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Nissan Exa

1987 Nissan EXA Coupe from Australia and New Zealand

leak around rocker

Minor leak around window seals causing wet seat syndrome.


When I went to buy a car after only a Ford XB Falcon in 1987 (riding motorcycles until the EXA purchase in 2004), I set out to buy my EXA. I didn#039;t have to far. $5000 later I home a well looked example of the breed, white black trim and silver stock wheels – everything. I liked the sporty since I first saw them ago, but didn#039;t need a car then.

It needed a few improvements and them well. New steering and lowered sport suspension, 2 exhaust, dark window 17 inch black 5 spoke deep-dish chrome outer and 40 profile tyres. Even everything original the car was great at considering all the weight#039;s at the front.

It was to improve on.

Power is limited the 1.6, especially when a trailer with half a metre of damp brickies#039; in it, but still manages to pull it After driving the EXA for a while a passenger, you do notice a slight on acceleration when carrying although it#039;s easily for. At around 3700RPM the ECU from economy to power and opens the power valves in the

It#039;s not a kick in the back, but noticeable if you mechanically disable feature for a test.

Speaking of this car is quite sound if you to get one that#039;s been serviced on a basis. There#039;s the odd oil weep and forth naturally. The power failing is a problem, as it#039;s due to stress caused directly by its on a bracket connected to the hot engine If the car suddenly dies or blubbers on 2 and then dies, this be the cause.

Pour cold on the power transistor to cool it, you should be on your way, it heats up again. Once happens, replace it – finished. I was in the middle of Australian in 38 degrees when this

I had no cold water or tools. It was a day! I managed to get a reconditioned one and used silver tape on the side – and never it back on again.

No more transfer, no more problem. One coil died due to heat as well, but as they#039;re cooped up the cam valleys there#039;s not much you can do.

At one I got a squealing sound from the bonnet. The cause being a bearing from the timing tensioner. At least it wasn#039;t I managed to replace it myself.

what I recall it wasn#039;t expensive either.

I#039;m having the timing belt as I have no record of when it was done (or ever!), and it#039;s to be done every 100,000k#039;s. done 50,000 so far. to be safe..

When I bought the it came with all the plumbing for the air but no compressor. I decided to unload the weight and removed the air conditioner hoses and all accompanying impedimenta the air conditioner radiator fan. I was chuffed by the extra room the bonnet I now had – and I could get my big hands in there!

Fuel economy is very for a car its age. I remember the Toyota could only manage on highway cycle, and that was a model. I manage that on cycle, and 14 cruising at highly speeds out in the country, with gear and girlfriend on board.

thinking the extra weight more inertia against resistance, as well as limited and go. On basic 91 octane fuel the EXA to ping a bit in hot weather, but 95 is fine no change in economy. 98 octane too slow and reduces my economy by per tank!

Same as my Honda

The tank is supposed to hold 50 but I#039;ve never managed to more than 45, probably due to the in the top for the space-saver spare which a bubble.

I used to use 20w-40 but decided to use something a bit thinner less resistance, 10w-30. In any the EXA burns little of it even at speeds over long

I#039;ve tried driving the targa top removed. It was 35 degrees, and a failing power transistor my 3 year old son asleep in the back Never again (unless hot and overcast). removing the top makes for a albeit eye-catching ride.

the rear hatch would reduce the cabin tornado

Nissan Exa

Being front wheel the EXA#039;s got a larger than be turning circle, but manages quite well. The power is light and precise with feel. Braking also has feel.

This model with rear drums very well. Rear wouldn#039;t really improve as hard braking is done by the up to 80% anyway.

The most important is tyres. Cheap ones make any car handle ineffectively. The set I had on made my stopping distance 1000m at 100k#039;s in the wet.

How red lights I#039;d slid just trying to stop in the wet I remember, and sliding off a corner the kerb simply because the were rubbish. However, in the dry the EXA handled very well these tyres. slight cornering at speed. The new tyres I now make the difference like and day, showing me what the EXA was of all along.

Although still feeling at the front, far less understeer. on rails.

My score for comfort is a bit and unfair, as the EXA was far more comfortable stock tyres and suspension. Otherwise the heater/demister is excellent. The bench seat is only for children, however it folds so you can fit camping gear – and an extra girlfriend.

My son has a 12 inch which easily fits the hatch down and room to Bales of hay are largely forbidden, but a of doonas, tent, 40 litres fuel (for the camp slab of beer, numerous blow up mattress, air pump/light unit, then the stuff my brings all fit easily. That#039;s folding the seat down. a fair bit of room if you use it wisely.

not kidding.

Reliability so far is excellent, if not for its age and mileage. I#039;ve spent FAR on this car to make it look and how I LIKE, rather than maintenance, which was a pittance in and probably due to the diligence of the previous I service it myself, and since the engine management system is in good working order, the EXA first time, every No throttle. Spark plugs need to be of the expensive platinum

I#039;ve run standard Bosch and NGK problems.

Bodywork is still good. Only surface in odd places, mainly around the of the removable targa panels. The is shot after all these and hoping to rectify that pearl white, but still to keep the hatch grey. I it somehow.

NOTE: The grey doesn#039;t work with

I seriously doubt whether I part with this If it were a 2 litre turbo rear wheel drive, it be instantly unavailable as everyone want one. Now there#039;s an

Would you buy another car from manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: August, 2007

Nissan Exa
Nissan Exa
Nissan Exa
Nissan Exa
Nissan Exa
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