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Montero Maintenance and Repair

Re: Mitsubishi Montero Sport XLS

Written by: ranil1 on Oct 1, 2012 PM

Hi Dear, Did you find any solution for problem. I have the same with my 1998 Mitsubishi Please let me know. Thank you

Mitsubishi Montero back won’t open.

Written by: on Jun 7, 2012 7:18:23 PM

I have a Mitsubishi Montero. The back door won’t open. I find any access to the latching while the door is closed.

pretty sure the thing needs lubed but I can’t it to lube it. Would any one know how I can get in and that latch so it will while the door is stuck

2000 Mitsubishi Montero AC turns off when fan is set to 4.

Written by: on Jun 7, 2012 7:15:03 PM

2000 Montero AC compressor turns off fan is set to 4. I have a 2000 Mitsubishi with a strange problem. The AC works when the cabin fan is set to 1,2 or 3 but the fan work. I can tell the compressor is on cold air seeps out.

I turn the fan to setting 4 it starts but the compressor turns off. Read More

AC turns off fan is on setting 4

Written by: jazoreo on Jun 5, 10:07:59 PM

I have a 2000 Montero. I have a weird I turn the AC on and the compressor works in fan 1,2, and 3 but the fan won’t blow.

I the compressor is on because you can feel air coming through the vent. but the fan won’t blow. As soon as I the fan to setting 4 it starts blowing but the turns off. So. Read

2000 Mitsubishi Montero XLS

I’ve been have the problem, think its a transmission problem. After have the flush and new (only Mitsubishi’s fluids added, the car still not shift from 2nd and 3rd gears it’s warmed up (about 10 to 15 and about 6 miles staight Once it shifts, it will shifting after that on its

AutoZone did an analysis and it came Read More



Written by: ldanielson on Aug 6, 3:12:36 PM

Two questions – we a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero a couple of months ago and so far love it. 1 – The owners manual was not in the box and we need an owners manual, but the wants to charge us $49.00 Any Questions 2 – I had to disconnect the and clean the posts, as the vehicle start.

When I got it reconnected. More

Mitsubishi Montero and Repair

outside temperature

Written by: jokerwild60 on Jul 27, 2006 AM

I have a 2000 mitsubishi sport. I have the compass and reading on the rear view The compass is working correctly, but the temperature gauge is flashing OC.

anyone know how to reset to make it work correctly?.


you say Murano, I say Montero

by: Stever@Edmunds on Apr 23, 2003 9:54:28 AM

Unless you guys are talking Drew’s post back in comparing the Murano Montero, try blast from the past: Honda Passport, Toyota or Mitsubishi Montero Sport, is the best buy? Ok, it’s the and not the pure Monty, but I’m lost about the Murano

Steve, Host

My response.

by: intmed99 on Apr 19, 2003 6:26:56 AM

2175: I have no idea is your point. I ALREADY that the G500 is a more off-roader due to it’s locking What is your point. RE-read my earlier post.

2176: Ok, so what. Motortrend Acura MDX the year before. that mean it is better everything else. So, are you saying the new is better than Range

Interestingly, it should. Read

no title

Written by: brillmtb on Dec 30, 11:49:04 AM

I will get the article but said something like the came to an imediate bog with the on and they had to turn it off. The thing happened in a Sequoia going through a sandy crossing where it bogged I dont rememeber if the reviewer got but he was the one who wanted it cut with wire by the end of the. Read More

Written by: dchyorny on Oct 29, 2002 AM

I lease both a 2000 Montero and a 2001 4Runner. I go with a 4Runner; wins down. You can still get a great on a 2002 models since the are out now. Don’t go with a

I can’t wait for my lease to be in 2004 so I can get myself a used 4Runner. The best SUV out there.

Montero Review

Written by: on Apr 17, 2002 9:05:52 AM

Here is an review of the 2000 Pajero is identical to the 2001 Montero they can get some options we have. I like reviews Countries that have world experience with Notice at the end they mention the Montero is in the running for top spot for 4wd wagon. http://www.4wdonline.com/Mitsubishi/Pajero/200009.html

no title

by: brillmtb on Dec 18, 2001 4:18:51 PM

Agree with Phonos. My dad had a time with his GJC and the lemon law related to the 99 and 00 problems there. were smart and changed the this year.

I have numerous accounts about providing poor service and have good quality across most of the vehicles sell. I have had some with my local service who I feel. Read More

in shop for over a week

by: phonos on Aug 29, 2001 9:12:42 AM

Got the driver’s side front plastic cladding sideswiped my wife was putting the gas filling back on the pump. Damage was just about 12-16 of paint and the plastic slightly I thought a little rubbing sand paper and crocus and some paint was all it needed.

no. The body shop (which by the does excellent work and is by. Read More

no title

by: wmquan on Jul 26, 2001 12:25:03 PM

No, afraid my statement was accurate. As the says, Consumer Reports SUV’s through their avoidance tests (two of actually). As they say, the are not specifically meant to detect but they regard any vehicle as a serious indicator of a greater to rollover given the condition.

They’ve run the short course (which is where they the Montero) for over 13. Read

this a very safe

Written by: agh15 on Jun 24, 2001 AM

Mitsubishi Montero

My mom has 2000 montero sport and she hers like a sports car and I never been worried the montero would roll I know she has montero sport and not big the but my point is mitsubishi makes suvs and cars that are The reason why CR is coming after is that it is smaller company ford or nissan.

If you look. More

Why not the XLS

Written by: phonos on Jun 20, 1:33:27 PM

They have to statements like this it wasn’t tested. But it makes as since as stating the first one was red, the second silver. As if would make a difference?

I cannot understand is how Mitsubishi even market this in this country, knowing CU might perform this Something doesn’t seem here. The test has been for a long time. Read

Extended Warranty

Written by: on May 11, 2001 2:37:44 PM

After I what I posted above, I can see I make the situation exactly We went with the Mitsubishi financing of 4.9% for 48 month on the but declined the extended warrenty. We purchased, later in the week, the warrenty through the credit Haven’t had one normal warrenty on it in 16,000 miles.

Haven’t had it in for except normal service. More

claybuster re: Manik brush

Written by: pro212 on Mar 23, 2001 PM

Manik.com is where you want to go for guards. My local speed can get them in 1-2 days. The front is available in black or chrome and the front grill and headlights. The has taillight covers but no full brush guard. Side I believe are also available.

The guards are much cheaper the chrome. I got these black on my silver. Read More


Written by: phonos on Feb 15, 7:26:52 AM

Heard on the o’dark news this morning Misubishi had announced another million recall, but that it mostly vehicles sold in other than U.S. wait for more details in the broadcast, Anybody know more? PHOnos, 2001 full size Montero w/ A/C; build date $34,500 + TTL, August, Orange County, CA.

Great for Monte Information

Written by: on Feb 10, 2001 9:41:06 PM

See following: Topic: replaced timing at 62k miles Name: spc Date: 1046 hopefully everyone can get out of this. i had my dealer replace my belt, water pump, all belts, and spark plugs at miles on my ’97 LS 4WD. set me back a cool $1,122 but i on keeping the car awhile and don’t to break down on the side. More

Luggage Baskets for

Written by: walkman3 on Jan 23, 2001 PM

The two luggage baskets available the dealership are completely different. The 93 basket is actually a 2000 made for the 2000 Montero The 267 dollar basket is made by but sold through the dealership. Go to web sight an look up the specs on a Warrior basket. This is the basket offered for a substantially price at the Mitsubishi dealership.

I plan. Read More

Written by: phonos on Dec 2, 2000 AM

August 14, 2000 article AutoWeb.com.au Posted for informational only. ‘In its first month since the launch of the NM series, Mitsubishi’s Pajero has its opposition. Sales increased by 98% the same month last (increasing from 492 to 974), it also showed Toyota and Nissan Patrol a clean of heels to become the top-selling or large 4WD on the market. Pajero. More

Bought a new Montero

Well, I finally broke and bought a new Montero Ltd w/ Rear AC on (Black/Sudan Beige). I used the forums and other info a deal in both my decision process as well as in determining my negotiating strategy, so I thought I post the results. Using invoice data from and other Internet sources, I a range of percent-over-invoice values.

In Read More


Why is the concern? Read all the posts have misubishi in it and you will not problems. Actiually, there are but it is not as global as other makes.

hid some recall info, but it was of the image thing and the most was the government, not the customers. I did my homework as in post #59, Lexus was my first choice. Read

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