7, 2009 9:39:43 PM

After research including using the lease calculators, this and drive offer for a CX-7 i SV FWD like a very good (except that it is for 42 months of Edmunds suggested 36 months). Do you agree this is a good and is there additional room for in a national offer like one? $299/Month Lease for 42 $0 Down Payment, $0. Read

Mazda CX-7 AC problems

have been … in a Mazda CX-7

Mazda Beware

Mazda CX-7 AC

Faulty compressor

Written by: on Sep 12, 2009 4:42:30 PM

I purchased a used Mazda CX-7 16 thousand miles on it in July of It is now September 11,2009 and I would to spread the word to everyone I can about the faulty compressors in the Mazda CX-7 vehicles. I was on my way to a Day fish fry(3 hours from where I live) and the air quit working.

We then Read More

Mazda Buying Decision!

Re: Buying [dsptool]

Written by: zoom08 on Sep 10, 11:43:28 PM

I own a CX7 GT AWD 2008. Great fun to drive and with 30K on the odometer. I had a problem yet. So far it is just a oil change every 4K miles.

is a very safe car to drive, as for the you read in the blog, just on mind that the first model had a lot of problems as usual. I Read More

Mazda Lease Questions

Re: August [eoseire]

Written by: CarMan@Edmunds on Aug 28, 2:44:54 AM

I sure do, eoseire. (Mazda runs all of its special through them now) buy rate lease money and residual value for a 36 month of a 2009 CX-7 GT AWD with miles per year are .00105 and respectively. You never mentioned how you want to lease for or what allowance you need, so I had to make assumptions.

Let me know. Read

Mazda CX-7 Prices and Buying Experiences

Re: 2009 CX-7 Touring AWD [howardru]

by: zoom08 on Aug 10, 2009 11:52:01 PM

28K miles later my CX7-GT-AWD has using regular gas and there are no Dealer said you could use but it was not necessary. Only previous require premium gas. enough, I did test premium gas in my and the car seemed to burn the gas quicklier and the smelled like raw gasoline.

up my tank 2 times in the begining that and. Read

Re: 2009 Mazda CX-7 AWD [almatti]

Written by: zoom08 on Aug 10, 11:47:01 PM

You need to better yourself, the CX7-GT-AWD 2008 takes regular gas, models before 08, had to use premium. reprogrammed the engine and fixed the

Re: 2009 Mazda CX-7 GT w/ package [crazyeddie]

27K sounds right for the GT with technology based on my shopping experience. 21k for GT bose sounds too good to be even if its an 08. Was it AWD? I just got a AWD with bose for 24k +tax.

I but I just wanted the car in that color.

2009 Mazda CX-7 GT w/ package

Mazda CX-7 AC

Re: Have the AirCon issues sorted now? [phillauer]

by: sdbobo619 on Apr 21, 2009 8:10:10 PM

I 2007 Cx-7 and had the exact problem, no warning one day ac stops cold (should have there is a design flaw, noticed that AC struggled to cool on hot summer days) day car breaks down on highway snapped) Tow car to dealer, think I am a belt get phone call me compressor locked up and snapped now it makes sense. Read

Mazda CX-7 Prices and Buying Experiences

Additional my CX7 is RIDICULOUS!

Written by: yankee_nj on Jul 31, 7:01:43 AM

Thought I got an exceptional on a 2009 CX7 GT w/ Nav. and wheel in Liquid Platinum Metallic Wayne Mazda in NJ. They 7,425 off from $33,605 on 7/29/09 including destination and w/o 0% (Got 5% instead). Went in to the paper, and they wanted to add mandated charges on top of tax and destinations: 1. New 2. Internet access 3. Windows. More

Mazda CX-7

Thule Roof Rack Recall

Written by: howardru on Jul 22, 6:39:48 PM

This just in. CAMPAIGN ID Number: 09E011000 Make / Model: Model MAZDA / CX-7 2007-2009 / CX-9 2007-2009 MAZDA / 2004-2009 MAZDA / MAZDA5 MAZDA / MAZDA6 2003-2009 / FORESTER 2009 SUBARU / 2008-2009 SUBARU / IMPREZA STI SUBARU / IMPREZA WRX 2008-2009 / OUTBACK SPORT 2008-2009 Brand Name / Part No. or No. Production Dates: THULE / Read More

Mazda Lease Questions

Is this a lease deal

Written by: on Jul 9, 2009 4:11:21 AM

This is on my dealers web site in Massachusetts. I yesterday and going back to drive both CX7 and 9. Posted CX9 lease and confused as to why the payment on the CX7 be more then a lease on a Really don’t want to put 3k on a lease. (also looking at a CX7 for $17,000 so might buy) New 2009 Mazda. Read

Mazda CX-7 Prices and Buying Experiences

Re: 2009 CX-7 Touring AWD [almatti]

by: howardru on Jul 6, 2009 8:00:02 AM

Per the user guide, you can run your on less than 91 octane, but may suffer a bit. We’ll be our new one on 89 for a while and see how she handles.

Re: 2009 CX-7 Touring AWD [zoom08]

by: almatti on Jul 6, 2009 6:45:29 AM

You make avery good about resale value. I a MZ 3s Touring 08.5 – got it a couple of months ago, I have been teasing trading it for a CX-7 GT.

The 3 is a bit too small and for size (2.3L engine) the gas is just OK. averaging @ 24 mpg mixed 60% / 40% highway. My debate to go. Read

Mazda CX-7 AC problems

Re: the AirCon issues been now? [zoomzoom77]

Written by: on Jun 24, 2009 8:45:07 PM

I bought my Mazda CX7 in November of 2006. I did not use the A/C summer of 2007 then summer of 2008. My mileage is 44,000. I live in a rural so I have long distance to go anywhere.

This being my 3rd of A/C I was totally dumbfounded when the air blowing warm in May 2009. these posts I see I. Read

Acura RDX vs Mazda CX-7

Re: value my friend [wwest]

by: aviboy97 on Jun 23, 2009 10:34:58 AM

the CX-7’s transaxle to the rear the is an EXACT duplicate of the Ford Edge, etc. That is First, the Escape is 4WD, not Second, the Edge uses in-house built AWD system, to a Haldex FWD based AWD system. uses their own Active AWD, which is also a FWD AWD system.

So, they are similar in but they are not. Read

Mazda CX-7 Prices and Buying Experiences

Re: 2009 CX-7 Touring AWD [jeffrobinson]

by: zoom08 on Jun 22, 2009 3:55:46 PM

so, can you be with the price. What was the of the car out the door? My friend is looking to get a 09 GT AWD the standard equipment. I just to compare, maybe you can help.

Re: Mazda CX-7 Touring AWD

Written by: zoom08 on Jun 22, 2009 PM

what was your out the door I got mine 12/7/08 CX-7 with all standard equiptment for The car it self was purchased at invoice How about you and how do you like it?

2009 CX-7 Sport, final 19100

Mazda CX-7

Written by: laurila on Jun 21, 6:25:30 PM

price paid all costs, dealer, fees, tags and state sales tax so was an out of the door price car is base CX-7, black on black car from local dealer in ft fl

Mazda CX-7 Lease

Re: NC lease rates for CX-7 [patwhite]

Written by: CarMan@Edmunds on Jun 15, 3:49:35 AM

Greetings patwhite. the information that you’re for. Mazda’s current buy lease money factor and value for a 36 month lease of a Mazda CX-7 Touring 15,000 miles per year are and an unattractive 40%, respectively. You mentioned how long you want to for or what mileage allowance you so I had to make some assumptions.

Let me if you want. Read More

CX-7 Prices Paid and Experiences

Re: 2009 Mazda Touring AWD [jeffrobinson]

Written by: on Jun 12, 2009 8:35:50 PM

I bought my GT-AWD in Dec 2008. no problems so I love the handling but I do have about resale value.

Re: otd [gatorstew]

Written by: zoom49 on May 23, 10:14:02 AM

I’m in So Cal and one of the local Mazda has been running and ad for the last Every new 2009 Mazda in stock, All trim levels MSRP $25,000 to $32,055 off MSRP

Mazda CX-7 AC

Re: Easy A/C cooling FIX.

Written by: cdcamp on May 11, 2009 PM

First off I do not claim to know about auto’s: With said I am looking for some and advice: Yesterday (May 2009) my AC compressor clutch out on my 2007 touring CX-7 I have listed the facts: 1. I am 300 over warranty 36,300 2. I had a (top of the line) inspection at the top dealer in Omaha before the Read More

Mazda Lease Questions

Re: Mazda CX7 [abuki]

Written by: CarMan@Edmunds on Apr 30, 3:15:30 AM

Hi abuki. Mazda’s buy rate lease money and residual value for a 36 month of a 2009 CX-7 Touring AWD 15,000 miles per year are and 42%, respectively. the numbers for an identical 39 month lease are and 40%. If you were to lease only 12,000 miles per this vehicle’s residual would be 2% higher.

When your lease, make Read More

Re: Want to 2009 Mazda CX-7 Touring 4dr Front-wheel Drive

Written by: CarMan@Edmunds on Apr 30, 2009 AM

You’re very welcome, You will have two options at the end of Altima lease, buy your car or return it to the dealer and get something which does not necessarily to be another Nissan vehicle. the dramatic fall in the value of vehicles over the past you probably do not want to buy your car at unless Nissan is willing to reduce. Read More

CX-7 Prices Paid and Experiences

Re: 2009 Mazda Touring AWD [jeffrobinson]

Written by: on Apr 21, 2009 2:14:33 PM

Thank you for the info jeff. Based on the estiamte from Edmunds, i your price at the end came out to $23.5K to $24K right? I give it a shot, my sister is to get one of those, but she is considering leasing so i to crunch my numbers and see what can we come up with based on the that you. Read

Re: 2009 Mazda CX-7 AWD [abuki]

Written by: jeffrobinson on Apr 21, 12:41:52 PM

I bought from Road Mazda of Morristown, NJ location of Washington’s HQ during the Revolution). I did a fair amount of here, I sent out requests for from a couple of dealers Open Road, and went in armed with info. I with Wayne Mazda, has a huge inventory, but a pretty reputation.

So I did not pursue the purchase them. Read More

Re: Mazda CX-7 Touring AWD

I believe it is the same $3,750 has been thrown around for awhile. The bottom line is, is still a fair amount of room in the numbers to get the dealers several thousand dollars off and invoice.

Re: 2009 Mazda CX-7 AWD [jeffrobinson]

Re: 2009 Mazda Touring AWD [jeffrobinson]

2009 CX-7 Touring AWD

Written by: on Apr 21, 2009 8:04:26 AM

This has gotten kind of quiet, so chime in that I recently an ’09 Touring AWD, the moonroof/bose package. In the end, I about $6,500 below and a little over $4500 invoice price, so in line what people have been getting over the several months. I also had a which I think I got a decent on from the. Read

Mazda CX-7 Lease

Re: Mazda CX-7: Lease [Car_man]

Written by: mykedave on Apr 14, 9:10:19 PM

Hello I am in the Ft Lauderdale and Im looking to purchase a CX-7 or 2009. My question is with no down and a very good rating what is the best that I can get. Im looking to pay 350.00 per month if possible for 60

Any suggestions or advise will be appreciated. Thank you

Want to 2009 Mazda CX-7 Touring 4dr Front-wheel Drive

by: maxglobin_420 on Apr 13, 2009 7:55:35 PM

firstly i have to say thank you to all who especially car_man. im currently a 2006 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE. ends September 1st. wat r my right now if I’m considering a new car? will it matter if i go to nissan again? after research ive narrowed it down to 6 the cx-7 being one of them. my is wat can. Read More

CX-7 Prices Paid and Experiences

Re: 2009 Mazda Sport 4dr SUV (2.3L 4cyl 6A) [wikno]

Written by: zoom49 on Apr 11, 12:19:42 PM

A 2009 sport FWD are for $17,995 including destination, tax and license. That is a all in stock here in So Cal

Mazda CX-7 Questions

Re: Request for 2009 Grand Touring March Terms [sam_k]

Written by: on Apr 7, 2009 4:06:38 AM

Don’t about asking too many Sam. I’m always to help. Mazda’s current buy lease money factor and value for a 36 month lease of a CX-7 Grand touring AWD 12,000 miles per year are and 46%, respectively. The numbers for an identical 39 month lease are and 44%.

If you were to lease only 10,000 miles per this vehicle’s. Read

Mazda CX-7 Prices and Buying Experiences

2009 CX-7 Sport 4dr SUV (2.3L Turbo 6A)

Written by: wikno on Mar 29, 8:10:43 PM

Just FYI. 2009 Mazda CX-7 nice car, got price (before destination charge, registration and other fees). $23,900. Maryland.

Mazda Lease Questions

Request for CX-7 Grand Touring Lease Terms

Mazda CX-7
Mazda CX-7
Mazda CX-7
Mazda CX-7
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