2003 Mercedes E320 Avantgarde aut. – Oppositelock Review

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Mercedes E 320

2003 Mercedes E320 Avantgarde aut. – Oppositelock Review

You know you have bought something difficult, if the first time you start your new car, the center display flashes and tells you 2 malfunctions. repair. This is exactly what first happened when i introduced the Mercedes E320 to the family 3 years ago.

In the late 90’s, Mercedes was in some deep trouble as a company, none of their cars worked properly, and the main part of the production was in America, where mostly rust doesn’t concern people. Although, all of their models rusted, and Mercedes was nearly last in every Car survey made in the 98-02’s. It was too obvious, Mercedes was beginning to slack, and they noticed.

They fixed the rust problems on the S-class(W220) and introduced their new E-class model, which completely turned the table around for Mercedes.

As of now, i have owned the E320 W211 as my second car for 3 years now, i felt that it was time to let you guys know what you are missing out on.

As i don’t have any other pictures of my actual car than the first one, I’m gonna take some off the interwebs.

The W211, opposite the w210, does have some kind of curves. Actually when you inspect it further, it has more curves than the girl next door. It is the most feminine in its class competition(BMW 5(e60), Audi A6, Lexus GS) although it is the the car with the biggest percentage of men driving it(fun fact).

If you compare the interior with that of the competitors, it falls a bit short. The most nifty part of it, is the speedometer, it feels a lot more luxurious than its competitors. That aside, its bland, the tree just makes you feel older than you actually are.

I still question myself after every journey if I’m 20, or 40? Is does loads a couple of secret rooms, but that’s about it, and it doesn’t even spec ONE cup holder.

Acceleration: 8/10

I bet you five fish fingers that you look at my score and thinks I’m a nutter, an idiot, a complete moron. This is in fact partly true, but that’s just how I am, on the other hand, the 224 black stallions does pack a punch. It does 0-100 km/h(0-60 mph) in approximately 7.5 seconds, and goes all up to 250(155 mph), and even at those speeds it still stays stable on the road, and all other human beings on the autobahn doesn’t like you.

The brakes can sometimes be too effective for your own sake. I have no clue on the brake distance from 100-0 km/h (60-0 mph) is, but my guess is, that it is pretty good, it has to be, when its allowed to go 250(155). The worst part about them being a bit too good, is that you tend to argue with yourself if its really necessary to brake. Although if a moose suddenly walks out on the road 5 meters in front of you, the chance that you are able to stop, is 0 percent(Consumer advice).

They are not THAT good.

If i gave it 11/10 it would be flying, it feels like you are hovering above the road the whole time, its all down to the massively cool air suspension, which they kinda copied from Citroën a couple of decades ago. It does cost in the corners as it tends to crank a bit to the sides. On my summers tires i have fitted 19 Brabus rims on it, and i can’t feel any difference from my 17 winter tires.

Although the ride is heaven, the air suspension does takes its casualties. The handling is not great, its boring. Its about as good as going around corners as a big boat is.

If you are sitting in the front seats, it doesn’t get any better, the seats recline, and it is possible to get them fitted with massage, and heated. Its in the back where the dark side shines, its not comfortable if you are cruising Europe in the holidays to be stationed in the back seats, they are not supportive enough, and they feel like a sunken sofa a lower middle class English woman have been using the last 20 years.

Mercedes E 320

Gearbox(Automatic): 7/10

It gets the job done for me, its not annoying, although the shifts could be a little bit faster than they are. It is fitted with manual shifting, which comes in handy on windy downhill roads, and it works perfect, seamless shifts. But no clutch(cries).

Toys/Gadgets: 8/10

My car which is fitted with everything, besides sunroof/moonroof and cup holders, is a gadget freaks heaven. I still haven’t figured out what all the buttons do, but every time i find a new feature it tickles in my small belly, and i light up as a child on Christmas. WARNING don’t let kids toy around with it!

As it is stock it doesn’t blow your mind, but it is still a bit better than a decent car stereo, even in these days. It is possible for you to scream out Last Christmas by wham! on the way home on holiday and enjoying every bit of it(yeah i do that).

This one is a tough one to answer, i’m from Denmark and i gave around 300.000 DKR which is about 54.000$( we have 200% tax rate on cars in Denmark) in USA it seems crazy, but the price was pretty good considered it was danish prices, and i haven’t regretted anything.

Final verdict: 8,2/10

My first review, how did i do? Honestly?

Mercedes E 320
Mercedes E 320
Mercedes E 320
Mercedes E 320
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