2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo – Top Speed

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Alfa Romeo Mi.To

2009 Alfa Romeo

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After many rumors, Romeo today made the 2009 Mi.To. First to be called Junior, and then the small hatchback get the name The Alfa Mi.To will be to the international press during and will then be gradually from July in all the major

The name Mi.To has great resonance for Alfa Romeo, it was chosen as a sign of a deep-seated between the past and future of the between Milan, the city of that brought the car’s into being, and Turin, will be responsible for its industrial A decision that highlights the strong desire to consolidate its roots.

The greatest thought has gone into defining the which add up to a compact and dynamic the Mi.To is 4.06 metres 1.44 metres high and metres wide.

Great are guaranteed by a range of 4 engines, all (petrol and diesel), that range from 90 hp up to 155 hp, with the due to be extended by even higher ratings.

With the Mi.To, Romeo wishes to offer a new of Alfa aficionados the most sports car ever.

An up-to-date and car, a name redolent of The name Mi.To has great resonance for Alfa Romeo, it was chosen as a sign of a deep-seated between the past and future of the between Milan, the city of that brought the car’s into being, and Turin, will be responsible for its industrial A decision that highlights the strong desire to consolidate its roots.

The Mi.To is the first car to be since the 8C Competizione, Alfa icon of style and technology, which it borrows certain traits: the particular shape of the side windows, the three-lobed that distinguishes the front the shape of the headlights and the LED tail The headlights and tail lights a distinctive personalised feature: a featuring different forms of processing and colours to create an eye-liner effect that the car’s style and aggression.

The personal dashboard and seats that the interior represents the expression of Italian style, yet sporty, with top-quality and the closest attention to detail.

The thought has also gone defining the dimensions, which add up to a and dynamic shape: the Mi.To is metres long, 1.44 high and 1.72 metres

Style, design, and more: and technology must always be in an Alfa Romeo. As all the brand’s the Mi.To is able to appeal to the demanding customers with its driveability, determined partly to the DNA system.

This control on the engine, brakes, steering, and gearbox, allowing three vehicle behaviour modes on the driving style best to the situation or the customer’s wishes: (Dynamic), town driving maximum safety even in grip conditions (All-Weather). is the first car in its segment to offer innovative technological content.

performances are guaranteed by a range of 4 all Turbo (petrol and diesel), currently range from 90 hp up to 155 hp, the range due to be extended by even power ratings.

Performance and have been developed and to offer maximum driving in complete safety. The Mi.To true Alfa Romeo ride, featuring contractive standard on all specifications and engines considerably reduce roll and active, passive and preventive VDC stability system as standard and a structure that is already to obtain the top EuroNCAP rating in the

The Alfa Mi.To will be to the international press during and will then be gradually from July in all the major

The model in brief

The Alfa MiTo, due to launch in all the major in stages from July, an additional step forward in the stylistic, historical and technological for nearly one century, Alfa has stood as an indisputable symbol of design and Italian sporting as well as a towering example of and mechanical excellence.

These, in a are the distinctive features of the #8217;sportiest Alfa Romeo MiTo.

and compact, Italian style

The is the first car to be built since the 8C Alfa Romeo’s icon of and technology, from which it certain characteristic traits: The shape of the side windows by the flush windows, the three-lobed that distinguishes the front the shape of the headlights and the LED tail-lights. The and tail-light surrounds represent a personalised feature.

A frame different forms of material and colours to create an ultra-stylish effect that underscores the style and aggression. The highly dashboard and seats ensure the interior of the Alfa Romeo represents the ultimate expression of style, welcoming yet sporty, high material quality and attention to detail.

The greatest has also gone into the dimensions, which add up to a compact and shape that nicely the requirement for downsizing, one of the buzzwords of motoring design. This naturally does not concern the car#8217;s engines but also its and dimensions. Downsizing actually improving energy efficiency, CO2 emissions and simplifying driving and around town.

But this new to construction does not preclude Quite the opposite: the Alfa MiTo is the best demonstration the two requirements can be reconciled.

First of the car’s compact size and the use of steels mean that it has possible to achieve outstanding stiffness (101.200 daNm/rad): is an essential quality to ensure the car’s response is always and accurate. The car’s proportions make a very clear that this is a true car it measures 4.06 metres 1.44 metres high and metres wide without up anything in terms of driving Indeed the excellent interior distribution makes for an outstanding of room for both driver and

The Alfa Romeo MiTo is a strong, compact car with of the road and an emphatic personality of its This is also borne out by a waist line the ratio body and glass is typical of an Romeo and above all a long, aerodynamic profile (Cd 0.29) together with a wide (1.483 mm), add up to a vice-like on the road. Not to mention the fact the broad tyre tread the best print on the ground all conditions.

Performance and technology for an yet safe drive

Style, and more: performance and technology always be top of the range on an Alfa Apart from anything an Alfa Romeo has always its personality known at the steering one of its slogans being ‘movement and

And the Alfa MiTo is certainly no the new model display all the unmistakeable of unrivalled driving satisfaction, Romeo style: beginning a favourable weight/power ratio than one third higher the average for the segment); plus a of gravity near to the roll for the best dynamic response and concluding with mechanical that can accommodate even movements in safety. The new Alfa MiTo is therefore self-avowedly an to the core, confirming an uncompromising of control and driving satisfaction.

out-and-out sporty configuration is determined by a low ride typical of a Alfa Romeo and the choice of two and tested suspension layouts at the front and semi-independent with beam at the rear already on other Fiat Group models but appropriately revised and to meet the handling targets customers perennially expect of an Romeo car. As a standard on all specifications and engines, for example, the Romeo MiTo are fitted shock absorbers with springs that considerably roll.

Hence a greater to absorb road roughness; linearity and precision in the steering (the steering ratio is extremely direct and the trajectories neutral); and great road-holding, stability in high-speed manoeuvres and the of a true Alfa Romeo tight mixed routes. Not to the fact that the four disc brakes guarantee an stopping distance: 34 metres 100 to 0 km/h.

So much for the mechanical that make the Alfa MiTo an uncompromising sports These features are complemented by the new products in the field of electronics. with the brand new ‘Alfa device that the compact Romeo introduces for the first in its sector.

This control on the engine, brakes, steering, and gearbox, allowing three vehicle behaviour modes on the driving style best to the situation or the customer’s wishes: (Dynamic), town driving maximum safety even in grip conditions (All

Another innovative product on the Alfa Romeo MiTo is the Q2 system that acts on the brakes to guarantee the effect of a differential. On normal cars, the wheel loses grip and the swings wide when the car out of a bend. with the Q2 Electronic on the other hand, the traction device brakes the inner and redistributes the torque, applying it to the wheel with the greatest This maintains the desired with optimum traction: this system, lateral rises to 1 g as opposed to the value of g obtained without the Q2 Electronic.

the Alfa Romeo MiTo another state-of-the-art electronic for maximum handling: the DST (Dynamic Torque) system that the electronic power steering as of the Vehicle Dynamic Control In detail, the DST makes it possible to a slight torque to the steering to the correct manoeuvre to the driver. takes place in very circumstances, e.g. to compensate for or to make the effort at the steering proportional to the steering angle, or to a trajectory if the grip is different on side.

Powerful, smooth and engines

Driving satisfaction also being able to on lively and reliable power Those provided with the MiTo are state-of-the-art as far as automotive is concerned in terms of technology, and respect for the environment. The engines at launch will be the 155 bhp 1.4 Turbopetrol, 120 bhp 1.6 and an aspirated 1.4 engine of limited (78 bhp) for those who have passed their tests.

with different qualities, all to the full due to pairing with 6 manual gearboxes that are remarkable for their generosity and temperament and also for their performance and sophisticated technology.

In the 120 bhp 1.6 JTDM is the best engine in its in terms of specific power (it can a mighty torque of 320 Nm at just rpm), while also 80% lower particulate emissions and 20% CO2 emissions than previous power units. In the same the top of the range car in terms of power the 155 bhp 1.4 offers extraordinary performance for capacity (top speed of 215 and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.0 seconds) with a 30% reduction in consumption and CO2 emissions compared to of the previous generation. Not to mention the that Alfa Romeo units may be distinguished by their sound that emphasises the nature of the car while complying with type approval and environmental aspects.

At a later stage, the Alfa MiTo engine range be further extended to include power ratings and the introduction of new features such as the Multiair controlled valve lift and the innovative DDCT (double automatic transmission.

Multiair is an innovative electronic intake control system that the air delivered to the chamber during combustion cycle without to use a conventional throttle valve, cutting fuel consumption, engine response, and making the car fun to drive.

The secret behind the system is a small oil chamber between the cam and the intake valve: the of oil in this camber can by varied by of an on-off solenoid valve by an electronic control unit. In way, the cam lift profile can be steplessly to match changing air demand.

Conceptually, the DDCT Dry Clutch Transmission consists of two in parallel, each with its own This makes it possible to and engage a gear while the transmission continues to transit via another gear. Gear are thus accomplished by gradually between the two clutches, ensuring torque delivery and traction.

The peerless driving comfort and handling that far exceeds conventional automatic transmissions can combined with higher and fuel economy.

Segment-beating and dynamic behaviour

The Alfa MiTo was built to obtain the Euro NCAP rating in the For this reason, the new model the most sophisticated electronic for control of vehicle dynamic Vehicle Dynamic Control disengagable) that manages functions such as the Hill traction control, assisted braking, MSR to prevent the wheels during over-run, DST (Dynamic Torque) and Q2 Electronic. All these guarantee both driving and vehicle traction – performance.

The Alfa Romeo also offers total for driver and passengers, as evidenced by 7 as standard (two of which three-point seatbelts with and load limit limiters; (Self Aligning Head system, an anti whiplash built into the backrest on the seats. Not to mention the contribution to protection made by the body, the the doors and the dashboard crossmember in to the seats and steering column, have been designed a view to their behaviour in the of an accident.

In the field of preventive the Alfa Romeo MiTo offers headlights with a function (known as daytime lights) that automatically on the side lights when the is turned on to meet a specific that will enter force in 2012 and LED tail-lights offer greater brightness conventional bulbs for more

Maximum in-car wellbeing

The Romeo MiTo is also a of technological innovation when it to on-board well-being. The new car is also to offer the most advanced and systems in the in-car entertainment due to its cooperation with the very partners in each sector.

For you can experience the musical lift of a with CDMP3 player or, as an steering wheel controls and a Hi-fi. Or you can access the countless of the Blue&Me® device, a system in conjunction with Microsoft offers handsfree operation a Bluetooth® interface and advanced recognition, USB port, MP3 player and SMS also available on the MiTo in the two versions, i.e. NAV (with navigation systems) and MAP (with a system on a remote display to a special port on the dashboard).

a dual zone automatic control system and in the future a sun-roof of ample proportions to the satisfaction of travelling on board the Romeo MiTo.

Diverse and custom purchase packages

The Romeo MiTo is designed for and customers who love to stand out in a and offers two specification levels and Distinctive); two special Packs and Premium); 7 different seat plus upholstery in top quality Frau’ leather; 2 Progression colours with Sprint 3 interior colours with dashboard; 2 seat colours for the Pack; 3 ‘Pelle Frau’ complete the range of interiors. types of alloys are also (from 16’ to 18’) and 10 shades, of which 5 metallic, reflects every facet of the soul of the new Alfa Romeo (no than 6 colours have introduced for the first time on the Romeo MiTo). These are combined with 2 non-standard for the taillight and headlight frames (in to the specific Progression and Distinctive and the frames may also be body-coloured as an This broad and diverse confirms the unique nature of the new

Fiat Group Automobiles Services, a captive finance set up as a joint venture in partnership Crédit Agricole, has chosen to the sale of the Alfa Romeo with very different products that share a goal: making it possible to buy the new Alfa Romeo dream, the compact sports car ever.


The new Alfa Romeo is self-avowedly an Alfa to the core, for in its uncompromising sense of control and satisfaction. Driving comfort and behaviour have always specific features of Alfa cars: on this car, amount to a real strength.

The Alfa D.N.A. system

The new is the first Alfa Romeo car to from the Alfa D.N.A. an innovative device that the main driving parameters response, stability control and steering)

Until now the exclusive of racing cars or supercars, the D.N.A. system acts on the brakes, steering, suspension and allowing three different behaviour modes based on the style best suited to the or the customer’s wishes: supersporting town driving (Normal), safety even in low grip (All weather).

The selector is in an ergonomic position in front of the lever on the tunnel – and one of the three modes to be selected by moving the lever (the is displayed by the lighting of a specific led and by a message on the control panel). In for those who desire a relaxed in total safety, in Normal the individual components involved in the D.N.A. system are as follows: tuned for performance, very Vehicle Dynamic Control and DST Steering Torque) alert to oversteer.

If you prefer to use your Romeo MiTo for more applications, all you have to do is move the to Dynamic position: when in mode, the Alfa D.N.A. a unique driving experience the system makes the VDC and ASR less (this means the vehicle are a little more free of the control) and simultaneously activates the Q2 system. Still in Dynamic the Alfa D.N.A. also on the steering and engine to offer a comprehensive and entertaining sporting

The steering is less power-assisted and a more sporty sensation to perfect control. Last but not the engine becomes even responsive with an even response and with 155 bhp and 120 bhp JTDM engines, it can even count on an facility. Altogether, the Alfa MiTo with Dynamic is the ideal choice for entertainment in safety.

Lastly, the third accentuates the effect of traction and increases sensitivity to mu-split DST active electronic steering cuts in when driving surfaces with different of grip (in winter, for example, it is the case that two wheels are on ice the other two are on asphalt). When Weather’ is selected on the selector, the D.N.A. system makes the car to control over road with low grip (e.g. on wet or snow), taking action to vehicle dynamics because the VDC threshold is lowered.

The new Alfa MiTo suspension systems

One of the given to the designers allocated to the Romeo MiTo’ project was to a suspension capable of higher-category levels. The devices therefore had to great driving ease and outstanding road-holding and the best acoustic and vibrational comfort. the choice of two tried and tested – a MacPherson layout at the and a semi-independent layout with beam at the rear.

This was made to guarantee ease of and maximum weight containment, the handling goals that Romeo cars have strived to attain.

In particular the operations have been out to add an exclusive touch to the Alfa MiTo suspension system. the ground tracks are amongst the within the relevant segment equal to 1483 mm and rear to 1475 mm) to emphasise the promptness of stability and control even extreme conditions.

The rim channels are wide in relation to the size of the in order to optimise the handing of the tyres, while the stiff, low or rear springs give the a sporting ride and feeling in of appearance and function. The rear beam with ‘C’ section also features torsional stiffness to enable it to act as an anti roll bar, ensuring optimum roll and helping maximise the promptness of Lastly, and certainly the most feature of the Alfa Romeo suspension, the front and rear absorbers feature a coilover inside the shock absorber acts in parallel with the spring during the extension with the main purpose of roll.

Front suspension

The Romeo MiTo adopts a configuration that certainly the best front suspension for front-wheel drive transverse-engined This solution optimally the space inside the engine while simultaneously guaranteeing an compromise in terms of handling and due to the kinematic configuration that is in certain respects to that of the sophisticated double wishbone – and also due to the reciprocal to the attachment points on the body.

In the main components of this configuration are as follows:

Two-part in pressed steel (with a ‘butterfly’ construction configuration), a considerable weight saving

A suspension beam offering structural stiffness with the link near the front arm

Split dome pads configuration) to filter out road more effectively while high structural stiffness to driving precision

Anti-roll bar with rods equipped ball links for anchorage to the absorbers that allow stabilising efficiency and a more dynamic response when

Coil springs produced the side-load method for optimisation of the axis with the aim of reducing forces on the shock absorber and thus internal friction hysteresis) with consequent absorption of minor road roughness

All versions are fitted double-acting telescopic hydraulic absorbers with a 22 mm rod diameter for lateral stiffness to promote road holding on corners, a rebound spring fitted that operates when the absorber is under compression to reduce roll


The semi-independent, torsion beam represents an outstanding rear solution for front wheel minis because it takes up room, guarantees lower and also offers a good in terms of handling and comfort. benefits are guaranteed by the torsion that changes shape to the wheels to follow road roughness while also to the torsion to perform the function of an bar.

In detail, the components characteristic of the Romeo MiTo rear include a torsion beam C-shaped cross-section for great stiffness and pressed wishbones out of two halves; differential stiffness bushes for securing the rear to the body to ensure good of longitudinal roughness and great in the event of lateral loads to stability – and lastly, stiff coil springs to a sporting ride.

Suspension coilover springs

The front and shock absorbers with fitted as standard over the range feature a spring pipe and pushrod, that is to one end of the tube in the upper part of the absorber and acts during the …. The point at which the starts to act changes according to the of the spring, which therefore in parallel to the main suspension

In detail, fixing the length of the shock absorber spring and the point at which it acts stabilises the driving condition the internal shock absorbers begins to act and thus contributes to vehicle rigidity. As a consequence, the point at which the springs to take effect on shock with coilover springs and a car that behaves like a car under normal driving

Under sporty driving however, the shock absorbers into play by increasing stiffness, thus benefiting performance. In the event of high acceleration levels, the Alfa MiTo equipped with shock absorbers therefore in much the same way as a conventional car stiffer suspension tuning. In where the lateral acceleration are lower, the shock absorber springs do not cut in and the Alfa Romeo unlike cars with suspension tuning, does not comfort under non-sporting conditions.

Another aspect deserves highlighting is the fact when the shock absorber springs intervene during a manoeuvre, only the inner shock absorber springs (by stretching) while the outer shock absorbers do not work compressed). Under such the stiffness configuration is therefore and this alters the car’s during rollover motion, two consequences: the outer wheels sit firmly on the road to promote grip (and the hence the lateral forces) and the roll are lower for greater stability.

Alfa Romeos are universally to be good-looking, sporty cars combine a glittering racing with the cream of contemporary Cars that enhance driving experiences with a racing feel and authentic satisfaction. And the Alfa Romeo embodies these qualities to the that it may be defined the sportiest

And more. The Alfa Romeo forcefully expresses all the creative of the brand, a special way of appreciating cars that is very far thinking of them as simply means of transport. Alfa have always been for people with expectations go beyond the strictly necessary the realm of emotions: aesthetic a passion for sophisticated engineering, the pleasure of sitting behind the and an expression of one’s own personality.

designed for dynamism and Italian

The new model, designed by the Alfa style centre in Arese, is the car to be built since the 8C Competizione Romeo’s icon of style and from which it borrows characteristic traits: The particular of the side windows described by the windows, the three-lobed motif distinguishes the front bumper, the of the headlights and the LED tail-lights. The headlight and surrounds represent a distinctive feature. A frame featuring forms of material processing and to create an ultra-stylish eye-liner that underscores the cars and aggression.

Available with 3 the Alfa Romeo MiTo is for its compact size, which up the determination of a car designed to guarantee driving efficiency (it is 4.06 long, 1.44 m high and metres wide). These find stylistic expression in the sculpted and skilfully moulded In detail, the body is given dynamism by the horizontal furrow cut the side above the front

The big wheels and powerful musculature of the wings emphasise the model’s and strength without detracting the lines that flow almost as though to underscore the good looks of the individual details: the drop-shaped headlight gem-like, in the front wing and the led that are a blend of technology and

The Alfa Romeo MiTo offers other distinctive that define its strong and make it immediately recognisable in with the specific canons of the Beginning with a strong, front end dominated by the unmistakable family feeling, represented by a trefoil with the shield in the The enter car appears to grow this point to combine a edge of styling aggression outstanding elegance of form.

The distinctive profile gives the the appearance of an agile, solid and car. This is due above all to a shelf on the side that the car look slender and dynamic. lines that meet at the and the small area of glass to the large extent of metal at the accentuate the wedge-shaped configuration and an out-and-out sporty appearance.

The end also has a lot to say stylistically. The rear of the Romeo MiTo features a rearscreen supported by powerful that frame the round, lights. The bumper houses a extractor, specific to each which is highly three-dimensional and just under a lip in the bodywork further enhances the car#8217;s personality.

The solutions introduced on the Romeo MiTo to achieve the levels of aerodynamic efficiency are not to the shape. Air wraps around the car and its natural course, unhindered by and unevenness. All the pillar and glass and profiles together with the mirror shape and position been optimised by mathematical and also by wind tunnel and tests on actual models.

The outcome is a Cd of 0.29 that the sporting qualities of the compact Romeo.

The Alfa Romeo centre also developed new to emphasise the shape of the Alfa MiTo that match the sinuous shape while suggesting modernity and a hint of In particular, 10 body shades are of which 5 metallic, that every facet of the sporting of the new Alfa Romeo (no fewer 6 colours have been for the first time on the Alfa MiTo).

The all-important red shade in two versions: the traditional non-metallic Red and the lighter Giulietta red, a of Alfa Romeo#8217;s glorious conferring a young and sporty on this model. The white has been reformulated and is available in two a warmer non-metallic and an even gorgeous pearlised version. the ultimate hi-tech colour, is in two forms: a very sporty micalised grey and a paler, shiny grey.

Black in a conventional non-metallic version as as a new shade, created using a red undercoat that gleams the black in the sunlight. The Blue palette is represented by a very pale pearlised blue. And a special new colour for the new compact an intense, warm, deep

Customers who wish to customise car still further can order a painted roof or, for the first on an Alfa Romeo, choose 14 different finishes for the headlight and frames (shiny or satinised opaque black and titanium plus the 10 body shades). the door mirror caps can be ordered as an option in shiny or chrome, opaque black and grey

The light clusters on the Romeo MiTo are also of a separate mention as they are gems of design and engineering. The headlights are available in two versions: the with halogen bulbs, the with xenon bulbs that offer an improved emission quality and excellent in all weathers. In a gas discharge bulb, the internal filament is replaced by two spaced a few millimetres apart.

generate a voltaic discharge in an saturated with low-pressure gas. These devices three times more and duration than normal with a halogen bulb.

The headlights also offer a light function (Daytime Lights) that automatically on the special low energy bulbs to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions the engine is started up: It should be that this function with the specific European that is due to come into in 2012.

The tail-lights on the Alfa MiTo also display styling and state-of-the-art technology. The clusters, produced by Magneti Automotive Lighting, are circular in to create a sporty impression is also reminiscent of Alfa tradition. The lights are fitted LED bulbs that offer brightness than conventional and come on faster when the car

This ensures greater and distinctive good looks.

For the the keynote is sportsmanship and style

the exterior shape, the interior of the Romeo MiTo is as sporty and as Alfa Romeos get.

The created by the Alfa Romeo Centre, take driving as their starting point and the driver the centre of attention: distance ratio between seat, steering wheel and allow a perception of full to ensure a typically Alfa standard of driving satisfaction. The console also encloses the of the climate control system, satellite navigation system, lever and Alfa D.N.A.

The circular analogue speedometer and rev on the dashboard are also linked by a resolution reconfigurable digital and perfect lighting (red or according to the version) guarantees easy reading of all the instrumentation, at night. And finally, hand and grip are perfect on the three-spoke wheel, even when difficult manoeuvres.

The interiors of the new also represent a perfect between style and sportiness, a that the Alfa Romeo into a sophisticated combination of top-quality fabrics and superb As is borne out, for example, by and detailing in ‘glossy titanium’: titanium chrome paint greater depth and gloss to a As an option, it is also possible to superb quality upholstery in Frau® (available in Black, Red and leather), a touch of exclusivity combines the Alfa Romeo with one of the most famous designer labels in the world: the result is a life-enhancing environment a very hand-crafted look.

The is made up of Progression and Distinctive (Sport and Premium packs are available), both with a natural-looking interior trim. The breaks down into two a rigid case and a cover can be customised with different ensure sophisticated opulence and a soft tactile sensation.

In the Progression specification offers a dashboard with two interior black, more classic and and red for a more spirited look. The is very distinctive in both it features a special stylish, and natural form of embossing. The centre fabric is made luxurious by the inclusion of a shiny thread that makes the seat look brighter.

The specification comes with a dashboard (whose very cover comes with a embossing that looks woven carbon fibre, using an exclusive process by Alfa Romeo) and three with different trims and The black interior is understated and with a gleam of brightness gives extra elegance.

It is easy to identify the dual of the red interior: sporty due to the red component and elegant due to the black pigment. in the blue interior, the blue are woven with the opaque to the type of shimmering, sporty yet space we have come to from an Alfa Romeo.

The feature a juxtaposition of materials can be seen and felt upon The outer skins are smooth and with a clean, opaque-coloured The central part is always with the most opulent carbon fibre has been onto the microfibre to create an contrast of shiny/opaque.

The feel is sporty due to the underlying microfibre and due to the shiny fibre on the surface.

on to the Sport Pack that is notable for its super sporty design. The middle features a 3D that adds a much youthful and dynamic slant to the weave mix on the seat of the 8C Competizione. The two used – black and – use the interplay between and opaque to add more shimmer and to the seat. At the sides, again in black, upholstered inserts in a fabric contrast with the of the seat.

The entire effect is by a fabric with a deliberately feel to give a unique effect and offset the clean of the insert. The Mito also the essential Alfa Romeo repositioned on the inner part of the as on the 8C Competizione. The logo is embroidered a contrasting thread.

Lastly, the Frau®’ specification is special due to the attention lavished on the seat with ‘Pelle Frau® the leather is smooth on the outer with an embroidered Alfa on the inner part. Microperforations on the centre add movement to the design and breathability.

The central part features the classic upright pattern of padding. The outside have also been very distinctive with the piping (so typical of most Romeo seats), this with a double row of rivets. feature is also highlighted black leather due to the contrasting

It should be emphasised that the and rear seats on the Alfa MiTo have been to guarantee the best comfort for passenger percentile. This was by working in close contact the best Italian specialists in and sports medicine. To promote and above all the absorption of vibrations, the seats come with a new for holding up the lumbar area promotes back support.

Not to the fact that the front padding can adapt to the body#8217;s and offer an antisubmarining configuration prevents the body sliding beneath the seat belt in the of a violent head-on impact.

The adjustments are possible on the front ride; reach (with a travel of no less than 240 backrest tilt (by means of a that allows continuous and lumbar (standard on the driver’s and optional on the passenger seat). front seats are also as an option. The front seats are equipped with height and a S.A.H.R. (Self Aligning Restraint) system that the head restraint closer to the of seat occupants to lessen the of whiplash in the event of impact.

The seats are also provided the backrest fixed or split according to the version. This too offers an antisubmarining structure and padding of differential stiffness to the seat area occupied parameter measures the ability of the to yield beneath the body’s The rear seats are fitted Iso fix attachments for child seats the head restraints are sliding type.

The Alfa Romeo is also type-approved as standard for two in the rear (a third seat, as an option, comes with the configuration) to enhance the sporty of the high-containment seats.

Last but not the car#8217;s compact size not detract in any way from the overall that is at the top of its category as evidenced, for by the outstanding amount of room for rear passengers. The Alfa MiTo also offers a of convenient compartments of various to accommodate small and medium-sized The luggage compartment on the new Alfa is also impressive for its regular and 270 litres of capacity.

Engines and

The true heart and the true of every Alfa Romeo is its engine. And the Alfa MiTo is no the new car’s attractive, personality-packed conceal a diverse range of high-tech power units offer generous performance and are of the environment. Not to mention the fact Alfa Romeo power may be distinguished by their unmistakable that emphasises the unique of the car while complying fully type approval constraints and aspects.

All the power units are by FPT Fiat Powertrain Technologies, the Group sector that is for all the activities necessary for innovation, design and production of engines and for every type of application: cars to industrial vehicles; to agricultural vehicles. With 20,000 employees, 15 plants and 10 centres in seven different this sector is one of the most enterprises in the power unit anywhere in the world.

Within FPT Powertrain Technologies, approximately highly specialized engineers are in the development and engineering of innovative More than 40 patents each year confirm the and seriousness of this undertaking, FPT Fiat Powertrain Technologies a centre of technological excellence and innovation.

Powerful, smooth and engines

Two petrol engines be available at the time of launch (78 bhp 1.4 and 155 bhp 1.4 and one turbodiesel 120 bhp 1.6 JTDM. Each different qualities, all utilised to the due to pairing with 6 speed gearboxes that are individually for their generosity and lively and also for their high and sophisticated technology. The specifications of power unit are given in below.

155 bhp 1.4 Turbopetrol

The Alfa MiTo offers its customers a new 1.4 turbocharged Turbopetrol engine is distinguished by its performance, alacrity of response, low fuel consumption, construction, sturdiness and reliability.

The new 1.4 16v engine is offered with a power of 155 bhp (114 kW) at 5500 rpm and a torque of 206 Nm (the 155 bhp is achieved at 200 rpm) but a mighty 230 Nm can be obtained at rpm by simply selecting the Dynamic mode on the Alfa D.N.A Driving flexibility is therefore with reduced use of the gearbox for a relaxed drive, though all you to do to achieve a more beefy is to press your foot on the This is aided by the low inertia of the that makes it possible to maximum performance from a command, without the annoying lag of this type of engine.

All sportiness also comes very frugal fuel The engine is also very guaranteed by the hundreds of thousands of covered by the prototypes during the stage, combined with of hours on static and dynamic rigs. The scheduled maintenance is 30,000 km, without any need for an service.

The oil/water heat guarantees these results. The oil is environmentally friendly.

In detail, a engine control system all functions by means of sophisticated algorithms. The throttle control is without any mechanical connection so the driver can obtain the desired from the engine, i.e. or sporty, always with the energy efficiency. These results were made by the careful design and development of all components totalling over hours of work.

The most design and computer-aided modelling were used to simulate the turbocharger stress conditions. The components were designed the outset to withstand the ultra-high levels of an up-to-date turbocharged in terms of resistance to mechanical and also to ensure behaviour is entertaining and safe at all times. attention was paid to fluid and combustion in order to minimise loss and reach high of performance without compromising consumption.

120 bhp 1.6 JTDM

The Alfa MiTo is fitted with the 1.6 16 valve engine, a latest-generation engine that confirms Romeo’s technological excellence in field since 1997, the that saw the advent of the first common rail in history on the 156.

This sparkling 1.6 l available on the 120 bhp version ideally the winning attributes of a latest-generation rail turbodiesel unit the tax breaks and other advantages from the downsizing design This engine is therefore the solution for those who seek an compromise between respect for the and low running costs without power and flexibility for authentic satisfaction.

In detail, the 1.6 Multijet on performance, comfort, emissions it is 5 Ready and running costs also offering considerable for the same power output, the offers nearly 25% more (320 Nm at 1,750 rpm) and 8% fuel consumption (measured a Nedc cycle). All this considerably improved driving due above all to respectable torque at low speeds. These aims been achieved through a optimisation of combustion that the potential of the engine#8217;s new injectors to the

The 1.6 JTDM offers exceptional delivery in absolute terms, is all the more impressive when one the cylinder capacity: a torque of 320 Nm this engine a performance amongst medium capacity units. If we then consider torque (i.e. divided by capacity) the 1.6 is the highest performing in the category of power outputs up to 200 with the sole exception of power units. And more.

If we into account that the torque is delivered at just rpm (280 Nm are already available at rpm), we are able to immediately the extent to which the 1.6 Multijet a revolution compared to present-day engines: no other engine, recent, can offer such a torque delivery at such a low All things considered, the new JTDM exhilarating driving satisfaction is difficult to match. This is also borne out by the acceleration (from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.9 and the top speed (198 km/h).

the new injection system with variable geometry turbo also completes an absolutely technological picture.

In the same the 120 bhp 1.6 incorporates the most advanced gas treatment technologies, namely a Coupled Diesel Particulate and an integral EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) that improves control of and gas flow, simultaneously guaranteeing emissions and low fuel consumption. set of solutions ensures the power is Euro5-ready well ahead of the on which the regulation enters force: this is the best of the great commitments made the Fiat group to ensure mobility.

The 120 bhp 1.6 JTDM engines are with a six-speed manual that ensures lower rpm at highway or motorway speeds, the twofold advantage of less in the passenger compartment and a reduction in fuel consumption.

78 bhp 1.4 aspirated engine

Alfa developed this engine in order to produce a car designed for young people, i.e. limited power capacity but able to reflect all the qualities of and driving satisfaction that are of an Alfa. The aspirated 1.4 engine has a output of 78 bhp (58 kW) at 6000 rpm and a maximum of 125 Nm at 4250 rpm.

The weight/power expressed by this particular took its inspiration from laws introduced for those who recently passed their test, that limit the power over tare for drivers who have recently their driving test to 50 This law was originally intended to into force in July but this has now been postponed to 2009.

Slick, reliable

A range of reliable, sturdy and gearboxes has been developed to the engine range on offer for the Romeo MiTo: the new vehicle can be with three variants:

manual, 6-speed for the 155 bhp 1.4 Turbopetrol and the 120 bhp 1.6

C514: 6-speed manual for the 78 bhp 1.4 engine

All the gearboxes share a cable external mechanism ensures slick manoeuvres and without transmitting mechanical through the linkage. The details: the external linkage is technologically due to the extensive use of high-performance technopolymers to the various qualities of strength, and self-lubricating capability.

Bench under extreme weather also guided the development of couplings and processes to ensure toughness and reliability. The new linkage was designed to ensure system and characteristics of maximum comfort and To achieve greater comfort maximum mechanical filtering a new distribution pattern was adopted for an mass distribution that is shifted toward the gearbox.

the engineering features worthy of the gear casing and clutch have been optimised in of lightness and noise absorption FEM (Finite Element Method) techniques. The first and second i.e. those most used by motorists, also with triple cone (double-cone on the C514) that 40% lower engagement effort a conventional single-cone type.

In all the gear boxes fitted to the Romeo MiTo feature an gear control system on selection planes with a positioner. Lubrication is dynamic oil flows channelled. The advantages lower wear and higher during torque transmission and low manoeuvrability.

The quality and reliability of components is also guaranteed by the care taken at the assembly when each component is and electronic measurements are carried out on the that define efficiency, and clearance.

6-speed gearbox for the 78 bhp 1.4 unit

Increased acoustic lower shift effort when cold and greater engagement precision. These are the offered to the motorist by the C514 (transverse configuration with two in a cascade and differential) that improvements to the following parts: synchronisers, lubrication, inner linkage and clutch control.

paired with the 78 bhp 1.4, the device represents the latest to the gearbox in terms of transmissible (125 Nm). The use of higher materials for the gears, the use of an upgraded with oversized bevel and a bolted connection between box and gear make for the greatest The main qualities are excellent manoeuvrability, low shift noise and low

6-speed gearbox (M32) for the 1.6 and the 1.4 Turbopetrol

Increased acoustic lower shift effort when cold and greater engagement precision. These are the offered to the motorist by the M32 gearbox configuration with two shafts in a and differential) that has undergone to the following parts: gears, lubrication, inner gear and clutch control.

The unit is in a 6-speed version and can withstand torque values (320 This makes it the ideal for higher-performing engines: the 120 bhp 1.6 JTDM and the 155 bhp 1.4 It is also fitted with a linkage that features a travel limiter to safeguard effectively against involuntary of reverse and to increase fifth and gear engagement precision.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo has designed to obtain the maximum in passive and active safety A level of total protection makes this car one of the safest anywhere in the world. Suffice it to say the new model has passed the most crash tests and already with proposals for future standards.

Here are details of of the devices and systems adopted on the new Romeo MiTo.

Active benefits from state-of-the-art

To ensure active safety, the new offers some of the most electronic devices to control the dynamic performance (from to traction) and push its dynamic still further. These are not intrusive for the driver but greatly safety. The operation of these has been developed by means of and meticulous track testing the aim of ensuring maximum driving

Braking system

The power-assisted, system on the Alfa Romeo comprises two cross-over independent and is particularly effective, guaranteeing smooth braking combined minimal stopping distances. The naturally differs according to the version (in terms of weight and vehicles equipped with the 78 bhp 1.4 are fitted with 257 mm self-ventilated on the front wheels and cast floating calliper with 54 mm the rear brake discs are (251 mm diameter) while the is aluminium with a 38 mm diameter

The spirited 155 bhp Alfa Romeo 1.4 Turbopetrol is fitted with 305 mm discs with one-piece callipers with four on the front wheels. The rear are solid (251 mm diameter) a floating calliper. It should be that this version a one-piece aluminium calliper on the brakes: this option calliper stiffness without the weight and therefore makes for performance, particularly during a drive.

Turbocharger power is fitted with 281 mm self-ventilated on the front wheels and cast floating calliper with 57 mm the rear brake discs are (251 mm diameter) while the is aluminium with a 38 mm diameter

ABS with EBD

In addition to a high-performing system, the Alfa Romeo also comes with one of the advanced ABS antilock brake on the market today. It features active sensors and a hydraulic unit with 12 solenoids. The ABS an electronic brakeforce distributor

This device apportions action over all four to prevent locking and ensure control of the car under all conditions. The also adapts its operation to grip conditions and brake pad to reduce pad overheating.

Alfa Romeo Mi.To

VDC (Vehicle Control)

The VDC is Alfa Romeo’s of the ESP (Electronic Stability Program), a that cuts in under conditions when car stability is at and also helps the driver to the car. As befits a true the VDC is a sporting device that outstanding road holding. It the driver the full satisfaction of the car as long as conditions are normal but in just before things critical.

The VDC is permanently engaged.

The MSR Schleppmoment Regelung) cuts in the gear is shifted down under conditions of low grip. device restores torque to the to prevent the wheel skidding as a of lock. To achieve this the VDC continually monitors tyre in both longitudinal and lateral If the car skids, it cuts in to restore and ride stability.

It uses to detect rotation of the car body its vertical axis (yaw car lateral acceleration and the steering angle set by the driver (which the chosen direction). It then on to compare these data parameters generated by a computer and via a complex mathematical model the car is cornering within its grip or if the front or rear is about to (understeer or oversteer).

To restore the trajectory, it then generates a yaw in the opposite direction to the movement gave rise to the instability by the appropriate wheel (interior or individually and reducing engine (via the throttle). This is the key of the device designed by Alfa engineers. It acts in a modulated on the brakes to ensure the action is as as possible (and the drive is not disturbed).

The engine power is contained to ensure outstanding and great driving satisfaction at all

ASR (Anti Slip Regulation)

The ASR Slip Regulation) system, an part of the VDC, optimises at any speed with the aid of the brakes and control. The device computes the of slip on the basis of wheel rpm by the ABS sensors and activates two different systems to restore grip.

an excessive power demand both drive wheels to (e.g. in the case of aquaplaning or accelerating over an unsurfaced, or icy road), it reduces engine by reducing the throttle opening and thus air flow. If only one slips (e.g. the inside following acceleration or dynamic changes), this is automatically without the driver touching the pedal. The resulting effect is to that of a self-locking differential.

allows the Alfa Romeo to get out of difficulty easily on road with low grip.

CBC (Cornering Control)

The CBC (Cornering Brake system comes into when the car takes a corner fully braked. In this the brake pressure is discharged on wheel individually to maintain stability, minimising any understeer or behaviour.

DST (Dynamic Steering

The VDC on the Alfa Romeo MiTo cuts in unobtrusively because it is with DST (Dynamic Steering an active electronic steering that makes corrections and also controls oversteer surfaces with low grip. The DST improves both driving and handling performance.

Under all conditions, the electronic steering suggests the correct manoeuvres to be out to the driver to allow outstanding holding performance while a great sense of security. is achieved through continuous between the electric power (which generates torque at the wheel) and electronic control of (VDC). In detail, the DST automatically corrections, helps to maintain control and ensures that the VDC in more unobtrusively.

The DST System is useful in the case of oversteer it facilitates the most appropriate to maintain control of the vehicle in situation. The MCF function (Mu-Split function) cuts in when over surfaces with levels of grip (in winter, it is the case that two wheels are on ice the other two are on asphalt).

In this case, the DST System allows countersteering that makes it to control the vehicle (preventing it spinning) and also to pull up the shortest possible space braking distance is reduced by In the event of a sporty drive, if the detects higher lateral (from 0.6 g) it cuts in to deliver an in resistant torque to the steering In this way it significantly improves the of mastering the car on corners, particularly at speed.

HBA and Hill-holder

The equipment array on the Romeo MiTo is completed by the HBA the hydraulic electronic hydraulic assistant which automatically the pressure in the braking circuit emergency braking. And by the Hill-holder which maintains the braking for a few moments after the driver his foot from the pedal, to hill starts and prevent the car slipping backwards.

Q2 Electronic

specific feature of the Alfa MiTo is its new Q2 Electronic system improves the transfer of drive to the wheels and, in particular, excellent cornering behaviour making the car safer and more during a sporty drive or grip is poor. In detail, the Q2 System is based on the principle of full use of the braking system when appropriately controlled by the VDC unit, develops a form of very similar to that of a slip differential (in other the Q2 Electronic System electronically the presence of a self-locking differential). specifically, when accelerating on a the front braking system on the inner wheel to increase on the outer wheel (bearing the load) and thus distributing between the front drive in a continuous, dynamic manner to driving and road surface

Systems and devices for total

One hundred simulations on a HyGe five hundred crash and two hundred tests on components and These statistics demonstrate deep-rooted commitment to making the Romeo MiTo one of the safest in its segment and also in the field of as a whole. The new model represents the as far as passive safety is concerned.

protection, in short, as evidenced by 7 as standard (two of which are three-point seatbelts with and load limit limiters; (Self Aligning Head system, an anti whiplash built into the backrest on the seats. Not to mention the contribution to protection made by the body, the the doors and the dashboard crossmember in to the seats and steering column, have been designed a view to their behaviour in the of an accident.

Air-Bag Smart 2

Full protection, smart In the event of a head-on impact, protection is guaranteed by an innovative system known as the ‘Air-Bag 2’, because it is able adapt the activation parameters to the severity of the impact. Beginning two front airbags for driver and passenger that work in a way to conventional airbags.

Driver and front air bags with stage activation; when the is of moderate force, the system only to the first of two stages; more serious collisions, the units control the activation of stages. The airbags may, be activated in accordance with sequences determined by the various types. In each case, inside the bags ensure maximum bag dimension and final are as non-invasive as possible for passengers.

The passenger airbag may be deactivated (by means of the control panel so that a baby can be carried in a with its back to the direction of (the pretensioner remains

The sensors on the ‘Air-Bag Smart system also control the of the seat belt pretensioners. The Romeo MiTo is equipped front seatbelts complete reel, pretensioner and load In case of impact, an electronically-controlled pretensioner rewinds the belt a few milliseconds so that it fits to the body.

The front reels load limiters that in a controlled manner to modulate the exercised on the shoulders of the belt

Control unit and sensors

The Romeo MiTo is therefore with all the most advanced safety devices currently They are governed by a sophisticated new system’ that is controlled by an control unit located in the tunnel. This control receives signals from the sensors distributed throughout the car others inside) and decides how devices should be activated and ones.

This is why the system is to be ‘smart’. It does not activate the occupant is in no danger of striking the car regardless of whether an impact has place or not. It detects that are not caused by an impact. It even work if the electrical stops working.

All this is possible by particularly sophisticated strategies and detection terminals. as the CSA (Crash Severity Algorithm) is able to recognise the severity of and control the Multistage front or a sensor that detects the of a passenger and if necessary warns to fasten seat belts by of an audible and visual signal on the panel. And more: two-way that make it possible to the function of the satellite sensors, on the central pillars, in order to timely operation of the side and window bags in the event of impact.

Lastly, the Alfa MiTo is also fitted a decentralised sensor for detecting impact or ECS (Early Crash this extra device is on the front structure of the car and allows the unit to activate the front earlier. Unlike conventional this device allows the bag to fully before occupants start to move in the direction of the wheel or dashboard.

Window-bags and

These airbags drop along the windows to safeguard the heads in the case of side Compared to other solutions, the adopted on the Alfa Romeo are more protective (because always take up the correct faster to inflate and less for passengers. They open top to bottom and do not involve a risk of damage to occupants’ arms.

also effectively safeguard the of front and rear passengers they extend along the width of the window and ensure even during rollover. Two (one on the right and the other on the are located under the roof where they are folded a closed compartment. At the appropriate the covering bends open to the bags to expand and drop

The Alfa Romeo MiTo with two side airbags inside the seat backrest to the pelvis and chest of its passengers when the car is struck from the This positioning affords protection for passengers regardless of sitting position and seat

Driver’s kneebag

The area the steering column, typically the dangerous for the knees, has been safer by the use of a knee bag and also a new lock position that moving the ignition key from its position.

Protective, wrap-around

Particular attention was paid to the that play an all-important in ensuring effective containment of the and therefore achieving the required of safety during head-on, and side impact. The performance of the seats exceeds that by European type-approval standards. The have been developed to the toughest standards required by the

Amongst other things, the seats of the Alfa Romeo are equipped with a S.A.H.R. Aligning Head Restraint) that moves the head closer to the neck of seat to lessen the effect of whiplash in the of impact.

Emergency stop

The Alfa Romeo MiTo an important new product in the field of safety: a system that an emergency stop by operating the indicators. The function enters operation when – at a greater than 50 km/h a greater than 7 m/s² the brake pedal is pressed and the warning lights are not active. these parameters are satisfied, the automatically activates both and rear direction indicators.

Romeo breathalysers for responsible

One titbit of information: Alfa MiTo customers will be to order a kit with three Romeo branded alcohol to raise public awareness and particularly the awareness of young – of the strategic importance safety, accident-prevention and road education must hold in any society today. Our brand is to the forefront of campaigns to achieve ambitious social aim. For last July, Alfa launched a communication campaign the risks of drinking alcohol driving a car.

In particular, the used the image of a bottle standing in an anthropomorphic way, a red stain nearby. This strong and direct visual was by the pay-off: ‘The satisfaction of a drink. The satisfaction of driving. Romeo supports them

But never at the same time’. Romeo’s appeal for responsible was circulated in Italy and in Europe free press newspapers and the circuit. It went out during the which is the time of the highest of incidents related to alcohol by young people.


from driving satisfaction, an Romeo car must also on-board well-being. And that surrounding the driver and passenger technologies that ensure the highest acoustic and climatic The result is a cosseting, enveloping free from vibration to the careful soundproofing and the outstanding and flexural rigidity of the body.

The also contribute to the satisfaction of on-board the Alfa Romeo an automatic dual-zone climate system, sophisticated radio as an option, a Bose® Sound Other features can also be that represent the pick of the crop of in-car telematic and navigation devices.


Interior climate is one of the main factors during a trip and is very important for preventive because temperature, humidity and affect the driver’s well-being and his or her level of alertness. And of course the and ventilation system is also for demisting the windscreen and side

For this reason, the new model is with two climate control a manual climate control and an automatic dual-zone system. In the dual-zone device automatically temperature, air flow, air distribution, activation and recirculation by means of an control unit. The system implements an equivalent temperature control strategy.

Special record internal and external and assess the sensation of thermal experienced by passengers, i.e. the exchange between human and passenger compartment that is by humidity, temperature and treated air Another sensor located in a position at the base of the windscreen solar radiation on the car and the angle at the rays strike the passenger

This allows the system to an excessive increase in temperature the car caused by the sun’s rays and to inform the climate control in time. The automatic dual-zone system can provide two different and air flows simultaneously: one in the right of the passenger compartment and the other in the

Radio and Hi-Fi system

The attractive audio package by the new model includes a radio and two system levels. It should be that, for the first time in its the Alfa Romeo MiTo a double tuner that as an option, be fitted with a aerial for up to 80% better reception.

The sound system comes with 6 speakers (two with a power rating of two 40W full range speakers and two 30W while the second level with 8 speakers (four with a power rating of 40 W and 30W speakers). Both systems in common the fact that specifications and speaker arrangements been painstakingly adjusted to fit the compartment.

The radio comes with a CD and MP3 player and is built into the of the dashboard and laid out in user-friendly They are located on the upper of the dashboard (the correct for the driver) and are also within reach of the passenger, not to mention the that they can be managed controls on the steering wheel.

The comes with RDS (Radio System), TA (traffic news), PTY (a used by radio stations to the type of music they so that the set can automatically select the of music preferred by the listener). time the radio is turned on, the settings are the same as when it was off while another device corrects equalisation on the basis of car

The customer can also choose seven equalisation bands for setting of sound parameters. Not to the fact that all information is in a clear and immediate manner of the large display. Lastly, the Romeo MiTo radio may be both to the Blue&Me™ system and to the Sound System.

Bose® System

The Bose ® System produced for Alfa by the US company Bose, a leader in the sound sector, offers passenger exceptional listening under all driving conditions. The system has a power output of 690 W W regular power) and the sound comprises eight speakers and a with a 4-channel amplifier Watts maximum power) into the luggage compartment, plays the lowest frequencies.

The Sound System arouses the emotions you feel when you to a live concert. The system realistic reproduction with clear high notes and rich bass tones. It not fall into the trap of unnatural sounds that are appealing but are tiresome for the listener in the run.

This result is by four 6.5’’ speakers for frequencies – located in the door panels and the side of the rear doors – and additional tweeters for playing frequencies – installed in the pillars and in the rear seat

In-car telematic and satellite systems

The Alfa Romeo is a bearer of new technology in terms of its and also in terms of the electronic it employs to ensure on-board and wellbeing. The best example is the system that adds new features to aid musical enjoyment on Alfa Romeo model.

can also equip their car the ‘BlueMeTM Nav’, an extremely pictogram navigation system also allows access to a set of useful on-line systems at the price on the market. Another is the ‘BlueMeTM MAP’, a multifunctional navigation system, also with Magneti Marelli.

and BlueMe Nav

The Alfa Romeo may be equipped with ‘Blue&Me’ with a Nav version), an innovative created as a result of a joint between Fiat Group and Microsoft, that changes the of in-car communication, information and to improve comfort and the quality of spent on board.

The device is simple to use, and allows you to telephone calls and to listen to simply and safely as you drive. And to Bluetooth® technology, you can also with the outside world the car using your own personal such as mobile phones or computers.

The BlueMeTM is also on a system that is always to keep pace with the with updatable, flexible and features. Fiat Group and Microsoft, with the support of Marelli, also offer a that can be adapted to most phones, music players or personal devices to replace the costly and rigid hardware the great benefit of being to constantly keep pace market innovations and maintain integration with the car.

All at a accessible price. The BlueMeTM also ensures the greatest and ease of use. Because the control system is fully with keys on the steering and information on the instrument panel customers equipped with a mobile phone can use it even if it is in a pocket or handbag without taking their hands off the wheel.

Not to mention the fact ‘advanced voice recognition’ immediate interactivity – no learning stage is required and also allows incoming to be read out.

On this car, i.e. the Alfa MiTo, the BlueMeTM achieves a step forward by adding new that confirm the platform’s flexibility. By connecting the digital to the USB port, it is possible to listen to and hours of digital music in WMA and WAV format recorded on mobile MP3 players and USB pen drives.

For greater with your i-Pod, it is now when in your Alfa MiTo to listen to music with an AAC extension in addition to the formats, provided they are from digital rights and saved in Hard Disk mode. And more. For greater comfort, the Alfa Romeo BlueMeTM also displays on music tracks on the radio (they were previously on the control panel).

Alfa MiTo customers can also to equip their car with Nav, and that includes a kit consisting of a USB drive containing the maps and a backup CD that may be to transfer the maps to personal MP3

The Nav key has a direct connection to the navigation that may also be accessed by of steering wheel controls and commands. When the USB key is inserted, may be started. The destination may be entered by the initial letters of the address the steering wheel controls, may be completed using voice

Like the other information, details are also available on the control panel: address of the pictograms of the direction to be followed, information, points of interest with conventional voice providing information on the next through the car speakers. Unlike devices (that do not allow you to and listen to music CDs at the same unless a CD changer is fitted), BlueMeTM Nav it is possible to navigate and to music on your media with the greatest ease still remaining connected to mobile phone.

By using the program on a Personal Computer the aid of the back-up CD it is possible to save for several countries purchased sale on a USB drive. In this it is possible to select an entire (for example Italy, Germany, etc.) or a predefined (for example northern/central/southern or even a region that several maps belonging to countries (for example Italy and Switzerland, Austria and Germany).

News services with BlueMeTM NAV

The Alfa MiTo offers on-line developed in partnership with Italia and available on the BlueMeTM Nav (SOS, Info and Drive Me and that may be activated with freedom by the customer.

‘SOS’: the SOS service, available 24 hours a 365 days a year, is activated by the SOS button. In this case, a and a text message containing the position are forwarded to the operating Whatever country customers are through, the call centre are able to put them at ease by them in the same language.

The also activates automatically if an is set off. The vehicle will be located and roadside and medical will be available. The SOS may also be in the event of illness or danger.

services will be free of during the car warranty period this they will be by paying an annual subscription).

e Drive Me’: information at the of the motorist. Wherever you go, it will be easy to obtain assistance and information on events, traffic restaurants, cinemas, night and much more in no fewer five European countries: France, Great Britain, and Spain.

All you have to do is press the button to speak to a dedicated who will answer all your or, if you prefer, send the coordinates of the destination to the navigation system (at point, the device will compute the route).

The INFO will be ‘pay per use’ cost will be based on of conversation with the service and, an important feature of system, no annual subscription be the cost is 2.4 Euro cents per (1.44 euro/ min), 30 cents for ‘each call

InSure: due to the satellite location and agreements with most of the companies, it will be possible to from discounts on civil insurance (up to 20%) and also and theft insurance (up to 50%). If car is stolen you will be able to it by tracking. It will also be to establish how many kilometres be covered by the car and, on the basis of figure, take out ad hoc insurance that are more advantageous they are based on the customer#8217;s habits and requirements.

BlueMeTM a multi functional portable system

As the next stage in the of the BlueMeTM system, the Alfa MiTo can be equipped with MAP, a multifunctional portable system developed with Marelli, a leader in the supply of equipment navigation systems.

its distinctive original design and car integration technology, BlueMeTM MAP a new frontier in the markets of portable systems and is also safe and to use due to its high level of in-car from an electrical/mechanical viewpoint and from the viewpoint of connectivity.

new architecture offers many allowing direct integration the portable navigation system and the car via the system: data from the CAN line are used to improve the of navigation and voice messages are through the on-board sound All this helps to guarantee higher standards in terms of comfort and safety. In addition to satellite navigation, BlueMeTM MAP offers multimedia functions can also be used in portable such as the playing of music and and display of films and images..

a specific feature of the device is its and electrical integration with the which means that no wiring is required or the use of improvised Alfa Romeo has also designed the integration and ergonomic of the new device in the dashboard in order to easy installation and removability in with specific motoring

In detail, the new portable navigation uses wireless connectivity the BlueMeTM system to exchange so that it can be used in complete with maximum comfort. The include more accurate than with conventional devices and also the possibility of in tunnels or areas where GPS is difficult. It is also possible to all sound, radio CD, phone and sources simultaneously.

The system offers all the functions of BlueMeTM: free, USB port, steering controls, voice recognition and SMS

Alfa Romeo Mi.To
Alfa Romeo Mi.To
Alfa Romeo Mi.To
Alfa Romeo Mi.To
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