2001 Acura Integra Consumer Discussions

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Integra Interior Questions

Acura GS water issues

by: acuraalex617 on Mar 17, 2010 7:00:52 AM

I a a 2001 acura integra and i noticed that i have getting water in the inside of my the problem seems to be in the hatch since my trunk carpet is soaked, and now the carpet in the back and front seats are starting to get wet as I do see some standing water the spare tire seats but seem. Read More

Integra Electrical Questions


Written by: jilly1 on Dec 16, 5:14:54 PM

I have a 2001 integra. I am having some problems. The rear defrost is not the antenna is not working, the dome and lights by the rear view aren’t working and the light on the that shows when a is open is on and none of the doors are

Also, when I change the light to either the on or off position. More

Acura Integra (All years/styles)

Question swapping seats?

Written by: on Aug 15, 2006 5:35:51 PM

I have a acura integra GS. My seats are worn out and I want to replace I have found a set of seats but are for a 2001 integra.

My question is if knows if I will be able to them out? Thanks

Re: I own a 97 Integra LS 5-speed [nippononly]

Integra GSR Customizing and Modifying

Re: [garados]

Written by: 90gs on Oct 12, 1:39:34 PM

Ha! Between the time I posted and the time I viewed response i came to the same 15×6 over 14×5.5. I even thought about the let alone the availability of tires! I talked to my motor guy who had a chance to both and he said he definately more comfertable with the Than I did a reality check.

If put the 14×5.5. Read More

Integra – (All

Re: Transmission problems with 90 [map5]

Written by: 90gs on Sep 9, 11:55:02 AM

You’re not alone by any My 1990 GS does NOT like to go third from fourth but if I pop it into 2nd from fourth letting go of the clutch) and than into 3rd it goes inwithout a step. I’ve heard of 3rd grinding and many other 3rd related problems with all integras 1990-2001.

I’m not too because I wont be. Read

Re: Acura Integra

Written by: on Jul 19, 2005 3:39:12 PM

Amazingly, I read on the internet the 1999 Integra is the No. 1 car stolen this But not only that, the 98 Integra is the 96 is in 6 place, the 95 is in 7th place, the 97 is in 9th place, the is in 11th place, the 94 is in 14th and the 2000 Acura Integra is in place.

Meaning the Acura Integra. More

2001 Acura

We’re trying to sell our Acura Integra LS coupe Auto. It’s light and has only 17,500 miles. clean, non-Smoker car and it is in very shape except for a few of dings and a scratch in back bumper.

I’m in San California 94112. We never buy or a car in private party before. Is asking price too much?


I’m being a 2001 Integra GS, 4 Dr, Auto, 10K for $17K (from an Acura in Houston, TX. Seems like a reasonable deal to me, could get similar car for $16K in a private but am not having much luck one in Houston.

lock up your

Acura Integra – years/styles)

Acura Integra

Written by: civic_cx_92 on Aug 3, 2001 AM

As you know Acura has decided to the Integra name for RSX. has created a odd situation for Integra who’s deciding to buy new or used: Blue Book ‘Trade-in’ for 2000 Integra LS 5-sp 12k miles on it in excellent condition for http://www.kbb.com/ Edmunds ‘True Value’ (going rate at for new 2001 Integra LS 5-sp are selling for $16,650. http://www.edmunds.com/new/ Read More

white GSR

Written by: swynn on Jun 25, 2:49:55 PM

Is it possible they changed the name from White to Taffeta White? if you go to the website and build an Integra Taffeta White is an option for the There is also a 2001 GSR listed on the inventory for the dealership I my silver GSR from (www.proctorcars.com). I know the silver was available on the GSR in

It’s interesting the little. More

new GSR owner.

Written by: on Jun 17, 2001 5:08:28 PM

wiwang, on your GSR! I got mine at Acura in Tallahassee, FL. I got the silver, I really liked the red also. I 2001 is the only year made the GSR in silver, so I thought might make it kind of

To tell you the truth, I haven’t my insurance switched over yet the last car I had. I didn’t get to. More

Hi everyone- If you’re in the for a 2001 Acura Integra,

by: pocahontas on Mar 31, 2001 5:22:23 PM

be to check out Edmund.com’s True Value Deals of the Week for on the 2001 Acura Integra LS 2dr Happy Shopping. 😉 Pocahontas Hatchbacks/Station Wagons Message

LS/GS and GSR differences

Written by: on Mar 23, 2001 6:21:44 AM

Yes, the has a 22mm front sway The GSR’s is 24mm, plus the GSR has an strut bar (Acura calls it a brace) AND a front lower tie bar calls it a performance brace). For though, all Integras have the stock sway bar diameters.

24 13 rear.

Acura Integra


Written by: on Mar 17, 2001 11:51:03 AM

The Daily Insider Top Choice of Thieves: Integra March 15, 2001 1 of 1 The Acura Integra was the most stolen 1999 model-year during calendar year according to a National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) report. The report is based on thefts reported to the Federal of Investigation and auto-production reports with the Environmental Protection Almost two of every 100. More

Integra replacement date

Not sure if the ’03 date is accurate. The Acura MDX was introduced in the NAIAS last 2000 and was released in the same I would not be surprised if they the Teg replacement sometime late

It could be the start of the way Acura things.


1.)The LS Edition does NOT have a R suspension. Special Editions are LS with the GS-R appearance but not the mechanical bits. (In other the 140 hp engine, etc.) Honda this a lot, like the the Special Edition Accords an LX model with a sunroof and 2.) In theory, the coupe would better than a sedan, due to the extra. Read More

Acura Integra

Thanx only1harry

Written by: jctejada on Aug 8, 11:09:01 PM

Thanx again well a salesman named from Springfield Acura, NJ me that they should be the new Integras in September/2000. That’s why I to put money down cause he if I didn’t there would be a waiting list. But after you me a picture of the new possible 2001 I’ve been thinking getting my money back.

I said before and. More


Written by: on Aug 6, 2000 9:37:19 PM

How do I start a new I would like to start a new about the 2001 Acura design. Or maybe one of you guys can it but we need to start talking this quick, fast and in a

Got your pic

Written by: jctejada on Aug 6, 9:18:06 PM

Thanx Harry I got picture. Too tell you the truth I noticed any big changes from the I saw in the website and the picture you sent me. line is both pictures really, really ugly, ill ill-favored, heinous, terrible, looking and whatever else you to call it.

I would be ashamed to this car down the street. I the Acura Integra. Read

2001 Acura Integra.

by: jctejada on Aug 5, 2000 3:49:47 AM

a big fan of Import cars so I love I already put money down on the new Acura Integra Type R to reserve it. BUT. I just saw a of the 2001 Acura Integra at if this is how the Acura Integra is to look I would rather buy an car.

I really thought could do better then like an nsx. Read

Integra GS Pricing

robertsmx: so much! I think I know to do now. Would anyone if there is an Acura Integra GS for the year 2001?

If so, would be so kind to provide me with a pic at Thanks in advance


Post #179 has a link to the new Integra for 2001. I am sure will do a great job with the and performance, however; IMHO design is … ugly. It too conservative and they stuck the same headlight design as the Prelude, which a lot of people like.

Although, I remember the current model Civic was some criticized the design, Read More

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