2002 Mazda MPV Consumer Discussions

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I am an MPV owner a reasonably happy one. My MPV LX ran well with few repairs. this year.

But now it is 10 years 103K on the odometer, and has had some problems — rust in the wheel wells, the usual out rear heating hose, a few spots on the hood, etc. I it used in 2005, with 27K on the Read More

Mazda MPV Problems

Re: changedtheir mind..not [brown26]

Written by: corkster on Sep 6, 7:04:34 PM

If an MPV bucks at idle, it is likely due to a major vacuum in the PCV hose that attaches the of the intake manifold under the The hose makes a right bend (down toward the immediately after exiting the manifold. The hose is a common of value in all 2000-2006 Mazdas but the OE in 2002-2003 MPVs was particularly to. Read More

2002 MPV failed at 95K

Written by: peter100 on Feb 23, 2:16:54 PM

My 2002 MPV ES with transmission failed at 95000 Dealer gave me two options, for another used one or $5500 for a one from Mazda Canada. The van worth $5500.

It is a shame I liked the vehicle. Once I using Google to do some and realized that this was a problem, I contacted Mazda and was there is no known. Read

Minivans – Domestic or

Re: Looking to buy a used minivan for [ateixeira]

Written by: gs451 on Dec 22, 10:34:04 AM

Thanks for the responses I had thought that the First Sienna had some type of with sludging and … My dad had the 2002 Odyssey and Honda was enough to fix his issues for free as extended the warranty for him. But I not look at anything earlier 2003?

With regards to two I should have specified, I two kids but. Read

Mazda MPV Transmission Problems

Original Owner Experience

by: jle6481334 on Sep 26, 2010 10:03:49 AM

MPV original owner. I’ve had all the MPV problems. After all these and problems I still like van. It still has that style and plenty of ZOOM

Here is my ownership experience. LX, rear air, roof 6 disc cd, motorized driver sage green exterior, tan 16 alloy wheels, tinted 4 speed auto w/overdrive. 3 50,000 mile bumper to Read More

Mazda 100K Miles

Mazda MPV extended warranty?

Written by: on Aug 1, 2010 8:26:21 PM

Hi. I found post because I just a very nicely kept MPV with only 53000 but have read so much the transmission problems. So, I am considering an extended warranty – the one from the dealer or go on my own.

I’ve also read about these warranties not worth it for the big stuff. Please me, if you. Read More

MPV Transmission Problems

Transmission After Battery Replacement

MPV Electrical System/Lights

Re: I need [dtownfb]

Written by: shahidc on May 29, 6:42:13 PM

I have MAZDA MPV LX and engine light is keep back on for misfire on Cylinder #4. I have changed all plugs and all new coils. I had also used brand concentrated Fuel cleaner few times. Any more anybody has.

Thank you

Re: I need help. [dtownfb]

by: shahidc on May 10, 2010 8:22:34 AM

fellows, I have a quick I have MAZDA MPV 2002 83K on it and I need service plan on it. I had warranty on it and the van is in excelent shape for five years and I want to it but I need protection for unforseen Do you know any company or dealer who service or maintenace plan for it.

I be. Read More

Mazda MPV Problems

One more with problems. Good epair

Written by: donatedit on Mar 26, 2010 PM

A tale of two Mazda’s: 1991, MANUAL 5 speed, 4 cylinder. My bought it as a salvaged vehicle in the mid Gave it to me (free) in 2004.

It is rolling on at 19-1/2 years 180,000 miles. 2002 MPV 5 speed, V-6. Paid out the door. Dead transmission and donated at 8 years with miles.

Speaks for itself doesn’t it. this. Read More

MPV Electrical System/Lights

All Dashboard lights are on

Written by: mitch65 on Nov 11, 2:54:45 PM

After my mechanic a couple of things related to a engine light, some problem I believe, all the warning on the dash stay on continuously He said it was probably that the needed to be reset and said it probably be $100 to have do it. Does this sound Anyway I can do something about it

Is it fuse related? It’s. More

Mazda MPV Transmission

Re: transmission replacement [pkersey]

by: namberl on Aug 29, 2009 2:22:41 PM

I a 2002 MAzda MPV that got 20mpg and gradually increased to over 80,000. In May while from home the transmission kaput and would not stay in I had it towed to a garage that I nothing about and was at their The owner determined that the pump failed and would not the trans in gear.

My options a new. Read More


Re: Key – Ignition problem

Written by: aa0526 on Aug 3, 2009 AM

I HAD the same exact symptoms on my Mazda MPV back at 112K I brought it to two different mechanics. The with OBDII codes is they don’t really the root cause. They the problem / general area. is a good starting point.

But it is up to the to further do investigations. Anyway the first mechanic replaced all the did a. Read More

Key – problem

Re: MPV [tcc21]

Written by: on May 2, 2009 8:54:31 AM

but it’s had a track record going to 2002 That’s not true. The MPV had a track record up until 2004 or 2005. It was one of Consumer top recommended minivans, and reliability was as one of the best. The transmission shift issue hurt it’s rating, but that was a minor that was corrected with the TCM reflashed.

I’ve only Read More

Mazda MPV Problems

Internal Transmission

Written by: carolc3 on Mar 9, 2009 AM

I have a 2002 Mazda MPV with about 73,000 It had some issues before but the always covered it and the dealers when out of town) handled well. Loved it. until Stopped at a stop light the day and when I went to accelerate, the and second shifts did just

But, that was it. It wouldn’t go the next shift. I could. More

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Range Switch [sammy127]

by: jipster on Mar 6, 2009 5:26:11 AM

the part was functioning properly the 50,000 miles and now it isn’t. So, I say even though it’s not it is certainly defective and not functioning the way it (even with a poor Sounds like the cheap are just trying to get out of paying a Stay on them. Be firm, yet

May get better results to show up in than. Read More

Mazda MPV Transmission Range

Written by: sammy127 on Mar 5, 2009 PM

Hi, I have a 2002 MPV with miles. It still has 6 months on the 7 year, 70,000 mile warranty that was purchased the MAZDA dealer that the car to me. The transmission started having

Erratic shifting, etc. I it to the dealer, and they pulled the and it came back with a indicating a fault with the Range Switch. It’s. More

Mazda MPV Starting/Stalling

Re: Check engine light on in the rain [jipster]

Written by: on Sep 12, 2008 2:19:31 PM

I think the PCV recall was in August 2003. If it was replaced under recall, the hose replacement should be now. If it WAS replaced under

Mazda is under no obligation to fix it for free, unless it failes the 1 year/12k replacement parts but they want happy I called Mazda customer after paying about to have the PCV hose. Read

Re: Check engine light on in the rain [bartonb]

Written by: on Sep 12, 2008 1:33:21 PM

1) The shop us they had to remove the plenham gaskets on the engine in order to be to get to the PCV valve to replace it and so those were replaced. Is that (If not, I have a major to pick with them it cost more to replace than the pcv hose) 2) Given how it has been since the warranty. More

Re: Check engine goes on in the rain [jipster]

(or anyone else who knows), We had our lower PCV hose replaced on our MPV LX. We bought the van used in late ’04 with low mileage, but it is now of no longer under warranty. We did not get any about a recall (although we did something else replaced as a a good while back).

So 2 1) The shop told. Read

2002 MPV Trans @ 49k

Mazda MPV

Written by: backy on Sep 1, 2008 PM

I bid a sad good-bye to my 2002 MPV today. I it in on a 2007 Chrysler TC that I got a good price on (and a trade-in on the MPV), plus it has a warranty good for about 8 and 50k miles. I really liked my I thought it was the ideal combination of and size, and handled well for a

But. Read More

above 100K Miles

Re: above 100K Miles

Mazda above 100K

Mazda MPV: Tires

Spare tire cable

Written by: backy on May 23, 2008 AM

Just got back from the dealer. My wife picked up a nail on our 2002 MPV a few days so I popped the spare on and took it to the place, since the tires a fix/replace warranty. The tire fixed the flat, and I didn’t any more of it.

Then my wife me last night that was dragging on the ground under. More

Mazda MPV Transmission

Re: Transmission failure [steinpr]

by: backy on Oct 9, 2007 9:39:24 AM

I can see why never set foot in Manhattan again, but why shun the entire because of the actions of one dealer? It was up to the to take care of the rental car they promised you, and didn’t do it. How far up the chain did you take matter with the dealer?

To the To the BBB (the dealer is probably a. More

Re: Are there serious problems with 05 or 06 MPVs?

Written by: embark on May 22, 2008 PM

I just went my first with Mazda on mine. rep I had emailed said that could do nothing for me as my 2002 MPV only 71,000 miles on it was out of time of it’s warranty. trying again, sending a to another place.

Re: Transmission [bookwormri]

Written by: steinpr on Oct 9, 9:12:24 AM

I bought a 2002 mpv I it in to 2 different dealers 2 times 4) after 18,500 miles my needed to be replaced (on a Friday Manhattan Mazda was the closest they kept the car for 3 weeks, authorized a free rental 2 months later the rental car billed my credit card I contacted Manhattan Mazda, I was it would be. Read More

Re: Are serious transmission problems 05 or 06 MPVs? [musicar]

Written by: on May 20, 2008 7:19:08 AM

I did my research by in 2002 Mazda MPV transmission Change the model year and try the If you are seriously considering buying vehicle, I would have the fluid checked immediately for any to see the fluid.

In my van, the rpm’s really high and the van lurched as I do love my MPV; I obviously was that the transmission went Read More

Re: 2002 MPV Shift Shock – I file Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: dblchin on Sep 10, 2007 AM

Mazda did replace my transmission

Re: MPV LX Transmission Question [benjamindlewis]

by: dblchin on Sep 10, 2007 8:53:06 AM

If you had a I would tell you you coils to be replaced. The kicks or jerking is a Better let the local Mazda take a look at it ASAP.

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [jimhopf]

Written by: dblchin on Aug 28, 2:14:10 PM

Mazda covered the replacement on my car. I had always the same Mazda dealership and helped me plead my case. I contact your local dealer or Mazda America and see they can do for you.

Re: 2002 MPV Shift Shock – I file Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: jimhopf on Aug 20, 2007 PM

What ever happened this? Did you get Mazda to cover than just the transmission? My trans is on the verge of … and I have 42k on it. Thanks.

Mazda MPV Transmission Failure

My transmission has out @ 67,000; looking at repair of $3300+. Had car in several times to checked; told could no problems. Transmission went out in my Mazda MPV at about 130,000 had replaced and got 250,000 miles out of

Loved the vehicle so much we bought another one. gone round and round Mazda over this. Has had luck with. Read

Front End Noise

Mazda Error Codes/TSBs/Recalls

PO174 and Codes

Written by: aa0526 on Jan 5, 7:46:25 PM

I have a 2002 MPV, 105K – new plugs, new wires and new air filter. But I these 2 codes showing up the following options/hypothesis) PO174 and PO171 – Fuel for bank 1 is too lean, Oxygen recognized a rich or lean on one engine bank only 1- fuel pressure or Mass Air sensor 2- Oxygen sensor 3- Ignition misfire-repair. Read

Mazda MPV: Tires

Try keeping them at about 32 psi

by: blackhawk_t on Nov 25, 2007 9:20:03 PM

I a 2002 Mazda MPV LX and found when the psi was at 30, it tended to shimmy a bit a speeds. Around 70 or so. 35 psi makes the a bit rougher, but after messing from 30-35, I found 32 works the best.

This depends on how full the van is. If it’s a couple passengers, 32 is great, but if Read More

Mazda MPV Problems

Re: Transmission failure

by: wildwillie on Nov 10, 2007 5:17:43 AM

Is the of the automatic transmission something a Mazda dealer can do, or can the independents as AAMCO) do it? I have a 2002 MPV classic downshift clunk.

must be an epidemic – 2002 MPV Tranny Dead

by: zrx1100 on Aug 13, 2007 3:28:40 PM

driving 650 km with my family on my transmission failed with no – although I did notice hard shifts from 4th to 3rd on a few passes. My van is a 2002 with km on the odometer. Luckily, we had already our destination and it happened in my friend’s

No reverse, no forward – the engine spinning and a feeling the. Read More

bites the dust, I filed a

Written by: jsperl on Aug 7, 2007 PM

I like so many others had a of the transmission in my 2002 MPV ES at 70030 on 7/28/2007 Of course this without warning at 65 mph on an interstate wife and three kids 8. Coasted to an exit ramp but construction had no place to pull So 45 miles from home I to find someone to pick up the and get. Read More

Re: changedtheir mind..not transmission

Written by: robinl1 on Jun 30, 2007 AM

I replaced my transmission and water on my 2002 Mazda MPV at 58,000 I was driving in rush hour and it just died. Luckily, I into a turn lane to get out of all the Just 2 months later I it back in because my car was very

I would sit at lights and it would constantly. When I was driving, it Read More

Mazda MPV

Mazda mpv a $25,000 Misstake

by: steinpr on Oct 9, 2007 10:19:32 AM

I my 2002 mpv brand new, I in the 2 different mazda dealers to the transmission and gas mileage, I once my hand, i was holding my coffee and the car a jerk that spilled my on my hand. the dealers could not anything wrong. of course at miles while driving the family doing 65, the car just I lost all. Read

Mazda MPV Gas Mileage

Re: 2001 MPV

Written by: steinpr on Oct 9, 2007 AM

2002 mpv 11.5 city hwy. Since i bought it i was but Mazda Suck so will buy another Mazda. new … 18.5 k ($600 in rental car was supposed to be covered) car died on hwy kids in the car doing 65, we all almost no brakes no steering. It just again this time 52k 50. no kids in the car thank. Read

Mazda MPV Electrical System/Lights

engine light blue P02404 P0706 P0421.

by: mazda2 on Sep 24, 2007 9:09:02 AM

little confused about how parts are connected to the engine I have a 2002 mazda mpv and changed and fixed the sensor, converter, cylinder 2, 3, gasket, and little parts. The light is on and now we a when the gas paddle is press

We also fail the inspection, due to P0037 (emission problem be cover by Mazda)but the dealership is. More

Mazda MPV

Re: Electrical and bucking [ekn95]

Bad ignition

Mazda MPV: Care

60k service

Written by: backy on Jul 2, 4:05:20 PM

My 2002 MPV just 5 and is nearing its 60k service interval. I this is the Biggie but on the MPV it doesn’t to be as major as on some cars, no timing belt replacement and not even a transmission flush is in the maintenance schedule. So my question is, services other than the recommended services should I do at Should I. Read More



Written by: elie on May 18, 3:24:53 PM

Our 2002 Mazda MPV ES has about 40K miles, but it has acquired a that has our mechanic MYSTIFIED! It start right away, but the engine will cut out as soon as you let off the gas Then you will have to sit it, giving steady gas for about minutes, until it will let you take your foot off the gas

Although. Read More

MPV Transmission Problems

Re: Transmission [jipster]

Written by: bookwormri on Apr 5, 2:12:12 PM

Well, another one the dust. My 2002 MPV, miles, … blew on the a month ago. After phone calls and one episode of in a showroom looking angry someone answered my questions I up paying $700 for the replacement. The company paid for the parts and USA and the dealer paid for a portion of the

Although my experience was with. More

Re: Transmission problem

Written by: sidiggie on Apr 4, 2007 PM

I had my 2002 MPV … done for Mazda wanted $3,500 to pop in a new unit. My local transmission did some research and supposedly it is for that the transmission pump to which causes all the clutches in the transmission to burn out. supposedly installed the upgraded that came out in 2004 or They were shocked at the themselves.

They. Read

Re: transmission replacement [vamom1001]

by: pkersey on Feb 19, 2007 5:45:02 PM

We have a 2002 Mazda MPV the automatic transmission. We are now getting the replaced for the second time at than 95,000K. First was at 73,000, re-flashed computer at Lucky we purchased extended for 8 years/160,000k. Started both with hard shifting, time also had flashing O/D off

Other than these repairs, we are generally quite with the vehicle.

Re: 2002 MPV Shift Shock – I file Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: wyman1 on Jan 2, 2007 PM

Thanks for the advice. I worked with the dealer’s service who acted as a middle-man with USA. Mazda USA offered to the cost of the new transmission (parts and The warranty had expired and I think the history of Mazda dealer along with the recent flush, was key in getting Mazda USA to such an offer.

I plan to one last. Read More

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [wyman1]

Written by: dblchin on Jan 2, 10:11:37 AM

My suggestion is to contact the VP who overses the Mazda dealership you They will go over the and hopefully recommend a replacement at no to you. I would really the issue of your recent fluid change and no problems by the Mazda dealership.


Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [annaa]

Written by: wyman1 on Jan 1, 2007 PM

Please help. 2002 MPV 47,000 miles – just went out on the PA Turnpike The transmission was jumping when up steep hills and ultimately it completely.

Like someone on this thread, I was lucky to get the van to the side of the road without …. My van is now waiting outside a Service Center in PA. I have no with. Read More

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [annaa]

Written by: dblchin on Dec 30, 6:47:34 AM

I have a 2002 and had 47000 miles when the went out. I had other which were all handled by my dealer, so there was a history of and service for my car. Since transmission went out after the warranty, getting a new transmission, the labor costs, omly, fair.

I have been a customer of Mazda since an R-100, but. Read

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [annaa]

Written by: on Dec 30, 2006 6:17:01 AM

Sounds Mazda is working with you on it. getting the … replaced OUT of and you just need to pay the labor. You be glad they’re going in on it than making you pay the whole You’d find similar at other manufacturers as well you’re out of warranty. -Brian

MPV Prices Paid and Buying

Re: Madza MPV: Prices Buying Experience [annaa]

by: jfritsch on Dec 30, 2006 4:56:34 AM

Oh god you, you can go over to the Honda forum and listen to their about transmissions. (One guy put 3 in in miles,2 under warranty, and labor for the 3rd) They … complaints galore. a small percentage of the total Really folks, things to machines. They are mechanical all. My neighbor has a Ford (generally considered a mediocre Read More

Re: Madza Prices Paid Buying [steve_]

Written by: annaa on Dec 29, 9:56:59 PM

Don’t buy it. Our transmission went out and we had the car serviced by the local dealer since day 1. We have now out that the 2002 MPV has problems w/ the Mazda USA is not acknowledging a problem.

If we go back in time, we would spent a little more and a Honda. See nhts.gov for consumer

Mazda MPV Transmission Problems

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [dblchin]

Written by: annaa on Dec 29, 9:38:34 PM

Our transmission went out on us suddenly and without warning! We Mazda USA and they will pay for the transmission, not the labor. How did you get them to pay for it Is it still under warranty? year and how many miles?

is 2002 with 57,000 We couldn’t even get the district manager to call us back. claims it’s their

Mazda MPV Starting/Stalling Problems

Re: mazda mpv no spark [wcarnes]

the MPV

Written by: sidiggie on Oct 28, 2006 PM

My 2002 MPV’s … went at 68,000 miles. estimate is $3,500. Yes that is $3,500. I called Mazda for They indicated car was over and they would not help.

Had a repair at 60,000 miles and a repair at 55,000 miles ( and coils). I would avoid vehicle at all costs.

Mazda MPV Problems

Transmission failure

Mazda MPV

by: sidiggie on Oct 24, 2006 7:47:28 PM

My MPV with 68,000 miles having problems with the slipping into neutral. I it to the local dealer who and service indicated there was an internal in the transmission and repair cost be $3,500. They would a rebuilt transmission from and install it. A transmission failure at low mileage is not acceptable.

My first and Mazda! I’d strongly any. Read More

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [lynton]

Written by: dblchin on Oct 13, 9:22:17 PM

I contacted Mazda USA and contacted the Mazda service that I always use. I because the low mileage and that I used Madza to service my that they replaced the at no cost to me.

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shock – Should I Lemon Law Suit? [dblchin]

by: lynton on Oct 12, 2006 1:43:39 PM

How did you go this? Did they replace it of your low mileage?

Re: 2002 MPV Shift Shock – I file Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: ksaid2002mpv on Oct 9, 2006 PM

Update – I just my Mazda MPV in on a 2006 Toyota I just didn’t have the or energy to fight Mazda I KNOW in my heart head if I would have stuck it out I have won but I have a FAMILY A

I was spending so many hours research, etc. So – the easy way out. They Read More

Re: 2002 MPV Shift Shock – I file Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: mpv4cheap on Oct 9, 2006 PM

you need to be going between mph, before the … into (3rd–I think). let off the for a few. then try to accelerate. about the speed in which you make a turn. where you have to slow down. accelerate. that is what for me.

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [ksaid2002mp [alenabubs]

by: dblchin on Sep 28, 2006 12:20:26 PM

I Mazda USA and they are replacing the at no expense to me! I am impressed!

Re: 2002 MPV Shift Shock – I file Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: ksaid2002mpv on Sep 28, 2006 AM

Hi – How did you recreate it? I can’t out what the common link is. Is it it has been driven awhile in and go traffic? When I am going up and hills?

Sometimes it happens at the stop light of the morning. The lemon law lawyers WILL NOT my case any further because said since I had 80,000 on it – I. Read More

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [ksaid2002mpv]

Written by: lynton on Sep 26, 2:36:05 PM

Yes, I had the same my 2002 MPV transmission failed at miles. I took it to the dealer the problems were first and they said it was operating as Cost me 4000 dollars in when it failed completely on the

Your transmission is going it may be very dangerous to drive car. Mine literally all power on the highway thank Read More

Re: 2002 MPV Shift Shock – I file Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: davehenry on Sep 26, 2006 PM

Hi: I filed a lemon law request in New for my 2003 MPV which had 60,000+ at the time when the transmission in 2005. I believe the cause was even though I took it New denied my claim, Madza, District Mgr and Ford were and it cost me $3,500. I will buy a Mazda again.

Ford is what how to get people. Read

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [ksaid2002mpv]

Written by: on Sep 26, 2006 8:41:54 AM

Figure out how YOU can the problem consistently. then them for a ride. that was the way they would listen. I the district mgr from Mazda for a and that was the only way I got any where them. I finally told the guy. that we could all day and consistently have it buck. it was up to he chose to go. Read More

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [jipster]

Written by: mpv4cheap on Sep 26, 8:38:00 AM

I had a similar issues my 2002 mpv. the controller was multiple time. FINALLY replaced the transmission. after with them for 4 yrs. luck. you will need a supportive Service Mgr.

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [bpratt]

Written by: ksaid2002mpv on Sep 25, 6:09:26 PM

Thank you for the information. is how I got hooked up with my lemon law So I’m keeping my fingers but if this doesn’t work I know what I’ll do I don’t think I’ll be to get much for my van if I try to sell it. Thanks you give me hope.

I wish was a way that I could find out Read More

Re: 2002 MPV Shift Shock – I file Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: bpratt on Sep 24, 2006 PM

Hi I just got on the pc under lemon law for the of Pa. and typed in my problems from the day I that van. I had a reply in a half hour that was sure I had a case. My transmission was from 2nd to 3rd. I was lucky to it to work a couple of times.

The one day home it got. Read

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [bpratt]

Written by: on Sep 24, 2006 9:23:31 AM

Hi – for responding. Can I get more information you regarding your law suit? I got notification that Mazda the initial demand letter so now we are about taking it to court. How did you get to replace the transmission? What was it and how bad did it get?

My problem is I can recreate it on Did the 2nd and 3rd transmissions do. Read More

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [ksaid2002mpv]

Written by: bpratt on Sep 24, 7:53:00 AM

I had a Mazda MPV also had 3 put in. Went with the Lemon I won my case. It didn’t cost me

Mazda MPV

Re: MPV has been a Quality

Written by: sebr0d1e on Sep 22, 2006 PM

My wife and I have a 2002 MPV had for a few yrs now. I’ve been in the (Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Kia. ). I’m not impressed. not to say they aren’t good you, but they are NOT head/shoulders the MPV in any area, except maybe offered, girth and weight; but to be expected since the MPV has soldiered on the knowledge and intent. Read

Mazda MPV Transmission Problems

MPV transmission problem

Written by: on Sep 18, 2006 9:51:09 PM

At 48,120 my 2002 Madza MPV automatic needs to be replaced. I am upset this has happened with low mileage. I have owned an RX-3 and 323 with virtually maintenance costs to pay.

$3900 failure seems Did anyone have a simliar Did Mazda USA assist in the repairs?

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [ksaid2002mp [alenabubs]

Mazda MPV System/Lights

I need help.

by: questionmark on Aug 16, 2006 3:36:47 PM

Hi, new here. I just want to ask a I bought a 2002 Mazda MPV LX. The owner drives around miles per month, so the van has very milage (146000 miles) I out the check engine alert is I talked to the mechanic and I was told it was the sensor’s problem, no big deal.

Can tell me is it true? How. More

Mazda MPV Transmission

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [ksaid2002mp

Written by: alenabubs on Aug 16, 2006 PM

Let us know how it works out. composing a letter with my tonight and we’re going to via registered mail to the Mazda service in CT. I almost feel we’re wasting our time, but upset by all the problems we’ve with our 2003 MPV. Oh and the manager finally called, but a message for me at home without a number!

She. Read

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [jipster]

Written by: on Aug 16, 2006 11:21:57 AM

I am not sure if ever replaced the transmission module or not. But they had 10+ the chance to do it. Now the attorney is dealing them! Wish me Luck. 😉

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [ksaid2002mpv]

Written by: jipster on Aug 15, 12:21:35 PM

Did Mazda mechanics replace the transmission control I recall reading this in circumstances similar to yours.

Re: Mazda MPV Shift Shock Should I file Lemon Law [ksaid2002mpv]

Written by: criledo on Aug 15, 6:16:40 AM

Transmission gear on MPV’s is a very well flaw. It is by no means new and many, people have complained it. I had it happen to us on our ’03 LX. According to the the … de-configures it’s and has to be re-programmed.

Ours was covered warranty. Teh rpoblem with is that they don’t a recall on it, they view it as. More

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shock – Should I Lemon Law Suit? [backy]

by: ksaid2002mpv on Aug 14, 2006 9:20:30 PM

Yes it is at the current version of the software N. I that first after all the other complaints but it seemed even after they had transmissions reflashed – still had problems! The attorney is to file a demand letter week. I’m keeping my crossed because now that I this – I’d to disclose it to a potential buyer or. More

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shock – Should I Lemon Law Suit? [ksaid2002mpv]

by: backy on Aug 11, 2006 8:48:18 PM

Did you try the re-flash? There are lots of about that in this back in early 2004; you can on flash to get in the neighborhood of those

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [backy]

Written by: on Aug 11, 2006 9:06:18 AM

Thanks for Yes, I have taken it up the chain I wrote to corporate and got a letter back saying as designed. I went into my dealership yesterday to talk to my – I always request the guy and he is GREAT – and he’d to replace the transmission but his hands are because he doesn’t have the blessing.

So while. Read

Re: 2002 Mazda MPV Shift – Should I file Law Suit? [ksaid2002mpv]

Written by: on Aug 11, 2006 6:30:30 AM

It is NOT operating as I have a 2002 MPV with 47k and no such problems. No jerkiness, smooth operation in all gears. you taken it up the chain at Mazda?

have you suggested to the service that you go for a ride in another MPV about the same miles, to back with yours, to see how the compare? Wasn’t there a. More

2002 Mazda MPV Shock – Should I Lemon Law Suit?

Written by: on Aug 10, 2006 9:47:51 PM

I thought I was CRAZY until I found forum today! I have a Mazda MPV and have had numerous with the transmission. I’ve had shifting from 2nd to 1st at a stop Sometimes so strong it feels we were hit from behind!

have felt the transmission confused sometimes and jerks gears. I have had it in 5 times 22,000 -. Read More

MPV Prices Paid and Buying

Re: 06 MPV LX [dustin5874]

Mazda MPV

Re: buying 2006 Mazda MPV [once_for_all]

by: subearu on May 30, 2006 8:31:00 AM

The TSB for the jolt includes 2002 fwiw. -Brian

Re: buying 2006 Mazda MPV [subearu]

by: once_for_all on May 29, 2006 9:03:58 PM

very few of the 2002 Japco 5 had issues. It wasn’t until tried to tune it for better in 2003 that the issues up. We have 43k trouble free on a 2002 LX. Battery went out on had to reprogram it.

We just put in a new 7 year in also, wifey was worried it might … and leave her John. Read More

Re: advice 2006 Mazda MPV

Written by: subearu on May 28, 2006 PM

2002-2004 MPV’s had an issue the transmisssion programming which some jolty shifts. A came out that seems to it. IIRC, the ’05 and ’06 affected by it as they’ve changed and some internals. Programming of transmissions has affected other as well. -Brian

Mazda Problems Solutions

Re: Any problems to [criledo]

Minivans – or Foreign

Re: Also. [jchan2]

by: jipster on Apr 17, 2006 5:45:06 PM

did Mazda redesign it(the In 2000 the MPV made its debut a one year hiatus. It came out the 200hp/5 speed transmission in after complaints of lack of in the 2000 and 2001 models(160hp). In it was redesigned inside and out. a sportier and more stylish

The 2005 and 2006 models changed very little the 04. The all spanking new 2007. Read

Mazda MPV

Re: Should I buy a 2003 MPV. [jstasak]

Mazda MPV
Mazda MPV
Mazda MPV
Mazda MPV
Mazda MPV
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