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2001 Mazda millenia chrome wheel corrosion

Written by: marsmazda on May 3, 2012 12:22:04 PM

I have a 2001 Millenia that has the 17 chrome wheels that were subject to the TSB issued by Mazda. I was not aware of the bulletin until recently when I began looking online for new wheels because the chrome was coming off of mine. I bought the car from a local Mazda dealer in 2004 and it was still under warranty at the time.

But the dealer did not have. Read More

Re: 2001 Mazda Millenia engine noise tapping [krumtx]

Written by: juliusjay on Apr 19, 2012 6:51:51 AM

I have the same car, but the ticking sound like its coming from the passenger side of the engine, is that a bad tensioner?

2001 Mazda Millenia will not start after over heat

2001 Mazda Millenia will not start after over heat

Mazda Millenia EGR problem

2001 mazda millenia S

Written by: gizmosan on Sep 22, 2011 11:17:19 AM

Iv reached my limit with this car maybe someone here can help me out. Car idles perfectly but when put into drive, it reaches approx 2000 rmp the engine bogs down and doesn’t allow me to speed up, going up hills is worst most of the time i end up slowing down. Mazda did some work on it then suggested it was the supercharger.

Fail. I purchased a used supercharger and. Read More

Mazda Millenia

Re: 2001 Mazda Millenia engine noise tapping [wolverine50]

Written by: forsoil on Oct 4, 2010 10:42:56 AM

It seems I get the similar problems (post 4007). I just wonder if you have found the causes. Thanks.

Re: 2001 Mazda Millenia engine noise tapping [wolverine50]

Written by: krumtx on Aug 17, 2010 4:35:21 PM

what motor do you have? the 2.5 has hydraulic lifters, and if they are stuck, they will make a racket. also, if the timing belt tensioner is bad, it will make a sound very much like a bad lifter, and the sound goes away when the motor is revved. the 2.3 has solid lash adjusters, so if they were bad, you would have noise all the time. however, the tensioner can. Read More

2001 Mazda Millenia engine noise tapping

Written by: wolverine50 on Aug 11, 2010 5:22:42 AM

I just purchased a 2001 Mazda Millenium V6. with 100,000 miles. It ran good when purchased. Last week I began hearing heavy tapping noise coming from motor when I started the car. When I excellerate the tapping noice would go away or quiet at times.

Other times the tapping would get worse. It has got to a point I cannot drive the car because of fear I will do permanent damage. Read More

Mazda Millenia EGR problem

2001 Mazda Millenia engine noise tapping

Mazda Millenia

EGR problem – P0400 code

Written by: dontbuyamazda on Dec 15, 2009 8:11:35 AM

so ever since i bought my 2001 mazda millenia, 2.5L, i have had nothing but problems. probably should have done more research prior to purchase. in any case, my check engine light is on with the following code P0400 which is the EGR problem; Question is, does this have to be fixed and can this device (that’s causing the problem) create any other problems or basically stop my car from running? I took. Read More

Vent visors

Written by: TheMguy01 on Mar 15, 2009 9:24:12 AM

Does anyone know where or who makes vint visors ( all 4 doors ) for a 2001 Mazda Millenia? Please let me know, Thanks!!

Engine Noise

Written by: 5th_mazda on Sep 6, 2009 8:25:02 PM

My 2001 Millenia just starting making an engine noise that when I heard it for the first time sounded like rod/valve train knock or maybe an exhaust leak. The noise only happens when you first start the engine after it has sit (the longer it sits the longer the noise lasts). The noise goes away as you rev the engine up much past 1800-2000 rpm and completely goes away after the. Read More

engine light stay on

Written by: howard27 on Jan 3, 2009 1:30:34 PM

I have a 2001 Mazda Millenia the engnie light has been on for months, It it runs fine. I have heard that it could be the Mass Airflow Sensor. Does anyone have a better answer?

And what can I expect it to cost?

Re: 2001 Millenia S – Compressor Problems [Bona92]

Written by: soloflight98 on Dec 31, 2008 7:14:28 AM

How did they diagnose the s/c going out? Have you changed out the timing belt mazda gave me a quote of 1200 CRAZY. If you do change the s/c you should replace the valve cover gaskets also since you are in there.

2001 Mazda millenia

Written by: jeb7 on Dec 27, 2008 5:49:32 PM

I have a 2001 Millenia with a 2.3L engine. At what RPM should it be running while traveling at 70mph?

Need help

Written by: mobile1ph on Jun 3, 2006 7:01:37 PM

Im have been offered a 2001 mazda millenia S for $9800. It has 69,000 miles and a few scratches both exterior and interior. But the engine was good as far as I can see after test driving it.

However, it only takes premium gas. The salesman said that I dont have to put Premium gas all the time. So First question, is he correct? wont it hurt the engine or supercharger. Read More

Re: 2001 millenia s acceleration problems [thomlh]

Written by: silver on Apr 4, 2006 3:49:37 PM

Hi, my 01 Mill S has 53000, I had to replace the Lysholm compressor at 33000 miles under warranty and only other thing I now have is the chrome wheels, the metal is breaking up and the bead isn’t setting on the tires occasionally allowing the tire pressure to go down. I have lost two tires so far on this. Do you have any problems with this.

To answer your question. Read More

2001 millenia s acceleration problems

Written by: thomlh on Apr 2, 2006 8:06:56 PM

Can someone please help. My 2001 millenia s (60,000 miles) hesitates for about 2-3 full seconds after pressing down the accelerator from a dead stop. The only time it doesn’t do that is right when I start it up and the first stop or two (while engine cold).

I took it in the mazda dealership and they said it was the injectors. They charged me a bunch for a fuel injection. Read More

2001 millenia 100K miles

Written by: daves6 on Jan 21, 2006 1:32:45 PM

I’m new to the site, so I apologize if I missed the answer to the following questions. This has been a great car, but is getting expensive to own even with O2 sensor and heated seat replaced under warranty. The CEL is on, the code says knock sensor ($500 at non-Mazda shop). Due for a tune-up but I am getting 28.6 mpg on the highway. Car is a bit sluggish.

Big. Read More

$1150 to replace timing belt?

Written by: clint4 on Jun 9, 2005 11:41:00 AM

I’ve got a 2001 Millenia with 98K miles. Took it in today to have the timing belt replaced along with an oil change and change of the plugs and wires. Total estimate is $1150. Ouch!

The mechanic says it is just tough to replace a timing belt on a Millenia and that the wires alone cost over $200. I’ve always had a good relationship with the mechanic so don’t think I’m. Read More


Written by: cbass2 on May 6, 2005 9:56:56 AM

Hello Edmunds Family, I’m hoping that some of the car educated members here can help me make a choice about a car. I’m currently trying to make my mind up between the following vehicles: 2001 Mazda Millenia P, 27K miles, dealer asking $ 14,500 2003-04 Mazda 6i 2.3L Automatic, $ 14000-$15000 2001-2002 Acura TL-S, 45-50K miles, $ 16000-$ 17000 My concerns are: The Mazda Mill P, I’ve read some concerning posts. Read More

Re: Welcome. [L8_Apex]

Written by: msmillenia on Apr 27, 2005 5:36:56 PM

Hi all. I have a question, I have a 2001 Mazda Millenia, and just today as I was driving I noticed that the brake petal went all the way down. And the next thing I knew I couldn’t stop. So. I let go of the break. tried it again and it worked.

Decided to drive it a little bit more. then. my emergency break light came on. I freaked. Pulled over. Read More

Does gas brand matter?

Written by: mm2001 on Apr 20, 2005 8:26:22 PM

I recently acquired a 2001 Millenia S. just like new with only 10000 km on it (6000 miles) Occasionally, I notice a sulfur-like odor which seems to be coming from the catalytic converter area. I had it checked out at a Mazda dealer, but they didn’t see any problems with the converter. They think it just may be the gas I’m using, since it doesn’t occur all the time.

They advise. Read More

Re: Should I buy one. need some frank advice. [silver]

Written by: mmerchant on Apr 20, 2005 1:16:12 PM

Silver’s opinion on the 2001 S is right on. The compressor on mine went at 24,000 kms and the replacement has been fine for almost 2.5 years. I have 107,000kms now.

A foreman at a Mazda dealer told me they had to replace the Lysholm compressors on 4 Millenias recently – around the 50-60K mark. I purchased a Mazda extended warranty that covers me to 160,000 kms, so I feel quite. Read More

Bose, Millenia S, and satellite radio

Written by: tomekk on Dec 21, 2004 8:59:22 AM

Does anybody know if Bose sound system in a 2001 Mazda Millenia S has aux input? I’m thinking of getting satellite radio (Sirius) and would like to avoid the FM transmitter hook-up (I don’t believe the sound will be as good quality as aux connection).

TCS, ABS Ligths

Written by: rnfis on May 16, 2004 9:51:47 PM

Hope you can help to shed some lights. I have an interesting probelm. I have a 2001 Millenia S, just turned 26k miles, and my TCS, TCS off, and ABS lights are all on.

When I shut the engine off and restart the lights seem to go out. Then just come back on from time to time. Also has anyone heard of rat’s getting in under the hood and eating away at. Read More

Re: scgamecock [lexusguy #3075]

Written by: rpdrpd on May 5, 2004 12:49:05 PM

Scgamecock, if you follow lexusguy’s advice and cross-shop, please let us know about all the prices you come across. I bought my 2001 MMS with 5000 miles (not a typo)in January for $17,000 from a Mazda dealer. The Infiniti dealer down the street had a 2000 I30t with 45,000 miles and would not budge off of $19,800.

Both cars were certified pre-owned cars. I will give you that I wish the. Read More


Written by: lexusguy on May 5, 2004 10:26:04 AM

For 2001, Mazda made some changes to the script. Number one on the list was freshened exterior styling that included more shapely fenders and bumpers, a new hood and grille and updated headlights and taillights. In addition to the more aggressive exterior design, the Millenia got a 35 percent increase in structural rigidity for better handling and ride quality.

Minor changes to the interior include a power lumbar support driver seat. Read More

2001 Millena

Written by: connectiv on Mar 24, 2004 11:14:08 AM

I am considering a 2001 Millenia Sedan (not S version) w/20k miles and in excellent condition being offered retail via GM dealership. Have spoken w/prev. owner and obtained maint. history and background, and all checks out. Dealer is including a GM 3yr/36k mi. bumper to bumper warranty starting w/purchase date.

Am pleased with the performance and cond. of vehicle but have never previously owned Mazda and am unfamiliar with. Consumer Reports. Read More


Written by: fwatson on Mar 17, 2004 5:42:21 PM

It is a 2000 special model: Badging Description: special Millennium Edition badging on the C pillars and logos on the door panels and scuff plates. Quote The limited-edition Millennium Edition is available in two exclusive colors, Highlight Silver and Millennium Red. To the S model, it adds 17-inch chrome alloy wheels, charcoal-colored suede seat and door trim, revised wood grain trim panels, a six-disc in-dash CD changer, leather-wrapped transmissions shift and. Read More

new owner

Written by: rpdrpd on Jan 21, 2004 6:59:09 AM

After searching and searching, bouncing from I30s to Lincoln LSs to ES300s to whatever else caught my eye, the search is over. Last night I drove home my 2001 Millenia S, black with gray underneath, 4800 miles (yes, 4800 miles), certified preowned from Mazda, for $17,500. Dealer also agreed to call me when he got a Millenia in with chromes, and for labor cost he will swap my rims with the. Read More

service bulletin 0200401R for 2001 MM – wheel corrosion

Written by: mmerchant on Sep 23, 2003 1:12:04 PM

Here’s the web site for 2001 MM S service bulletins. The service dept of your Mazda dealership will have the bulletin details. http://www.alldata.com/TSB/33/01332765.html Another web site that I would recommend for getting info about recalls and NTSB bulletin is (scroll down on the page): http://www.pricingcentral.com/mazda/millenia.html Thanks mmerchant

What do you advise

Written by: mmerchant on Sep 22, 2003 12:54:10 PM

To skspgh, Message # 2621 A bulletin was issued regarding corroded wheels on 2001 S. Here is a summary. Please follow up the issue with Mazda. I don’t see why you have to live with this situation. Make. MAZDA Model.

MILLENIA Year. 2001 Service Bulletin Num. 0200401R Date of Bulletin: AUG 14, 2001 Component: WHEELS

Keyless Remote

Written by: fairwood on Sep 2, 2003 8:26:11 AM

Hi nzigma, all figures are in U.S. dollars. I paid $20 for the remote and a further $7 for shipping and insurance to Canada. The actual postage on the padded envelope was 85 cents. Many eBay sellers make their real profit on the inflated shipping and handling/insurance charges.

I have seen identical remotes (identical as far as part numbers are concerned) sell for as little as $8. and as high as. Read More

thanks tomace

Written by: csuftitans on Jul 20, 2003 12:10:02 AM

rosatiamo, congrats on the new car (I considered anything below 2000 miles a new car). I think you got a very good deal, since you’re getinga luxury car and you can’t get anything in theat price range that even remotely close to the refinement and features that you’re getting with the Millenia; I think you can get a base-base honda accord for the price though :-), without leather, auto, Bose audio. Read More

Just bought a 2001 P

Written by: rosatiamo on Jul 19, 2003 8:13:58 PM

I was not going to buy it but the dealer talked me into it. It is a 2001 P with only 606 miles on it. It was used as a demo. I paid USD 16,500 for it, is it a good deal? It runs very well and I like it a lot.

However, I have never had a luxury sedan and thus I have some concerns. First, is the insurance premium. Read More


Written by: csuftitans on Jul 2, 2003 5:23:46 PM

I thought I’d to try to answer some of your question, since my car is pretty much the same as the one you’re looking at, but 50K more mileage. The start of the car is pretty low in contrast with Toyota Campy V6 it is lower than the camry, it’s much sportier and look better too. The auto transmition can be feels when the speed changes from 1 to 2. Read More

Canadian prices

Written by: fairwood on Jun 27, 2003 6:36:11 AM

Hi nzigma: Yes, I am in Burlington Ontario. I was over at local dealer’s the other day. They have a white outside/suede inside 2000 Mazda Millenia Millenium Special Edition on the lot. As I stated above, the price card had fallen down.

I called my salesman and he said it has around 56k (just under 35000 miles – I HATE METRIC!!). The price is $24000 Canajun loonies which is about $2000. Read More

2001 Millenia

Written by: nzigma on Jun 26, 2003 10:12:01 PM

Hi Fairwood, I’m in the market for a 2001S. Since your flag indicator is the’leaf’ and you seem to have done a lot of research on the car. what would be a fair price from the local Mazda dealership in Vancouver, with 19K miles on it. Is the 2001 a lot different from the 2000.

The dealer is asking for 24K Canadian ($ 17,400 US). Thanks

Tire/Wheel problem with 2001 S

Written by: crowbarred on Feb 18, 2003 6:13:13 PM

Glad you got it fixed. I have a 99 S (okay, my wife drives it; I drive a Miata). My mechanic told me when I bought the 17 wheels that I would have problems. I was talking to the shop foreman at the Mazda dealership months later. He has a 99, not an S, with the 16 wheels.

I asked him if he had seen problems with Dunlops. He said that. Read More

Pulling to Left

Written by: fwatson on Nov 19, 2002 3:43:20 AM

granado87, I own a 2001 P that I rotated the tires on yesterday at 7445 miles. I test drove it and it tracks straight as an arrow. I have never experienced anything but perfect straightline performance at any speed up to and over 110 MPH. Now to the point. Your new Millenia carries a bumper to bumper warranty on virtually everything.

I believe you wasted both your time and money taking. Read More

Millenia S Rock Bottom Price!

Written by: slingshot80 on Sep 27, 2002 6:54:56 PM

A Boston area dealer has an ad for a 2002 S for $22,835 as I do not qualify for the college graduate additional $500 off. They are advertising it as $10K off. It seems like Mazda/Ford has pretty much eaten a lot of the depreciation on this car.

BTW, I keep reading that this car depreciates but every time I look at a used one they don’t seem very cheap to. Read More

by mustangdrew

I bought my Platinum Silver w/Gray interior P from Courtesy in Tampa. It is next to I-275 on an access road by the Courtesy Pontiac dealership. I am from Avon Park, so I am not sure offhand what the cross street is. I did stop at both Courtesy Mazda and Courtesy Toyota in Brandon, and both were very courteous as their name implied.

On the other hand NOB was very curt. Read More


Number one: Proving you wrong is not being rude. It is rude to come on a forum and tell lies or misinformation that is a putdown to the vehicle being discussed. It is also known as trolling.

Quote:Well-I have a ’98 Millenia S and I have had no problems out of this vehicle. Extremely reliable-also the S timing belt does not need to be changed at 60,000 like the non-S millenia’s. Read More

Nissan Maxima v. Mazda Millenia

July ’98 CD.

Written by: fwatson on Apr 17, 2002 11:41:40 AM

I am curious how they could report on anything having to do with the 2001/2002 Millenia in 1998. All you have to do is go to a Mazda dealer and look inside. It is a highly luxurious and impeccably finished interior.

While you are there, close a few doors and listen to the very satisfying thud of a very solidly built vehicle. As far as interior size is concerned, the styling. Read More


Written by: fwatson on Apr 16, 2002 6:45:03 PM

I am not a Maxima specialist. But my understanding from what I have read, is that the 5th generation uses the same platform as the 4th, but revamped to add about 30% more rigidity. The interior was also redone.

For the 2001 model, Mazda also added about 30% more rigidity to the Millenia chassis, and the interior was completely redone. The Maxima also has used the same drivetrain for years, except. Read More

News flash..Milenia is doomed. Soon to be orphan?

You gotta be kidding me with this comparision. Anyway I ‘ll humor you and start off with a little news. http://auto.consumerguide.com/auto/new/reviews/full/index.cfm/id/20886.htm#highlights Though little changed since introduction and never that popular, Mazda’s U.S. flagship sedan some managed higher sales in 2001, up a healthy 35.3 percent year-over-year through the third quarter. Even so, industry informants say Millenia is doomed. Why?

One reason is a design based partly on Mazda’s last-generation 626, leaving. Read More

Mazda Millenia

no title

Written by: fwatson on Apr 14, 2002 5:31:31 AM

Quote maximase2002: Why did you choose the Millennia over the Max? I set out convinced I would buy a 2001 Maxima last August. Before doing that, I decided to do comparison testing of the Max, ’02 Camry, ’02 Altima (not released at that time), and Avalon. Over a period of two weeks I hit at least two dealers of each of those Models.

Frankly, I found them all nice, but was. Read More

Sure Drain Oil Plug

Written by: fwatson on Mar 15, 2002 5:48:34 PM

WalMart has Fram Sure Drain oil plugs available, They don’t list one for my 2001 Millenia 2.5L, but they do list the 2000 Millenia with that engine. Now to the point. Can anyone here tell me if Mazda changed the oil drain plug size from 2000 to 2001?

I can’t see why they would have, as it is the same identical engine. I’m just trying to confirm my suspicion that the. Read More

Madza Millenia — response to all:

Written by: saxonii on Feb 14, 2002 7:31:00 PM

Hey guys, do not hate me because I have a different opinion on MM. The last time I checked this is still a free country where people can express their views. I have yet to personally attack any member on this board so why the hot blood. I said many times that MM is a pretty car and for what it costs it is an OK buy.

Now to answer all. Read More

Pat the host, nvedrani, everybody else

Written by: tomekk on Jan 31, 2002 12:33:14 PM

Pat is going back, removing a lot of messages (i.e. my message to SaxonII enumerating the changes in Millenia for 2001) very selectively and in general making this disussion overcensored and much useless. I don’t think it is worth my time to continue visting this forum because of Pat (nedrani, not that your message to saxonii is gone, too). I’m moving to yahoo Mazda board – maybe we’ll get some real. Read More


Written by: fwatson on Jan 25, 2002 4:25:14 AM

One thing that stands out to me with my ’01 Millenia P, is how well it handles, and how flat it corners. I am an average driver, not a road racer, but it really is a very good handling car. And fun.

As a matter of fact, except for nitpicking I have found nothing in the first 4400 miles to fault it for. My ’95 Olds 88 is off my driving. Read More

rzawarski – stabilizer bars

Written by: tomekk on Jan 24, 2002 7:44:37 AM

Bob, don’t be so arrogant, know it all, and down-putting other people. If you go to Mazda Millenia standard features warranties here on Edmunds under new cars, you’ll see in the suspension section: – four-wheel independent suspension – front and rear stabilizer bar 2001 had it, too. Any questions. Tomek

no title

Written by: fwatson on Jan 11, 2002 11:40:01 AM

maltb: Ever read a review done by a major publication about the Millenia? Yes I have. I researched the Millenia and several other cars thoroughly. I have printouts of many tests, as well as frequency of repair reports. The result of all of them is that the Millenia has been excellent, but a very well kept secret.

After all the research, test drives of several brands, and dealer experiences, I made. Read More

Hey fwatson

Written by: jonbgood on Jan 8, 2002 3:16:34 PM

Great deal on your Millenia! Question for everybody – I know Mazda is offering $4k back on 2001s. How much more of a discount do you think is valid for buying a 2001 car in 2002?

I understand that there may still be plenty of ’01s out there.

2001 Millenia S Pulling to the right (follow-up from 1093)

Written by: 9sunset on Jan 7, 2002 1:40:16 PM

I agree, lets talk about Millenia and forget about Maxima for now (don’t forget I used to own a 99 Maxima as mentioned on my previous posting). Next morning I call up a few Dunlop tire dealers for advise regarding radial pull and surprisingly none of them interested in solving the problem (these tires are basically as good as out of warranty). I went back to the Mazda dealer and they. Read More

95 S hits 100K

Written by: simile on Jan 2, 2002 12:47:00 AM

I have owned my 95 Millenia S for quite some time now. It is in wonderful condition and drives very smoothly. A few days ago, I hit 100k miles.

I was wondering if any experienced car (millenia) owners can tell me what kind of servicing to get done. Several side notes: 1. I am very pleased with the car overall. I get about 18-19 mpg in the city (which is low. Read More

Hi all!

Written by: saxonii on Jan 5, 2002 10:58:40 PM

Czolem Tomek! To reply to your post: 1. power: MM V6 S only makes 210 hp, 45 less than Maxima with no real improvement in mpg. While 10 or 20 hp difference is not much, that 45 will be noticed. Also Maxima with its aftermarket goodies can gain extra 50hp (not an option for S since it already has a supercharger).

2. Fuel: you cannot deny that MM both regular and. Read More


Written by: jonbgood on Dec 14, 2001 12:41:14 PM

Our local Mazda dealer in NW Arkansas has advertised a 2002 Millenia P for 24,999. Seems high based on Carsdirect.com. I would think that a 2001 S for $24,999 is a pretty good deal.

Millenia Vs. TL

Written by: milleniaman1 on Nov 30, 2001 1:37:50 PM

I don’t care what anyone says. I didn’t even consider the TL when I was looking for a new car. I’ll be 22 in February. my 2001 Millenia S is my 4th Mazda.

I started out with a 91 Protege DX (Awesome car. never had any problems with it), then I bought a 94 626 LX (not very reliable. but had a lot of features), then I made the mistake of leasing instead of buying. Read More

Sorry, but that’s not accurate

Written by: csuftitans on Nov 23, 2001 10:12:22 PM

Millenia is cheaper and not smaller than TL. do not compare MSRP, compare how much dealers are selling these two cars for. Millenia S for about $25.5K and TL for about $27.5K. Also, they’re about the same size, with TL bigger in front shoulder and knee room and Millenia bigger in the rear head and knee room.

I’m 6 and I barely clear the TL’s rear headliner; not in the Millenia;. Read More

First 3700 Miles

Written by: fwatson on Oct 13, 2001 1:26:42 PM

I just got back from a 2900 mile vacation trip, mostly interstate, running at 70 to 80 MPH. Before leaving, I put 800 local miles on my new 2001 Millenia P to get it broken in before subjecting it to that much highway running. My old car is a 1995 Olds 88, and there is a noticably firmer ride with the Mazda, but it is pleasant, very well damped, and quieter. Read More

Auto Dimming Mirror

Written by: skspgh on Oct 5, 2001 1:47:47 PM

So, the 2002 Millenia has an auto dimming rear view mirror. I was hoping to add that to my 2001. I called several local Mazda dealers and none of them had the part. Anyone with any ideas?

After market auto-dim mirrors run $200. Mazda has an msrp of $150. Is the 2001 pre-wired for the auto-dim? Suggestions.

2002 Mazda Millenia Info

Written by: milleniaman1 on Sep 19, 2001 7:07:14 PM

Not sure if any of ya’ll knew or not. but they have added one more option for the 2002 Millenias. Now for $150 you can get an auto-dimming rearview mirror w/compass. Not sure if this can be added to 2001 before Millenias.

I’ll probably just wait and get a 2002.

Great 2001 Millenia S Deals

Written by: mll on Sep 18, 2001 9:12:41 AM

I recommend those in Broward County Florida visit the fleet manager Matt at Fairbanks Mazda. A pleasure to talk to, great deals to purchase under 23K. Lease deals however are terrible.

Tell him you read this post from the heart guy who knows his financing.

fwatson – Tampa Florida Mazda Dealer

Mazda Millenia

Written by: hsmoyers on Sep 7, 2001 8:07:38 AM

fwatson The price you reported for a 2001 Millenia P of $21680 sounds pretty good. I live north of Tampa. Did that include delivery?

Who was the dealer and can you tell which sales person yu dealt with and how that went? Any info will be appreciated.

Upgrading my 2000 Millenia S

Written by: csuftitans on Aug 24, 2001 10:43:19 PM

I love my 2000 Millenia S, but some of the new feature/improvements Mazda made to the 2001 model makes me go crazy. For sure I will upgrade my Millenia’s tailight assembly with the 2001’s tail lights along with the center lic plate holder panel. This will cost me about $1400; that’s after a 10% discount at a Mazda dealer.

Does anyone know a cheaper place to buy Mazda parts? I’ll probably. Read More

Congrats, Protogenic

Written by: csuftitans on Aug 24, 2001 10:33:43 AM

Congrats on the new Millenia; love the new Millenia looks and improvements, hope I can upgrade my 2000 Millenia S to a 2001 model. BTW, our other car is a Mazda Protege too, but it’s the 2002 Protege5; so we both own a Millenia and a Protege; very cool. what color is your Protege. My Protege5 is black and my Millenia is black/grey (two-tone).

Love both cars, but me and my. Read More


Written by: fwatson on Sep 5, 2001 3:39:10 AM

My Milennia is a P, not an S. And is also brand new with only 520 miles so far. Therefore I can’t speak from much experience, except to say the car seems flawless in every respect. I think this is the best kept automobile secret in the world.

I did extensive research before buying the Mazda, and everything I find ranks it at the very top in reliability, fit and finish. Read More

Rear Spoiler and leather seats

Written by: rkchiou on Aug 21, 2001 7:33:26 PM

Hi, I went to Ebay’s web site earlier today and saw several Millenias for sale. I noticed that several of them had rear spoiler. Did Mazda offer rear spoiler as an accessory for pre-2001 models? I looked at the list of accessories for 2001 Millenia and did not see rear spoiler. Where can I get one and how much do they cost?

This is my first car with leather seats. A. Read More

2001 Millenia S

Written by: csuftitans on Sep 4, 2001 11:18:48 PM

Our black/grey 2000 Millenia S now has 31500 trouble-free miles. After almost two years owning it, we’re still getting compliments here and there about the classy and sporty look of the car. I love the engine eventhough its not very quick off the line, but on the freeway it rocks.

I agree that 2001 Millenia S is a bargain at around $24K after rebates and discounts. For about the same price. Read More


Written by: csuftitans on Aug 20, 2001 6:35:16 PM

Brian, for a couple thousands more, I would get the new 2001 Milenia. Many improvements were done to the car this past year, please take a look and test drive it before you buy the 2000 Millenia S. I know it cost more, but if you can qualify for Mazda 4.9% APR or even the 0% APR, you will ended up paying about the same. I don’t think this rate is. Read More


Written by: jstandefer on Aug 20, 2001 11:36:00 AM

That Millenia you are looking at is an S model, not the Millenium Edition. The Millenium Edition was painted either Highlight Silver or Millenium Red and had the dark charcoal interior with synthetic suede seats and leather wrapped gear selector and parking brake handle. Execute demo means either a dealership manager used it as a demo, or a Mazda corporate employee used it as a demo (the latter is called a. Read More

Millenia’s Bose system

Written by: csuftitans on Jul 10, 2001 9:25:40 AM

When I replace my 2000 Millenia’s sound system, the installer had to take out the BOSE amplifier. I don’t know if this amplifier is only for Millenia with BOSE audio system or for all Millenia. I always thought that all Millenia comes with the BOSE audio system no matter what.

For sure the BOSE system doesn’t come with subs; 5 speakers, that’s it. When I test drove the 2001 Millenia, I. Read More

2001 Millenia

Written by: csuftitans on Jul 8, 2001 10:53:05 PM

abowen568, my 2000 Millenia S does have that blue tinted stripe at the very top of the windshield, so the windshiled on that Millenia might be the original one. Richard, most of the problems people have are with the 95 Millenia, especially the S model, not the base model with the 2.5V6. After that first year of productions, it seems like Mazda fix all the bugs on the car and I. Read More

My experience

Written by: wie_gehts on Jun 7, 2001 12:28:10 PM

I drove a 2001 Millenia with the 2.5l base engine for 2 weeks as a rental car in the western part of the US. In total, we drove roughly 3,000 miles with the car. Generally, it is a very nice car, I particularly liked the looks and the optitron gauges, they look very upscale.

Though I am a Mazda fan, I wouldn’t buy the Millenia. It has a fairly tight feeling. Read More

Premium Gas??

Written by: viking13 on May 19, 2001 9:02:08 PM

I am very close to buying a 2001 Millenia P – non-supercharged. Three dealers have given me different stories on the grade of gas required – everything from using regular grade is OK and will not void a warranty to you must use premium for the car to run properly. What’s the real story.

With the current incentives offered by Mazda, this could be a great buy ($23K) but I don’t. Read More

. Millenia S

Written by: acabral1 on Mar 31, 2001 8:48:09 PM

This comment is kinda off the subject, however someone referenced to it ealier; but the 2001.5 Passat GLX V6 is HOT inside and out. All VW needs to do now is offer a more competive warranty similar to Mazda’s! Anyhow, has anyone added a powered subwoofer to thier factory Bose Stereo?

If yes, did doing so produce any negative sound quality effects?

The Bottom line.

Written by: emeraldcity on Mar 30, 2001 8:53:39 AM

Ecaf. astounding that you have 118k miles and virtually trouble free? I do agree that styling, fit and finish are among the most appealing (not to be confused with appalling. as is the design of the outright rude Maxima. Gawd! What’s with the new trend in optical tail lights?

Be gone already). I’m off on a tangent. Anyway, I’m traveling to University Mazda and Carter VW to test the Passat and 2001 Millenia. Read More

Trading In my Millenia / GT

Written by: banker74 on Mar 7, 2001 1:53:13 PM

First off, GT I don’t remember what they were. Thanks for trying to help. All I know is that it was Bank one and two.

I’ve actually decided to go another route and trade in my car rather than deal w/ all these repairs (another bigger reason is at the bottom of page). My question is what you all, being the knowlegeable owners you are, would accept as a trade in. Read More

New 2000 Mazda Millenia prices

Written by: butchmilam1 on Feb 5, 2001 10:37:00 AM

I have been shopping for a new 2000 (not 2001). It seems like a good time to buy. There are a lot of incentives right now.

Here’s what I have found: 1. 2000 Mazda Millenia base model with Premium package, two-tone white, Bose audio system: $22664. 2. 2000 Mazda Millennium: $25000. even Good luck.

Great Deal on 2000 Millenia S

Written by: csuftitans on Jan 12, 2001 8:18:38 PM

For those of you live in SoCal, there’s a great deal on 2000 Millenia S. I just saw an ad on newspaer for a 2000 Mill S for $23195+tax+lic. I don’t know what color it is, but it’s two-tone color with four season package. It’s at West Covina Mazda.

BTW, I saw a red 2001 Millenia P on LAX this morning, first time I’ve seen it on the road. The rear. Read More

yo emeraldcity!

Written by: ecaf on Jan 8, 2001 10:09:34 PM

I’m very happy with my ’95 S! Yes, I’ve had my Check Engine light on before. I needed a new O2 sensor and EGR valve at over $300 a piece. Oh yeah, and that goddang outside temp gauge.

This seems reasonable for a six year old car that’s heavily used. I certainly don’t feel that had more than its fair share of unexpected dealer visits. My biggest complaint is the cost. Read More

Marak88: Millenia 0-60 tests

Written by: ecaf on Jan 2, 2001 11:40:34 PM

Mazda Millenia Acceleration Tests Millenia S 2.3, except *, M Edition 2.3 _________________________________________________ Magazine Issue Year 0-60mph 1/4mi Motor Trend 5/94 1995 7.6 sec 15.8 @ 90mph CarDriver 8/94 1995 7.7 16.0 @ 90 CarDriver 7/95 1995 7.4 15.7 @ 90 CarDriver 7/98 1998 7.8 16.0 @ 89 CarDriver 2/00 2000* 8.5 16.6 @ 86 Motor Trend 1/01 2001 8.4 16.3 @ 86 Millenia L 2.5 _________________________________________________ Magazine Issue Year 0-60mph. Read More

My 2000 Millenia S – My Pride and Joy

Written by: csuftitans on Dec 29, 2000 2:24:58 PM

I have a 2000 Millenia S, black with grey (two-tone). Bought the car in January 2000, now has 19500 hard driving miles on it. This is one of the nicest looking car on the road today (RX-7 is the best looking).

Haven’t had much problem with the car other than 1. Small rattling noise on the rear roof areas (I mentioned this when I did the survey on Mazdatown and one. Read More


Written by: taylort on Dec 5, 2000 2:21:12 AM

I saw the 2001 Millenia for the first time today. I was a little disappointed in the so call restyle. The restyle is very minimal. I am in the market for a now car and I am looking at the Millenia, Lexus ES300, Nissan Maxima. I was waiting to see the Mazda in person before I decided.

The Lexus is on my list and is the leading candidate but since. Read More

Re: 2001 Millenia Pricing (csuftitans)

It doesn’t surprise me that Mazda is already discounting thier Millenias! The only thing these discounts provide is immediate gratification – all these obscene discounts puts a severe dent in the Millenia’s resale value whether it be via private sale or trade-in. Just about everyone who owns a 2000 Millenia/s is upside-down on thier car, unless they leased it or they put down at least $7,000 and managed to purchased thier. Read More

Re: Milleniaman1

Written by: ddrake30 on Nov 27, 2000 10:35:02 PM

If you’re still looking, Jim Ellis Mazda on Peachtree Industrial has one 2001 Millenia S.


Written by: milleniaman1 on Nov 20, 2000 4:22:37 PM

The dealership I went to told me that the 2001 Millenias were in Jacksonville and that they didn’t know when they would arrive. I haven’t taken the time to drive by any of the other dozen Mazda dealerships in Atl to see if they have any.

Re: 2001 Millenia (milleniaman1)

Written by: acabral1 on Nov 20, 2000 2:15:20 PM

Hmm. It’s odd that the Mazda Dealerships in ATL doent have any 2001 Millenia out yet. According to the salesperson I dealt with, he told me that all 2001 Millenias should will undergoe widespread distribution to the dealerships, within days of each other.

As you probably already read, I wasnt to impressed with the 2001 Millenia’s interior improvements. vs. the 2000 Millenias. from the dollar to dollar standpoint. But again, that. Read More

2001 – Millenia

Written by: acabral1 on Oct 31, 2000 2:48:44 PM

I see that Mazda USA is advertising its 2001 Millenia – however I still have not seen the 2001 Millenia at the dealerships as of yet, has any spoken to the salespersons to obtain actual release dates? I have been to lazy to actually get out of my car to ask them! Regards

Hello! Just bought a 98Base

Written by: softwaresc on Oct 24, 2000 8:45:11 PM

I just paid 19 thousand for a pearl/white 98 Base Millenia (loaded). Completely spur of the moment. I was on my way to buy a Camry. the car just caught my eye. This group is great.

I will be following it regularly. P.S. I’m under mazda warranty till July 28 2001. Should I pay for any extended warranties?

More 2001 Millenia

Written by: csuftitans on Oct 20, 2000 4:43:28 AM

Mazda Australia just rename their Eunos 800M to Millenia. They have a good description of all the improvement on the new Millenia and a good picture of it too. I think it looks pretty nice and muscular from this picture’s angle. Here’s the link to the pic and review http://www.mazda.com.au/models/252.html http://www.mazda.com.au/corpora/873.html cheers

Still in love with Millenia

Written by: csuftitans on Oct 17, 2000 5:02:29 AM

caradvise, $18895 for a base Millenia is a very good deal. I would save the extra $5000 for something else, eg sound system or HID headlights. My prediction it that the 2001 Millenia should be out by before thanksgiving. I’m going to Califonia Auto show this weekend in Anaheim, hoping to see the 2001 Millenia.

Wheater it’s there or not, I will ask the rep there about the release date for. Read More

Questions HID

Written by: csuftitans on Oct 3, 2000 3:01:51 AM

If I’m in the market for a Millenia right now, I would wait and see how the 2001 would look in real life. The pictures on Edmund’s review and Mazda’s sites kinda grow on me; except for the two-tone exterior color. The fact that it has 35% better torsional rigidity, new Optitron instrumentation and digital odometer which replaces the outdated analog odo, and two-tone interior and steering wheel makes me want. Read More

Question, your opinions, please.

Written by: mazda1mike2 on Oct 2, 2000 3:51:12 AM

I love my 1995 Mazda 626, but it’s time for her to go, 112,000 miles! The 626 has treated me very well, and I hate to put her out to pasture. I am moving up a class and will give the Mazda Millenia, the first shot at my wallet! What do you folks think?

A 2000 Millenia S left-over or a 2001 model? Please, the pro’s and con’s as you, see. Read More

Millenia S Fever

Written by: csuftitans on Oct 1, 2000 7:17:49 AM

jfb7, I’m glad that you have the same feeling about Millenia S as most of us here. It’s definitely a good buy at $25K range, heck I paid $30 OTD in January and didn’t regeret it a bit. I’m very pleased with my 2000 Millenia S so far, 16000 miles driven so far. About your question, #1, I would get the ’99 leftover if it’s more than $22K.

For 2000 model. Read More

Here’s the direct link.

to Edmund’s First Drive of the 2001 Mazda Millenia by Liz Kim. What do you think? Hi chexi- Good points. especially when comparing price. Happy motoring. 😉 Pocahontas, Edmunds.com/Roving Host

2001 Millenia

The front fascia of the ’01 Millenia is something that has to grow on you if you will. My speculation is that Mazda changed the front end of the Millenia to obtain a more masculine look like many of the other luxury/near-luxury vehicles on the market today. Eventhough the ’00 Millenia has the similiarily exact body style as its predecessors, I think the subtle changes to it makes it standout a. Read More

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