2003 Hyundai Tiburon Consumer Discussions

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Written by: tiamaxwell on Nov 28, 2009 PM

Hi, I have a 2003 hyundai and I am trying to pull out the alternator I believe I need a new one. So I to figure out how to loosen the tension I can’t find the idler

Please help! i’ve looking online for a bit and i’m a woman so I don’t have time. Thank you!

Re: your premature clutch and on Tiburon 4 and 6 Cyl. [jemtec]

I a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT, and I very bad clutch problems. The has been replaced. I read on post, and it said to look for the valve in the slave cylinder.

Do i take out the delay valve and the and reinstall?

Hyundai Tiburon and Lighting Problems

2003 BCM needed

Written by: ratrodmodela on Mar 4, 6:00:32 PM

My wife has a 2003 Tiburon and I have this problem with the left stuck on. which I have is caused by the BCM. Can anyone me where you order the relays and what the part number is for or Does anyone have a working BCM out of a 2003 tiburon they want to sell at a price? Thankyou for. More

Hyundai Tiburon Problems

Re: Anybody having problems with 2007 [kowdy]

Re: [swapnilb]


Written by: 1rose1 on Sep 27, 2008 PM

2003 tiburon. over and dealer says engine may be says it was caused by the thermastate which is no longer covered by the means the engine is not covered. has miles. question if i have to buy a what hyundai engines fit car so i can shop junk yards. it a 4 automatic.

Hyundai Tiburon Paid and Buying Experience

Written by: iluvmysephia1 on May 31, 2008 AM

I was very interested in the 2003 Tiburon coupe, in 5-speed Apparently there’s problems the clutches breaking in the first miles on the 2003 Hyundai ‘s. Check the following years for these problems, Hyundai will not cover assemblies and even the flywheel

Head over to some Hyundai Tiburon threads on the net and up and you’ll find out what talking. Read More

advice in buying a tiburon

by: shauns1 on May 29, 2008 7:25:16 PM

Hi I was looking to buy a Tiburon. this is my experience with a Hyundai and two in particular I was looking at were: (1) SE 5 spd. 118K, leather, power everything for $7900 CAD (2) SE 5 spd. 30K, s/r power for $7900 CAD The 2001 has a very low but obviously it is an older car.

I was to get some advice. Read

Hyundai Tiburon Clutch

Tiburon clutch/flywheel problems

by: tiburon05sc on Mar 16, 2008 5:57:45 PM

I on here a couple times my ’05 Tiburon V6 GT and having to the cluth/flywheel after 9K miles and again in Oct after another 25K Hyundai refused to do anything for me, it was my fault. I went through the Customer service and after a same results.

A couple weeks later, mad, I wrote the Better Bureau who responded VERY. More

Hyundai Tiburon Paid and Buying Experience

worry about it.

Written by: on Feb 9, 2008 1:51:37 PM

libra8. The Tiburon is a favorite of mine and I am for you that you bought one. I that you bought the 5-speed, there have been 2003 Tiburons(the first of this remodeled looking have blown their out way too early.

And Hyundai is calling it wear and tear. Please on this and then let us know how clutch experience is. Read

2001 Hyundai Tiburon 249100 Miles.

Written by: on Jan 22, 2008 7:57:16 PM

That’s I bought a red Tiburon new in October It was on clearence (for the new 2003

It was a base model with shift (no sunroof, no leather etc etc I walked out the door in less 2 hours with a price of (with $750.00 of extended tax, title, and license I still have that today with 249100 million miles). Read

Hyundai Tiburon Clutch


by: vahmed on Oct 15, 2007 12:33:04 PM

I got a Tiburon and absolutey loved it. V6 6 speed/manual and i noticed from on that the stick was a little I would have to apply force when changing

Sometimes it would be a little if it was cold outside but i really see it as a problem, i truly believed tiburons were just a little different. Last it. Read More

Re: STAY from this car!

Written by: xeonrex on Oct 14, 2007 PM

I have a 2006 gt tiburon and i had my first clutch blown at miles; I now today am experiencing with this cluth, no one is at the dealer, or they are afraid to the phone. I googled with the hyundai and cluth and found site; I was thinking it was just me. Go to this firm, Green has a class action. Read

Hyundai Tiburon

Re: Cheap Car Poor warenty [ederekb]

by: m1miata on Sep 3, 2006 7:13:23 PM

will not be covered by all the other as well. Now if it is proven that put defective parts in the car, it have been covered and will lose the lawsuit. is doing like all the rest, is sad indeed, by not being will to fix the 2003 model cars this problem, is my take on if they did have defective. More

Hyundai Tiburon Problems


Written by: tteva on Jun 8, 2007 PM

I have gone to the dealership I bought the tiburon and was told the information, unless it happens there is nothing they can do. I about the many complains the clutches for Tiburons in 2003/2004 and was those were bad drivers. but hard to believe there are so bad drivers. In your case, was the reason to replace the clutch, was it. More

Hyundai Tiburon Vs. tC

Re: Hyundai Tiburon reliable?

Written by: stepdad on May 10, 2007 AM

Hyundai just does not a very good record it comes to reliability, hence the for a lemon risk. And to me, the Hyundai’s kind of tinny. You had an AT, Tiburon; I am a five speed for the boy, he REALLY wants a manual.

But it is the MTs of the that seem to be having still, you suggest? The tC did have. More

Re: Hyundai Tiburon [stepdad]

Written by: richs3 on May 8, 10:11:01 PM

Who said you’re a lemon? Whatever glitches were with the 2003 it’s history, unless of you have also heard there were glitches 2004, 2005, 2006, and now I suspect you haven’t. Think all the things you want to about but sometimes when cars get a they stretch it, along your billfold.

And next you know, a person is no. Read

Hyundai Tiburon reliable?

by: stepdad on May 8, 2007 3:43:58 PM

I someone reads this, I am soon going to plunk $17-20K for a 2007 Tiburon GT (5 for my wife’s 17 year-old son, as a from both of us. But, I about the problems that may be with a Hyundai. The boy really the car’s styling, but I am not so sure the reliability, given the 2003 history.

And the not-so-great. Read

Hyundai Tiburon Prices and Buying Experience

Re: Cheap Car Poor warenty [ederekb]

Tiburon Clutch Problems

AWAY from this

Written by: ederekb on Jul 19, 2006 PM

Same exact thing, Tiburon with 31,000 There was no warning, clutch suddenly went on the highway and had to be Dealer quoted me $2010 to the clutch, which conveniently covered under warranty and the wouldn’t do anything to help.

In they tried to charge me inspection fee when I told I was going to take it elsewhere for (Auto repair. Read

Hyundai Tiburon

Re: Just a Tiburon. yet feel insecure

Written by: m1miata on Jun 14, 2006 PM

So you feel like a pioneer, do ya! Ah, people that ventured the unknown did not have a warranty in the of the old west. All cars have The Tiburon is one of three in its category for problem areas according the JD

I personally would consider an The clutch is not covered for normal Now the 2003 had a defective assembly, Read More

Hyundai Clutch Problems

Re: STAY from this car!

Written by: jrbagp on Jun 12, 2006 PM

Hi Dean, I too have a 2003 Last week I had my second replaced at 27,800 miles. The clutch was replaced at 8,000

I had dropped my car off at the dealer on a Tuesday it took them till the Monday afternoon at 4:00 PM to that there were no and I was responsible for the $1855.00 bill to the clutch. I. Read More


Re: What should I 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS 4AT vs Civic LX [bry

Written by: on Jun 4, 2006 11:27:35 PM

My Chrysler has been OK service wise, so I must say it took weeks to get a new BUT it was not a totally broken one, so I was on the list – no doubt. It was a bit noisy. So far Chrysler PT and back in 90’s the Stealth/Mitsu.Dodge car are my only two with Chrysler.

Not bad. liked my Toyota dealership. More

Re: What should I 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS 4AT vs Civic LX [dea

Hyundai Clutch Problems

STAY from this car!

by: deangarris on May 21, 2006 6:52:13 PM

BEWARE. I have a 2003 and have had nothing but problems. I replaced the clutch flywheel after market parts the dual-mast flywheel that is in these cars is defective, I had to replace the transmission and now I believe the has just bit the dust, this is of after I have had problems the sunroof, power windows

AND. Read More


Re: What should I 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS 4AT vs Civic LX [jsc [m1miata]

by: deangarris on May 21, 2006 6:47:52 PM

BEWARE. I have a 2003 and have had nothing but problems. I replaced the clutch flywheel after market parts the dual-mast flywheel that is in these cars is defective, I had to replace the transmission and now I believe the has just bit the dust, this is of after I have had problems the sunroof, power windows

AND. Read More

by: m1miata on May 4, 2006 12:31:31 AM

So, is a great deal considering the of the car vs. the competition, yet sales are not too stellar. I see around. Is it a lack of advertising? is a class action suit in to the clutch on the 2003 model GT. it appears to be a defect, and thus may end up being covered, it is not a normally item.

Check most. More

Re: What should I 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS 4AT vs Civic LX [jsc

Written by: on Apr 10, 2006 9:18:43 PM

My son has a 2003 He has had problems getting Hyundai to certain things because blamed his driving habits. He out his childhood bank account to buy car he took good care of it. I obligated to warn you, go the Honda.

My son would gladly his car for my 1998 accord.

Hyundai Gt 2003 Problems

Written by: on Feb 18, 2006 12:09:51 PM

Where I start. Date of purchase New 1st problem door accuator 2nd left side window replaced 3rd problem battery 4th problem right side motor replaced 5th problem 17 rims re painted color away 6 th problem new purge valve installed 7th problem rims repainted 8th problem mirrors repainted because of All of these problems are happening under. Read More

Re: or rip off? [tibucrap]

Written by: on Nov 18, 2005 8:40:42 AM

Really After reading all of the posts this stupid car, the tiburon, I realized that my front brakes went out the 6-spd … went then the front windshield leaking into the infinity which then stopped only to send a screeching every once in a while all on its next the sunroof broke, oh, and the went out as well. Read

Hyundai Tiburon Vs. Scion tC

My highs and lows

Written by: on Nov 14, 2005 8:57:21 PM

I have a tiburon with 31,000 the actual production date is of 2002 so I am guessing I have one of the production new style cars. I say because I have had to spend a lot of at the dealership taking care of little problems, an evil you times have to deal when buying a first production car. In the cars. More

Hyundai Tiburon

or rip off?

Written by: tibucrap on Oct 27, 5:49:22 PM

Ok, I bought a 2003 Tiburon right when came out, I immediately had with the vacuum system 3 trips to the dealer and 6 months i got it fixed, under warranty so its not bad. Next, my CD player out started eating CD’s. The car was one old when that happened.

The himmed and hawwed but replaced it no This brings. Read

Re: Major Problems with Tiburon, 2003 V6 GT Automatic

Written by: wronsky on Oct 13, 2005 AM

I have a 2003 V6 automatic. battery died after 13 Dealer replaced battery and at no charge. Second battery after 13 months. Dealer almost $50.00 to replace it, as battery had only a 12 month replacement warranty.

Told it was policy, not to be appealed. In addition, was that my front brake needed to be replaced immediately to possible failure. Read

Re: Major Problems with Tiburon, 2003 V6 GT Automatic

Written by: ai3xskc on Sep 16, 2005 PM

kinghedman, I can’t provide any on an 03 or 04 tiburon but I do concur regarding the of the 05 Tiburon. I can’t be too over-confident on its because I only have over 5000kms on the car (I traded in my 00 @

150K, which by the way was a solid but I am very satisfied with the Hopefully, it’ll be as reliable as. More

Re: Major Problems with Tiburon, 2003 V6 GT Automatic

Written by: claire on Aug 9, 2005 PM

I am not only unhappy with the car but the dealerships I’ve dealt I’ve been treated I know nothing and in the end I was right the problem. Took Hyundai’s to find it.

I have parked the car the litigation is over for the lemon law and a new Subaru B9 Tribeca and am thrilled this vehicle.

Re: Major with Hyundai Tiburon, V6 GT Automatic [claire]

Written by: on Jul 31, 2005 7:21:07 PM

I had an 03 tiburon gt and was great for about 20 K miles, I had all the same problems that one else is talking about: door locks, rattling, I traded it for the 05 Tiburon V6 Special This is a much nicer built a lot stronger.

I wrote a two letter to the dealer explaining this is my third hyundai Read More

Major with Hyundai Tiburon, V6 GT Automatic

Written by: claire on Jul 25, 5:21:27 PM

I purchased my Tiburon in of 2004 as a holdover. I began to problems at 2400 miles. was a shimmy and it pulled to the left braking at 50 mph.

The fix was to grind the and put more air in the tires. Then at miles I lost all power and on a busy street. I was stranded and had to it towed. Read More

Re: My Tibby [jhpmicheal]

Written by: on Jun 23, 2005 5:00:51 AM

Hi jhpmicheal, from Australia, I have reading the stories about the clutches on Tiburons with I have a 2003 V6 6spd and and the I am looking at the forum is that my has also failed. My car has travelled which I think translates to 60000 miles, I thought was a ridiculously short life for a The trouble started when I. More

Re: Quality [jackson33]

by: blackman on Jun 22, 2005 6:18:00 AM

I am the facts about my 2003 and its many problems. If you don’t my comments, don’t read I will post what I If telling the truth is crying, so be it.

I dumped my Tiburon and bought a L200. I was very excited my Tiburon until I had all of these and then was lied to by Hyundai they stated. Read

2003 V6 6 Spd Tiburon Clutch

Written by: blackman on Jun 6, 2005 AM

My clutch just went out on my V6 Tiburon at 57500 miles. I done all reccommended service and car has been driven very The Dealership gave me the standard that it is due to my driving habits.

I driven manuals all my life and had a problem before. I called Customer Service and they me they had not heard of problems Read More

Re: Hyundai clutch problems [carrezma]

by: smokingun on May 25, 2005 6:26:35 AM

I am a victim of the 2003 V6 Tiburon problem and I need some My car has 33,000 miles on it and my clutch is I’ve had the dealer check the on 2 seperate occasions before and have one of them in writing.

The always felt funny to me but the always said it’s when I had them look at it in. More

tiburon 03 clutch

Written by: fboyle on Mar 24, 2005 AM

After reading all the problems the clutch assembly in the Tiburon I compelled to add my story the list. My son and I a 2003 Tiburon new in July of He is a soldier and in October of that he was deploed to Iraq. The car sat until his in March of 2004.

In June his clutch went. Only miles on the car. Read

Re: Hyundai Tiburon clutch

Written by: carrezma on Mar 13, 2005 PM

My 2003 Tiburon GT clutch out in Dec 2004. I was driving onto the when without warning the stopped working — I shift into gear—my car was on the freeway, traffic time—-almost rear ended waiting for a tow I had called the dealership and they me the clutch isn’t covered warranty–It ran out at 12,000 miles (my car had at the. Read More

Re: Tiburon clutch problems

Written by: shannone on Mar 9, 2005 PM

We are having the same problem. Our Tiburon’s clutch and fly wheel went out. There was no Just one day, the clutch different, so we took it into the 1st

They drove it and said it was the Told us it would be around to fix it. They told us, it was they way we the car. Funny, since we had many. Read More

Re: Tiburon clutch problems

Written by: apollo2005 on Feb 3, 2005 PM

I posted message 378 380. I you have the same problem I Stand your ground! I am there is a major defect/problem most of the 2003 to 2005 The cluth assembly seems to be the

I over heard two sales talking while I was waiting for an oil once. The conversation went like this; I don’t what’s wrong with. More


Written by: on May 6, 2004 3:14:58 PM

It was great to see Hyundai tied with for 2nd place in the JD Power Initial survey. I can also report my sons 2000 Tiburon 45k miles has just had its first under warranty. The axle at the transmission had a leak and the right wheel bearing was shot.

My GT V6 Tiburon now has 7k miles on it and has been. More

Production numbers

by: friedbacon on Feb 12, 2004 9:22:38 AM

anyone know where I can the production numbers for the 2003 Tiburon? Also, has anyone their brakes yet? If so, was the total cost? Thanks.

Here’s some news Hyundai concerning the Tiburon

by: iluvmysephia1 on Dec 9, 2003 10:32:26 AM

for you all to upon. Good stuff the world’s 7th largest automaker and I kind of expected this but now it is for real. Check it out. COUPE CABRIOLET IS HEADING OUR

11/12/2003 Following an overwhelming response, Hyundai is delighted to its stunning CCS concept car will be to go into production. It was revealed at the Motor Show last Read More

That has got to put a smile on the face of every enthusiast

Written by: iluvmysephia1 on Nov 30, 8:57:12 PM

out here. With car the term enthusiast is welcome. 120 mph speed was attained with or no groaning at all, too.

I the 2003 Tib I test drove was a 2.0L 4-banger and it was a ball to especially the cloverleaf exits off the Your review serves to this beautiful sports on my list and on my mind some With gas mileage. Read

no title

Written by: Kirstie@Edmunds on Oct 25, 7:48:45 AM

A major newspaper is to interview people who recently small cars after driving larger cars or despite whether you traded big to small or if you still have the vehicle. He’s especially for drivers of the Mini Cooper, Civic, Ford Focus, Neon, Hyundai Tiburon and Protege. Please respond to by Tuesday, October 28, 2003 your daytime contact and. Read More

Price for Hyundai Tiburon

by: msandak on Oct 16, 2003 12:51:23 AM

I was if anyone could give me on the offer Hyundai has given me for a Tiburon. It is an automatic V4 with all of the including sunroof, all leather and the 270 infiniti sound system. I am to finance and they have me at over 72 months. I live in NJ.

know if this is a good

The thing about the Tiburon to me is I don’t think it needs

by: iluvmysephia1 on Oct 6, 2003 10:05:04 PM

much at all. I like how it stock from Hyundai’s The 2.7-litre V6 is the same basic in the Sante Fe and Sonata, but has a unique crankshaft casing to improve and overall refinement.

What’s it also has a stylish new body is longer, wider and heavier the model it replaces. However, claims to have improved the torsional rigidity by. Read

2003 Hyundai Tiburon ( GT V6 and Styles)

The thing about the to me is that I don’t think it

Written by: iluvmysephia1 on Oct 3, 2003 PM

tuning much at all. I how it comes stock from factory. The 2.7-litre V6 is the same engine in the Sante Fe and Sonata, but has a “non-twist” crankshaft casing to reliability and overall refinement.

more it also has a stylish new that is longer, wider and than the model it replaces. Hyundai claims to have the car’s torsional rigidity by. More

Hi Everyone – posting photos

Written by: on Sep 11, 2003 5:52:37 AM

Just a that if you don’t own the photo, we ask you please just post a to the photo, instead of embedding it into the message. Please Our Town Hall Member forbids postings that infringe in any manner on the copyright, or intellectual property rights of any or other entity. Feel to email me (revka@edmunds.com) if you have any regarding. Read More

purchased a 2003 Tiburon

Written by: revka on Jul 29, 2003 AM

Please share what you in our Hyundai Tiburon: Prices Buying Experience discussion. for your participation! Revka Hatchbacks Wagons Boards

road test of the 2003 Tiburon GT V6

Written by: revka on Jul 25, 6:58:27 PM

Factoring in the cars performance, high level of fit and and a strong warranty, wed bet that new shark will have no taking a healthy bite out of the coupe market. Read the story here. And let us know you think! Revka Host Wagons Boards


Top 10 Coolest New Cars Under

Written by: broadband on May 10, 2003 AM

Hyundai Tiburon

The sleeper hit of 2003 and an all-round of the Kelley Blue Book team is the Hyundai Tiburon. Its styling, comfort and performance this car just plain fun to and from 22 years old to 50 years we all looked cool driving it.

Love my 2003 GT-V6!

by: skuuter on Apr 4, 2003 12:21:30 PM

I ran across one of the new Tiburons while out a Mazda 626 and debating about a Sonata a chance. Once I the Tiburon, I had to have it! The car exceeded my in every way. And the price was than reasonable. Due to my daily I opted for the Shiftronic automatic so you’ll have to take into account.

I’m 46 so. More


Written by: on Apr 2, 2003 3:52:46 PM

Hyundai is not a company yet where they can do orders (at least this is I have been told). a dealership will have to do a trade to get a specific car that you I don’t know what the of the dealer is that you are looking at so it is to say what you will find.

I was shopping for mine. Read


Written by: kestrel02 on Apr 2, 3:35:23 PM

How available (like on the are some of the Tiburon packages to be? I’m looking at a 2003 GT V6 the Sprint package, because I want ABS and I’d rather not black leather which is a here in the South during the hot Is this something I’m to find on a lot?

I admit, I the Hyundai dealers search very uninformative. Read

benebsm-I have heard talking about a

Written by: iluvmysephia1 on Mar 30, 2003 AM

convertible Tiburon on other chatsites but as yet Hyundai has not released to the plans to build a Tiburon What a knockout if they do. tuned! I’ll certainly it if I find out they’re going to.

strongly considering either a base model or a GT V6 Tiburon for my car so I’m constantly looking for Tiburon news. FYI-check out the and past. Read More

One one!

Written by: redcat99 on Mar 2, 4:50:27 AM

Yeah, I know I I was done. I woke up this and had it on my mind that you guys don’t understand my point. I do understand your point.

My is if Hyundai could take all the that bought the Tiburon and they brought their car in for modify the car to have the rated 180 guess what, you would be Read More

No not crying. You me laugh. Hahahahaha

Redcat99 you me laugh. ) Dougndo, Jocko, for your opinions as well, Yes you to Redcat, you now have the choice of an informed buyer of hopefully all the facts. I on the other hand did not the choice ’til thousand of after the fact.

Warranties help me any, maybe if I had a few thousand miles on the car then. More

2003 Hyundai ( GT V6 and Base Styles)

2003 Tib

by: stshane on Feb 10, 2003 4:35:58 PM

I have had the same problem the hatch seal leaking, but it occurs when there is heavy rain. I don’t if it is just the seal or just dissipation of the pooled water. As for people having trouble the Tiburon has side view that are mounted much than most cars.

The sprout from behind the A-pillar connects and are. More

Hyundai Tiburon

Tiburon going through 1 2 sets now going on 3 sets of

Written by: latinracer on Feb 5, 2003 PM

Well, my wife and I have now had the ole since May of 2002. So far we have not had the feel good satisfaction we had hoped for. So far we have through two 2003 Tiburons.

I did say Two. The first well not talk about that I’ll take one experience as a dishonest dealer. This around we after the return of. More

Thanks for that

Written by: iluvmysephia1 on Feb 2, 2003 PM

I will look back at it buying time gets not at all ready to trade the Sportage in yet(or sell it myself) a deal I simply can’t presents itself! Congrats to you on new 2003 Tiburon! I read information from Tuscani members in Korea(they linked the to an American Tiburon website)that was already re-designing the new Tiburon to something different. Read

stshane-thanks for your post and to post at Edmunds

Written by: on Jan 24, 2003 9:37:47 PM

with Tiburon news of any kind, OK? I am stricken with that I have a long commute(I a 2001 Kia Sportage 4×4 and it)of 90 miles a day so the Tib I would buy would be the 2.0L 16 valve 4-banger coupled with a manual ….

I’ve drove a 2003 4cyl Tiburon twice and loved it times. I’m looking to. More

2003 Tiburon

Written by: stshane on Jan 24, 2003 PM

I bought a 2003 Tiburon in May leather, 5-speed, 17 rims, and I have loved it. The only so far has been the sunroof, which was anyway. When I bought I received 2 price quotes the two Hyundai dealers in my area.

One was for under MSRP and the other for under. I viewed both as quotes, since the car had just. More

Mitsubishi Eclipse or Tiburon?


Written by: toyunki on Jan 23, 10:23:05 PM

2003 Hyundai GT V6 2dr Coupe (2.7L 6cyl 6M) MSRP $20,522 TMV(true value) $19,049 Standard 17 X 7 alloy rims 215/45R17 tires Alarm leather power package cruise A/C 360 watts CD sound system 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS 2dr (3.0L 6cyl 5M) MSRP TMV(true market value) Standard Options 5 spd 17 X 6.5 rims leather package power cruise A/C. Read

2003 Hyundai Tiburon ( GT V6 and Styles)

skubes-if you’re not using the side view

by: iluvmysephia1 on Jan 13, 2003 8:43:04 PM

on your current rig, or all of the rigs you’ve owned, the Hyundai Tiburon is one to start on! test drove two base 2003 Tiburons and I noted the same thing you’re about right away. you’re stopped, move side mirrors around to get the angle.

The way the side swoops on this beautiful sports car not enable easy blind. More

I think the convertible Tib may be a or two away,

Written by: iluvmysephia1 on Dec 7, 10:34:28 PM

at least until 2003. I saw an update from Racer magazine tonight on his Hyundai Tiburon GTV6 car. He now has 18 inch wheels, SuperStreet coilovers, a wicked side body kit and he just had an Development supercharger kit installed to the of $2900.

The kit enables the Tib to produce 50 hp and 38 more foot/pounds of torque. He that. Read More

I a look at Import Racer 02 issue)where

they are modifying a Tiburon GT6. The magazine test model had just had the SuperStreet coilovers put on. Sweet!

a look at the magazine if you like great looking new sports car Hyundai. With this you’ll be able to turn a and get 16 separate settings of riding relative discomfort!). The finished has the silver GT6 sitting next to a Read More

Mitsubishi or Hyundai Tiburon?

Eclipse or Tiburon?

Written by: on Sep 29, 2002 4:01:41 PM

Looking to buy a Eclipse or Tiburon. Hyundai a better warranty, but the Eclipse a little more solid of a Price difference is maybe Any advice or comments?

Mini v. Hyundai Tiburon v. Acura RSX v. WRX

Hyundai has been overstating HP for 10 years

Written by: hpulley4 on Sep 10, 7:53:22 AM

http://www.autonet.ca/AutonetStories/stories.cfm?storyID=6526 E.g. 2003 2.0L has only down from 140. owners will get up to a 12 year though, as compensation.

2003 Tiburon ( GT V6 and Base Styles)


Written by: 5port on Jun 28, 2002 AM

acelink: I went to: and searched product list for 2003 Tiburon. They came up no products listed. Then I the search to 2002 Hyundai and they listed air and oil filters for the 2.0 engine. Looks like you have to wait a bit.

came out with the Elantra GT about 6 months after

2003 Hyundai Tiburon a good review in this

by: iluvmysephia1 on Jun 9, 2002 4:21:25 PM

Import Racing magazine(I have the name wrong but you get my They test drove an one in Las Vegas, NV. They were with the car overall.

The negative they would dump the stereo 6-speaker CD system and wonder why Hyundai put the side mirrors sticking out like do. I took a look at the photo of the and, although they. More

Mini Cooper v. Tiburon v. Acura RSX v. Subaru WRX


Written by: kevin111 on Aug 3, 12:30:47 AM

mgreene1 – I am that you are able to buy a new car each I am unfortunately not in that fiancial at this time, so if you want to a WRX one year, a Mini S the next, maybe a Mazda RX8, or Mustang Cobra (or other car comming out?) in late great! Wish you the best of and will hope you. More

Tibby too heavy? too slow?

Written by: iluvmysephia1 on Aug 2, 8:41:32 PM

Well, then, take a 4cyl 2003 and turbocharge her! Superior and more firepower too. car blows all the others away of it’s true racecar The others are crude metal You’d kinda want to push them too hard the dirthills.

Remember those toy cars and trucks you just wanted to zoom down the extra fast and smash the out. Read More

Hyundai Tiburon ( GT V6 and Base

changed my mind on the new Tib

Written by: on Jul 19, 2002 5:40:49 PM

Last I wrote about my new 2003 Tiburon, I only had one complaint. Now I I had never wasted 20 grand on obvious POS. I first had the replaced in the sunroof about a ago.

Since then it has working twice – the time just today. To top it all the check engine light has on for two weeks. The dealership. Read

Hyundai Tiburon

Number 1 on the List

Written by: goofyblueyes1 on Jul 12, 8:33:49 PM

Since 1999, been attracted too the Tibby. I was to it by the son of the man who produce’s Hyundai’s entire Of course, Han had the car completely done up, things like real paneling, which most of us can not even if we were willing to pay for it.

So year I did some research the car, as I’m very to it. Read More

Mini v. Hyundai Tiburon v. Acura RSX v. WRX

The new Tibby looks Viper-ish the side

Resale Values

Hyundai Tiburon ( GT V6 and Base

read this

Written by: on Apr 19, 2002 7:08:11 PM

GT offers looks, good performance, low Just about everybody agree that Ferrari some of the best looking What if you could drive a car Ferrari 456GT looks for $20K?

Okay, the 2003 Tiburon is not a Ferrari clone but no denying that it has Ferrari styling cues in its sleek new It also has some Ford Mercury Cougar and. More

Hyundai Tiburon

Hi Welcome to the Hatchbacks Board.


Mini Cooper v. Hyundai v. Acura RSX v. Subaru WRX


Tiburons are ugly?

2003 Tiburon ( GT V6 and Base Styles)

for the price, but.

Written by: on Mar 24, 2002 8:54:11 PM

I recently got a to drive a 6-speed 2003 GT (with the UltraSports 3 package) with an RSX Type-S and a WRX, in order. Although I was generally with the Tiburon, it was, far down at the bottom of this The Tiburon does have a of strong points, all of which for good around-town transportation, but not a good sports car. More

2003 Tiburon

by: cargirljo on Mar 20, 2002 9:57:22 PM

I one of the new 2003 Tib’s (black)2 ago-a GT V6, automatic (I am not inclined to for a 6 speed). Sorry to hear everyone is having such bad with the Hyundai sales and pricing. I work for the dealership I bought mine for-and I it for $250 under dealer

Mind you my dealership does not in that second sticker BS. More

Hyundai Tiburon

Hyundai Tiburon news.

by: revka on Mar 12, 2002 5:32:19 PM

Edmunds’ Daily Headlines here’s an article that you may interesting: Hyundai Revs Its With A Sporty Tiburon. is not a permanent link.) Hope you Revka Host Hatchbacks Wagons Boards

Mini v. Hyundai Tiburon v. Acura RSX v. WRX

2003 Hyundai Tiburon in the

Hyundai Tiburon
Hyundai Tiburon
Hyundai Tiburon
Hyundai Tiburon
Hyundai Tiburon
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